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[15:35:17] <TiGSTeR> hail friends! anyone here?
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[15:44:17] <wjp> hi
[15:45:00] <TiGSTeR> wjp
[15:45:12] <wjp> that would be me
[15:46:00] <TiGSTeR> remember me? u said the new version of PEnt would be next week and now its 2 months! :)
[15:46:38] <TiGSTeR> I'm the guy who wanted combat music - remember?
[15:46:57] <wjp> combat music is already in there
[15:47:24] <TiGSTeR> hmmm - so u put it in without realeasig a new version?
[15:47:25] * lanica ponders.
[15:47:45] <wjp> the last windows snapshot on our site is from this week
[15:48:12] <wjp> I implemented combat music pretty soon after you asked
[15:48:23] <wjp> so it should be in there
[15:49:31] <TiGSTeR> hmmm
[15:50:18] <TiGSTeR> so its in the latest version there? I thought u would release a different version
[15:51:15] <wjp> what do you mean by different?
[15:51:32] <wjp> (and please use 'you')
[15:51:59] <wjp> (unless you're using 'u' as the polite 'u' in dutch ;-) )
[15:52:43] <TiGSTeR> as in a new update - the last update according to the site is 9 May
[15:53:00] <wjp> ah, no, I didn't do a news update
[15:53:12] <TiGSTeR> ok thanx
[15:53:14] <TiGSTeR> gotta go
[15:53:15] <wjp> but if you look on the download page you'll see the latest version is quite recent
[15:53:15] <TiGSTeR> ta
[15:53:18] <wjp> bye
[15:53:28] <TiGSTeR> fairwell avatar!
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[16:11:57] <lanica> Another happy customer ;)
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[17:41:16] <wjp> lanica: I don't think the SF FRS is really meant for regular builds
[18:00:56] <Fingolfin> it isn't
[18:01:18] <Fingolfin> they planned (plna?) a snapshot system for daily builds and such staff, but so far nothing like that exists
[18:11:53] <pupnik> herro exult ppl
[18:22:42] <lanica> wjp: Yeah, but I already created 4, and I don't see how to delete them...so I figured I might keep it up....'eh...oh well.
[18:23:14] <lanica> wjp: I was doing that before I updated it on the downloads page for Exult.
[18:23:46] <lanica> I hadn't received much instruction on procedures, what I'm allowed to do, what I'm not allowed to do, and all of that stuff.
[18:30:41] <pupnik> i'm thinking of removing the 'Too Heavy' message
[18:31:17] <pupnik> does it serve any purpose?
[18:31:36] <lanica> It lets you know that as a normal player, you can't pick that up.
[18:31:53] <lanica> (Because its too heavy :) )
[18:32:05] <pupnik> if i click on a wall, that's also too heavy
[18:32:19] <lanica> Thats if you click AND drag
[18:32:20] <pupnik> are there circumstances that can make you strong enough to pick-up or move 'too heavy' objects?
[18:32:36] <lanica> I think whats called being a "hack mover"
[18:32:46] <lanica> If you're editing the world.
[18:33:13] <lanica> There's nothing thats supposed to occur "in-game" that will allow you to pick those objects up
[18:33:19] <lanica> Not that I can think of anyway
[18:33:21] <pupnik> hm. i am going to have to increase the width of error in detecting a double click
[18:33:23] <pupnik> ok thanks
[18:33:29] <lanica> What are you working on?
[18:33:54] <pupnik> pupnik.de/Exult_Ultima_VII_Nokia_770_02.jpg
[18:34:15] <pupnik> played it a couple of hours last night.
[18:34:50] <lanica> Such a cool device.
[18:34:50] <pupnik> it looks gorgeous at 800x480 with 2xSAI
[18:35:10] <pupnik> yeah well the directional pad is not good for gaming
[18:35:13] <lanica> Hmm...that device would benefit from the on-screen keyboard.
[18:35:17] <pupnik> it's close to perfect for me
[18:35:19] <pupnik> yes!
