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[02:44:40] * sb-x throws a lit powder keg into the room.
[02:45:03] * Darke watches the fuse fizzle out.
[02:45:51] * sb-x opens the keg and reveals it only contained dead fish anyway.
[02:46:05] * sb-x gives Darke a wet trout.
[02:46:20] * sb-x gives Kirben a large bass.
[02:46:33] * Darke blinkblinks. That's a rather fishie bomb.
[02:46:44] * sb-x shakes his head in shame.
[02:46:54] <sb-x> hello :)
[02:47:53] <Darke> Hi. *grin*
[02:48:15] <sb-x> Do you work for the government Darke?
[02:48:39] <Darke> Not at the moment, I'm having problems working for anyone. *grin*
[02:49:08] <sb-x> What is the government administrivia keeping you awake?
[02:49:15] <sb-x> if i may ask
[02:49:46] <Darke> Relating to helping me locate someone to work for. *grin*
[02:51:21] <sb-x> Is the problem finding anyone who willing to hire, or finding anyone who is willing to hire you?
[02:53:24] <Darke> Willing to hire someone with the odd amount of experience I have. I've apparently got too much for a 'entry level' programming position, but not enough 'work experience' to get into a 3+ years programming position. There's been an IT slump the last year and a half, and it's only really picking up again, so I'm going up against people with quite a bit more experience then me.
[02:54:43] <sb-x> How can you have too much experience for any position?
[02:55:05] <sb-x> They really say "we don't want you, your too experienced" ?
[02:57:02] <Darke> Yes, and they have. I've got 4 responces so far for basic office/clerical work, where I submitted my 'full' resume, referencing things like "I wouldn't be challenged in the position" and so on. Then there's the expectation, that since you've got a year's worth of programming experience, you demand a higher salery then someone fresh out of uni, and 'logically' they don't want that.
[02:57:23] <Darke> s/remume,/resume, and they replied /
[02:59:23] <sb-x> Well
[02:59:31] <sb-x> You don't have to submit a 'full' resume.
[02:59:46] <sb-x> You can say "I meet your requirements". :)
[03:00:27] * Darke got tripped up on that one interview he had "What have you been doing the past 3 years then." "Oh, I've been a contract programmer." resulting in the 4th rejection letter. *grin*
[03:04:06] <sb-x> Sorry to hear... though it's nice to know those employers care enough about you to want you to be fulfilled, challenged, and generously paid for your hard work. ;-)
[03:05:41] * Darke actually gets the feeling they were looking for an excuse not to hire a buck, but to hire a cute female for the secreterial type roles, so they happened to use this as an 'excuse'. *grin*
[03:08:26] <sb-x> ouch...
[03:08:33] <sb-x> How well do you impersonate a woman then?
[03:08:36] <sb-x> (joke)
[03:16:03] <sb-x> Being a total amateur, I wouldn't have a problem of too much experience (if I wanted a programming job). My total sum of knowledge in the field comes from books and internet material.
[03:16:18] * sb-x is in fact, right now reading a guide to C++ for people who know C.
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[03:16:39] <Colourless> hello :-)
[03:16:53] <sb-x> hi
[03:17:12] <Darke> Hi Colourless.
[03:17:31] <sb-x> what time is it in australia?
[03:17:49] <Kirben> 1:17PM
[03:17:50] <Darke> sb-x: I've actually referenced exult as part of my 'experience', for what it's worth. *grin* Apparently little to the employers though.
[03:18:57] <Colourless> Kirben: it is 12:47 here
[03:19:01] <sb-x> Thanks Kirben...
[03:19:05] <sb-x> Colourless
[03:19:14] <sb-x> Don't you sleep at this time Colourless?
[03:19:20] <sb-x> :P
[03:19:27] <Colourless> normally yes, but not today :-)
[03:20:10] <sb-x> government administrivia?
[03:20:13] <Kirben> Yes, different timezones across australia.
[03:20:16] <Colourless> Darke: it depends on what job you are going for. chances are it would be looked at more by someone in the gaming industry, than other 'normal' parts of the computing industry
[03:20:53] <Kirben> perth would be only 9:20AM I think too.
