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[01:07:24] <Wumpus> bah, almost noone here... matto, you there ?
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[02:01:53] * Wumpus swims back into focus
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[02:03:45] * Wumpus wanders off
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[04:55:10] * Darke bowfluffs. "Hello all."
[04:55:34] <yaro> it's so cold here
[04:56:14] <Darke> Cold? <grin> It's time to turn on the fans and airconditioners here in .au.
[05:19:47] <-- matto has left IRC ("Play Dragon's Lair in linux - http://www.daphne-emu.com - Developers welcome :)")
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[08:34:49] <SB-X> yay
[08:35:10] <SB-X> ?date
[08:35:10] <exultbot> It is now Fri Nov 30 08:35:10 2001 (GMT).
[08:35:31] * Darke greetingsbows. "Hello."
[08:35:52] * SB-X "yay"s because BETA 1 is OUT!!! and because Darke is here so early.
[08:36:56] * SB-X also "yay"s because he is downloading Dominus' soundpack finally.
[08:38:24] <SB-X> did SharpTooth get a chance to look at the scroll of infinity yet?
[08:39:15] <Darke> Not yet. Any idea what the opcode is? I can just do a search otherwise. <grin>
[08:39:42] <SB-X> no, i will just paste it here if you dont mind
[08:39:57] <Darke> Feel free.
[08:40:22] <SB-X> either this is some scripting im unfamiliar with, it is just made up for the mage's scroll.. or it could be an example of the language they used to make the usecode...
[08:41:21] * Darke nods.
[08:41:27] <SB-X> artifact TalismanOfInifinity -
[08:41:32] <SB-X> if Reality is Magic -
[08:41:42] <SB-X> if Locale(Artifact) is Void -
[08:41:47] <SB-X> Convex is
[08:41:53] <SB-X> FindInBritannia(ConvexLens)
[08:41:57] <SB-X> Concave is
[08:42:02] <SB-X> FindInBritannia(ConcaveLens)
[08:42:08] <SB-X>
[08:42:14] <SB-X> if DoLightTest(Concave, Convex) -
[08:42:20] <SB-X> TalismanList is
[08:42:24] <SB-X> BritanniaSearch(Talisman)
[08:42:30] <SB-X>
[08:42:35] <SB-X>
[08:42:41] <SB-X> Counter is 0
[08:42:47] <SB-X> foreach Talisman in TalismanList -
[08:42:53] <SB-X> if KnowType(Talisman) is Trush -
[08:43:04] <SB-X> (s/Trush/Truth)
[08:43:12] <SB-X> Counter is Counter and 1
[08:43:12] <SB-X> --
[08:43:18] <SB-X> if KnowType(Talisman) is Love -
[08:43:24] <SB-X> Counter is Counter and 1
[08:43:29] <SB-X> --
[08:43:33] <SB-X> if KnowType(Talisman) is Courage -
[08:43:46] <SB-X> Counter is Counter and 1
[08:43:46] <SB-X> --
[08:43:46] <SB-X>
[08:43:52] <SB-X> if Counter is 3 -
[08:43:58] <SB-X> DoVoidAccess()
[08:43:58] <SB-X>
[08:44:03] <SB-X>
[08:44:14] <SB-X> InfinityAction is Action(Instance,
[08:44:29] <SB-X> mPlanarTravel, Britannia,
[08:44:41] <SB-X> mCallBack, TalismanOfInfinity)
[08:44:41] <SB-X> --
[08:44:48] <SB-X> if Reality is PseudoScience -
[08:44:58] <SB-X> EvilEntity is EntitySearch(All,
[08:45:06] <SB-X> Powerful, Evil)
[08:45:11] <SB-X> if EvilEntity -
[08:45:17] <SB-X> Check is PushReality(EvilEntity)
[08:45:22] <SB-X> if not Check -
[08:45:30] <SB-X> Test("Thou shalt never see this!")
[08:45:35] <SB-X>
[08:45:44] <SB-X> ... thats it, anyway.. i think it is amusing :-)
[08:46:01] <Darke> Not likely. <grin> For starters, 'and' would most likely have been reserved for the boolean operator and, rather then a replacement for plus. The only fragement we have of usecode looks something like '$LBClueless = true', so the 'is'es should all be replaced by equal signs if it was.
[08:46:38] <SB-X> not likely what?
[08:46:43] <SB-X> oooh
[08:47:01] <Darke> Not likely it's an example of the original usecode script they used.
[08:47:49] <SB-X> yeah i mean i just thought you would find it amusing too, seeing as you are currently making a decompiler
[08:48:19] <SB-X> what you think of it?
[08:48:32] <SB-X> what DO you
[08:51:54] <Darke> I think I programming language for the universe would be neat. <grin>
[08:52:28] * SB-X saw the Matrix.
[08:52:33] <SB-X> heh!
[08:55:00] <SB-X> push dr.pepper
[08:55:06] <SB-X> push ice
[08:55:15] <SB-X> pop a cold glass of soda pop
[08:55:49] <Darke> Of course if there was one, _everybunny_ would want to be a programmer. Which would be rather... chaotic.
[08:56:25] <SB-X> that reminds me to ask you, ucxt script will not just be formatted ucassembly will it?
[08:57:16] <Darke> I hope to get it reading something like C code, and remove most of the goto labels. Read yesterday's chat log. <grin>
[08:57:18] <SB-X> oh and what does ucxt mean
[08:58:17] <Darke> No idea. <grin> I think it originally meant Usecode Extract or Usecode Extractor. But I can't remember.
[08:58:32] <SB-X> ok thanks!
[08:58:47] * SB-X waits for his download to complete so he can download the log quickly.
[08:59:03] * SB-X is connected at 26.4kbps.
[09:02:25] * Darke decides to be nice and not prance around and torment you. <grin>
[09:02:40] <SB-X> phht
[09:02:51] <SB-X> too late im reading already and the hobbit was great :P
[09:04:35] * SB-X wonders why there is no fluff in the title.
[09:04:41] <SB-X> channel title
[09:04:54] * Darke didn't set the topic. <grin>
[09:06:04] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[09:06:09] <SB-X> hehe RTF-FAQ
[09:06:15] <SB-X> hi
[09:06:21] <Wumpus> boing:)
[09:06:31] * SB-X is reading yesterdays log
[09:06:32] <Darke> Hello. <bow>
[09:07:51] * SB-X skips to the good parts.
[09:09:19] <Darke> Hmm... it looks like the logs don't handle tabs well. Oh well.
[09:10:23] <SB-X> <Darke> Add a subliminal message to the exult music files that just repeats 'read the docs' over and over and over again?
[09:10:43] <Darke> It's tempting.
[09:10:44] <Wumpus> ah, but how many of the questions are on how to get sounds working? ;-p
[09:10:52] * Wumpus has u7 working in dos again, wheee:)
[09:11:03] <SB-X> hehe
[09:11:25] <Wumpus> found a glitch in the original which i thought was an exult bug :)
[09:11:30] <Darke> Ahh, but how many questions are not 'how do I get the sound working?', or are comments about things that are _clearly_ stated in the faqs. <grin>
[09:11:34] <SB-X> Darke: make it so when you click that big X where the treasure is, it has a reversed "Read the f**king manual"
[09:11:38] <Wumpus> hm is exult.sourceforge.net br0x0red? I'm getting timeouts fromk it
[09:11:58] <Darke> It's a bit dead. Has been since last night when we were trying to release.
[09:12:05] <Wumpus> hehe darke
[09:12:13] * Wumpus notes the www.sourceforge.net/projects/exult is all good :)
[09:12:13] <Darke> It's been up and down all day.
[09:12:23] * SB-X gets timeouts too.
[09:12:35] * SB-X keeps retrying it though.
[09:13:16] <Darke> The entire site was 'down for maintenance' last night though. Including the download areas. <grin> What a day to choose for a release.
[09:13:31] <Wumpus> darke: d'oh
[09:14:14] <SB-X> :D... double-click big red X and hear "Launam gnikcuf eht dear!"
[09:14:34] <Wumpus> `the big red x' ?
[09:15:15] <SB-X> yes where you hear "Drol krad eht ma I!" or something like that
[09:15:47] * Darke snickers.
[09:15:48] <Wumpus> i don't usually play with sound on; which game?
[09:16:03] <SB-X> BG
[09:16:05] <Darke> BG IIRC.
[09:16:14] <Wumpus> hmm odd... i thought i knew that one backwards :) oh well
[09:17:12] <SB-X> 08f9, 0281
[09:17:24] * Wumpus had a crash today :(
[09:17:27] <Wumpus> (not reproducible)
[09:17:29] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[09:17:36] <SB-X> Sunimod!
[09:17:43] <SB-X> i mean, hi
[09:17:44] * Darke bows. "Hi Dominus."
[09:17:49] <Dominus> hi
[09:17:59] * SB-X just downloaded Dominus' soundpack.
[09:18:17] <Dominus> I thought I heard someone talking about the FAq!
[09:18:50] <Wumpus> hehe good ears :)
[09:19:03] <Dominus> grin
[09:19:09] <SB-X> RTTF
[09:19:12] <SB-X> i mean RTFF
[09:19:23] <Dominus> he he
[09:19:28] <Wumpus> ohhh
[09:19:30] <Darke> Actually I think we were talking about the Launam gnikcuf. But yes. <grin>
[09:19:32] <Wumpus> i think i remember this place
[09:19:40] * Wumpus wends his way to those coords
[09:20:16] <Dominus> the main reason I became the FAQ maintainer was to shout that at people (after having had RTFM shouted at me at various other places) :-)
[09:20:34] <SB-X> Dominus: you seem to be rather nice about it
[09:20:56] <Wumpus> ominus: :)
[09:21:00] <Wumpus> d+
[09:21:15] <Wumpus> hmm does the key in that chest open anything interesting? :P
[09:22:01] * SB-X forgot.
[09:22:07] <Wumpus> *blink* interesting
[09:22:11] <Dominus> don't ask me about keys in Ultima (I hate those), the first thing I do with a new game is get the skeleton key
[09:22:25] <Wumpus> trying to move the tropy thats in that chest causes interesting effects
[09:22:27] <SB-X> Darke: people cant keep pet rabbits there?
[09:22:51] <SB-X> Wumpus: what effects? besides the speech :-)
[09:22:53] <Dominus> Wumpus: where is the chest?
[09:23:01] * Wumpus tries to move the tropy, gets the 'too heavy thing', lets go of the mous button and the chest jumps towards the bottom right
[09:23:01] <Darke> SB-X: In Queensland.au? Nope.
[09:23:13] <Wumpus> dominus- the big X in u7bg ... sb-x just mentioned it to me
[09:23:16] <SB-X> Dominus: i gave the coords right before you came in
[09:23:24] <Wumpus> 8f9 281
[09:23:26] <Dominus> ah, okay
[09:23:37] <Dominus> that's where aproximately?
[09:23:48] <SB-X> between minoc and vesper
[09:23:52] <Wumpus> north of the, um, bay in the desrt kind of
[09:23:54] <Wumpus> yay
[09:23:57] <Wumpus> i sent the chest off screen
[09:24:03] <SB-X> jungle like area
[09:24:16] <Darke> It's in the green jungle to the north of the desert.
[09:24:23] <Wumpus> yeah :)
[09:24:31] <Darke> Just above the small patch of water.
[09:25:22] <SB-X> Dominus: do you use Opera?
[09:26:02] <Dominus> nope, IE
[09:26:24] <Dominus> hey with that chest and the trophy you can have nice artifacts on the screen
[09:26:28] <Darke> One thing it might be nice to double check in the original, is if you can move 'too heavy' things that are inside objects. I have a faint memory that you can.
[09:26:30] <SB-X> oy i was gonna ask new features in opera 6 over 5 but i should probably check at their site :-)
[09:26:34] <Wumpus> (the carsh i got earlier, even with --with-debug build, gave no useful info :-( stupid heisenbugs)
[09:27:42] * SB-X just found out what a heisenbug was a few days ago from 'man assert'
[09:28:27] <Wumpus> hehe :)
[09:28:30] <Wumpus> they're eeevil
[09:29:08] * SB-X doesn't think he uses anything that turns off without debugging besides assert
[09:29:46] <Wumpus> oh, well, maybe "heisenbug" in that sense wasn't quite what i meant
[09:29:53] * Wumpus just meant bugs which are there one moment and gone the next
[09:30:03] <Wumpus> or rather, they are there all the time, but not manifesting themselves most of the time ;-p
[09:32:28] <-- Wumpus has left IRC ("Hey! Where'd my controlling terminal go?")
[09:32:48] <SB-X> oops
[09:33:18] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[09:33:21] * SB-X wonders where Wumpus' controlling terminal went.
[09:33:24] <Wumpus> eeeeek
[09:33:26] * Wumpus spanks exult
[09:33:36] * Darke snickers.
[09:34:22] <Wumpus> something went seriously screwy there... but *something* else crashed before i could kill exult, so I can't see what debug info exult was producing.... d'ooooh
[09:35:16] <SB-X> if the language me and Darke were talking about earlier was real, you could simply check a backtrace of local reality to see what the problem was
[09:35:22] <SB-X> but alas that is not possible :-(
[09:35:57] * Dominus thinks SB-X and Darke are a bit weird
[09:36:25] <Wumpus> grr, and my logs don't even tell me what bit the bullet... possibly windowmaker
[09:36:54] * SB-X thinks Dominus' soundpacks are rather nice.
[09:36:58] <Wumpus> i pressed *Something* (F4? possibly) and exult appeared to switch, rapidly, to and from full screen mode
[09:37:28] * Wumpus went to a VT to kill exult, but by the time i'd found out the PID, X had done some funny stuff and i was back at the xdm login screen :(
[09:37:36] <SB-X> so X crashed?