[18:35:30] <pupnik> What i do for savegames is insert the date+time into the savegamename
[18:35:54] <pupnik> It does have an onscreen keyboard, but to use it you have to write a gtk wrapper around your game
[18:36:14] <lanica> oh...hmm
[18:36:16] <pupnik> And that's pretty blech. There's no way to bring up the virtual keyboard over any X application
[18:36:18] <lanica> http://exult.sourceforge.net/images/screenshots/pocketpc004-u7p1-keylr-startnewgame.png
[18:36:31] <lanica> Thats my device...the Cingular 8125 (censored it...no free advertising for them ! :))
[18:36:42] <pupnik> nice
[18:37:02] <pupnik> i suppose it has xscale or something
[18:37:10] <pupnik> ? did you do the port?
[18:37:22] <lanica> I believe its the TI OMAP850
[18:37:24] * lanica nods.
[18:37:36] <pupnik> i am very happy to meet you
[18:37:39] <lanica> Ha
[18:37:55] <lanica> I swear we talked the other day...I thought you knew :)
[18:38:04] <pupnik> i forget things.
[18:38:15] <pupnik> yeah we did - just didn't know you did the port
[18:38:32] <lanica> Ahh
[18:38:40] <pupnik> so you move around via the directional pad? or have you hacked the right mouse click input to walk around?
[18:38:47] <lanica> There's also a keypad and a hotpad...VERY useful
[18:38:59] <lanica> On the hotpad, you have 5 programmable keys (some of the F-keys)
[18:39:00] <pupnik> i made a hack to walk around with stylus taps, but it broke object pickup
[18:39:19] <pupnik> nice... i have mapped nokia buttons to common actions
[18:39:48] <lanica> The keypad and the hotpad are parts of the on-screen keyboard (didn't know if I made that clear)
[18:40:09] <lanica> Oh yeah, you can walk around now...I have it set up so you can toggle right clicking and double clicking (occurs with a single click)
[18:40:12] <pupnik> not bad
[18:40:26] <pupnik> i don't need the onscreen keyboard though. Can work around that.
[18:40:40] <pupnik> What i really want is a clean way to do running-around without using the dpad for movement
[18:40:59] <lanica> You can also map a key to the right clicking and double clicking modes...so it would be real cool w/ your device.
[18:41:13] <pupnik> yeah that's probably the solution
[18:41:23] <pupnik> toggle left/right click
[18:41:58] <lanica> BTW, the sick thing is, my device has a keyboard that slides out...heh
[18:42:01] <pupnik> at first i thought i'd be able to test if an object was clicked, and if not then have character move there
[18:42:03] <lanica> But the screen is turned the wrong way :)
[18:42:09] <pupnik> yeah that's slick
[18:42:24] <pupnik> but the problem with that is objects are so small onscreen, one misses too frequently
[18:42:37] <lanica> And the keys frequently do not work...lowercase seems to have a very odd problem...they'll repeat and then just stop working
[18:42:41] <lanica> upper case has no problem...
[18:42:44] <pupnik> heh
[18:42:46] <lanica> I don't need the keyboard that much anyway
[18:42:50] <lanica> Other people did though
[18:43:03] <pupnik> i don't see why
[18:43:29] <lanica> Some PocketPCs don't have keyboards...they want to name their character and also write descriptions :)
[18:43:54] <lanica> (descriptions for save games that is)
[18:44:12] <pupnik> ah right
[18:44:52] <pupnik> you *do* walk around with the dpad?
[18:46:07] <lanica> I usually would...the hotpad has a d-pad (you can do the intercardinal directions with it too), which does running automatically.
[18:46:19] <lanica> The keypad does the normal keypad actions...which is walking.
[18:46:45] <lanica> I haven't really sat down to play in awhile, especially after these nifty features were added
[18:47:24] <pupnik> So you haven't implemented stylus movement?
[18:47:28] <pupnik> or you have?
[18:47:41] <lanica> what? Yes, stylus movement works
[18:48:00] <lanica> Via the "right click" locking mechansim as mentioned before.
[18:48:09] <pupnik> ok i didn't know whether you'd actually implemented it
[18:48:29] <pupnik> do you change the pointer shape to indicate the status?
[18:48:30] <lanica> oh yeah...you should check the Readme.PocketPC from CVS
[18:48:39] <pupnik> ok
[18:48:39] <lanica> No...I'm not doing that right now...I should
[18:48:53] <lanica> the hotpad clearly shows a button being down if its up though
[18:48:59] <lanica> (if the hotpad is up that is)
[18:49:26] <lanica> I couldn't decide if I wanted to use the stock cursors or make my own
[18:51:37] <pupnik> ok your cpu specs are similar to mine. one of the reasons i need stylus walking/running is that when walking around (trinsic, britain) with the dpad i get frequent pauses
[18:51:52] <pupnik> it's much more responsive with stylus click.