[03:21:17] <sb-x> it's 22.21 here
[03:22:15] <sb-x> now 22.22
[03:23:55] <Darke> Colourless: <nod> I expect it would be.
[03:23:58] <Colourless> Kirben: perth should be 11:17, not 9:20. It's 2 h from east coast, 90 min form SA/NT :-)
[03:24:31] <Colourless> in summer it becomes 3 h from southern east coast, and 2:30 from SA
[03:24:59] <sb-x> SA/NT?
[03:25:14] <Colourless> South Australia and Northern Territory :-)
[03:25:30] <sb-x> oh
[03:25:56] <Kirben> confusing timezones
[03:32:03] <sb-x> Colourless: i did some paperdolls for BG that i thought maybe you could consider, but they had black outlines and so i made versions without black outlines, but those don't look so good because of the way i removed the lines
[03:32:18] <sb-x> so should clothing for paperdolls have black outlines or not?
[03:33:49] <Colourless> somethings to, some don't
[03:33:57] <Colourless> it just depends on if it looks good
[03:34:14] <sb-x> and i made a green shirt but realized its sleeves were not big enough for the Automaton's arms so I artificially enlarged them by just fattening the edges
[03:34:42] <Colourless> well, automaton is not in bg
[03:35:18] <sb-x> Oh yeah that's right... but it still looks okay. You know, the paladins look like automatons if you pick pocket them.
[03:35:27] <sb-x> Like WJP on sf island :)
[03:35:50] <sb-x> and Geoffrey
[03:36:03] <Colourless> :-)
[03:36:57] <sb-x> I've got to finish Shoes before having anyone look at the art, but I don't want to do much more because I'm afraid other people could be working on the same things.
[03:37:04] <sb-x> Is anyone working on Hawk?
[03:37:30] <Colourless> i think no one knows anything about it
[03:37:37] <Colourless> i mean, how exactly are you meant to hold it?
[03:37:59] <sb-x> I thought of having one frame for both wielding and holding, and behind the back
[03:38:09] <sb-x> It would sit on your arms, or your shoulder.
[03:38:15] <sb-x> But I have no idea how it fits on the belt.
[04:00:17] <sb-x> Colourless on SF island is invincible
[04:00:44] <sb-x> but every time he is attacked a couple of guards come onto the screen
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[04:07:02] <Colourless> am aim invincible?
[04:07:15] <Colourless> errr.
[04:07:23] <Colourless> s/am aim/i am/
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[07:34:00] <sb-x> lo
[07:34:08] <Darke> Hi!
[07:34:18] <Darke> What Muppet are you? *grin* http://www.geraldfield.com/cgi-bin/unofficial/quizzes/sfesurvey.cgi?whatmuppetareyou
[07:34:24] <sb-x> ...
[07:37:42] <sb-x> Your score is 20.
[07:37:47] <sb-x> You are Scooter!
[07:37:52] <sb-x> You're quiet, organized, and a bit put-upon. Though people don't always pay attention to you, you try to keep a sunny attitude.
[07:38:26] * sb-x wonders why he allows himself to take these quizzes.
[07:38:52] * Darke is either Kermit or Fozzie, depending upon how he answers a couple of questions. Another friend on another channel got Scooter also, and another got The Sweedish Chef. *grin*
[07:38:53] <sb-x> This is my muppet -> http://www.geraldfield.com/nadinesplace/muppetquiz/scooter.jpg
[07:38:55] <sb-x> gee thanks
[07:39:01] <sb-x> he he
[07:39:09] <sb-x> swedish chef would've been interesting
[07:39:30] <sb-x> of course, i'm every muppet, depending on how i answer the questions :P
[07:39:37] <Darke> http://www.muppets.com/profiles/scooter.htm
[07:40:10] <Darke> Yeah, but those two questions I wanted to answer 'both' to two answers. *grin*
[07:40:37] <sb-x> what a great body he has
[07:40:42] * sb-x cringes.
[07:40:58] <Darke> And you prefer Kermits?!? Or Fozzies?!? *giggle*
[07:40:59] <sb-x> i'll try to change some answers...
[07:41:16] <sb-x> lets see what i get before i decide if i prefer them or not
[07:41:42] * sb-x changes the last three answers.