[09:37:46] <Wumpus> well no, X itself survived, from what I can see
[09:37:51] <Wumpus> but it bounced me back to the login thingie
[09:38:07] <Wumpus> so possibly window manager died, or X had a panic attack and nuked everything for me :|
[09:38:20] <SB-X> i thought the normal X server was seperate from xdm
[09:38:23] * SB-X shrugs.
[09:38:23] <SB-X> yeah
[09:38:46] <Wumpus> sb-x- uhh, you're possibly right; i don't fully understand the whole xdm/X/window manager interaction myself
[09:39:12] <SB-X> me either i dont use xdm hehe
[09:39:32] * Dominus thinks that Toad'sMonk finally got totally crazy (calling the team assholes is not very nice)
[09:40:00] <Wumpus> oh look, there's something...
[09:40:32] * SB-X wonders why he has write permission to /usr/local/share/exult.
[09:40:32] <Wumpus> xdm.log: Fatal server error; Caught signal 11. Server aborting
[09:40:41] <SB-X> Dominus: yeah i dont feel sorry for him anymore :-)
[09:40:43] <Wumpus> no timestamp at all though, so that might be weeks ago for all i know
[09:41:13] <Wumpus> oh no, that is it... i can see just above it, all the mode switching that was going on
[09:41:23] * SB-X can switch modes fast.
[09:41:26] * Wumpus shrugs, not sueful all the same
[09:42:33] * Darke tried to check the forums.
[09:43:33] * Wumpus considers logging exults output to a file :)
[09:45:42] * Darke still has no clue as to why they want sparkly shorts. <sigh> Humans are weird creatures.
[09:46:43] * Dominus always thought it was quite funny until he realised that Toad may be serious about it
[09:47:15] * SB-X always thought it was quite funny until he realised that Toad may be serious about it and that he demands the Exult team implement it
[09:47:56] <SB-X> if he is serious about just wanting it in there, it's still funny :-)
[09:48:11] * Wumpus still disinclined to think he is all that serious
[09:48:11] <Wumpus> :P
[09:48:13] <SB-X> but now its just strance
[09:48:15] <SB-X> strange
[09:48:18] <SB-X> hehe
[09:48:23] <Wumpus> but then, i haven't been following for the last few days
[09:48:24] <Dominus> but more in sad pitiful way
[09:48:36] <Wumpus> after it got into the row about whether or not the avatar was a god, i lost interest :)
[09:48:39] * SB-X remembers Lord G-String
[09:49:48] <SB-X> "its something a woman wears" "g-string?" "what would make you think of g-strings?!?!"
[09:49:59] <SB-X> haha
[09:50:10] <Darke> Lord Grafenberg? <grin>
[09:50:12] <Dominus> he he
[09:50:24] * SB-X grins.
[09:50:40] <SB-X> Lord Loser? oh wait that doesnt start with G
[09:50:51] <SB-X> :-|
[09:51:03] <Dominus> Lord Goofup
[09:51:39] <Darke> Dominus: That's not something a woman wears. <grin>
[09:52:09] * Wumpus be back soon, helping mum read email :)
[09:52:17] <Dominus> actually it was something men and women wear, wasn't it? (though Goofup is still not worn)
[09:53:32] <Darke> I think he mentioned 'women' in specific, but I don't have the thread at paw at the moment. <grin>
[09:54:14] <SB-X> is Darke an anthrobunny?
[09:54:25] <Darke> SB-X: <nod>
[09:54:45] * SB-X looks behind Darke to see if he has a fluffy tail.
[09:55:46] <SB-X> :-)
[09:56:07] * Darke wonders why people are looking at his tail for.
[09:56:16] <Dominus> Darke:quote: Its something that is worn by people (mostly women).
[09:57:40] <Darke> Dominus: Ahh... thanks.
[09:57:42] <SB-X> Darke: i have a pet rabbit and its very... eager to bite and growl
[09:58:03] <Darke> SB-X: Not neutered I suppose. <grin>
[09:58:39] <SB-X> it is a girl
[09:58:51] <SB-X> i think
[09:58:53] * SB-X shrugs.
[09:59:16] <Darke> <nod> Neutering makes them 'tamer'. <grin> You think? It's not that difficult to tell the different you know.
[09:59:21] --- Darke is now known as Darke|afk
[09:59:33] <Darke|afk> Back soon.
[09:59:40] <SB-X> actually it's more of my mother's pet because i dont want to anger it heh
[09:59:41] <SB-X> k
[09:59:50] * SB-X doesn't go around it much.
[10:00:35] * SB-X ACKS as he finally gets to the important part of the log
[10:00:48] <SB-X> Darke|afk: like i said it does look like formatted ucassembly :-)
[10:12:13] --- Darke|afk is now known as Darke
[10:13:18] <Darke> And if you look down further, I mention it looks like formatted assembly, because I haven't changed the Docs/opcodes.txt file to make it look more like actual usecode-script yet. <grin> I'm trying to do the 'hard' stuff first to get it over with.
[10:13:50] <SB-X> oic... i looked down further, im just impatient :-)
[10:14:31] <SB-X> Darke: Can you give me any tips on creating a stack based bytecode language?
[10:14:40] <SB-X> besides "don't"
[10:15:08] <SB-X> I ask because you have worked so long on the usecode, so you should know about the good stuff and the bad stuff
[10:21:44] <Darke> Well, there's always "Are you _insane_?" as well. <grin> There's really not all that much to designing one. All stack based assembler tends to look the same, really. They've all got the same 'basic' operators.
[10:22:40] <SB-X> Come to think of it mine is not really "stack based" but it uses the stack a lot
[10:23:29] <SB-X> and a lot of the things usecode does with intrinsics i just do with single opcodes
[10:24:09] * SB-X wonders if he is using the proper vocabulary here.
[10:24:39] <Darke> If your operators can only use data from the 'stack', then it's normally called a stack based language.
[10:25:17] <SB-X> then it is not, because i use 2 parameters for each one
[10:25:30] <Darke> As in to do an 'add' you need to do "push 1; push 2; add;", rather then "add ax, bx" or "add ax, 2".
[10:26:26] <SB-X> oh.. i use the latter, with pointers into the dataspace as parameters
[10:26:51] <Darke> Usecode uses multiple parameters for some opcodes though.
[10:27:01] <Darke> Yep.
[10:27:04] <SB-X> hmm but the pointers i use are actually just indices into a data list so they are not really pointers :-)
[10:27:11] <SB-X> so ive noticed
[10:27:14] <SB-X> so it is not stack based?
[10:27:38] <Darke> Your language or usecode?
[10:27:45] <SB-X> usecode
[10:27:52] <Darke> Usecode is stack based.
[10:28:18] <SB-X> what are the extra parameters it's operators use?
[10:28:20] <Darke> It can't address the data 'directly'.
[10:29:19] <SB-X> ooh
[10:29:54] <SB-X> i understand... but if i am using a stack the principal is the same... so no general tips?
[10:29:58] <Darke> 'Callis' takes an intrinsic number to 'call', and the number of bytes to pop from the stack.
[10:30:18] <SB-X> yeah
[10:30:54] <Darke> Urk. The number of 'parameters' to pop from the stack. Technically it should have both of them pushed to the stack if it was a 'pure' stack language. <grin>
[10:31:15] <SB-X> how many bytes is a parameter?
[10:31:17] <Darke> No general tips really.
[10:32:12] <Darke> A 'parameter' could be a single byte, a 16bit int (signed or unsigned), a reference to a data segment (though technically this shouldn't be possible), or a list of any of the above. <grin>
[10:32:40] <SB-X> how does it know if an int is signed or unsigned?
[10:34:03] <SB-X> i assume it is the receiving functions decision whether it accepts signed or unsigned parameters
[10:34:15] <Darke> The same way it knows if it's a list or a reference to a data segment, you 'push' it to the stack with different functions.
[10:34:51] <SB-X> uh oh why should a reference to a data segment not be possible?(this is what the language i am writing does)
[10:35:39] <Darke> Because the data segment in usecode is local to the current function.
[10:36:01] <Darke> All the 'data' in exult is strings, the conversation text mostly.
[10:36:45] <Dominus> bbl
[10:36:50] <SB-X> ok Dominus
[10:36:53] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("got to play Exult now")
[10:37:23] <Darke> It just depends how the original designers 'pushed' stuff to the stack. It depends if they pushed the 'references' to it, or they pushed the actual data itself. If they push the 'data' then there is a string on the stack, rather then a pointer to the string.
[10:38:06] <SB-X> yeah... that is what i thought...
[10:38:30] <SB-X> in what i am writing, when you do an action(function), references to the dataspace are usually always passed as the parameters
[10:38:41] <SB-X> so the called action explicitly has access to the data of the caller
[10:38:58] <SB-X> is that bad?
[10:39:53] <Darke> It depends. <grin> Each 'sub-function' just adds more data to it's percieved 'global' data space.
[10:41:32] <SB-X> well.. i am making an object based bytecode interpreter, and the scope of data is global to each "object"(so every action has access to the data), but is also accessible to other objects
[10:42:33] <SB-X> unless the object doesn't want another object to get it's data
[10:44:46] <SB-X> i am just wondering if you have any do's and dont's, like is what i explained a Bad Thing in general? (without telling me that the whole idea of making a bytecode interepreter is a Bad Thing)
[10:45:57] <Darke> In general, I can't really see any problem with it.
[10:46:00] <SB-X> oh and each object can have no more than 256 data items(datums) because parameters can only be 1 byte ... and i figured that was a Bad Thing from the start but did it anyyway
[10:46:09] <SB-X> good
[10:47:26] * SB-X continues working on his obfuscated engine, with assurances from usecode guru Darke that what he is writing isn't "too" evil.
[10:47:47] <Darke> <nod> Arbitary limits are bad. <grin> But it makes sure people slice their program into small enough chunks. It just depends upon how you implement arrays, that's all.
[10:48:02] <SB-X> hehe
[10:48:07] * SB-X didn't implement them yet.
[10:48:16] <Darke> Look at it this way. In comparison to usecode, it isn't _too_ evil. <grin>
[10:48:21] <SB-X> haha
[10:48:29] <SB-X> ...well i figured you'd say that
[10:48:38] <SB-X> ...but you havnt seen my code :P
[10:50:05] * SB-X wonders if he will still be using the same engine in a few years and decide to use some kinda "Voodoo(tm)" to extend it's abilities.
[10:50:12] <Darke> usecode isn't all that bad really. It just looks like it's grown organically as needs arise, rather then as a more planned language. There are somethings that would probably have been more 'logically' implemented as intrinsics that are implemented as opcodes, but that's life.
[10:51:29] <SB-X> what is the reason for implementing something as an intrinsic?
[10:51:56] <SB-X> i could only think of it being for speed or because it's obviously game specific
[10:52:09] <SB-X> (if i know what an intrinsic is)
[10:52:10] <Darke> If in a few years time you need something more 'advanced', you're better of reimplementing the basic engine. Just because you'll have learnt a lot more about the design of the engine when you designed the first one.
[10:52:27] <SB-X> heh yeah
[10:53:28] <Darke> Generally the 'simple' things should be done in opcodes, and the more complicated things that you do rarer in intrinsics.
[10:53:49] * Wumpus reads above and hmms, and gives up trying to follow it all
[10:54:52] * Wumpus tries to wrok out what he was doing just now
[10:54:56] <Wumpus> ah, yes, RTFFing
[10:54:58] * SB-X calls die_roll and decides to pop_answer for Wumpus.
[10:55:14] * SB-X hasn't RTFF for a while.
[10:55:17] <SB-X> maybe i should
[10:55:20] <Darke> If you look back quite a few years at the design of microprocessors, you'll see they allocate only about 6 bits for their number of operations. So they would assign the most used operations to these bits, then have an 'extension' opcode that calls the less frequently used opcodes. It saves space on disk and 'logic' in the processor hardware.
[10:55:43] <Wumpus> hehe
[10:55:46] <Darke> (That is some of the microprocessors allocated only 6 bits or so).
[10:55:48] <Wumpus> microprocessor design, urgh!
[10:55:51] * Wumpus did that only just now :-(
[10:55:59] <Wumpus> man that subject was a shocker
[10:56:14] <SB-X> Darke: why didnt the designers just reimplement the basic microprocessor after learning a lot more about the design after they designed the first ones?
[10:56:22] * Darke fangygrins.
[10:56:55] <Wumpus> sb-x: if thats a "why do x86 suck" question... i gather the answer is "backwards compatibility" :)
[10:57:19] <SB-X> i dont know enough about assembly to say x86 sucks :-)
[10:57:48] <SB-X> as long as i can run exult on it im ok
[10:57:51] <Wumpus> well, apparently there are a lot of improvements which could be made with a complete overhaul
[10:57:53] <Darke> They did. The problem way back then, was that a lot of the code was written as assembler, because they didn't have 'good' enough compilers and processor time was insanely expensive. So to create a new 'chip' required you to create and support and entire line of incompatable machines.
[10:58:04] * Wumpus doesn't really know either though, but it makes some sort of sense :)
[10:58:49] * Wumpus goes to flesh out details of his bug tracker thingie :)
[10:58:59] <SB-X> hmm i wonder if i could charge for processor time
[10:59:08] <Darke> (x86) Yes, lots of little changes, but it's been changing over the years, and if you look at the specs for the latest 64bit processors, you'll see there's a seperation in modes. So you can run in either 64bit of 64bit w/ 32bit compatable.
[10:59:48] <Wumpus> darke- is that the ia64? I was lead to believe that it *is* a complete overhaul, but with ,as you say, an additional compatibility mode?