[18:51:58] <lanica> Right
[18:52:13] <pupnik> i think perhaps because the pathing altogrithm keeps getting called for every move with the dpad
[18:52:15] <lanica> It may be the amount of events that get sent or something...I'm not 100% sure right now. I need to use it more.
[18:52:35] <lanica> Seems like the original was like that too...odd
[18:52:43] <lanica> I tried to use a keyboard once for some reason
[18:52:43] <pupnik> though i heard there are optimisations for trivial cases
[18:52:44] <lanica> anyway...brb
[18:52:46] <pupnik> ok
[18:55:56] <lanica> back
[19:00:24] <lanica> Alright, so what issues are you having with your Nokia 770?
[19:01:14] <lanica> What things are not working so well and what things have you solved?
[19:06:49] <pupnik> I adjusted the resolution
[19:06:57] <pupnik> And set up auto-savegame naming
[19:07:09] <pupnik> and i converted the ogg music to mp3 to use the DSP to stream music
[19:07:13] <pupnik> timidity was way to cpu intensive
[19:07:31] <pupnik> the only thing i need to do is implement the left/right mouse button toggle
[19:07:39] <pupnik> then i'll package it up and release
[19:08:35] <pupnik> Is your pocketpc toggle in the CVS?
[19:08:49] <lanica> yep
[19:08:59] * pupnik blinks
[19:09:05] <lanica> It only works if the preprocessor definition "UNDER_CE" is defined.
[19:09:14] <pupnik> thanks i'll grep for that
[19:09:16] <lanica> But that would break a lot of things if you #defined that
[19:09:33] <pupnik> right. but that will save me a lot of time searching - ty ty
[19:10:25] <lanica> You'll want to look in touchscreen.cc, touchscreen.h, Keyboard_gump.cc, Keyboard_gump.h, and all references to those '.h' files. You also will want to do a text search for 'gkeyboard' and 'Touchscreen'
[19:11:14] <lanica> It wasn't really that complex...just a lot of little places I had to insert a bit of code.
[19:12:03] <pupnik> i figured as much, but i can spend hours of searching just to change a few lines
[19:14:23] <lanica> Right.
[19:14:49] <lanica> I'm fairly familiar with the code by now, so it doesn't take me as long to do most things :)
[19:14:56] <lanica> (or find most things that is)
[19:14:58] <pupnik> i could have added it myself. Already went in there and mashed left and right click together.
[19:15:39] <pupnik> But even if i got that working, it'd cause problems with steering
[19:19:29] <lanica> ?
[19:19:39] <lanica> "steering"?
[19:19:42] <lanica> As in, a boat?
[19:19:52] <pupnik> Because a missed click on an object would set the character moving toward the nearby location
[19:20:04] <lanica> ahh, true.
[19:20:34] <lanica> Pretty much anything you click on the screen is single-clickable...usually pops a name or description
[19:21:06] <lanica> I was also thinking about implementing a zoom feature. Not full screen zoom probably, but more of a magnifying glass that you could move around.
[19:21:24] <pupnik> Me too. The small screen can be tough
[19:21:38] <pupnik> Especially after a few beers.
[19:21:50] <lanica> I couldn't hardly find the chest to the south of Trinisic...way too small :)
[19:23:01] <pupnik> Interesting. I haven't played the game much yet, btw.
[19:23:20] <pupnik> At this point it's still too awkward, imo.
[19:24:01] <pupnik> Another nice thing would be less cluttered packs.
[19:24:43] <pupnik> On a PC where everything is fast and easy to click, it's not so bad.
[19:25:03] <pupnik> But i'd like to see packs auto-place the items, and auto-stack similar items
[19:25:19] <pupnik> So that buying food doesn't obscure the rest of the stuff you have in there
[19:26:06] <pupnik> I realize that i am doing an annoying thing though, and that is; people who are new to a game complaining about the game mechanics, and not respecting the work that has been put in already.