[07:41:50] <sb-x> Your score is 33.
[07:41:51] <sb-x> You are Rowlf!
[07:41:57] <sb-x> You don't draw attention to yourself much, preferring to keep your cool and stay in the background.
[07:42:05] <sb-x> that is more like it!
[07:42:12] * sb-x plays the piano.
[07:42:20] <sb-x> (right?)
[07:42:38] * Darke always wanted to be Rowlf when he was a kit. Partially because he was learning piano at the time.
[07:42:56] <Darke> It's on this site: http://www.muppets.com/profiles/profiles.htm *grin*
[07:43:07] <sb-x> what is kit?
[07:43:15] <Darke> s/kit/kid/
[07:43:19] <sb-x> oh ok
[07:43:31] <Darke> It's actually a 'bunny kid'.
[07:43:32] * sb-x looks at the profile.
[07:44:16] <sb-x> punning is a hobby?
[07:46:09] <Darke> It is for me. *grin*
[07:46:29] <sb-x> for Rowlf too
[07:47:54] * sb-x looks at kefka.
[07:51:44] * kefka feels like someone is watching him
[07:52:19] <sb-x> where have you been kefka?
[07:52:59] <kefka> i just took a break from IRC for awhile
[07:53:39] <kefka> also, i bought dungeon siege and have been playing that a lot
[07:54:07] <kefka> good game.. but it gets monotonous after awhile..
[07:54:58] <kefka> and it has a bit too many bugs in it..
[07:55:09] <sb-x> i read on the exult forum that it was released
[07:55:12] <Darke> Like Diablo2 and all of the other similar games. *grin*
[07:56:09] <kefka> Darke: heh.. yep.. i hate getting Fatal Exceptions right before I reach the next town and therefore have to fight the same guys all over again
[07:56:24] <Darke> Ouch.
[07:56:55] <Darke> I'd heard it was rather stable, from the couple of friends I know who play it.
[07:56:59] <kefka> most times it only crashes the game.. but it's brought down the OS (win 2k) a couple times too
[07:57:52] <kefka> Darke: hmm.. well, from what i've reach on the message boards, it crashes for some people and not for others..
[07:58:30] <kefka> i don't understand why they can't get the framerate above 35 on a athlon 2000+ with a geforce 3 ti500 though
[07:59:59] * Darke wonders exactly how many of these mods, both ultima and not, for DS will actually end up being produced. There seems quite a few of them being announced, and most of them rather ambitious.
[08:00:10] <Darke> *blink* Scary.
[08:00:40] <kefka> the ultima ones will never get finished
[08:02:43] <Darke> Any particular reason? Or is it just a hunch?
[08:02:56] <kefka> just a hunch..
[08:03:08] * Darke honestly doesn't think they'll get very far, or at the very least, it'll be slow going for them.
[08:03:11] <kefka> its a monumental task if they are done right..
[08:03:34] <sb-x> ultimas are monumental games :)
[08:04:01] <kefka> just imagine modelling everything in Ultima 6... every monster, every townsperson, every object...
[08:04:06] <kefka> and then skinning them
[08:06:21] * Darke nods it's certainly non-trivial.
[08:32:47] <sb-x> Darke: Kdevelop is really convenient for big C++ projects (Exult); slow, but convenient. Now how can I get your editor style?
[08:33:42] <Darke> sb-x: My weird colour schemes and such? *grin* Or just the project file.
[08:33:58] <sb-x> colour schemes and such
[08:34:40] <sb-x> I used Generate project file... to create the project, but I build it from a seperate term.
[08:35:03] <sb-x> Since it builds so slowly I do that infrequently... kdev is really just so I can examine it
[08:35:17] <Darke> I can dcc you my kdeveloprc configure file, that's what contains the colours and such.
[08:35:52] <sb-x> Where does it go?
[08:36:47] <Darke> ~/.kde2/share/config/kdeveloprc providing you've got kde2 rather then kde3.
[08:38:14] <sb-x> KDE: 2.1.2 but there is a .kde dir
[08:38:17] <Darke> It'll probably alter the positions of your internal 'windows' too, so you'll likely want to return them to where you had them. *grin* Make sure you close kdev first before putting the file there, else it'll overwrite it.
