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[00:48:16] <Kirben> eeek
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[10:18:57] <Kirben> Hi
[10:19:15] <wjp> hi
[10:19:41] <Kirben> how would I force a static exult compile under mingw32 ?
[10:19:51] <wjp> hmm
[10:20:14] <wjp> -static?
[10:20:22] <Kirben> latest mingw32 gcc adds thread support and now exult crashes on exit again...
[10:20:58] <wjp> argh... not again...
[10:21:20] <Kirben> just add it to modules sections ? or link too ?
[10:21:29] <wjp> only to the link command
[10:21:47] <Kirben> so just LFLAGS=-g3 -mwindows -static ?
[10:21:58] <wjp> I think so
[10:22:20] <Kirben> I already tried that way, still seems to build threaded
[10:22:37] <Kirben> as it keeps requesting libstdc++.dll
[10:23:03] <wjp> hmm... how would building statically remove threading?
[10:23:48] <Kirben> maybe I explained it wrong
[10:24:33] <Kirben> oops its shared libs not threaded support
[10:27:45] <Kirben> I was told this:
[10:27:46] <Kirben> Both libstdc++.dll.a and libstdc++.a are in distro. The version of ld you
[10:27:46] <Kirben> download from sourceforge tries to use shared libraries if possible.
[10:28:24] <Kirben> The problem is libstdc++.dll crashes when exult exits
[10:28:37] <wjp> hmm... you could try moving the dynamic libs away
[10:28:56] <wjp> time for some breakfast; brb
[10:30:14] <Kirben> ok will try moving libstdc++.dll out of bin directory
[11:00:52] <Kirben> expack compile requests libstdc++.dll
[11:07:05] <wjp> back
[11:07:37] <wjp> hmm... the compile needs libstdc++.dll?
[11:08:03] <wjp> did you say there was a 'libstdc++.dll.a'? if so, try moving that one away too
[11:09:32] <Kirben> yes requests libstdc++.dll as expack point
[11:09:37] <Kirben> looking,,,
[11:10:58] <Kirben> found and moved it too
[11:11:02] <Kirben> recompiling
[11:39:24] <Kirben> g++ -g3 -mwindows -o tools/expack.exe tools/expack.o U7file.o Flex.o IFF.o Table
[11:39:24] <Kirben> .o Flat.o utils.o -mconsole
[11:39:24] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0xe0): undefined reference to `_imp__cerr'
[11:39:24] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0x16d): undefined reference to `_imp__cerr'
[11:39:27] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0xeb8): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:29] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0xef9): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:31] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0xf2e): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:33] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0xf59): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:37] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0xfaa): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:39] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0x16f5): undefined reference to `_imp__cerr'
[11:39:41] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text+0x264f): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:43] <Kirben> tools/expack.o(.text$_S_oom_malloc__t23__malloc_alloc_template1i0Ui+0x23): undef
[11:39:47] <Kirben> ined reference to `_imp__cerr'
[11:39:49] <Kirben> IFF.o(.text+0xeca): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:51] <Kirben> IFF.o(.text+0xf83): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:53] <Kirben> IFF.o(.text+0x10f1): undefined reference to `_imp__cout'
[11:39:55] <Kirben> utils.o(.text+0x2cc9): undefined reference to `_imp__cerr'
[11:39:59] <Kirben> make: *** [tools/expack.exe] Error 1
[11:54:46] <wjp> hmm
[11:55:05] <wjp> try adding a -lstdc++
[11:55:08] <wjp> or a -lmingw32
[12:00:20] <Kirben> to which section ?
[12:15:24] <wjp> the link command for expack
[12:18:20] <Kirben> I tried adding one then the other but same error with both
[12:18:48] <Kirben> maybe I should just downgrade gcc
[12:19:13] <wjp> which version were & are you using?
[12:19:59] <Kirben> I'm running latest versions of packages from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=2435
[12:20:09] <Kirben> gcc is 2.95.2-3
[12:22:00] <Kirben> previously 2.95.2-20001116
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[12:38:11] <Kirben> hmm odd, doesn't always crash
[12:38:12] <Gammadragon> hi Kirben
[12:38:17] <Kirben> Hi
[12:39:07] <Kirben> Crash on exit occurs if I exit at exult menu or Ultima 7 menu and not if I exit in game
[12:39:58] <wjp> hi
[12:40:03] <Gammadragon> hi
[12:40:12] <Gammadragon> how is everyone?
