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[14:29:43] <Dominus> Marzo, are you there?
[14:29:58] <Marzo> Yes
[14:31:22] <Dominus> what do you think about releasing? I think you once said that may is a too busy month for you, but I thought I'd ask anyway...
[14:32:10] <Marzo> I think we may pass into a release candidate phase, yes
[14:32:38] <Dominus> yes, rc would be nice
[14:32:39] <Marzo> I think there may be a few bugs to iron out before actual release
[14:32:56] <Dominus> yes, unfortunately...
[14:33:11] <Marzo> But it being rc means more people are likely to try it and report the bugs
[14:33:49] <Dominus> true
[14:33:50] <Marzo> (as opposed to think 'OMG unstable' and use the current release...)
[14:34:37] <Dominus> (even with current bugs and that bad fullscreen issue, current SVN is much better than the oooooooooooooooold release)
[14:36:42] <Dominus> soooo... I can do a release package quite fast these days, and I think colourless wanted to do a Windows built with MS stuff...
[14:36:52] * Dominus is trying to get things going :)
[14:38:36] <Colourless> there is nothing in particular that i'm wanting to do
[14:38:52] <Colourless> rc sounds like a good idea
[14:39:22] <Dominus> sorry then :)
[14:41:22] <Dominus> what are the steps? tagging as RC1, uploading new builds for it, Kirben making a Release built
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