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[05:02:11] <servus> U7AutoMapper just entered beta :)
[05:05:57] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/u7mapper-out2.png Getting there.
[05:07:25] <Sevalecan> :O
[05:07:44] <servus> (That's Ultima VI by the way)
[05:07:59] <Sevalecan> uh what
[05:08:00] <Sevalecan> vi = 6
[05:08:34] <servus> Yepyep
[05:08:47] <servus> Exciting:) Back to work!
[05:09:02] <Sevalecan> you make no sense :(
[05:09:05] <SB-X> and Ultima VII means Ultima 7
[05:09:15] <Sevalecan> SB-X: exactly :P
[05:09:33] <SB-X> but thats the U6 map :)
[05:09:56] <Sevalecan> hmmm, were the formats that compatible?
[05:10:26] <Sevalecan> I'm in doubt thats the u6 map
[05:10:27] <Sevalecan> :P
[05:24:00] <servus> Nah, u6tou7.exe came with the original Serpent Isle.
[05:29:04] <Sevalecan> what why
[05:29:05] <Sevalecan> :o
[06:00:45] <servus> Hmm... I'm using original Origin data to construct the chunk compatibility matrix... and they do some weird things with their map. I'm going to have to refactor it.
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[06:02:53] <Guest71> alright, can anybody help an idiot like me get exault working?
[06:05:01] <Guest71> please?
[06:07:20] <servus> Hi :) You need to ask a specific question and show what is going wrong, as precisely as possible.
[06:10:12] <Guest71> ok, well my first question is: should exult work downloading ultima from here? http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/xu4/ultima4-1.01.zip?download
[06:10:52] <Guest71> because it seems to be looking for a "static" directory and there isn't one
[06:11:06] <servus> No. Exult is only for Ultima VII (Ultima 7). That's Ultima IV (Ultima 4).
[06:11:19] <Guest71> oops, i'm dumb
[06:11:34] <servus> It can be easy to misread :)
[06:11:48] <Guest71> damn roman numerals
[06:11:52] <servus> Ultima VII is definitely worth playing, and Exult is pretty polished
[06:11:56] <Guest71> is VII freeware yet?
[06:12:09] <servus> Nope. I think that only Ultima V (5) is freeware
[06:12:14] <Guest71> crap
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[06:23:33] <servus> Hmm... Either I continually tweak my data files a whole lot, or... I add another layer of code on top of this converter...
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[08:51:00] <SB-X> servus: Did you finish making the CS map pictured on your Images page?
[08:57:47] <servus> Nearly. It sucks for playing and it needs a lot of work to make it fun
[08:58:23] <Sevalecan> is it an ultima cs map?
[08:58:23] <Sevalecan> ;D
[08:58:45] <servus> No. They already have a lot of those.
[08:58:51] <SB-X> Do you have any experience with DemoUI or FacePoser?
[08:58:53] <Sevalecan> :(
[08:59:16] <servus> No and no
[09:00:02] <SB-X> I only asked because I heard them discussed along with "Hammer" and noticed the application your using to edit the CS map says "Hammer". :)
[09:00:08] <SB-X> you're*
[09:00:17] <servus> Sevalecan: http://www.epicclass.com/ Click on "epic maps" under Unreal Tournament on the bottom left.
[09:00:53] <Sevalecan> shit
[09:00:57] <Sevalecan> i want those maps
[09:01:00] <Sevalecan> D:<
[09:01:22] * Sevalecan begins downloading
[09:02:08] <servus> D:< ? Is that a mustache and one of those Russian furry hats?
[09:02:35] <Sevalecan> heh
[09:02:37] <Sevalecan> ...
[09:02:51] <Sevalecan> no it was me being weird
[09:03:07] <servus> I'm doing what I hope to be a final compilation of Ultima 6's map in Exult... It takes 30 minutes to compile the map though currently *grin*
[09:04:09] <Sevalecan> you making a thing to convert u6 for exult?
[09:04:51] <servus> Nah. I'll be quiet. I spam enough in this channel lately as it is :)
[09:05:05] <SB-X> He said it came with SI!
[09:06:22] <servus> That was a stupid joke!
[09:26:53] <servus> This Ultima VII map compiler is the biggest Sudoku game ever.
[09:38:13] <SB-X> "Sudoku (数独, sūdoku?), also known as Number Place or Nanpure, is a logic-based placement puzzle. The aim of the puzzle is to enter a numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9×9 grid made up of 3×3 subgrids (called "regions"), starting with various digits given in some cells (the "givens"); each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each numeral. Completing the puzzle requires patience and logical
[09:38:13] <SB-X> ability."
[09:38:20] <SB-X> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodoku
[09:39:01] <SB-X> Well, I mispelled the link, but Wikipedia redirected anyway so it's OK. :p
[09:39:13] <servus> Yep. I'm running lots of filters to make sure that all 3x3 blocks of chunks match up with each other and their immediate neighbours.
[09:41:45] <SB-X> Completing U7AutoMapper requires patience and logical ability. Using it requires the ability to pick colors in MSPaint.
[09:45:29] <servus> Umm
[09:46:25] <SB-X> Please don't tell me it requires more skill than that to simply use it.
[09:46:35] <SB-X> Let's say, to make a custom map.
[09:46:58] <SB-X> I should be able to paint green and get grassy chunks, right?
[09:50:10] <servus> Yep
[09:50:21] <servus> http://www.sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/u7mapper-in.gif
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