[11:00:21] * SB-X imagines adding a special "reserved" dataspace index 255 for future "Xtended Bytecode mode!"
[11:00:57] <Wumpus> oh hey, look, the 'my sourceforge profile' page has a link to the tracker... nifty
[11:01:05] <SB-X> linux will work on ia64 will it not?
[11:01:09] <SB-X> what tracker?
[11:01:10] <Wumpus> indeedy
[11:01:17] <Wumpus> sb-x: bug tracker for exult :)
[11:01:32] * Darke nods. "IIRC the ia64 doesn't have a 32bit compatability mode, AMD's new chip does."
[11:01:38] <SB-X> your profile has a link to Exults bugtracker?
[11:01:50] <Wumpus> sb-x : it has a link to the bug i have in the bugtracker, anyway
[11:01:57] <SB-X> oh what is the bug?
[11:02:18] <Wumpus> the first circle BG reagents thing
[11:02:28] <SB-X> someone will compile all my favorite apps for ia64 wont they?
[11:02:29] * Wumpus just filling in system details, just in case its relevant (:P)
[11:02:43] <SB-X> Wumpus: what is wrong with first circle BG reagents?
[11:02:59] <Wumpus> sb-x: all of them :)
[11:03:21] <Wumpus> um, the spells use the reagenets for differnt spels :P there's a (trivial) patch attached
[11:03:36] <Wumpus> it may just be for my version, though, in which case there's a problem :-(
[11:04:01] <SB-X> should i have just gone to the tracker and read it.? :-)
[11:04:11] <Wumpus> might be easier :)
[11:04:13] <SB-X> what is your version?
[11:04:19] <Wumpus> beta1, of course :)
[11:04:25] * Wumpus just adding that info now
[11:04:28] <Wumpus> (oops)
[11:04:56] <Wumpus> hrrnnmmmm
[11:05:02] <Wumpus> ERROR - No group_id was chosen
[11:05:34] <Wumpus> hmm, maybe links is imperfect
[11:06:38] <SB-X> what is the difference between links and lynx
[11:07:03] <Wumpus> links is better :)
[11:07:05] <Wumpus> hehe
[11:07:17] <SB-X> does it do frames and tables?
[11:07:22] <SB-X> w3m does tables
[11:07:29] <Wumpus> it supports tables *very* nicely (At least newer version do), puts DLs in the background, umm
[11:07:34] <Wumpus> yeah, frames and tables
[11:07:39] * Wumpus thinks
[11:07:46] <Wumpus> oh yeah, nice cookie manager
[11:07:47] <Wumpus> hm
[11:07:50] <Wumpus> actaully maybe not
[11:07:51] * SB-X wonders whats so hard about making frames work.
[11:07:56] * Wumpus gets confused, i use troo many browsers :-)
[11:09:22] * SB-X goes to download it.
[11:10:03] <SB-X> the slashdot screen is nice
[11:10:30] <Wumpus> `the slashdot screen' ?
[11:11:19] <Wumpus> okie, looks like i don't need to report the bug elsewhere... (which is why I actually was RTFFing :P)
[11:11:32] * Wumpus leaves it for the monste^Wdevelopers to find :)
[11:11:48] * SB-X hears the combat music start
[11:12:02] <SB-X> http://artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~mikulas/links/screenshots/slash.png
[11:13:15] <Wumpus> oh, you mean what it looks like in links... yeah, the challenge with frames in a text browser is making it fit decently... it does a nice job, yeah :)
[11:13:32] <SB-X> in the TODO: Cookies (I don't like them, so someone else must do it)
[11:13:35] <Wumpus> actually slashdot is just farmes isn't it?
[11:13:40] <SB-X> tables
[11:13:41] <Wumpus> cookies? it does cookies
[11:13:42] <Wumpus> doesn't it?
[11:13:49] * Wumpus was usre id did...
[11:13:52] <SB-X> in the TODO: Html frames (parts of code are ready)
[11:14:06] <SB-X> if you have a text browser that does frames tell me about it :-D
[11:14:16] <Wumpus> actually it must, otherwise i wouldn't have got as far as i did
[11:14:20] <Wumpus> sb-x - you're reading an old TODO :P
[11:14:33] <Wumpus> frames *are* there in my version, anyway, but its relatively new
[11:14:57] <SB-X> what is a framed site you can visit?
[11:15:07] <Wumpus> www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~cs1011 for example :)
[11:15:17] <Wumpus> (a subject i tutor :))
[11:15:27] <Wumpus> s/tutor/tutored/
[11:15:28] <SB-X> you get left and right?
[11:15:34] <Wumpus> hmm nope
[11:15:43] <SB-X> what do you see?
[11:15:53] <Wumpus> just putting up a png in a moment
[11:16:16] <SB-X> that is fast
[11:16:25] <Wumpus> hm?
[11:16:46] * SB-X has not the ability to say "just putting up a png in a moment" :D
[11:16:58] <SB-X> because the webspace i have has an html uploader so i dont use it
[11:17:01] * Wumpus has to send it off to uni :)
[11:17:28] <Wumpus> oh, my web space is at uni, but I can scp' it over ther e:)
[11:17:37] <Wumpus> modems are fun...
[11:18:05] <Wumpus> www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~michaelz/files/other/1ascreenie.png
[11:18:51] <Wumpus> (ignore the background, its a translucent terminal :))
[11:19:03] <Wumpus> hmm, actually, not that you'd notice
[11:19:35] <SB-X> i was just picking something up my cat knocked down
[11:19:35] * SB-X goes.
[11:19:38] * Darke drools at the nicely done frames.
[11:20:14] <Wumpus> oops
[11:20:28] <SB-X> that is what i meant, it does left and right
[11:20:35] <Wumpus> oh
[11:20:40] <Wumpus> i thought you mean do i get "left" and "right'
[11:20:47] <Wumpus> which is what you get in old versions, just the frame names :)
[11:20:53] <SB-X> oh hehe
[11:20:54] <SB-X> do they scroll seperately?
[11:21:02] <Wumpus> yeah, i think you tab between them
[11:21:23] <Wumpus> yah, tab switched between them, and they scroll independantly
[11:21:35] <SB-X> what version is that
[11:21:42] <Wumpus> 0.96
[11:21:52] <SB-X> ok thanks
[11:22:03] <Wumpus> :)
[11:23:15] <Wumpus> here's a thing... in u7, i've only noticed frames for characters movign 'towards' and 'away from' the viewer... where do the walking left and right frames come from? just transforms, or have i just looked in the wrong places?
[11:23:54] <SB-X> ooh that is one of the first things i noticed
[11:24:09] <SB-X> how when people walk left and right its the same frames as up and down
[11:24:27] <SB-X> notice how their weapon changes hands magically
[11:24:42] <Wumpus> ah, no, i hadn't really noticed that.. but its what iwas beginning to suspect
[11:24:55] <Wumpus> so its just, um, transformed across one of the axes... or something... cool
[11:25:46] <SB-X> it would be better with 4 frame groups
[11:26:12] <Wumpus> hmm, well, it works well enough for me; its not all that noticable (well i hadn't noticed it, hehe :P)
[11:26:49] <SB-X> In fact a lot of things could be better in the U7 engine... but it is still pretty damn good.
[11:26:55] <Wumpus> possibly confusing FAQ entry:
[11:26:56] <Wumpus> 5.5. Known Compile Issues
[11:26:56] <Wumpus> * Max is working to make Exult compile like it does on all UNIX
[11:26:56] <Wumpus> systems but that requires SDL 1.2.3 or newer.
[11:27:18] <Wumpus> .... it doesn't require SDL 1.2.3 (At least not in general)... i don't have it, and it works like a charm
[11:27:48] <Wumpus> (I have 1.2.0)
[11:28:05] <SB-X> on Mac?
[11:28:19] <Wumpus> mac?
[11:28:27] <SB-X> Max works on Mac
[11:28:34] <Wumpus> ohh...
[11:28:42] <Wumpus> that is in no way obvious :) hehe
[11:28:44] <Wumpus> fair enough
[11:29:23] <SB-X> if you go to SDL website you also notice that Max submits several updates for SDL to Sam Lantinga :)
[11:29:29] <SB-X> i think thats him anyway
[11:29:45] * SB-X `make`s links.
[11:33:11] * Wumpus notes that the FOV rewards are quite nice :) mmmm 60strength...
[11:33:32] <SB-X> i never played all the way through FOV
[11:33:42] <SB-X> except love
[11:33:42] * Darke has never played FoV.
[11:34:00] <Wumpus> hehe 'truth' is a 1 minute job, if you know where you're going :)
[11:34:05] <Wumpus> courage is long
[11:34:23] <Wumpus> (and making the BR sword gets a little tedious)
[11:34:41] <SB-X> i mightve played truth at one time but forgot it... i remember getting lost and finding some guy's skeleton... he wrote a note saying he is definately NOT the Avatar
[11:34:57] <Wumpus> hehe sb-x, don't remember finding that...
[11:35:12] <Wumpus> there's a trick to it :)
[11:35:13] * Wumpus shuts up
[11:35:36] <SB-X> That would kinda suck, thinking you could be the Avatar and getting lost and realizing your just another dumb sap who becomes scenery in the caves. :D
[11:35:45] <Wumpus> hehe
[11:35:45] * SB-X tests links.
[11:36:29] <Wumpus> the 'love' test is cool :)
[11:36:34] <Darke> I take it FoV takes place on those three or so new islands that weren't in the original BG. <grin>
[11:36:44] <SB-X> no just one
[11:36:48] <Wumpus> yeah :)
[11:36:48] <Wumpus> two
[11:36:56] <Wumpus> (one tiiiiny one :P)
[11:37:14] <Darke> From the ingame map, it looks like one large one the size of spectum, the other a tiny one.
[11:37:27] <Darke> s/other/third/
[11:37:31] <SB-X> ok the tiny one is just a place you teleport to
[11:37:44] <SB-X> hmm 'links' by itself goes nowhere
[11:37:46] <Wumpus> one large one, one the size of spektran... yeah
[11:38:07] <Wumpus> sb-x yeah :| its like that... there's a "go to url" key (g? i think) or just links www.foo.com :P
[11:38:22] <Wumpus> hmm yeah, there is a third tiny one
[11:38:27] * Wumpus teleports to it to see
[11:38:27] <Darke> 'g' if it's the same as lynx.
[11:39:10] <Wumpus> hehelooks like the tiny island is just scnery
[11:39:14] <Wumpus> there's nothing inside :)
[11:39:15] <Darke> It's just a mountain. But I'm almost certain it wasn't in the original. I've got a working copy of the original around here somewhere, but the disks are dead.
[11:39:34] <Wumpus> you're probably right darke
[11:39:35] <SB-X> how do you go to the link right of the link your currently highlighting?
[11:39:56] * Wumpus searches for the anomaly in the sea
[11:40:25] <Wumpus> up/down usually moves the 'selection' thingie
[11:41:08] <Darke> Built moongates? <grin> Talk about random, I walk through a moongate, and see half a dozen scrolls and books on the ground, and which one do I click on? The 'SCROLL OF INFINITY'. <grin>
[11:41:16] <SB-X> you guys mean that little island ne of the big island, i meant the one se, where the love test is
[11:41:25] <SB-X> lol
[11:41:29] <Wumpus> darke: :)
[11:41:39] <SB-X> :)
[11:42:10] <SB-X> Wumpus: if your on a page with about a million links why should you have to go all the way to the bottom just to get to the link right of the one your on?
[11:42:18] <Darke> SB-X: (island) Yes, just the small 'mountain' island. Complete scenry.
[11:42:45] <Wumpus> *shrug* its not that bad... it does a "screen" worth before going on to the next screen down
[11:42:56] <SB-X> ah it has mouse support
[11:42:58] <Wumpus> you get used to it :)
[11:43:16] <SB-X> yes that too.. the link scrolling is pretty fast
[11:43:41] <Wumpus> oh there's the anomaly, just above said little scenery island
[11:43:54] * Wumpus points out tiling mistake immediately north of said little island
[11:44:04] <Wumpus> (its not exult, though, hehe :P)
[11:44:22] <SB-X> theres strange tiling left of the island too
[11:44:24] <SB-X> what is that about
[11:44:46] <Wumpus> is there?
[11:45:13] <Wumpus> ohh
[11:45:29] <SB-X> far far west, north of buccaneers den
[11:45:32] <Wumpus> also, i strongly suspect that this one is a very minor exult glitch: erethian keeps complaining "I'm starving" :-)
[11:45:51] <SB-X> maybe he is hungry
[11:45:56] <Wumpus> well yes
[11:46:08] <Wumpus> but he's not in your party...
[11:46:17] <Darke> There's a 'one tile' error just a tile or two above the tiny island for me.
[11:46:19] <SB-X> it could be just like "Oh my aching back"
[11:46:26] <Wumpus> darke- yeah :)
[11:46:42] <Wumpus> sb-x possibly :)
[11:47:08] <Wumpus> oh you mean the patch of flat ocean... yeah, that is weird )
[11:47:08] <Wumpus> :)
[11:47:10] <SB-X> what is all that calm water north of buccaneers den and far west of the island?
[11:47:12] <SB-X> yes
[11:47:48] * Wumpus rearranges windows a bit... yay, now opn is where it should be
[11:48:28] * SB-X kills a sea serpent in the calm water because the serpent is not able to defend itself while SB-X is walking on water.
[11:48:53] <Wumpus> whats interesting is that the 'normal' ocean around the calm bit, has the edges doen using proper 'edge' tiles
[11:49:04] * SB-X notices Iolo's bolts landing on the water.
[11:49:20] <SB-X> yes maybe this is just a normal part of britannia
[11:49:51] * SB-X tests something.
