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[03:19:45] <pupnik> it's like every day i want to work on a different game
[03:19:47] <pupnik> now it's exult
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[05:44:35] * pupnik works on new exult build
[05:44:50] * Sevalecan works on old exult build
[05:45:16] <pupnik> thanks to Lanica Dragon for the pocketpc fixes
[05:47:58] <pupnik> * effects.cc, exult.cc, gamerend.cc, gamewin.cc, gamewin.h : Two words:
[05:47:58] <pupnik> "Smooth Scrolling". Some more words: It's a bit of a hack but it works
[05:47:58] <pupnik> really well
[05:48:08] <pupnik> \p/ HOOORAY Colourless
[05:48:57] <Colourless> it's still a hack and some people don't like it
[05:49:10] <Colourless> i really need to get back and clean up the code a bit
[05:49:17] <Colourless> but exult is in such a mess right now
[05:49:28] <pupnik> :/
[05:49:53] <Colourless> i thought we might be getting near to another release at some point, but right now though a release looks a long way away
[05:50:06] <Colourless> which is a shame cause certain platforms 'really' could do with a new stable release
[05:50:52] <pupnik> have you found anyone better than me to take over the nokia / maemo port/build?
[05:51:40] <Colourless> saying that would assume i've looked for someone
[05:52:10] <pupnik> well i was wondering if anyone has stumbled into the room saying 'i have fixed everything for the internet tablets'
[05:52:30] <pupnik> ok i'll package up something from cvs and spend today looking into the pocketPC fixes
[05:53:54] <pupnik> showld i change something in gumps/GameplayOptions_gump.cc and 'GameplayObjects for slower systems?
[05:54:02] <pupnik> btw good morning :)
[05:55:22] <Colourless> honestly, change anything that you think should be changed
[05:55:47] <Colourless> the smooth scrolling stuff incidently wont be too good for slower systems
[05:55:55] <pupnik> ok
[05:56:05] <pupnik> "Default now to 75% that makes things not quite as smooth as they were before and seems to be a reasonable tradeoff. "
[05:56:14] <Colourless> but disabling it should get rid of any performance sapping it would do
[05:56:17] <pupnik> what is less smooth ?
[05:56:19] <pupnik> ok
[05:57:09] <Colourless> at 100% smooth scrolling it is extremely smooth. Setting it to lower values make the movement more jumpy
[05:57:27] <Colourless> where is smoothly scrolls for a bit. then pauses
[05:57:27] <pupnik> oh ok
[05:57:42] <Colourless> then smoothly scrolls and then pauses again (and repeat for each step)
[05:58:05] <pupnik> thanks
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[06:58:31] <pupnik_> my favorite part about my system call and mp3 background player is that it currently doesn't get killed when exult exits
[06:58:42] <pupnik_> so you're sitting there looking at the shell and listening to birds chirping..
[07:13:18] <pupnik_> Shape num out of range: 189
[07:13:18] <pupnik_> Shape num out of range: 189
[07:13:24] <pupnik_> tons of those with this build
[08:07:13] <pupnik_> i see some UNDER_CE #ifdefs
[08:07:26] <pupnik_> i want to use some but not others for the linux tablets (nokia)
[08:07:42] <pupnik_> so I wonder how to add the right #DEFINE
[08:08:05] <pupnik_> i think a generic #IS_TABLET define is what i will add
[08:08:26] <pupnik_> and then #IFDEF those tablet specific UI things, seperate from UNDER_CE
[08:08:56] <pupnik_> either that or maybe it would be smarter to make a #UNDER_MAEMO
[08:09:06] <pupnik_> and do all the nokia-specific things in one place
[08:09:11] <pupnik_> under one heading
[08:09:43] <pupnik_> so the question is whether to make an overarching category called #TABLET
[08:09:55] <pupnik_> with UNDER_CE and UNDER_MAEMO as subcategories for their specific changes
[08:09:56] <pupnik_> OR
[08:10:07] <pupnik_> just have an UNDER_MAEMO define
[08:13:09] <pupnik_> in the latter case some secions would look like:
[08:13:20] <pupnik_> #if defined(__zaurus__) || defined(UNDER_CE) || defined (UNDER_MAEMO)
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[10:40:36] <pupnik> Gump_manager.cc:632: error: invalid use of undefined type `struct Keyboard_gump'
[10:40:37] <pupnik> ../exult.h:95: error: forward declaration of `struct Keyboard_gump'
[10:40:38] <pupnik> grr
[10:40:51] <pupnik> maybe some of this pocketPC stuff is not gcc-compatible
[10:49:12] <pupnik> or more likely i screwed up my #ifdefs
[10:57:07] <pupnik> ok found it - gumps/Gump_manager.h seemed to require #include "Keyboard_gump.h" when building with the onscreen keyboard
[10:57:11] <pupnik> i think
[10:58:45] <pupnik> when i'm editing stuff, can I prevent this lengthy rebuilding of all these .Tpos?
[11:07:43] <pupnik> bggame.cc:66:32: exult_pocketpc_flx.h: No such file or directory
[11:13:39] <pupnik> aha aha maybe i can create it using expack on exult_pocketpc.flx
[11:30:09] <pupnik> expack -i flx.in
[11:30:11] <pupnik> i did it! :)
[11:46:38] <pupnik> sigame.cc:1249: error: `gkeyboard' undeclared (first use this function)
[11:48:18] <pupnik> hmm seems like sigame.cc needs
[11:48:26] <pupnik> #ifdef __tablet__
[11:48:26] <pupnik> #include "data/exult_pocketpc_flx.h"
[11:48:26] <pupnik> #include "gumps/Keyboard_gump.h"
[11:48:26] <pupnik> #endif
[11:52:53] <pupnik> hrm no that wasn't it
[11:52:59] <pupnik> it's defined in exult.h
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[14:12:58] * pupnik builds with __tablet__
[14:23:24] <pupnik> ok now i got all the build errors out of the way
[14:23:30] <pupnik> s/build/compile
[14:24:45] <pupnik> but now when linking exult, it's not finding Keyboard_gump.o or touchscreen.o
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[14:27:26] <pupnik> ok so i add touchscreen.o to MAIN_OBJS and Keyboard.gump.o to GUMPS_OBJS in Makefile.common
[14:27:32] <pupnik> hi Darke
[14:29:14] <pupnik> and add touchscreen.cc and touchscreen.h to Makefile.am
[14:34:08] <pupnik> exult.o: In function `Get_click(int&, int&, Mouse::Mouse_shapes, char*, bool, Paintable*, bool)':exult.cc:(.text+0x8ec): undefined reference to `Keyboard_gump::handle_event(SDL_Event*)'
[14:34:19] <pupnik> hmm but Keyboard_gump is in gumps
[14:36:14] <pupnik> aha but Keyboard_gump.o is not in ar archive gumps/.libs/libgumps.a
[14:37:15] <pupnik> but... Keyboard_gump.lo is in am_libgumps_la_OBJECTS
[14:42:25] <pupnik> oh nm, it's in there
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