[19:28:16] <lanica> Yeah
[19:28:29] <lanica> I like the messy pack
[19:28:31] <lanica> I don't know why
[19:28:55] <lanica> Even though its far from reality, its a lot better than having set squares that can contain items
[19:29:06] <lanica> Has a nice feel to it for some reason
[19:31:50] <pupnik> I prefer it to squares too actually
[19:32:16] <pupnik> But you know how you can stack items? I'd like to see foods stacked (and slightly offset) automatically
[19:32:35] <lanica> The bags could have sections or something
[19:32:57] <lanica> I'd also like to see different recipes implemented in Exult...and perhaps more blacksmithy type stuff
[19:33:01] <lanica> That would be cool :)
[19:33:07] <lanica> Though I guess thats more of a mod...
[19:33:20] <pupnik> Did you ever play Morrowind?
[19:33:21] <lanica> Could probably be done in usecode
[19:33:24] <lanica> nope
[19:33:34] <pupnik> Nice herbalism in that
[19:35:57] <lanica> ahh...cool
[19:40:36] <pupnik> how do you do music on that device?
[19:40:36] <pupnik> libvorbisidec?
[19:42:26] <lanica> I believe its native midi
[19:42:38] <lanica> I'm not sure what SDL_Mixer decided to use
[19:42:50] <lanica> I usually turn it off
[19:42:55] <lanica> The music is normally in my head anyways
[19:43:12] <lanica> Anyway...I've got to go...I'll be back on Sunday sometime if you want to chat a bit more
[19:43:14] <lanica> later!
[19:43:16] * lanica idles.
[19:51:30] <pupnik> The Stranglers - "Golden Brown" -- http://youtube.com/watch?v=I_yOQ8ntzLM great song
[19:51:37] <pupnik> eheh
[19:51:40] <pupnik> thanks
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[20:37:44] <Dominus> hi, long time no see :)
[20:38:11] <Dominus> lanica: I've sent you a mail
[20:38:22] <Sevalecan> i cant come up with a good joke for that
[20:38:23] <Sevalecan> :(
[20:38:37] <Dominus> and made you a moderator on the forum
[20:59:12] <wjp> hi Dominus
[20:59:48] <Dominus> hi
[21:06:16] <pupnik> :)
[21:09:45] * pupnik has had 0% success getting other gamedevs to buy a 770
[21:12:12] * Dominus hides
[21:12:26] * Dominus doesn't want to buy one either
[21:13:25] <pupnik> $130 for an 800x480 linux PDA. :/
[21:13:43] <Dominus> I actually bought a nice tablet the other day. An old HP one for about 400 Euro. I'm picking it up in London in about two weeks
[21:14:01] <Dominus> I'm curios how that will handle Exult
[21:14:23] <pupnik> nice
[21:14:32] <pupnik> i think there's a linux distro for that, yes?
[21:14:52] <Dominus> not that I'm aware of but I haven't looked
[21:19:03] <Dominus> it's that one. Didn't pay that much but it's from the same dealer http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290126691997&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2Fsearch%2Fsearch.dll%3Ffrom%3DR40%26_trksid%3Dm37%26satitle%3D290126691997%26fvi%3D1
[21:23:24] <pupnik> whoah sweet
[21:24:00] <Dominus> I always wanted one like that and the cpu power is enough for most that I want it for
[21:24:38] <Dominus> of course if I wanted to shell out 2000+ Euros I'd take new shiny Motion Computing one
[21:25:02] <pupnik> Nice choice
[21:25:04] <Dominus> but that is too much money for something I don't need
[21:25:48] <Dominus> not to mention that I don't have that much money left after my move into a house earlier this year :)
[21:32:22] <pupnik> well dude, that's an excellent purchase at a good price
[21:33:00] <Dominus> thanks I think so too
[21:34:37] <Dominus> and since I knew I was going to London in July I saved myself the shipping costs of it :)
[21:38:23] <pupnik> nods
[21:38:45] * pupnik gets to wrok
[21:42:21] <pupnik> just for comparison, in germany the same device costs $312
[21:42:43] <Dominus> hmm
[21:42:49] <Dominus> where?
[21:43:13] <Dominus> Then I paid too much (assuming you mean not $ :))
[21:44:44] <Dominus> on ebay.de I see it going for about 400
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