[11:49:51] <Wumpus> hehe *says to citizens "don't mind me walking through the walls"* :)
[11:51:05] * SB-X tries to raise the gangplank but Iolo, standing on the gangplank complains "I think the gangplank is blocked."
[11:51:07] <Wumpus> something else to do when someone has some time to waste: some of the animations shouldn't be "synchronised"; eg, its pretty funny in a healer's place with several sick people, and them all doing "synchroniced wiggling around" :)
[11:51:16] <Wumpus> hehe sb-x
[11:51:40] <SB-X> yes that is pretty strange
[11:51:55] <Wumpus> similarly in the bubblign swamps :)
[11:52:17] <Darke> SB-X: Which is co-incidentally opcode 0x96. <grin>
[11:52:32] <Darke> erk function, not opcode.
[11:52:35] <Wumpus> hehe
[11:52:48] * Wumpus thinks iolo's head is blocked
[11:53:23] * SB-X laughs realizing he knows much more about the true structure of the universe then Iolo.
[11:54:21] * SB-X realizes that is not something to be proud of and stops laughing.
[11:54:51] <Wumpus> hey cool
[11:54:58] <Wumpus> i just found magebane :)
[11:55:11] <Wumpus> is there ever a hint about that, does anyone know?
[11:55:22] <SB-X> hint me
[11:55:45] <Wumpus> `hint me' ?
[11:55:47] <Darke> Where? There's magical weapons lying all around britannia for some unknown reason. <grin>
[11:56:20] <SB-X> hint (v), to give someone a hint
[11:56:23] <SB-X> hint me
[11:56:29] <SB-X> :-)
[11:56:39] <Darke> In the ruins in the swamp to the east of Britain?
[11:56:44] <Wumpus> 051f/03ce - in the fen of whateveritis
[11:56:44] <SB-X> thanks
[11:56:48] <SB-X> nice hints
[11:56:57] <SB-X> fens of the dead?
[11:57:04] <Wumpus> roughly middlish, directly south of the main bay
[11:57:10] <Darke> Can't remember, and don't have the map on me. <grin>
[11:57:17] <Wumpus> F3 :)
[11:57:49] <Darke> The F3 map doesn't names on it unfortunatly.
[11:57:50] <Wumpus> desolation
[11:57:54] <Wumpus> darke- true :)
[11:58:05] <Wumpus> Fen of Desolation, if my memory of the runes is ok
[11:58:17] <Wumpus> which it isn't
[11:58:57] <Wumpus> *Bog* of desolation... (well actually, Bog OO desolation, but thats probably a map writo)
[11:59:27] <Darke> Weird 'bug'. Hit F3 and click on the area outside of the map and you seem to get teleported to a random location. Didn't the original just close the screen without teleporting?
[11:59:47] <Wumpus> its not random
[11:59:57] <SB-X> dominus' sound pack makes the swamp more scary
[11:59:59] <Wumpus> ist as if the map was replicated i think
[12:00:49] <Wumpus> is there anything you can do with the shrines in u7?
[12:00:54] <Darke> Erk, sorry, JARGON definiton of random. <grin>
[12:01:16] <Wumpus> i've always been meaning to grab the things from the museum, and disperse them, but then enver been bothered because it seemed like a lot of work for probably no rewad :)
[12:01:23] <Darke> Yeah, no doubt it's just a subtraction and a mod to get a coord.
[12:01:48] * SB-X finally gets to the coordinates after being poisoned and attacked by a guy with an axe.. and finally gets attacked by skeletons at the sword location... WHERE is Exult's Teleport feature? :-)
[12:02:04] <Darke> F3 and alt-T.
[12:02:13] <SB-X> that is what i am doing :P
[12:02:14] * Darke grins.
[12:02:16] <SB-X> hehe
[12:02:21] <SB-X> i mean F2 and T
[12:02:51] <Darke> I know. It's not what you asked though. <grin>
[12:03:04] <Wumpus> is there a complete suit of magical armour scattered about the place in apparently random locations?
[12:03:15] * Wumpus knows of the gloves and the armour itself....
[12:03:31] <Darke> Multiple IIRC, there was a post on the forum listing them 'all'.
[12:03:37] <Wumpus> hehe
[12:03:42] <Wumpus> before it got broken, i guess
[12:03:56] <Darke> Umm... after I think.
[12:03:56] <SB-X> no
[12:04:00] <SB-X> yes
[12:04:02] <Wumpus> (I know there's some thats part of obvious treasure, eg in the first part of FOV:Courage
[12:04:11] <Wumpus> oh? remember the topic by any chance?
[12:04:18] * Wumpus only reads it very cursorialy?
[12:04:24] <SB-X> personally i only know about the chest sw of trinsic
[12:04:27] <Darke> Perhaps search for 'magical armour/armor'?
[12:04:54] * Wumpus knew of the gloves near paws, and the armour near the emps
[12:05:06] <Darke> There's some in a cave with a dragon next to the desert.
[12:05:17] * SB-X wishes he could free the shrines in U7 too.
[12:05:33] <Wumpus> sb-x: so they are utterly useless (the shrines)?
[12:05:53] <SB-X> you cant talk to them or "use" them so i figured yes
[12:06:19] <Darke> Main chest piece. It's a long walk through the caves. Nearest teleport (into a wall) is 087d 01cc.
[12:06:48] * SB-X chants Beh Beh Beh. He receives no enlightenment. :-(
[12:06:57] <Wumpus> woah
[12:07:01] <Wumpus> direct hit :)
[12:07:09] <SB-X> how do you do that?
[12:07:15] <Wumpus> that time, it was luck :)
[12:08:27] * Wumpus thinks troll are not suppose to go "I'm trying to sleep!" when you wake them up
[12:08:36] <Wumpus> (well, except maybe the jailed troll who can actually talk)
[12:08:37] <Wumpus> ;-p
[12:08:50] <SB-X> found it... he just attacked me
[12:09:08] <SB-X> iolo is dead
[12:09:10] <Wumpus> are you supposed to be able to smash open chests in exult?
[12:09:17] <Wumpus> sb-x: good riddance :)
[12:09:32] <SB-X> oh no he just ran off... "i give up!"
[12:09:33] <Darke> Wumpus: Yes. Some chests. You could also in the original.
[12:09:33] <SB-X> heh
[12:09:36] <SB-X> thought he was dead
[12:09:46] <SB-X> health bar is gone and he ran behind a wall
[12:09:46] <Wumpus> darke- yeah, i know, just haven't succeeded in doign so in exult (yet)
[12:10:01] <SB-X> stdout shows you your progress
[12:10:09] <Wumpus> sb-x yeah, people can walk around with negative helath... its ... interesting
[12:10:12] <SB-X> how many hps chest has :-)
[12:10:18] <SB-X> i see
[12:10:34] <Wumpus> MichaelZ attacks locked chest. No effect.
[12:11:20] * SB-X thinks he should be able to "use" campfire and extinguish it, like in Worlds of Ultima
[12:11:39] <Wumpus> okay, just replicated the "switch back and forth thing"
[12:11:47] <Wumpus> F4 is supposed to swtich to/from full screen mode, yes?
[12:11:52] <SB-X> yes
[12:11:59] <Darke> I've managed to break open a chest in SI just yesterday IIRC, so it can be done.
[12:12:11] <Wumpus> sb-x does it work correctly for you? (f4)
[12:12:20] <SB-X> yes i can press it repeatedly
[12:12:31] <SB-X> but i dont like to cause my monitor makes funny sounds
[12:12:46] <Wumpus> hmm
[12:12:54] <Wumpus> because it goes psycho (sometimes) when i do it
[12:13:09] <Wumpus> like, i press it once, and it acts as if i was pressing it over and over again... back and forth, back and forth
[12:13:38] <SB-X> problem with key-repeat?
[12:13:42] <Wumpus> and all that stdout says is the "Switching to fullscreen mode." or "Switching to windowed mode." stuff
[12:13:55] <Wumpus> sb-x i doubt it, ey repeat works fine for everything else :)
[12:14:38] * SB-X dies.
[12:14:45] <Wumpus> and its apparently not happening a finite number of times...
[12:14:56] <SB-X> the dragon was not impressed with my magebane
[12:15:04] <SB-X> hmm
[12:15:04] <Wumpus> hehe :)
[12:15:19] * Wumpus repeats... strength 60... hits 60... yum!
[12:15:25] <Wumpus> FOV :)
[12:15:57] <SB-X> hmm... i am starting to think network-enabled exult could actually be interesting
[12:16:14] <Wumpus> argh
[12:16:21] <Wumpus> wahts the cheats-help key again?
[12:16:32] <SB-X> h?
[12:16:35] <Wumpus> ahh C-h
[12:16:42] <SB-X> ooh
[12:16:46] <Darke> You also get an entire set of magic armour when you kill one guy.
[12:17:00] <Wumpus> darke- ooh? is that one of the guys in the final dungeon?
[12:17:14] <SB-X> there is a Final Dungeon(tm)?
[12:17:15] <Darke> SB-X: Network enabled? What are your reasons? <grin>
[12:17:27] <Wumpus> sb-x: you never finished BG?:P
[12:17:54] <SB-X> heh i only think of the caves as tunnels between me and my destination :P
[12:17:57] <Darke> Wumpus: Nah, he's on the isle of the avatar though about 0a69 0a06. Guy in the room at the top of this place. You might want to turn on god mode first.
[12:18:32] <SB-X> Darke: so I can exist simultaneously in the world of Britannia with someone else and test whether things like the shrines work.. or see if a chest can be broken..etc
[12:18:40] <Darke> Also has a sword of defense. Absolute pain to kill of you're not fully amoured and armed. <grin>
[12:19:16] <SB-X> hmm if your using god mode you dont need magic armour
[12:19:39] <Darke> SB-X: So you can both simultaneously crash when you find out they don't work? <grin>
[12:19:52] <SB-X> Darke: *exactly*
[12:19:57] <Darke> (magic armour) No, I just meant to do it 'now' so he could see where it was, not if he was playing.
[12:20:11] <Wumpus> hehe
[12:20:32] <SB-X> I was in the cave with the troll... and Wumpus was in the cave with the troll.. but i didnt see wumpus :P
[12:20:33] * Wumpus is playing through it w/out cheating, just in case it shows up glitches that might otherwise be ignored :) and just to say i have done it... just exploring now
[12:20:35] * Darke shrugs, he figures he you can do the same thing running a single player game each locally. <grin>
[12:21:23] * SB-X will imagine MichaelZ is behind him trying to bash open that chest. :P
[12:22:19] <Darke> <grin> Works for me. A good imagination goes a long way. <innocentwiggle>
[12:22:27] <SB-X> what is the cast button again
[12:22:34] <Wumpus> hehe yay, its one of alagner's fake houses
[12:22:58] <Wumpus> oh look, its another one
[12:23:01] <SB-X> the illusionary alagnar is fun
[12:23:15] <Wumpus> eek
[12:23:18] <SB-X> the house with E&A&friends is not
[12:23:18] <Wumpus> there goes exult :(
[12:23:24] <Wumpus> Usecode 227 not found.
[12:23:24] <Wumpus> Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)
[12:23:36] <SB-X> not sure the Usecode error is bad
[12:23:44] <Wumpus> (iof course i probably shouldn't be killing batlin's crowd in the fake room.....
[12:24:00] <SB-X> hehe like i said it is not fun
[12:24:19] <Wumpus> well the only other thing there is 'tseramed attacks forskis' immediately before... and before that, normal looking stuff
[12:24:35] <SB-X> make the Avatar have schedule "Lab" while your near a cauldron :D
[12:25:12] <Darke> SB-X: Piles of potions?
[12:25:47] <SB-X> yes that is a nice side effect
[12:25:50] <Wumpus> i've also seen a "dragon breath' lying on the floor in exutl; pretty sure taht shouldn't happend :)
[12:26:01] <Wumpus> (when i killed draxinusom the first time... )
[12:26:40] <Darke> That's another thing to check, in the original the potions were 'owned' by someone and it'd complain if you tried to steal them. I wonder if it does the same thing in exult. And what would happen if the avatar made them.
[12:26:57] <SB-X> i think if the avatar makes them they are still not his
[12:27:06] <Darke> (dragon breath) Umm... I'm guessing that shouldn't have happened. <grin>
[12:27:10] <SB-X> read the book in the fake alagnar house with alagnar :-)
[12:27:54] * Wumpus setill looking for the full armour guy
[12:28:37] <Darke> Near the coorates, there is a two level house with two cannons on it deck. They guy is in the room at the back.
[12:29:06] <Wumpus> argh, oh, i was reading the coords wrong, oops
[12:29:19] <Darke> Just north of the 'bay' in the middle of the avatar island with the entrance to the west.
[12:29:20] <SB-X> Iolo seems to be mad that I am testing all of Alagnar's potions on him, but he doesn't run off.
[12:31:07] * SB-X walks through a door.
[12:31:11] <Wumpus> why did you say 'broken' sword of defense?
[12:31:25] <Wumpus> oh look, 3 gold bars
[12:32:15] <Darke> (sword of defence) Who?
[12:32:51] <SB-X> i dont see any sword
[12:32:57] * Darke thinks a semi-transparent hand/walking/combat cursor would be cool.
[12:32:58] <SB-X> except sword
[12:33:10] <Wumpus> defen*s*e...
[12:33:11] <SB-X> yes it would, much better than sparkly pants
[12:33:13] <Wumpus> :P
[12:33:18] <Wumpus> hehe sb-x
[12:33:32] <Wumpus> oh
[12:33:37] <Wumpus> it wasn't a correction in the first place
[12:33:39] * Wumpus hems
[12:33:48] <Wumpus> i dunno, someone said something... or maybe it was my imagination
[12:33:51] * Wumpus is quite, quite mad :)
[12:34:04] <SB-X> ?
