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[03:22:00] <tsoliman> Dominus: I am on a retina MBP with a discrete GPU .. I thought this problem was unique to retina .. but no .. it is related to the GPU
[03:22:44] <tsoliman> when I launch the latest daily exult for OS X with 3x HQ scaling - I get a much larger display as the GPU switches from integrated to discrete
[03:23:20] <tsoliman> if I lock it using gfxCardStatus integrated only OR discrete only it works fine - I was wondering if you can see the same thing or is this something wrong with my machine
[03:24:35] <tsoliman> when I say "much larger" I mean the main exult menu looks "zoomed in" to the point where I cannot click anything besides CMD-Q to quit
[03:27:23] <tsoliman> it seems to only happen when launching fullscreen too
[03:34:04] <tsoliman> here's my exult.cfg in case you wanna try to repro - http://pastebin.com/dW2WZJNQ
[03:40:01] <tsoliman> (not using openGL because I want aspect ratio correction)
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[10:08:39] <Dominus> tsoliman: I cannot reproduce what you describe :(
[10:11:43] <Dominus> but give the SDL2 build a try https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtoog2itha1r168/Exult-SDL2-snapshot.dmg?dl=0
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[16:17:10] <Marzo> So, I came accross these on my HD: http://i.imgur.com/VSiv1yT.png http://i.imgur.com/PwCI4hX.png
[16:17:24] <Marzo> Have no memory of when I made them
[16:19:51] <Marzo> There is no corresponding SI map
[16:46:29] <tsoliman> Dominus: thanks! the sdl2 build fixes it
[16:46:53] <tsoliman> is there a patch to compile it with SDL2 or is it just a matter of "configure"?
[16:54:47] <Dominus> Marzo: these look great! I hate memory loss, especially when you find things like that and you have no idea how that came to be
[16:54:58] <Dominus> ;)
[16:55:24] <Dominus> Tsoliman: you just need sdl2 and configure switch something ;)
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[16:55:54] <Dominus> SDL2 is not yet default because of a problem with 1x scalers
[16:56:13] <Dominus> Tsoliman: please fix that while you are at it ;)
[16:56:30] <tsoliman> HAH!
[16:56:40] <tsoliman> 1x on retina is torture
[16:56:56] <tsoliman> OpenGL is fast but doesn't correct AR
[16:57:08] <Dominus> There is also no OpenGl scaler as that implementation isn't compatible with SDL2 ;)
[16:57:27] <Dominus> (And it has unresolved issues anyway)
[16:57:50] <tsoliman> I'll give it a shot tonight
[16:58:15] <tsoliman> New machine so it is complaining about dependencies. Haven't built exult on this one yet
[16:58:50] <Dominus> that reminds me that I haven't updated to sdl 2.0.5 yet and they added some new coreaudio code pretty late in the development
[16:58:56] <tsoliman> Is this channel logged anywhere public?
[16:59:02] <Dominus> So this might break
[16:59:07] <Dominus> ?logs
[16:59:07] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://log.usecode.org/exultlog.php
[16:59:15] <tsoliman> Thanks
[16:59:21] <Dominus> ?seen colourlesy
[16:59:21] <exultbot> I haven't seen colourlesy lately
[16:59:34] <Dominus> ?seen colourless
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[16:59:43] <Dominus> ?seen tsoliman
[16:59:43] <exultbot> tsoliman is right here!
[17:09:42] <tsoliman> Dominus: I think you had some patches to SDL and SDL2 that I applied locally. Related to deprecated usage of coreaudio
[17:09:59] <tsoliman> I use macports
[17:11:01] <Dominus> Yes, the patch for sdl 1.x is still valid, the one for sdl2 isn't anymore
[17:12:45] <tsoliman> Wow. Closed this month. I wonder if macports will use the new version. But then the patch would fail and it doesn't.
[17:15:36] <Dominus> What do you mean?
[17:15:49] <Dominus> Macports *should* update sdl2 to 2.0.5
[17:16:11] <Dominus> And actually use latest development branch of sdl 1.2x
[17:16:59] <Dominus> But since it is only a development branch they are not always up to date with that
[17:18:05] <Dominus> But there has been a fix for OS X lately (in the sdl 1.2x branch) for a bug I found with Dosbox and using files in same folder or so ;)
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