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[17:02:46] <Dominus> strange my firefox can't access the forum anymore...
[17:08:07] <Dominus> it says "Something is wrong. You need to edit common.php and select a database." but strangely enough safari works fine...
[17:10:22] <Dominus> now I vcleaned my cache and cookies and it says our whole page is being migrated...
[17:42:26] <Dominus> marzo, perhaps you can figure out what step is missing in artaxerxes' savegame that prevents him from switching bodies.
[17:42:27] <Dominus> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=3530273&group_id=2335&atid=102335
[17:50:58] <wjp> gotta love figuring out which triggers SI _really_ uses for those plot events :-)
[17:51:18] <Dominus> :)
[17:51:47] <Dominus> I have savegame here for which this bodyswitch works...
[18:04:26] * Dominus deleted firefox cache a second time and now the forum works again - strange
[19:29:00] <Marzo> Dominus: out of curiosity: starting from the earlier savegames, is it possible to replicate the issue? Or haven't you tried it?
[20:47:55] <Dominus> marzo, haven't yet. about to do but want to first look up the flag numbers for those things that need to be checked.
[20:51:09] <Marzo> I will look up the flags, I already have SU usecode disassembled
[21:19:53] <Dominus> playing from the point of Artaxerxes first visit to the discipline temple, body switch doesn't work.
[21:20:47] <Dominus> so of that list you gave in http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=335557&t=335557 the only thing I cannot vouch for is the vision on monk isle
[21:22:53] <wjp> the last thing checked before it bails is the avatar's polymorph flag
[21:24:12] <wjp> clearing that does make it work
[21:24:41] <wjp> but unfortunately my SI knowledge is far too rusty to say anything sensible about this
[21:24:56] <Dominus> yep, true that makes it work
[21:25:49] <Dominus> interestingly I wasn't able to manually set this via the '2' key, toggling naked on off did the trick though
[21:27:10] <wjp> heh, I did exactly the same thing :-)
[21:27:54] <Dominus> the stats say "Polymorphed from 0721"
[21:29:24] <Dominus> I wonder where that comes from
[21:29:26] <wjp> 721 is the default (white, blond) avatar shape
[21:29:34] <wjp> (and male)
[21:30:20] <Dominus> hmm
[21:30:21] <Marzo> Dominus: here it is:
[21:30:26] <Marzo> 0x226: Adds 'acid' option to Petra's dialog; if flag 0x227 is set and flag 0x270 is not, allows Petra to join the party. Set when you talk to one of the damaged automatons of temple discipline or when you take acid damage in the same temple.
[21:30:26] <Marzo> 0x227: Does 3 things: (1) allows Petra to join if flag 0x226 is set and flag 0x270 is not; (2) adds 'switch bodies' option to Petra's dialog if (a) the avatar is in temple of discipline, (b) the avatar is not already transformed, and (c) the avatar is within 15 tiles of a switch with quality 0x3D; (3) allows the switch with quality 0x3D and frame between 6 and 9 to trigger the transformation if (a) the avatar is not polymorphed (flag 32) and (b) if Petra is at
[21:30:26] <Marzo> 0x270: Does not alows Petra to join if set, and enables several dialog options with the monks. It is set when Xenka returns.
[21:30:26] <Marzo> 0x007, 0x008, 0x009, 0x00A: These scratch variables control the current state of the transformation sequence.
[21:31:02] <Marzo> The result: you have to read the book, talk to an automaton or get harmed by acid, and that is it
[21:31:13] <Marzo> Oh, and Xenka must not be back
[21:31:17] <Dominus> thanks for looking that up
[21:31:35] <Dominus> but it seems to be something screwing with polymorph flag
[21:31:55] <Dominus> Is your skin pack messing with polymorph?
[21:32:03] <Marzo> Not that I know of
[21:32:46] <Dominus> how does the satats show "Polymorphed from 0721"?
[21:32:54] <Dominus> What does one have to do to trigger that?
[21:34:30] <Dominus> hmm, seems if you don't start with default blond or female avatar you have this written in the stats AND the polymorph flag is set
[21:35:24] <Dominus> hmm, or not, just at the very very beginning
[21:40:28] <wjp> it's a bit worrying that you can't directly disable polymorph in that save
[21:40:41] <wjp> since that toggle does seem to work fine in general
[21:42:33] <Dominus> true, thanks for checking
[21:46:01] <Dominus> wjp, interestingly when you polymorph it says you polymorphed from 1028 (or around that if you are not the default avatar)
[21:46:19] <Dominus> so when is shape 721 used instead of 1028?
[21:46:24] <Marzo> I think I have an idea what may be happening
[21:46:40] <Marzo> Let me test then I will explain
[21:46:59] <Marzo> (damn, it is recompiling *everything*...)
[21:47:40] <Dominus> (sorry, I wanted to get around of easily disabling the HQ scalers)
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[22:08:00] <Marzo> Yeah, that is it
[22:08:26] <Marzo> For some reason, polymorphing was not restoring the avatar completely back to normal at the end
[22:08:37] <Marzo> (is, at present)
[22:08:54] <Marzo> So, for example, casting serpent bond is enough to break the transformation
[22:09:21] <Dominus> oooh, that is a game breaker...
[22:10:01] <Marzo> I added some code to Actor::set_polymorph to watch for this case
[22:10:27] <Marzo> With this code, using serpent bond then waiting for it to wear out is enough to fix the save
[22:12:58] <Marzo> Also, the avatar won't show as being polymorphed from the blonde avatar anymore
[22:15:40] <Dominus> trying serpent bond was one of the things I did earlier :)
[22:16:38] <Dominus> and was annoyed again that automatons don't auto-rejoin you when the spell wears off but I think we compared this once to the original and found it does the same...
[22:19:17] <Dominus> thanks for finding and fixing this bug...
[22:19:53] <Marzo> Fix is away
[22:20:10] <Marzo> And hey -- you guys did most of the work narrowing it down to polymorph
[22:20:25] <Dominus> wjp did that :)
[22:20:44] <Marzo> It just so happens that there are very few places where polymorph is set
[22:21:49] <Dominus> the varios sex scenes...
[22:22:02] <Marzo> (and wjp was included in 'you guys' :-p)
[22:22:20] <Dominus> I just wanted to exclude myself :)
[22:24:40] <Dominus> thanks again, snapshot is building and I'm off to bed :)