[12:34:05] * Darke is also quite mad.
[12:34:11] * SB-X is quite confused.
[12:34:18] * SB-X is only a little mad.
[12:34:59] <SB-X> There is a fine line between genius and madness! SB-X jumps back and forth across that line, laughing at the fools around him!
[12:35:03] * Darke thinks he's managed to become the Official Exult Lunatic without even trying. <grin>
[12:35:35] * SB-X is not implying that he is Sutek by any means.
[12:36:04] <SB-X> heh Darke that is because of your furryness?
[12:36:07] <Wumpus> sutek... ustek...
[12:36:11] <SB-X> :O
[12:36:16] <Wumpus> where do i kknow that name from?
[12:36:37] <SB-X> Sutek is the mad mage that i quoted from(replaces SB-X with Sutek)
[12:36:39] <Darke> SB-X: The fact I roleplay a rabbit on this irc channel? Perhaps. <grin>
[12:36:46] <SB-X> i think
[12:36:54] <SB-X> maybe it is not sutek
[12:37:00] <SB-X> but he lives in Sutek's castle
[12:37:06] <Wumpus> sb-x p'raps, ut where does sutek appear ?
[12:37:10] <Wumpus> s/ut/but/
[12:37:17] <SB-X> Sutek's Castle
[12:37:36] <SB-X> no no.. Blackthorns castle
[12:37:45] <Wumpus> ahhh
[12:37:46] * SB-X has a bad memory.
[12:37:48] <Wumpus> U5?
[12:37:50] <SB-X> U6
[12:38:00] <SB-X> on U5 he is on his own island
[12:38:01] <Wumpus> really? hmm, never played that really... odd ... oh well
[12:38:09] <Wumpus> ah, okie, met him there then
[12:38:20] <Wumpus> he was the leader of some secret society or somesuch?
[12:38:32] <SB-X> the plans for a hot air balloon are in the passages below him in U6
[12:38:41] <SB-X> hmm i dont remember but i doubt it
[12:39:09] <SB-X> i only remember the rebel group and blackthorns group, and sutek wouldnt be the leader of either
[12:39:13] <Wumpus> actually should have my u5 notes just here, i was playing it in dosemu
[12:39:21] <SB-X> wow it works?
[12:39:35] <Wumpus> it worked in dosemu with raw keyboard and raw video
[12:39:47] <Wumpus> that was back when i had dosemu working at all :(
[12:40:14] <Wumpus> DONE Gt Sea S: Find Sutek's remote isle, ask him about defeating the shadowlords
[12:40:34] <SB-X> heh i remember having notes
[12:40:43] <SB-X> there is something near me now...
[12:41:17] <SB-X> Last a fight
[12:41:21] <SB-X> Did old Circ
[12:41:22] <SB-X> With the wrong
[12:41:27] <SB-X> Side of a dirc
[12:41:33] <SB-X> why would i write that down?
[12:41:40] <Wumpus> *shrug* :P
[12:41:49] <SB-X> In the Pub was
[12:41:51] <SB-X> Last seen Dale
[12:41:57] <SB-X> The food he ate
[12:42:01] <SB-X> Was more than
[12:42:02] <SB-X> Stale
[12:42:17] <SB-X> hehe
[12:42:35] <SB-X> i think this is from tombstones at yew or empath abbey or somewhere
[12:42:42] <Wumpus> hehe
[12:42:59] <Darke> The same reason I wrote down the 'poems' from the tombstones in the D&D Sega Genesis/Megadrive game? <grin>
[12:43:28] * SB-X thinks that must be it(even though he still doesn't know the reason).
[12:43:30] <SB-X> ahh.. above it i wrote..
[12:43:36] <SB-X> W. Brittany
[12:43:41] <SB-X> Cemetary Sign
[12:43:43] <Wumpus> :)
[12:44:04] <SB-X> here is a useful note
[12:44:12] <SB-X> Lady Janell (Lycaeum)
[12:44:15] <SB-X> may know Spirit Shrine
[12:44:25] <SB-X> (om) location.
[12:44:42] <SB-X> (whether this note is accurate or not i cannot remember)
[12:44:56] <Wumpus> Shrine of Spirituality - OM (Skara Brae) [+1 St, +1 In, +1 Dx]
[12:45:08] <Wumpus> `'Tis now thy sacred Quest to go unto the Codex and learn the neglect
[12:45:09] <Wumpus> of one's Spirit!
[12:45:09] <Wumpus> Return again when they quest is done'
[12:45:09] <Wumpus> `To forsake one's inner being is to abandon thy hopes for thyself and
[12:45:09] <Wumpus> thy world.'
[12:45:10] <Wumpus> :-)
[12:45:37] * SB-X didn't remember that. :-)
[12:45:47] <Wumpus> what are notes for :)
[12:46:00] * Wumpus needs his thoruogh notes to remember anything :)
[12:46:05] <SB-X> Faulinei
[12:46:09] <SB-X> Astaroth
[12:46:10] <SB-X> Infama
[12:46:15] <Wumpus> shh!
[12:46:18] <Wumpus> i don't have them all yet :)
[12:46:19] <SB-X> sorry
[12:46:28] <SB-X> damn i said them all..
[12:46:29] <Wumpus> oh hey
[12:46:35] <Wumpus> Elistaris, oppression mage
[12:46:49] <Wumpus> ... I didn't realise my "Elestaria" name had been inspired by anthing in paticular...
[12:46:56] * SB-X wonders if saying the name once makes them appear.
[12:47:00] <SB-X> your name is Elestaria?
[12:47:07] <Wumpus> my D2 Sorceress is
[12:47:19] <SB-X> you have a D2 Sorceress?
[12:47:40] <Wumpus> sb-x: oh, they were the shadow lords.... hmm, i knew those :) it's the dungeons i haven't yet opened all of
[12:47:43] <Wumpus> yeah, retired now
[12:47:49] <Wumpus> she became matriarch and i lost interest :)
[12:48:00] <SB-X> what is D2?
[12:48:08] <Wumpus> Diablo 2 :)
[12:48:13] <SB-X> aah..
[12:48:18] <SB-X> here are the dungeon words...
[12:48:25] <Wumpus> oi! :P
[12:48:31] * Wumpus is going to get back to it one day
[12:48:32] <SB-X> just kidding
[12:48:33] <Wumpus> hehe
[12:48:39] <Wumpus> my list of dungeons has one entry: ?: ? (?)
[12:48:44] <SB-X> i wrote them kinda messy to read anyway
[12:48:52] <SB-X> ?: ? (?)
[12:48:58] <Wumpus> (the otehr are, dungeon_name: password (some person's name)
[12:49:13] <SB-X> what is the persons name for?
[12:49:14] <Wumpus> (presumably the person with the password)
[12:49:43] <SB-X> maybe one of the things i said was a dungeon word
[12:49:53] <Wumpus> Annon, Felespar, Malifora, Goeth, Fiona, Hassad, Sindar...
[12:50:00] <Wumpus> (are the peopl I have listed)
[12:50:07] <SB-X> Nosfentor what is that?
[12:50:15] <Wumpus> nosfentor is the lord of cowardice
[12:50:16] <SB-X> is that a shadowlord
[12:50:18] <SB-X> ah
[12:50:29] <SB-X> then at least one of the names i gave above is not a shadowlord
[12:50:31] <Wumpus> lord malone knows this :)
[12:50:38] <SB-X> hehe
[12:50:50] <Wumpus> beh
[12:50:52] <Wumpus> infama....
[12:50:53] <Wumpus> :P
[12:50:58] * Wumpus wonders which door that opens
[12:51:04] <Wumpus> oh well >:)
[12:51:07] * SB-X finds a TODO page
[12:51:10] <SB-X> DO -
[12:51:12] <SB-X> Go to Windemere
[12:51:14] <SB-X> to get badge.
[12:51:18] <SB-X> Go to Blackthorn's
[12:51:20] <Wumpus> hehe
[12:51:21] <SB-X> to get crown.
[12:51:23] <SB-X> Get more keys
[12:51:26] <SB-X> Go to Stonegate
[12:51:28] <SB-X> for Sceptre.
[12:51:45] <SB-X> (the lines are so short because this is on a small page)
[12:51:55] <Wumpus> hehe, my todo list has: Stonegate: Umm, don't really know what to do there.
[12:52:08] <SB-X> that is a tough keep
[12:52:14] * Darke thinks this is something that would be good to add to exult. A 'notes' window.
[12:52:59] <SB-X> ahh but having notes saved in a file is not quite the same nostalgic effect as finding old notes in a notebook under your desk :-)
[12:53:08] <Wumpus> hehe p'raps
[12:53:17] <Wumpus> but notes in a file are harder to lose permanently
[12:53:19] <Wumpus> and easier to grep :)
[12:53:45] * SB-X thinks of all the ways to lose notes in a file permanently.
[12:53:55] <Wumpus> *shrug*
[12:54:01] * Wumpus 's hard discs have lead a charmed life
[12:54:01] <SB-X> here are two passwords i wrote: dawn, infinity
[12:54:09] <SB-X> heh mine too actually
[12:54:16] <Wumpus> hehe
[12:54:21] <Wumpus> `infinity' .. thats given by smith
[12:54:28] <SB-X> who gives dawn?
[12:54:35] <Wumpus> dawn i think is the resistance's password?
[12:54:41] <SB-X> yes
[12:54:43] <Wumpus> Chamfort, - owner of smithy
[12:54:43] <Wumpus> Resistance guy DAWN
[12:54:57] <SB-X> oh
[12:54:57] <Wumpus> (not sure if that means tell *him* dawn or if he tells you about it)
[12:55:32] <SB-X> i made a drawing of each level of Destard but it looks like i got confused and gave up
[12:55:37] <Wumpus> bah
[12:55:42] * Wumpus wrote a proggie :)
[12:55:53] <SB-X> hmm
[12:56:16] <SB-X> the Avatar is not supposed to know the true nature of ultima5.exe
[12:56:22] <Wumpus> hehe :)
[12:56:31] <SB-X> Ignavus?
[12:56:40] <Wumpus> *shrug* the dungeons are easy eough to find your way around , mostly
[12:56:43] <Wumpus> sb-x one of the dungeons
[12:56:52] <Wumpus> Hythloth: IGNAVUS (Hassad)
[12:56:59] * Darke doesn't see why not. He's the avatar, surely he knows his way around the world. <grin>
[12:57:40] <SB-X> The Avatar is merely a puppet of the Player, a far more important character in Britannia's evolution
[12:58:22] <SB-X> I suspect Chuckles is involved somehow
[12:58:53] <SB-X> Enter dungeon by Lost Hope Bay
[12:59:03] <SB-X> Shard of Hatred at I'A", I'A"
[12:59:24] <Wumpus> Stonegate is reached via lost hope bay...
[12:59:45] <SB-X> this is Covetous i believe
[12:59:56] <Wumpus> ahh
[13:00:02] * Wumpus wonders why he didn't write down dungeon locations
[13:00:18] <SB-X> Shard of Cowardice
[13:00:22] <SB-X> x Hythloth x
[13:00:29] <SB-X> At bottom is part of UW. There
[13:00:36] <Wumpus> hehe yeah
[13:00:40] <SB-X> are many more chambe.
[13:00:40] <Wumpus> that one is tedious
[13:00:48] <SB-X> s/chambe./chambers.
[13:01:03] <SB-X> At L'A", L'I"
[13:01:06] <Wumpus> `veramocor' <-- this is one of the really late passwords?
[13:01:21] <SB-X> i have no way of finding any specific note
[13:01:31] <SB-X> everything of mine is scattered across pages according to when i found it
[13:01:54] <SB-X> "Escape B.Thorn"
[13:01:58] <SB-X> At night go through
[13:02:01] <SB-X> door - climb to roof
[13:02:04] <SB-X> and sneakdown
[13:02:08] <SB-X> north ladder - in bedroom
[13:02:10] <SB-X> go through door down
[13:02:13] <SB-X> other ladder - through
[13:02:16] <SB-X> north secret, down
[13:02:19] <SB-X> ladder, out gates
[13:02:22] <SB-X> wait till morn for
[13:02:23] <SB-X> drawbridge.
[13:02:27] <SB-X> :D
[13:02:43] <Wumpus> hehe yeah :) i wandered out blackthorn's castle quite a lot
[13:03:07] <SB-X> just a matter of not falling into traps
[13:03:18] <Wumpus> *noD*
[13:03:22] * SB-X doesn't remember VERAMOCOR.
[13:03:38] <SB-X> an nox = ga, gi
[13:03:41] <Wumpus> that above, is the poem you get from the girls at one of the shrines, i think
[13:03:44] <SB-X> in xen mani = gi, ga, ma
[13:03:56] <SB-X> rel xen be? = su, sp, n, m
[13:04:05] <SB-X> an ylem (dis ?) = ?
[13:04:06] <Wumpus> yeah, veramocor is needed in the dark path in the middle of the underworld
[13:04:11] <SB-X> oh
[13:04:13] <SB-X> oh
[13:04:40] <SB-X> are there statues like those on the isle of the avatar in the underworld?
[13:04:51] <Wumpus> i think so
[13:05:04] <Wumpus> yaaay *finds underworld.ppm*
[13:05:20] <SB-X> girls at one of the shrines?
[13:05:26] <SB-X> i remember girls at the flame of love
[13:05:34] <Wumpus> yeah, that sounds right
[13:05:38] * Wumpus shrugs
[13:05:44] <Wumpus> its a while ago, and i don't have notes on that bit
[13:05:45] <Wumpus> or maybe i do
[13:06:26] * SB-X wonders why they removed so many things from Britannia after U5.
