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[11:21:26] <Colourless> HiHmmm, why no ops?
[11:21:37] <Colourless> add space where required
[11:27:32] <Fingolfin> now I have ops ;)
[11:27:34] <Fingolfin> hy ryan
[11:27:48] <Fingolfin> "add space" ?!?!
[11:28:06] <Colourless> how did you do that?
[11:28:52] <Fingolfin> what? opping myself?
[11:28:59] <Fingolfin> I defined a macro, /opme, wait...
[11:29:14] <Fingolfin> /alias opme {/msg chanserv op $C $N }
[11:30:09] <Colourless> ah ok thanks.
[11:39:38] <Colourless> lets try it out
[11:39:58] <Fingolfin> hehe
[11:40:00] <Colourless> cool
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[13:05:07] <wjp> hi
[13:05:12] <Colourless> hi
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[13:07:44] <TonyHoyt> Hello people. What's new?
[13:08:01] <Colourless> Alpha2 could be near
[13:10:48] <TonyHoyt> I just read that in the mailing list. That's good to see! You guys have a lot of changes between prior alpha and this commoning one. But do you plan on doing a release just so you can start branching into new things? Such as ExultStudio?
[13:16:01] <Colourless> Kind of. During alpha's you aren't supposed to add new features.
[13:18:47] <Colourless> but we ignore that rule
[13:19:47] <Colourless> because there hasn't been many changes to Exult recently and it seems stable a release would be a good idea.
[13:20:52] <Colourless> Once that is done we could begin to make significant changes to exult that could possible break things.
[13:21:44] <TonyHoyt> *nods* I see what your talking about.
[13:22:46] <Colourless> once we finish adding new feature, if exult seem stable we make another release and wait for bug reports
[13:28:05] <TonyHoyt> *nods* Cool cool. btw: Are spells working in Exult?
[13:28:26] <Colourless> some do
[13:28:46] <TonyHoyt> More usecode stuff?
[13:28:58] <Colourless> as always :)
[13:29:54] <TonyHoyt> *Chuckles* I didn't realize there was that much still unknown about the usecodes. It seems you guys have discovered a LOT of that stuff already.
[13:33:31] <Colourless> Well, the usecode itself has been worked out. It's just the intrinsics that a re problem. Ultima 7 and Serpent Isle had 255 instrinsic functions that did different things in the game. Some show the faces on the screen, others create items and so on. Some of them are used for spells. It's not that complex.
[13:33:57] <Colourless> It just takes along time to figure out. Looking at decompiled usecode to figure out what the usecode is trying to do in order to figure out what an intrisic is supposed to do is slow work. Good knowledge of the originals help
[13:35:57] <Colourless> most of BG has been worked out.
[13:37:20] <TonyHoyt> Well basicly that's another reason why haveing both games side by side or at least in some fastion being able to run the original and see how things work helps a lot, correct?
[13:37:33] <TonyHoyt> There are just some minor details that need to be worked out, right?
[13:39:20] <Colourless> if it were only that simple. SI is very different. However, SI uses some parts of the engine more than U7 and because we haven't reproduced things exactly the same it causes minor problems in U7 and major ones in SI. Getting SI to work properly should halpe get BG things to work better
[13:42:03] <TonyHoyt> Well thank god they didn't change too much. Such as the intrinsic functions. Yet it sounds cool that your getting SI Working well.
[13:43:48] <Colourless> They changed more than I would have thought. most of the problems are purely due to different intrinsics. I would say the only reasons for the difference was because they polished the game up more in the 6 months extra that SI took to make
[13:46:33] <TonyHoyt> *nods* Well they had a working engine. Although it was said later that it didn't help as much as they expected finacialy. But we all know what turned out to be the better game.
[14:06:00] <Colourless> i'm off
[14:06:04] <TonyHoyt> later
[14:06:12] <TonyHoyt> Hmm I'll head out too. See you guys
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