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[22:19:09] <Dominus> hmm, just found the shape browser very unusefull on Mac... there is no INSERT key to create an object...
[22:19:59] <Colourless> bring it up with apple... ;-)
[22:21:23] <Dominus> sure will do, since Steve and I are bff... :)
[22:23:49] <Colourless> oh i know, by a 101 key usb keyboard
[22:24:15] <Dominus> or remap a key...
[22:24:31] <Dominus> just pondering whether to remap exult or the system...
[22:24:32] <Dominus> :)
[22:24:37] <Colourless> by remapping a key you are making it sound like there is something wrong with exult
[22:24:42] <Colourless> ;-)
[22:26:35] <Colourless> probably should add a binding for macs that command-v can be used instead or something
[22:26:46] <Dominus> that cheat function might need a special function on os x
[22:26:49] <Dominus> :)
[22:32:36] <Colourless> platform portable programming is a pain in the ass. The dumbest things need to be special cased, such as current macs don't have keyboards with insert keys.
[22:34:12] <Dominus> another funny thing, in the exult menu Alt+x will quit Exult on a mac. during play alt-x does nothing but on cmd-x you get the quit dialog :)
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[23:44:16] <Dominus> ooohhh, something terribly wrong. in SI I got the poisonous tatto, confronted lydia, slayed her. Seems with SI fixes the flag gets set that Shmed is uncovered a traitor...
[23:46:25] <Dominus> marzo, could it bee that SI fixes screws up the traitor quest?
[23:47:52] <Dominus> ooo
[23:47:55] <Dominus> sorry
[23:47:58] <Dominus> forget
[23:48:08] <Dominus> I confused shmed with the inkeeper
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