[13:06:30] <Wumpus> DONE Cove: Ask sisters about Shard of Falsehood
[13:06:42] <SB-X> yes flame of love is in cove
[13:06:46] <SB-X> i think
[13:06:52] * Wumpus wonders what he did with his full sized maps
[13:07:03] * Wumpus doesn't feel like working out how to use these programs he wrote ages ago :)
[13:07:21] <Wumpus> ahh there they are
[13:07:40] <SB-X> biggest thing i remember about u5 is that the towns were reversed and under blackthorns twisted rules(conveniently printed at the town entrance)
[13:07:42] <Wumpus> 480k brittania.png and underworld.png...
[13:07:49] <Wumpus> yep :)
[13:08:02] <Wumpus> mmm full scale maps
[13:08:20] <SB-X> Law of Compassion
[13:08:21] <Wumpus> hehe wow
[13:08:32] <SB-X> Thou shalt donate half thine income to charity
[13:08:35] <SB-X> or thou shalt have no income!
[13:08:48] * Wumpus notices how much smaller all the city area is in U5 :)
[13:08:49] <SB-X> something like that
[13:08:57] <Wumpus> (compared to U7)
[13:09:06] <SB-X> yes.. i like that.. but i do like single plane maps
[13:09:15] <Wumpus> *nod*
[13:09:17] <Wumpus> both are cool
[13:09:19] <SB-X> they could have just made the world much bigger in u6 and u7
[13:09:25] <SB-X> to make up for the large town size
[13:09:39] <Wumpus> but trekking around between places already takes forever
[13:10:15] <Wumpus> I mean, hiking from britannia to vesper/minoc/empath abbey takes quite a while....
[13:10:17] <SB-X> that is why you feel like your in another world
[13:10:39] <Wumpus> and vesper doesn't have a moongate nearby :|
[13:10:43] <SB-X> take a horse or ship or magic carpet :)
[13:10:59] <Wumpus> hehe, it'd be nice if you could replant the moonstones in U7 :)
[13:11:16] <SB-X> the moongates behave very strangely in u7
[13:11:53] <SB-X> even accounting for the fact that they are supposed to be acting strange
[13:11:57] <Wumpus> hehe 4096x4096 pictures...
[13:12:06] <Wumpus> sb-x: oh?
[13:12:39] <SB-X> 480k?
[13:12:48] <SB-X> why are the moongates even there if you havnt planted the stones?
[13:13:01] <Wumpus> well the stones are presumably planetd already
[13:13:17] <Wumpus> in u5, the moongates start in certain locations; its the same ones as they are in u7, no?
[13:13:45] <SB-X> hmm i forgot about that
[13:14:10] <SB-X> but the shrine of spirituality is accessed at a certain time independant of where the gate is
[13:14:13] <SB-X> im right about that :-)
[13:14:27] <Wumpus> `accessed'?
[13:14:32] <SB-X> depending on the moon alignment
[13:14:35] <SB-X> accessable
[13:14:37] <Wumpus> ohh
[13:14:40] <SB-X> the moongate to it opens
[13:14:46] <SB-X> moons
[13:14:46] <Wumpus> is it accesible at all in u7 ?
[13:14:53] <SB-X> yes
[13:15:20] <Wumpus> (is that where the timelord is?)
[13:15:23] <SB-X> yes
[13:15:28] <SB-X> oops
[13:15:30] <Wumpus> ah
[13:15:30] <SB-X> (yes)
[13:15:38] * Wumpus hasn't quite got there yet :)
[13:15:48] <Wumpus> its a rather circuitous quest :)
[13:15:56] <SB-X> circuitous?
[13:16:06] <Wumpus> well yuo keep getting sent somewhere else :)
[13:16:27] <SB-X> is did you get see the wisps yet?
[13:16:44] * SB-X wonders why he wrote such a grammatically strange sentence.
[13:16:49] <Wumpus> gypsies -> empath abbey -> emps -> woodcutter -> emps -> wisps -> alagner -> skara brae -> alagner -> ... ?? (cove somewhere along the line
[13:16:51] <SB-X> Did you see the wisps yet.
[13:16:56] <SB-X> s/./?
[13:16:58] <Wumpus> yeah :) the first time
[13:17:02] <SB-X> oic
[13:17:12] * Wumpus is up to skara bra
[13:17:13] <Wumpus> +e
[13:17:16] <SB-X> you went to empath abbey after the gypsies?
[13:17:17] <Wumpus> and got sidetracked by FOV :)
[13:17:37] <Wumpus> well yeah, they told me to see the emps :) (and get honey for them)
[13:17:39] <SB-X> i went to vesper
[13:17:45] <SB-X> i wrote down what they said tho
[13:17:52] <Wumpus> oh, i didn't go directly
[13:18:09] <Wumpus> but thats kind of the bits relevant to the timelord quest
[13:18:26] <SB-X> "Eh, ok the world is in danger, but LB says I gots a ship waiting at *New* Vesper so the world can wait."
[13:18:27] * Wumpus went to vesper at some point too, to pick up the Golden Ankh
[13:18:35] <Wumpus> lol :)
[13:19:18] <SB-X> JPMorriss shows where to change the usecode so Golden Ankh is Jolly Roger
[13:19:27] <SB-X> Morris
[13:21:00] <SB-X> but of course, he would want to change it to that
[13:22:04] <Wumpus> hmm you know the how balayna gets poisoned by the fellowship guy in... new magincia? or is it moonglow?
[13:22:23] <Wumpus> moonglow by the look of the map..
[13:22:44] <Wumpus> do you remember if you ever get to nail him for it? there seems to be a (u7) bug with the conversation there...
[13:23:44] <SB-X> ?date
[13:23:44] <exultbot> It is now Fri Nov 30 13:23:44 2001 (GMT).
[13:23:45] <SB-X> balayna is female?
[13:23:59] * SB-X is lagged.
[13:25:44] <-- Wumpus has left IRC (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[13:26:12] <-- SB-X has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[13:26:29] --> SB-X has joined #exult
[13:29:02] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[13:29:04] <SB-X> hi
[13:29:20] <Wumpus> hmm
[13:29:25] <Wumpus> my client has some definite issues there
[13:29:25] <Wumpus> oh well
[13:29:32] <SB-X> i ping timeout'd too
[13:29:47] <Wumpus> hehe i got disconnected from my ISP
[13:29:54] <SB-X> is Balayna a femaile?
[13:29:56] <SB-X> female
[13:30:14] <Wumpus> yeah, Balthingie is the female secretary of the fellowship in moonglow
[13:30:23] <SB-X> i think you poison her
[13:30:34] <Wumpus> yeah
[13:30:45] <Wumpus> but you get given the liqeur by the guy in charge
[13:30:50] <Wumpus> and its poisoned
[13:31:00] <SB-X> if you use it on her its your fault
[13:31:06] <SB-X> eh, give it to her
[13:31:14] <Wumpus> :)
[13:31:18] * Wumpus hasn't yet
[13:31:27] <SB-X> i think the only punishment he can get is Avatar punishment
[13:31:31] <Wumpus> not in my main game, anyway
[13:32:24] <Wumpus> the thing is, when you talk to him later, there's a converasation about it, and at one point he asks "what do you think killed her"... with two options : - don't know, - liquer ... but choosing liquer gives an irrelevant response....
[13:32:39] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[13:32:46] <Wumpus> (one from earlier in the discussion)
[13:32:48] <Colourless> hi
[13:32:56] <SB-X> hi
[13:33:04] <Wumpus> lolo
[13:33:14] <SB-X> Wumpus: he wants to change the subject
[13:33:46] <SB-X> Wumpus: is he not supposed to admit she is dead?
[13:33:46] <Wumpus> i doubt thats it, because its exactly the same resopnse as earlier, and it leads back into the same line of questioning
[13:33:59] <Wumpus> yeah, he know's she's dead :)
[13:34:07] <Wumpus> bah at '
[13:34:15] <SB-X> '
[13:34:33] * SB-X trie's that part of the game.
[13:36:09] <SB-X> o Balayna's accusation
[13:36:54] * SB-X wonders why he needs the vial delivered to her if they are in the same building.
[13:37:18] <SB-X> Wumpus: did you give her the liquer this time?
[13:37:36] * Colourless wonders what game is being talked about
[13:38:00] <Wumpus> oh yeah, i gave her the liquer when i was trying to find an excuse to kill him too
[13:38:08] <Wumpus> colourless- Black Gate :)
[13:38:18] <SB-X> o liquer -> Yes, I told thee the merchant brought it from Britain. Didst thou give it to her?
[13:38:29] <Wumpus> yeah excatly
[13:38:33] <Colourless> it is :-)
[13:38:38] <Wumpus> and you get exactly the same spiel again later
[13:38:39] <SB-X> he asks me what the problem is and one of the answers is "she died" heh
[13:38:47] <Wumpus> :)
[13:38:49] <SB-X> the other is "no problem"
[13:39:06] <SB-X> o no problem -> "Excellent, then"
[13:39:07] <Wumpus> keep going :) (she died, obviously)
[13:39:11] <SB-X> oh
[13:39:12] <Wumpus> lol
[13:39:20] <SB-X> ok
[13:39:39] <SB-X> o she died -> "What!" he appears stunned. "Died? How is that possible?"
[13:40:02] * SB-X shrugs. "Heart attack?"
[13:40:08] <SB-X> ooh
[13:40:15] <SB-X> liquer makes him ask again
[13:40:17] <Wumpus> yeah, and now the liquer option shows up again... and this time, i don't think that old response is supposed to occur
[13:40:18] <Wumpus> yeah
[13:40:27] <Wumpus> but "real" u7 does the same thing
[13:40:34] <Wumpus> so its probably a usecode weirdness
[13:41:08] <SB-X> o don't know -> "well this is truly a tragedy! Please, Exult, I would prefer to be alone now. If thou wouldst be so kind..."
[13:41:15] <SB-X> "Looks like rain..."
[13:41:18] <SB-X> heh
[13:41:20] <Wumpus> hehe
[13:41:36] <SB-X> maybe he is just using circular logic to get you to drop the subject
[13:41:53] <-- SB-X has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[13:42:02] <Wumpus> :)
[13:43:40] --> SB-X has joined #exult
[13:43:52] <SB-X> hmm
[13:44:01] <Wumpus> er
[13:44:06] <Wumpus> re even
[13:44:17] <Wumpus> note that this balayna thing is why i was asking about reading the conversations yesterday :)
[13:45:01] <SB-X> you think theres more inside the usecode?
[13:45:12] <Wumpus> *Shrug* maybe :)
[13:45:17] * Wumpus would like to know, thats all :)
[13:45:45] <SB-X> "Dost thou have any news of the travelling merchant who killed Balayna?"
[13:45:57] <SB-X> "She is right there," he says, pointing to Balayna.
[13:46:23] <SB-X> i dont remember those
[13:46:38] <Wumpus> :P
[13:46:39] <SB-X> at least not the first
[13:47:15] <SB-X> anyway, I think a nice addition to Exult would that double-clicking on Fellowship Icons should make the avatar kneel :-)
[13:47:33] <SB-X> this is much more important than reintroducing the sparkly pants bug
[13:47:39] <Wumpus> or destroy it, depending on whether he's joined :)
[13:47:48] <SB-X> eh i could go either way
[13:47:54] <SB-X> but the kneel is nice looking
[13:48:27] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[13:48:49] <Fingolfin> wtf
[13:48:53] <Fingolfin> I just got banned by chanserv in exult_priv....
[13:49:12] <Wumpus> hmmm exult_priv ?
[13:49:17] <SB-X> cool i didnt know there was an #exult_priv
[13:49:27] <Colourless> yeah mee too
[13:49:45] <Colourless> you were not supposed to mention that fingolfin :-)
[13:49:45] * Fingolfin blushes :)
[13:49:48] <Fingolfin> hehe
[13:49:54] <Wumpus> what on earth is that
[13:49:57] <Fingolfin> well, everybody gets kickbanned from the channel anyway =)
[13:50:01] <SB-X> eh no worries we are all banned
[13:50:03] <Colourless> since openprojects upgraded their systems, it reset all of the userlevels
[13:50:11] <Fingolfin> sigh
[13:50:19] <Wumpus> lol
[13:50:20] <Colourless> that has meant that we haven't been able to get ops, so we get kick banned :-)
[13:50:46] <Wumpus> is this channel just too busy for you guys? ;-p
[13:50:59] <Colourless> complain to lilo or someone ;-)
[13:51:30] <Colourless> since you are the owner of that channel, if you can't get into it, we are kind of screwed :-)
[13:51:52] <Colourless> the contents of #exult_priv are for our eyes only
[13:52:06] <Wumpus> hmm exult pr0n
[13:52:17] <Colourless> which is kind of obvious from the name being exult private ;-)
[13:52:26] <SB-X> they use #exult_priv to talk about their secret projects to add network support to Exult, make higher resolutions the default, and make spark's ass sparkle again
[13:52:44] <Wumpus> :)
[13:53:13] <SB-X> oh and to consistently break all old savegames :P
[13:53:16] <Colourless> hey, you only need to comment out 1 or 2 lines of code to make sparks ass sparkle
[13:53:26] <Fingolfin> =)
[13:53:35] <Colourless> hey, we talk about breaking save games in this channel :-)
[13:53:40] <SB-X> oh yeah
[13:53:54] <Wumpus> what is there to be private though? ;-p
[13:54:10] <SB-X> then you guys must use that channel to talk about the "real" exult studio and uccompiler and ucxt which already work completely
[13:54:14] <Wumpus> it must be the porno edition :)
[13:54:46] <SB-X> #exult_priv is the Dallas Cowboy's Cheat Room of #exult?
