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[09:44:07] <Dominus> he he he, just tried the lazy way of building a ship with Exult Studio, selecting all parts of an existing ship and copy pasting it... that's not really working :)
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[16:54:36] <Dominus> god, Exult+SDL1+X11 -> sloooooooooooow
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[18:18:53] <KnightCaptain> Looking at the Ernesto conversation code, the original code checks the Banes being released and for Anti-Dupre's shape not in WAITING. But the Banes are always in Waiting until you get to the throne room of the White Dragon, so it's not obvious what check here to use instead.
[18:39:10] <KnightCaptain> Unless I just use the BANES_RELEASED flag. That makes more sense.
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[20:21:11] <KnightCaptain> SI uses flag EA when a companion is kidnapped in Moonshade. :D
[20:43:27] <Dominus> Ha ha ha ;)
[20:45:38] <KnightCaptain> On the comments in the UltimaCodex wiki, someone noted that the ship deed scroll shape in the Rangers' office works for using Hawk's ship. You can sail on the grass only.
[20:58:50] <Dominus> Nice, didn't know this
[20:59:10] <Dominus> Thanks for finding that comment
[21:18:11] <KnightCaptain> If we want to fix it, I think just changing the QUALITY value of the sails (or deed) would be enough. But it's harmless to leave in.
[21:20:29] <KnightCaptain> Err... sails only. Deed QUALITY would change the text, I think.
[21:45:18] <Marzo> Dominus: hm, I am not overly excited about that IRIX port
[21:45:40] <Marzo> From what I gather, it is a discontinued OS, and it has a rather ancient version of GCC
[21:45:55] <Marzo> Sure, PPC has even worse, but PPC can be cross-compiled easily
[21:46:16] <Marzo> At least, more easily than we can test on IRIX
[21:46:53] <Marzo> For comparison, even DJGPP, the DOS port of GCC, has GCC 6.x nowadays
[22:31:00] <KnightCaptain> Opened a tiny pull request: https://github.com/exult/exult/pull/15/files
[22:31:13] <KnightCaptain> One change, two files.
[22:41:46] <azeem_> PPC is not an os, it's a port
[22:43:08] <azeem_> eh, cpu platform
[22:43:19] <azeem_> anyway, PostgreSQL removed their IRIX port in 2013
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