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[12:24:05] <Dominus> Heya Marzo: the ios fork is almost ready to be brought into the fold. SDL2 and ogg/vorbis are almost pure drop ins now.
[12:25:01] <Dominus> Except for the additional xcode-ios folder in both ogg and vorbis which have the ios xcode project files needed to build the libs
[12:26:44] <Dominus> And some muck up at some point when I did the streamling with upstream Exult svn wrong (eg I added the code instead of adding the commits) - but I need to see which commit by me it was
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[17:10:44] <GitHub> [exult] alagner opened pull request #21: fix no-sound-device crash on osx (master...audiodev_fix) https://git.io/vbY4r
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