[13:55:19] <Colourless> :-)
[13:55:30] * Wumpus hmms at the room with the death scythe, firedoom staff, and 8 or so glass sowrds in FOV
[13:56:55] <Colourless> i doubt you'll even know exactly what goes on there
[13:57:04] <Colourless> s/even/ever/
[13:57:24] <Wumpus> only because the people who can get in, don't know either :)
[13:57:39] <SB-X> actually nobody can get in now
[13:58:08] <Wumpus> yes, that much has become evident :)
[13:58:21] <Colourless> because no one is going to tell you what goes on there, you should try to answer why would we want a private channel in the first place
[13:58:46] <SB-X> Colourless: sorry that kind of reasoning is beyond my comprehension
[13:58:46] <Wumpus> well, thats why i asked "is this place too crowded for you" in the first place :P
[13:59:31] <Colourless> wumpus: most of the time there is no conversation here at all
[13:59:59] <Wumpus> colourless: there was a smiely attached originally ;-p but quoted it looks weird
[14:00:10] <SB-X> What Lord Colourless does not realize is that I have a white potion or two.
[14:00:23] <SB-X> so i could find out whats in there if i wanted to
[14:00:35] <Colourless> ok, try :-)
[14:00:47] <Wumpus> oh thats easy :)
[14:00:48] <Colourless> you wont find anything going on :-)
[14:00:52] <Wumpus> exactly nothing, right now
[14:00:52] <Wumpus> :)
[14:01:54] * Colourless notes that #exult_priv isn't exactly so private at the moment :-)
[14:02:06] <Fingolfin> pff
[14:02:16] <Wumpus> well
[14:02:17] * Colourless is a tease
[14:02:24] <Wumpus> if everyone is locked out, isn't that "ultar private" :)
[14:02:48] * SB-X wants to see.
[14:02:53] * SB-X starts glowing.
[14:02:55] <SB-X> Eh...
[14:03:03] <SB-X> When did they change White potion to Light?
[14:03:06] * Darke considers most of his suggests as to what goes on there are... err... not for a 'family' channel. <grin>
[14:03:29] <Colourless> hmm, no :-)
[14:03:44] * SB-X liked white potions better in u6 :P
[14:09:36] * Wumpus just walks up to the next room, and turns up his resolution so he can see inside
[14:10:24] <Wumpus> ahha!
[14:10:30] <Wumpus> so my porno exuxlt suggestion was right
[14:10:42] <Wumpus> that's why so little prorgrss is being made on the real engine
[14:10:45] <SB-X> you see the lady picture on the wall in there?
[14:11:01] <Colourless> hey, that was the original :-)
[14:11:31] <Colourless> anyway, pron is against openprojects terms of service :-)
[14:12:08] <Wumpus> *shrug* a sufficiently private channel can live with that
[14:13:06] * SB-X wonders if #exult_priv has any secret entrances.
[14:13:29] <Wumpus> there's a lever hidden under the barrels in the corner :)
[14:13:51] * SB-X thinks one of the barrels looks more like a powder keg.
[14:14:07] <Fingolfin> you need to go to #exult_networking from there you can enter
[14:14:13] <Fingolfin> or try #exult_u8u9
[14:14:19] <SB-X> eh im too tired :P
[14:14:24] * SB-X is going to go to sleep
[14:14:26] <SB-X> .
[14:15:01] <-- SB-X has left IRC ("Sleep tight avatar. Pleasant... Dreams... ")
[14:15:44] * Wumpus hmms
[14:16:02] * Wumpus notes that his progress on debian/rules has not been exactlyspectacular
[14:16:11] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|bbl
[14:19:28] <Wumpus> *boggle*
[14:19:39] <Wumpus> apparently i got high distinction for my thesis!
[14:29:17] <-- exultbot has left IRC (signing off...)
[14:30:20] --> exultbot has joined #exult
[14:30:20] --- Topic for #exult is: exult: BETA 1 is OUT!!!
[14:30:20] --- Topic for #exult set by Nadir at Thu Nov 29 15:01:45 2001
[14:33:31] <Darke> Wumpus: Impressive. Congratulations.
[14:34:15] * Wumpus is inclined to think there was a misdirected bribery cheque somewhere along the line.... i was *expecting* a bare distinction, maybe a high credit if i was unlucky....
[14:34:22] <Wumpus> hehe
[14:34:25] <Wumpus> not that i'm complaining :)
[14:34:47] <Colourless> L-)
[14:34:48] <Colourless> :-)
[14:35:20] * Darke grins.
[14:36:46] * Darke boggles, he read #exult_u8u9 as #exult_u6u9.
[14:37:52] * Darke blames Wumpus for this. <grin>
[14:38:25] <Wumpus> there's somethign exceedingly seedy about having a "withheld" mark for *ethics* :-)
[14:38:29] <Wumpus> darke- bah :P
[14:38:56] <-- Darke has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[14:38:56] <-- Wumpus has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[14:38:56] <-- Colourless has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[14:43:58] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[14:43:58] --> Colourless has joined #exult
[14:51:20] --> Darke has joined #exult
[14:52:13] <Wumpus> wtf
[14:52:19] * Darke glances over the logs to see if anything interesting has happened before he noticed he dropped.
[14:52:25] <Wumpus> oh, i didn't get cdisconnected, but everyone else did
[14:52:47] <Wumpus> (frmo my point of view, anyway)
[14:53:20] * Wumpus laughs
[14:53:23] <Wumpus> 'sif, lilo :)
[14:53:24] <Darke> I most certainly got disconnected. <grin> It looks like they killed your server before, when you dropped, and 'our' server(s) now.
[14:54:11] * Darke giggles at the desync notice.
[14:54:28] <Darke> Here we go again...
[15:00:16] <Darke> This is rather cool. <grin> A bit sad, but cool. http://www.cnn.com/2001/TECH/ptech/11/29/idols.no.human.idg/index.html
[15:01:27] <-- Wumpus has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[15:01:27] <-- Colourless has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
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[15:01:27] <-- Fingolfin|bbl has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[15:01:53] --> Darke has joined #exult
[15:01:53] --> Fingolfin|bbl has joined #exult
[15:02:41] --> Colourless has joined #exult
[15:02:41] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[15:03:19] <Darke> Err... Hello again. <grin>
[15:05:01] <Colourless> :-)
[15:06:45] <-- Wumpus has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[15:06:45] <-- Colourless has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
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[15:07:06] --> Colourless has joined #exult
[15:07:06] --> Fingolfin|bbl has joined #exult
[15:07:06] --> Darke has joined #exult
[15:07:06] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[15:07:27] * Darke pats the reappearing bot.
[15:08:20] * Wumpus feels like he's still here... for now
[15:09:28] <-- Fingolfin|bbl has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[15:10:05] --> Fingolfin|bbl has joined #exult
[15:13:26] * Darke wonders if "Spark's Ass" will heat up again, or if people will just give up now the beta is out.
[15:14:04] * Darke rereads that, and thinks that he should reread things _before_ hitting enter at this time of night. Oh vey.
[15:15:47] <-- Wumpus has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[15:15:47] <-- Colourless has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[15:17:24] --> Colourless has joined #exult
[15:17:24] --> Wumpus has joined #exult
[15:18:19] * Darke bows to those 'returning'. <grin>
[15:25:11] <Wumpus> i think its time to jump before i'm pushed :)
[15:25:11] <Wumpus> more to the point, i need sleep, too
[15:25:11] <Wumpus> g'night :)
[15:25:11] <-- Wumpus has left IRC ("No windows for this server")
[15:26:09] <-- Darke has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[15:26:25] --> Darke has joined #exult
[15:27:01] <Darke> 'fun'.
[15:30:49] <-- Colourless has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[15:32:47] --> Colourless has joined #exult
[15:32:50] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
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[15:37:37] --> Fingolfin|bbl has joined #exult
[15:41:39] --> sikor_sxe has joined #exult
[16:08:30] --- Fingolfin|bbl is now known as Fingolfin
[16:30:59] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[16:34:06] <Fingolfin> wb
[16:35:09] <Colourless> thx
[16:35:32] <Colourless> i got disconnected sometime back and didn't realize
[16:36:07] * Darke grins. "Hello again. It's _that_ quiet on this list is it?"
[16:37:34] <Colourless> list?
[16:38:02] <Darke> Channel. Whatever. <grin> I'm coding half asleep.
[16:38:51] <sikor_sxe> thx alot for exult beta! it rocks!
[16:38:56] <Colourless> :-)
[16:39:18] --> wjp has joined #exult
[16:39:22] <wjp> hi
[16:39:26] <Darke> Hmm... I wonder if ucc supports auto concatination of C-strings, like C does. It would be nice to be able to easily break up these large text strings.
[16:39:27] <sikor_sxe> however the linux rpm file might be corrupt
[16:39:30] <Darke> Hi wjp.
[16:39:48] <sikor_sxe> i had to compile the beta myself to make exult work
[16:40:01] <Colourless> hi
[16:40:14] <Fingolfin> hi
[16:40:14] <wjp> hm, the beta .rpm worked for me
[16:40:28] <wjp> what was wrong with it?
[16:41:00] <Darke> sikor_sxe: Did you check the forum post on the subject? IIRC Nadir mentioned it was accidentally compiled with i686.
[16:41:01] <wjp> Darke: should be easy to add if it doesn't support them yet
[16:41:17] <sikor_sxe> ah
[16:41:33] <sikor_sxe> well i got a p2
[16:42:21] <sikor_sxe> after creating a new bg game exult crashed... the error msg was like 'undefined link blabla'
[16:42:48] <wjp> the blabla is probably the most important part here :-)
[16:42:53] <Colourless> zlib
[16:42:58] <sikor_sxe> no
[16:43:33] <Darke> wjp: Thanks, I was thinking so. I just don't know enough about flex and bison to know how 'easy' it would be. <grin> Another thing that's almost certainly going to be necessary is labels and goto statements, (which I also don't think are supported) hopefully for only first few versions though. <crosses claws>
[16:43:39] <sikor_sxe> you couldn't read anything from the error msg it was 'undefined link at 02' or something
[16:44:25] <sikor_sxe> if you're really interested i can reproduce it
[16:44:29] <wjp> exult.sf.net down again? :-(
[16:44:43] <Darke> wjp: Up and down _all_ day and night.
[16:45:12] <sikor_sxe> http://exult.sourceforge.net/ isn't down for me
[16:45:47] <Darke> Anyway, this: http://exult.sourceforge.net/forum/read.php?f=1&i=1398&t=1398 should be the link to that particular thread when it comes back up.
[16:46:25] * wjp checks that post in the DB itself ;-)
[16:47:41] * Darke thinks that's cheating. <grin>
[16:48:48] <sikor_sxe> oh. now the rpm works correctly
[16:50:20] <wjp> my daily backup of the forum is up to 790Kb already
[16:50:29] <wjp> maybe I should start doing incremental backups or something
[16:56:36] <Darke> This starting to look more like Jeff's usecode-script?
[16:56:37] <Darke> UcMessage(""So? What makes t...")
[16:56:37] <Darke> UcSay;
[16:56:37] <Darke> var0008 = var0000
[16:56:37] <Darke> UcFlag[0046] = true
[16:56:37] <Darke> goto labelFunc_00D6:
[16:56:52] <Darke> (Just snipped from function 402.)
[16:57:11] * wjp doesn't know what Jeff's usecode script looks like
[16:57:52] <Darke> In his sourceforge island patch, there's a usecode.uc file, it has 'examples' of his script in it.
[16:58:18] <Colourless> of course, it doesn't currently work
[16:59:42] <wjp> exult.sf.net seems to be up again (for now)
[17:00:02] <Darke> <nod> I'd attempt to fix it, except again, I don't know how to hack flex/bison properly. <grin>
[17:01:01] <Darke> wjp: It was up again for me about two minutes ago, but it's down for me again. <grin> This is how it's been like for me all day.
[17:01:11] <wjp> ugh
[17:01:16] <wjp> how nice
[17:01:44] <sikor_sxe> just keep on reloading
[17:02:18] <Darke> Yep. But look on the bright side, there was only one post added to the "Spark's Ass" thread for the entire day. <grin, duck & run>
[17:02:43] <wjp> I seriously hope that was just mine
[17:02:44] <Darke> And it's back UP again.
[17:03:07] <Darke> Actually no, it was by Clock Nova: "
[17:03:08] <Darke> I can't believe that a thread entitled "Spark's Ass" has almost reached 100 posts. Is there some sort of latent homosexuality going on here? ;)
[17:03:23] <wjp> oh, right... I read that one
[17:03:26] <Darke> Is the entirety of the comment.
[17:03:31] <wjp> by Clock Nova
[17:04:06] * Darke nods. "Yep, and oh look, exult.sf.net is back down."
[17:04:53] * Darke thinks we picked the Wrong Time(tm) to release.
[17:08:53] <Colourless> as I said yesterday, our release is causing the problems ;-)
[17:09:26] <sikor_sxe> hehe
[17:10:23] <Darke> Colourless: Of course! It's such a momentous occasion that the entire universe is out to ruin it! <grin>
[17:10:40] <wjp> no, the entire universe it trying to download it ;-)
[17:10:49] <wjp> s/it/is/
[17:10:55] <Fingolfin> not true!
[17:10:57] <Colourless> wjp has it :-)
[17:11:02] <Fingolfin> my mom is at work, where she has no internet access
[17:11:14] <wjp> ok, so almost the entire universe is trying to download it ;-)
[17:11:27] <Darke> The entire universe bar one person?