[08:40:23] * sb-x tries.
[08:42:45] <sb-x> wow my kdev really hates that :)
[08:43:04] <sb-x> thanks
[08:43:10] * sb-x looks at the Recent Projects.
[08:43:34] <sb-x> filefiddle?
[08:44:39] * sb-x opens exult.
[08:45:14] <Darke> IIRC it was a generic main() and class that handled text file 'fiddling'. Search and replace, basic parsing and so on for string/lines of the file/the file itself.
[08:47:13] <sb-x> oucjh
[08:47:16] <sb-x> ouch
[08:47:36] <sb-x> my fonts are smaller than yours
[08:55:34] * sb-x needs sleep.
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[12:16:05] <Colourless> hi
[12:20:54] <Darke> Hi.
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[12:25:05] <Fingolfin> yo
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[12:25:48] <Darke> Hi.
[12:29:52] <Kirben> Fingolfin: have you checked out xu4 ?
[12:30:05] <Fingolfin> I looked at the homepage briefly, yeah
[12:30:38] <Kirben> Any plans for a mac port ?
[12:32:37] <Fingolfin> Kirben: I don't own U4
[12:32:42] <Kirben> Just thought you might be interested since there was never ultima 4 for mac.
[12:32:47] <Kirben> free download
[12:33:00] <Kirben> only ultima to be free
[12:33:26] <Fingolfin> oh nice
[12:33:35] <Kirben> let me find a link...
[12:34:07] <Kirben> http://members.aol.com/tommage/UltimaPage/ultima4.zip
[12:34:52] <Kirben> xu4 already support updated gfx pack so looks very good, no sound yet though.
[12:35:40] <Kirben> Can get that from http://www.moongates.com/u4/
[12:44:31] <Fingolfin> will look into it
[12:59:38] <Fingolfin> Kirben: it compiled out of the box, now I have to see if it runs =)
[12:59:52] <Kirben> was same for windows
[13:00:06] <Fingolfin> argh, no
[13:00:20] <Fingolfin> doesn't use SDL's main
[13:01:14] * Fingolfin adds #include "SDL.h" to u4.c
[13:01:31] * Darke wonders if it presumes intel byte ordering too.
[13:01:41] <Fingolfin> ok now it runs
[13:02:11] <Fingolfin> I am offered three options: "Return ot the view", "Journey Onward", "Initiate New Game" -> how am I supposed to choose from those?
[13:02:32] <Fingolfin> ah ok, R/I/J
[13:02:35] <Darke> Press the first letter of the name?
[13:02:38] <Fingolfin> I gives me "FIXME; though :-)
[13:02:39] <Kirben> intro support was just added
[13:03:17] <Kirben> j should work
[13:03:27] <Fingolfin> anyway, it seems to work, am in britain, talking to a poor beggar =)
[13:03:47] <Kirben> should I commit that as fix or would it effect other build ?
[13:04:00] <Kirben> I have cvs access
[13:04:28] <Kirben> file access too, so can upload mac file if you want.
[13:04:58] <Fingolfin> for now, just make the change to u4.c =)
[13:09:02] <Kirben> commited
[13:15:34] <Fingolfin> thx
[13:32:09] <Fingolfin> Kirben: I guess I could now try to write a wrapper to turn XU4 into a full Mac OS X app, usable from the desktop (as opposed to usable form CLI only)
[13:32:21] <Fingolfin> Kirben: how does it find its data files?
[13:41:53] <Kirben> looks in current directory and ultima4 directory
[13:44:11] <Kirben> u4file.c line 13
[13:45:23] <Fingolfin> Kirben: is there an icon file yet?
[13:45:30] <Kirben> no
[13:45:45] <Kirben> the one from u4 update pack looks very good though.
[13:46:09] <Fingolfin> well, I have an OS X binary bundle sitting ready, I could put in an icon for the final touch.
[13:46:39] <Kirben> best to leave it for now, unless you have your own icon.
