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[13:17:12] <Dominus> heya Marzo, do you happen to have the native android port .apk file? I just wanted to make it available again because KenC's links are all dead (because dropbox changed their public link system :(
[13:17:35] <Marzo> I don't, no
[13:18:09] <Marzo> Is it by any chance downloadable on Archive.org?
[13:18:11] <Dominus> too bad, but thanks
[13:18:40] <Dominus> I don't think so because of dropbox' way of making files available
[13:21:48] <Dominus> unrelated but how is the intro work coming along and can I help? I'm now back for real and able to do something again
[13:22:42] <Marzo> I need to add code to play the new sfx, synch the sfx and animation, and work on subtitles
[13:22:49] <Marzo> On the BG side
[13:22:54] <Marzo> SI, a lot more work
[13:23:15] <Marzo> And the main issue in both cases, which is to decide what to do with the new SFX and intro
[13:23:40] <Marzo> And if the new SI intro should be always on, or available by choice and default to on or off
[13:24:09] <Marzo> I am thinking that adding the new sfx to the sfx packs we already offer for download might be best
[13:24:18] <Marzo> No idea about the intro
[13:24:59] <Marzo> Or maybe, as we discussed, bundle everything with Exult for releases and offer the downloadable packs for snapshots, which would remain leaner
[13:25:19] <Marzo> But would still need to decide if the snapshots should come with the new intro or not
[13:25:38] <Marzo> (basically, if the new SI intro would be on exult_si.flx or as a separate file)
[13:26:23] <Dominus> the original intro is not THAT big, right? (I cleaned up my desktop and now can't find the files... yeah...)
[13:26:59] <Marzo> 15.3MB
[13:27:40] <Dominus> just found it again. yeah.. that's not small
[13:28:03] <Dominus> but myabe I'm thinking in old ways.
[13:28:05] <Dominus> it's not THAT big
[13:30:28] <Dominus> and as for the question of SI intro choice, my gut tells me to keep the shipped version as default
[13:31:38] <Marzo> That is my instinct too, yes; but then again, there are a lot of Exult enhancements over the original which are on by default
[13:32:44] <Dominus> true...
[13:33:09] <Dominus> or we decide to make the other default until we get to many outcries :)
[13:33:29] <Dominus> and some kind of poll on the forum :)
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[18:54:22] <Dominus> Marzo, wjp: interesting love letter to U7 from a game developer http://innkeepgame.com/2017/08/30/dwelling-in-digital-worlds-a-manifesto-for-computer-game-development/
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