[17:11:28] <Colourless> well her inability to do it is because of her circumstances
[17:11:30] <wjp> or... maybe she's trying to download it but failing because she has no internet access?
[17:11:30] <Fingolfin> all except a set of measure zero :)
[17:11:41] <Fingolfin> wjp: ?=
[17:11:45] <Fingolfin> wjp: =) even
[17:12:14] * Darke blinks and tries to work out what the comparison operator ?= does.
[17:12:21] <sikor_sxe> at which resolution do you play exult?
[17:12:28] <wjp> 320x200
[17:12:28] <Colourless> 400x300
[17:12:30] * Darke thinks he's been staring at too much usecode.
[17:12:32] <Darke> 400x300
[17:12:37] <sikor_sxe> ah
[17:12:38] <wjp> cheaters! :-)
[17:12:45] <sikor_sxe> 640x480 spoils too much sometimes
[17:12:58] <sikor_sxe> but it looks rad
[17:13:08] <Colourless> going above 400x300 starts to get major problems in SI
[17:13:15] <Darke> wjp: It's too small on my monitor and the nice scalers don't support anything other then 2x. <grin> That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
[17:13:36] <wjp> what monitor would that be? 22"?
[17:13:59] <Darke> Colourless: I can imagine, with all those 'dungeons' crammed together like that.
[17:14:04] <Darke> wjp: 21".
[17:14:15] <wjp> close enough :-)
[17:14:16] * Fingolfin notices the beta1 RPM is a lot smaller than the alpha5 one
[17:14:46] <Colourless> even 400x300 has the occasional glitch here and there, but it's only in a few places
[17:15:03] <Darke> wjp: I was drooling over a 24" just before my last programming contract finished, the only problem was it was widescreen.
[17:15:07] <Colourless> using 800x600 or 1024x768 is just silly. there are problems everywhere
[17:15:52] <wjp> Darke: :-)
[17:16:04] * Darke looks innocent.
[17:16:21] <wjp> you're still a cheater :-)
[17:16:21] * Colourless thinks, that is a problem???? i thought that is a *reason* to get one
[17:16:57] <sikor_sxe> i wonder, isn't it possible to use real 320x240 fullscreen in SDL?
[17:17:09] <wjp> "real" 320x240?
[17:17:25] <wjp> as opposed to?
[17:17:31] <Colourless> fake :-)
[17:17:43] <wjp> :-)
[17:17:47] <sikor_sxe> on my machine 320x240 fullscreen is just embedded in a black 640x480 fullscreen
[17:17:55] <sikor_sxe> linux sdl
[17:17:58] <wjp> well, you obviously need a 320x240 modeline
[17:17:58] <Colourless> sucks to be you :-)
[17:18:18] <Darke> Colourless: It's a problem because I lack peripheral vision after three eye operations. If I were using a 24" widescreen monitor I wouldn't be able to see about 2 of the horizontal inches, since it's much shorter then a 21", I'm wasting valuable desktop space. <grin>
[17:18:29] <Colourless> of course, 320x240 is considered cheating, so if you can use 320x200 you should be fine
[17:18:42] <Colourless> also, why not just to 320x240x2 Point Sampling
[17:18:42] <sikor_sxe> i cannot
[17:18:58] <Colourless> s/to/do/
[17:19:01] <sikor_sxe> the fullscreen is always 640x480
[17:19:29] <sikor_sxe> yeah, i use that
[17:19:53] <sikor_sxe> so in windows real 320x200 works in exult?
[17:19:59] <wjp> in linux too
[17:20:11] <wjp> you just need to have your X server setup to support it
[17:20:17] <sikor_sxe> i see
[17:20:30] <sikor_sxe> SDL is using X?
[17:20:41] <sikor_sxe> i thought SDL was something like svgalib
[17:20:53] <Colourless> yeah 320x200 works in windows. i'm pretty sure that 320x200 support is required for drivers to be whql complient
[17:21:00] <wjp> SDL can use svgalib, X, fbcon, and maybe others as display backends
[17:21:17] <sikor_sxe> ohh
[17:21:20] <sikor_sxe> interesting
[17:21:44] <sikor_sxe> where can i configure SDL to use svgalib?
[17:22:02] <wjp> hmm, you'd have to check the SDL docs
[17:22:08] <sikor_sxe> ok
[17:22:27] <wjp> something like setting an enviroment variable, IIRC
[17:22:57] <wjp> s/rom/ronm/
[17:33:01] <-- Fingolfin has left #exult ("Client Exiting")
[17:43:57] --> EazyCheez has joined #exult
[17:44:07] <EazyCheez> Hey, congrats on going beta people :)
[17:44:26] <-- sikor_sxe has left IRC ("[x]chat")
[17:44:37] <Colourless> thanks
[17:44:37] <EazyCheez> so no more CVS snapshots to keep up with eh?
[17:45:18] <Colourless> now if only sourceforge was actually working people would probably be able to get it
[17:45:28] <EazyCheez> well guess I'd better delete my few savegames
[17:45:31] <EazyCheez> for BG
[17:46:04] <EazyCheez> thankfully I didn't get too far since I lost my Ultima Collection manual and don't know the answers to the copy protection questions :)
[17:46:17] <Colourless> :-)
[17:46:21] --> sikor_sxe has joined #exult
[17:46:41] <Darke> EazyCheez: <grin> That's not to difficult to take care of if you know which byte to flip.
[17:48:50] * Darke bowfluffs, "I will now disappear for what is commonly called 'sleep', after finally having made a 'cvs commit'. <grin> 'Night' all!"
[17:54:02] <EazyCheez> heh
[18:04:08] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[18:09:29] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[18:09:45] <Dominus> hi
[18:09:59] <Colourless> hi
[18:10:02] <Dominus> hm, something is wrong with Exultbot
[18:10:16] <Dominus> [17:48:50] * Darke bowfluffs, "I will now disappear for what is commonly called 'sleep', after finally having made a 'cvs commit'. <grin> 'Night' all!"
[18:10:16] <Dominus> [17:54:02] <EazyCheez> heh
[18:10:16] <Dominus> [18:04:08] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[18:10:32] <Dominus> where does it say that Darke has left the channel?
[18:10:55] <Colourless> hmmm
[18:11:22] <Dominus> I noticed this before a couple of days ago but forgot about it
[18:28:46] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[18:28:48] <wjp> hmm, you're right
[18:29:14] <Dominus> :-)
[18:29:42] <wjp> could you leave #exult for a sec?
[18:30:04] <-- Dominus has left IRC ("got to play Exult now")
[18:30:19] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[18:30:59] <wjp> that was leaving the whole server :-)
[18:31:11] <Colourless> i can tell it was
[18:31:13] <Dominus> :-)
[18:31:15] <Colourless> Dominus has quit IRC
[18:31:40] <wjp> exultbot did properly log this
[18:32:09] <wjp> could you try '/part'-ing #exult too? :-)
[18:32:53] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[18:33:21] <wjp> funny
[18:33:30] <Dominus> ?
[18:33:31] <wjp> I wonder where that IRC message disappears
[18:33:47] <wjp> it isn't in exultbot's internal log either, which is where all 'unrecognized' messages go
[18:33:55] <wjp> (like the MODE ones)
[18:34:47] <Colourless> can you add the mode ones to exultbot? :-)
[18:35:09] <wjp> hmm, I guess
[18:35:37] <wjp> you want to follow all the #exult power struggles? :-)
[18:35:47] <Dominus> he
[18:36:24] <wjp> brb
[18:36:41] <Colourless> of course :-)
[18:40:30] <wjp> b
[18:40:53] <Colourless> wb
[18:41:29] <wjp> ah, I see... this new ircd uses a different PART message format
[18:44:59] <wjp> ok... now the MODE things. Please forgive me for what I'm about to do... ;-)
[18:46:08] * wjp thinks he's gathered enough data now :-)
[18:46:17] <Colourless> :-)
[18:46:19] <Dominus> argh, you want to do powerplays? :-)
[18:47:42] <wjp> hmm, no not enough data yet...
[18:48:08] <Dominus> hehe
[18:48:25] * wjp wonders if you can give op+voice to someone in one MODE command
[18:49:36] <wjp> ah well, guess I just won't support it if it does :-)
[18:51:51] <Dominus> I wonder when exult.sf.net will function normally again
[18:54:54] --- Dominus is now known as Dominus|dinner
[19:00:42] --> exultbot has joined #exult
[19:00:42] --- Topic for #exult is: exult: BETA 1 is OUT!!!
[19:00:42] --- Topic for #exult set by Nadir at Thu Nov 29 15:01:45 2001
[19:00:54] --> wjp has joined #exult
[19:01:30] ChanServ gives channel operator status to wjp
[19:02:00] <wjp> ok... that didn't work
[19:02:11] <wjp> (well, at least the mode stuff does work)
[19:02:14] wjp gives channel operator status to Colourless
[19:02:19] wjp gives channel operator status to Colourless
[19:02:27] <wjp> no, that doesn't work either :-)
[19:04:52] --> exultbot has joined #exult
[19:04:52] --- Topic for #exult is: exult: BETA 1 is OUT!!!
[19:04:52] --- Topic for #exult set by Nadir at Thu Nov 29 15:01:45 2001
[19:05:14] --> wjp has joined #exult
[19:05:14] ChanServ gives channel operator status to wjp
[19:06:23] --> exultbot has joined #exult
[19:06:23] --- Topic for #exult is: exult: BETA 1 is OUT!!!
[19:06:23] --- Topic for #exult set by Nadir at Thu Nov 29 15:01:45 2001
[19:06:30] <-- wjp has left #exult ()
[19:06:30] --> wjp has joined #exult
[19:06:30] ChanServ gives channel operator status to wjp
[19:07:23] <wjp> one more try :-)
[19:07:27] wjp takes channel operator status from Dominus|dinner
[19:07:31] wjp gives channel operator status to Dominus|dinner
[19:07:41] wjp gives voice to exultbot
[19:07:47] wjp takes voice from exultbot
[19:07:58] --> exultbot has joined #exult
[19:07:58] --- Topic for #exult is: exult: BETA 1 is OUT!!!
[19:07:58] --- Topic for #exult set by Nadir at Thu Nov 29 15:01:45 2001
[19:08:06] <wjp> ok, that should do it
[19:08:51] <wjp> hmm, the formatting could use some improving
[19:09:12] --> exultbot has joined #exult
[19:09:12] --- Topic for #exult is: exult: BETA 1 is OUT!!!
[19:09:12] --- Topic for #exult set by Nadir at Thu Nov 29 15:01:45 2001
[19:09:21] --- wjp gives channel operator status to exultbot
[19:09:22] --- wjp takes channel operator status from exultbot
[19:10:32] <wjp> ok... this better? :-)
[19:10:44] --- wjp takes channel operator status from Colourless
[19:10:44] --- wjp takes channel operator status from Dominus|dinner
[19:10:51] --- wjp gives channel operator status to Colourless
[19:10:51] --- wjp gives channel operator status to Dominus|dinner
[19:12:30] <-- Dominus|dinner has left #exult ()
[19:12:41] --> Dominus|dinner has joined #exult
[19:14:42] * wjp wonders if Dominus|dinner is really having dinner
[19:15:58] <Dominus|dinner> actually cooking :-)
[19:16:11] <Colourless> eh, i'm used to getting messages like: *** wjp sets mode: -oo Colourless Dominus|dinner
[19:16:28] <wjp> I'm not
[19:16:33] * wjp uses a decent IRC client ;-)
[19:16:37] <Dominus|dinner> and checking if wjp is really teaching exultbot how to behave :-)
[19:16:52] <wjp> these messages are identical to the ones I get in xchat
[19:21:16] * wjp yawns
[19:21:18] <wjp> I'm tired
[19:21:29] <Colourless> :-)
[19:21:38] <wjp> and it's only 20:20... hmm
[19:21:54] <Colourless> gee
[19:22:51] * Dominus|dinner is eating and watching 1st contact now
[19:23:07] <Dominus|dinner> I think I'll leave :-)
[19:23:11] <Dominus|dinner> bye
[19:23:14] <wjp> bye
[19:23:16] <-- Dominus|dinner has left IRC ("got to play Exult now")
[19:23:26] <Colourless> he lies!
[19:23:34] <wjp> and he stole that message from exultbot :-)
[19:24:14] <wjp> (exultbot's old quit message was "going to play some more Exult")
[19:24:32] * wjp replaced it with something shorter after he got tired of seeing it
[19:25:05] <Colourless> heh
[19:25:57] <wjp> anyway, I'll be gone for a while too
[19:26:00] --- wjp is now known as wjp|away
[19:26:07] <Colourless> k
[19:26:20] <Colourless> i'll fight of any intruders :-)
[19:26:32] <wjp|away> ok, thanks ;-)
[20:22:30] <EazyCheez> hello colourless
[20:22:41] <Colourless> hi
[20:22:43] <EazyCheez> I was lucky enough to get Exult beta 1 earlier
[20:22:47] <EazyCheez> pretty cool
[20:24:01] <Colourless> :-)
[20:36:49] <EazyCheez> HA HA! I read the map correctly
[20:37:06] <EazyCheez> I didn't need to find the copy protection answers
[20:37:07] <Colourless> ???
[20:37:27] <EazyCheez> for U7, answering Finnigan's questions about the map
[20:37:47] <Colourless> ah
[20:37:55] <EazyCheez> it was a little tough deciphering those numbers, but I know the runes by heart, pretty much
[20:38:29] <Colourless> :-)
[21:15:56] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("time for me to go")
[22:48:15] <-- EazyCheez has left IRC (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
[23:32:01] <-- wjp|away has left IRC ("[x]chat")