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[01:44:32] <wjp> ugh... it's late
[01:45:13] <wjp> but I did finish Sword of Truth part 8 :-)
[01:45:58] <DarkeZzz> Yay!
[01:46:06] <DarkeZzz> Now... back to coding! *grin*
[01:46:17] <wjp> I was thinking more along the lines of sleeping, actually :-)
[01:46:38] <DarkeZzz> Darnit!
[01:47:38] <wjp> pathfinding is almost done, though
[01:47:53] <DarkeZzz> Yay*2!
[01:49:32] <wjp> anyway, sleep :-)
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[02:29:33] <Cahaan> pathfinding for what ?
[02:37:33] <Fingolfin> to his bed of course
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[02:43:45] <Matt_O> wjp!!
[02:43:57] <Matt_O> oh. he's gone :(
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[20:29:24] <Dominus> hi
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[20:50:39] * wjp blinked and missed Sslaxx
[20:56:05] <Matt_O> wjp!
[20:56:10] <Matt_O> Dominus!
[20:56:20] <wjp> Matt_O! :-)
[20:56:22] <Dominus> Matt_O!
[20:56:30] <Dominus> wie geht's dir?
[20:56:35] <Matt_O> wjp: so you finished the new terry goodkind, eh?
[20:56:40] <wjp> yeah
[20:56:46] <Matt_O> I bought it the day it came out but I am not yet half through it
[20:56:50] <Matt_O> Dominus: gut
[20:56:58] <Dominus> :-)
[20:57:03] <wjp> some of the speeches in it are really getting too long...
[20:57:20] <Dominus> so how is it? without giving too much away
[20:57:37] <Matt_O> you mean where Richard stops and gives a sermon about how you life is yours to live and no one else can take that away from you? hehe..
[20:57:49] <wjp> that, and about 5 others :-)
[20:57:51] <Matt_O> he does that like every 10 pages hehe
[20:57:57] <wjp> yes... :-)
[20:57:58] <Matt_O> Dominus: it's pretty cool so far :)
[20:58:07] <wjp> that got old pretty quickly :-)
[20:58:11] <wjp> but other than that it's ok :-)
[20:58:24] <Matt_O> I don't quite get why the author puts that stuff in.. is he trying to convince his readers?
[20:58:47] <Matt_O> I mean.. I generally agree with the principles he is trying to say (not completely) so I don't see why he has to keep hammering it into my skull
[20:58:50] <wjp> trying to show off his skills at philosophical prose? :-)
[20:59:44] <Dominus> it was leading to this in the last book already...
[20:59:59] <wjp> yeah
[21:00:00] <Matt_O> leading to this? it dominated book 6 and 7 hehe
[21:00:03] <wjp> last two
[21:00:06] <Dominus> as long as it doesn't turn out to be like that "left behind" series
[21:00:10] <Matt_O> although book 6 totally ruled :)
[21:00:24] <wjp> it did :-) can't remember much from book 7, though
[21:00:33] <Matt_O> book 7 was ok... nothing special
[21:00:50] <Matt_O> the ending was pretty good though.. he always has good endings to his books :)
[21:01:03] <Dominus> I had some some stuff I was complaining about in book 7
[21:02:42] <Matt_O> what stuff?
[21:03:46] <Dominus> I think we pm'ed about it back then...
[21:03:51] <Dominus> I'll look it up
[21:05:09] <Dominus> oh, that must have been another one of the books
[21:06:13] <Dominus> ah, the bashing on comunism
[21:06:21] <Matt_O> oh ya...
[21:06:53] <Dominus> not that I'm a communist but it got tiresome...
[21:07:42] <wjp> did book 7 talk about communism?
[21:07:48] <wjp> oh... Nicci's story
[21:08:59] <Dominus> the whole set up of Jargangs (what's his name) country was like former East Germany/USSR
[21:10:26] <wjp> Jagang
[21:10:40] <Dominus> close
[21:11:13] <Dominus> and the rules are very like communistic
[21:11:37] <Dominus> but everyone can see that that concept failed in real-life, why write a whole book about it
[21:13:06] <Matt_O> what east germany needed was RICHARD RAHL
[21:13:08] <wjp> I'm sure a _lot_ of books have been written about it :-)
[21:13:52] <Dominus> yeah, but I guess more open and not hidden in a story
[21:14:13] <Dominus> to me it felt like: OK!!! I get your point, can we move on now!
[21:14:32] <wjp> I had that feeling a lot during the speeches in book 8
[21:15:09] <Matt_O> hehehe
[21:15:23] <Dominus> he he the intro of BG works in dosbox
[21:16:06] <wjp> latest dosbox cvs runs quite a lot :-)
[21:21:32] <Dominus> and underworld runs really fast...
[21:22:57] <wjp> it does?
[21:23:29] <Dominus> with some ctr+f12 it does
[21:24:34] <wjp> hm
[21:24:40] <wjp> playable, but not exactly fluent
[21:25:16] <Dominus> hm, did you try ctrl+f12 to speed things up?
[21:25:28] <wjp> of course :-)
[21:25:28] <Dominus> I had problems with uw2 right now
[21:26:18] <Dominus> uw1 is really fast for me
[21:28:24] <Dominus> are you sure that speed-up is working at your end? it sounds like a lot of linux people have problems with speed (like ove in nuvie with u6)
[21:28:39] <wjp> speed up definitely works
[21:29:09] <wjp> (cpu usage increases a lot, anyway :-) )
[21:30:03] <wjp> uw2 is barely playable
[21:35:02] <Dominus> works fine now over here
[21:35:13] <Dominus> 100% cpu usage :-)
[21:35:24] <Dominus> now testing u6 and works at a fine speed
[21:36:43] <wjp> it probably helps that you have significantly more memory bandwidth than me :-)
[21:37:11] <Dominus> hm, that could be :-)
[21:37:37] * wjp needs to upgrade his way-too-slow athlon 1800 ;-)
[21:37:54] <Dominus> nah, that's not too slow
[21:38:08] <Dominus> I upgraded from a 1 GHz and that felt slow :-)
[21:38:14] <Dominus> even though it isn't
[21:38:24] <wjp> hm, it's 18 months old already
[21:38:49] <Dominus> I set that 1 GHz machine up for my familiy in switzerland and it is working just perfect over there
[21:39:08] <wjp> sure, but they're not trying to play UW2 in dosbox, are they ;-)
[21:39:26] <wjp> (or compiling exult/pentagram/scummvm several times a day? :-) )
[21:39:40] <Dominus> though I now realized all my trouble with my usb-scanner was caused by my pc and not my scanner
[21:39:52] <Dominus> it now works flawlessly on my new machine
[21:40:05] <wjp> you didn't confuse USB 2.0 hi-speed and USB 2.0 full-speed, I hope? :-)
[21:40:12] <Dominus> ah, compiling those was never much of a problem and didn't take too long
[21:40:22] <Dominus> he he
[21:40:31] <Dominus> no that scanner was pre-USB 2.0
[21:41:01] <Dominus> it sometimes would just stop working and I had to turn it off/on again to get it back to work
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