[13:46:49] <Fingolfin> nah
[13:47:00] <Fingolfin> I will add a script to build the bundle automatically later
[13:47:06] <Fingolfin> or rather, write it and send it to you
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[13:56:43] <Kirben> ok
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[16:48:34] <wjp> hi
[16:48:34] <Darke> Hi.
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[17:20:16] * Wumpus grins vaguely
[17:20:29] <Wumpus> hello all :)
[17:20:36] <Darke> Hi. *grin* Long time, no see. Been hiding in your cave?
[17:20:47] <Wumpus> well no
[17:21:10] <Wumpus> last time I was connected here, my connection dropped out 3 times in 10 minutse... as soon as i didn'T try to come to OPN, it stayed up :P
[17:21:31] <Wumpus> wtf are you doing up at this ungodly hour anyway? :)
[17:21:41] * Darke blinkblinks and awaits Wumpus' connection dropping out.
[17:21:51] <Darke> Insomnia mostly. *grin*
[17:21:53] <Wumpus> oh... and i just did an update of exult CVS.... whats this aboult opengl?! :P
[17:21:56] <Wumpus> hehe
[17:21:59] <Wumpus> fair enough :-)
[17:22:25] * Darke doesn't know, he hasn't had a chance to touch exult since just before it was added. *grin*
[17:22:44] * Wumpus hasn't touched exult since last time he was here properly... :/
[17:22:49] <Wumpus> so two months or so :/
[17:23:04] <Wumpus> and I think i was in the middle of trying to do something or other at the time, sigh
[17:25:11] * Darke hasn't touched exult in about a month, pentagram regularly, partially because it has a smaller build footprint. *grin*
[17:25:32] <Wumpus> heehee
[17:25:47] <Wumpus> well at least thats something i don't need to worry about at the moment.... still lots of space free
[17:26:17] <Wumpus> (mmmmm 6-8 times as much disk space as previously :P)
[17:26:19] * Darke has 20Gig free, 'unfortunately', it's free on a machine he's rebuilding at the moment, so it's really inaccessably. *grin*
[17:27:20] <Wumpus> /home is starting to fill up, mainly because there's two copies of diablo 2 and a copy of windows in there (yes, on an ext2 filesystem :P)
[17:28:01] * Darke snerks.
[17:28:15] <Wumpus> but wrt GL... I was under the impression it was just a 3D thing? or can you do something useful with 2D with it?
[17:28:19] <Wumpus> snerks?
[17:28:36] <Darke> Umm... 'the sound a smirk makes'. *grin*
[17:28:43] <Wumpus> oh, and a kernel build tree or two there as well ... .P
[17:28:57] <Wumpus> well whats a smirk then? other than something that makes a snerk sound?
[17:29:14] <Darke> You can do '2d stuff' with it. Pentagram is being built around an opengl renderer.
[17:29:32] <Wumpus> ah okay... that might go some way to explaining its presence :)
[17:29:36] * Wumpus has no idea, evidently :P
[17:29:40] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[17:29:46] <Wumpus> oh, look, and a pile of ISOs... I can definitely get rid of those...
[17:29:53] <Darke> Wumpus: http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=smirk
[17:31:40] <Wumpus> oh
[17:31:44] <Wumpus> smirk...
[17:31:50] * Wumpus was imagining it to be a creature :-)
[17:32:29] * Darke snickers.
[17:34:24] * Darke must go. Sleep is kind-of calling, though he isn't sleepy. *grin* Bye!
[17:34:37] <Wumpus> well that makes snae?
[17:35:10] * Darke grins. He needs to awaken _early_, like sometime around 9am? It's 3:30 at the moment.
[17:35:19] <-- Darke has left #exult ()
[17:38:01] <wjp> hi Wumpus, Fingolfin
[17:38:31] <Fingolfin> hi there
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[17:39:34] <Wumpus> lo*2 :)
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[18:31:58] <bj0ern> yoho
[18:32:09] <wjp> hi
[19:05:21] <armav> hi
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[19:07:06] <wjp> hi
[19:07:09] <Dominus> hey ho
[19:13:36] <Fingolfin> hi Dominus
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[22:06:17] <wjp> time for bed
[22:06:18] <wjp> 'night
[22:06:24] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Zzzz...")
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