[12:40:32] <wjp> pretty good, thanks
[12:40:38] <Kirben> not bad thanks
[12:40:44] <Gammadragon> how is Exult going?
[12:41:20] <Kirben> progressing slowly as usual but getting there
[12:41:32] <Kirben> A lot more work been done on SI lately
[12:41:43] <Gammadragon> it has really gone far since I last checked (about 2 months ago)
[12:42:10] <Gammadragon> I am really glad Exult is going along
[12:42:17] <Gammadragon> I wish Origin would support it
[12:42:35] <Kirben> wjp:could it be exult code causing crash ?
[12:42:54] <wjp> I guess
[12:43:22] <Kirben> Origin don't seem interested in remakes at all, only remake that got official approval was Ultima 3 mac port
[12:43:54] <Gammadragon> yeah but Ultima 7 was the second Ultima I played and I think it was the best
[12:44:01] <Gammadragon> its worth re-doing
[12:44:19] <Kirben> hmm I wonder why no one ever attempted Ultima 3 windows port, if mac could do it then it must be possible
[12:44:31] <Gammadragon> they did didnt they?
[12:44:35] <Gammadragon> I think I downloaded it
[12:44:46] <Gammadragon> oh no that was U2
[12:44:53] <Kirben> yes that was Ultima 2
[12:44:57] <Gammadragon> they made an EGA version of U3
[12:45:13] <Kirben> I really like Ultima 7 too, have not really played other versions much
[12:45:29] <Gammadragon> I started at 6
[12:45:32] <Gammadragon> hated it :)
[12:45:42] <Kirben> http://ultima2.voyd.net/
[12:46:04] <Kirben> I hope they combine U2 graphic upgrade and windows port in future
[12:46:23] <Kirben> http://www.fansforultima.com/index.html has links to all remakes
[12:46:32] <Gammadragon> cool thanks
[12:46:51] <Gammadragon> http://www.grandgent.com/tom/ultima/
[12:47:05] <Gammadragon> that has some awesome Ultima mp3s
[12:47:19] <Gammadragon> rendered from a roland sound card
[12:48:21] <Gammadragon> I have been talking to the guy who made the page and requested a few more
[12:48:31] <Gammadragon> I helped him with his Dune music section
[12:48:31] <Kirben> hmm sounds abit odd, still have roland type midi card around here
[12:48:45] <Gammadragon> I have never even seen one
[12:49:15] <Gammadragon> apparently they are really expensive
[12:49:42] <Kirben> mine is dreamforge I think, they stole rolands midi banks
[12:50:08] <Gammadragon> I have a SB live, it's ok
[12:50:30] <Kirben> came with MX200, so would be easy to get now and cheap
[12:50:37] <Kirben> SB Live here too
[12:51:49] <Kirben> I liked that dreamforges midi card midi the best but very few sound cards offer the connector for it now
[12:53:05] <Kirben> Shame CL never supported DLS 1.0, could have used roland midi bank from microsoft
[13:04:11] <Gammadragon> 11 pm here, I'm tired... cya all
[13:04:16] <wjp> g'night
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[13:04:54] <Kirben> would gdb output help ?
[13:04:59] <wjp> Kirben: do you have an URL for mingw32? I might try it sometime
[13:05:32] <Kirben> For latest release http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=2435
[13:05:45] <Kirben> homepage is http://www.mingw.org/
[13:05:53] <wjp> k, thanks
[13:08:21] <Kirben> soon cygwin will have advantage though
[13:09:19] <Kirben> mingw compile switch in cygwin is almost completely working and its gcc 2.95.3 already
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[13:15:23] <wjp> hi
[13:15:28] <Colourless> hi
[13:16:03] <Kirben> Hi
[13:16:58] --> ashp has joined #exult
[13:17:07] <ashp> Hola, anyone awake? :)
[13:17:21] <Kirben> yes
[13:17:24] <wjp> yup
[13:17:45] <ashp> Woo, I'm getting some silly error I figured I'd see if anyone had spotted yet
[13:17:50] <ashp> gump_utils.h: In function `void Delay()':
[13:17:51] <ashp> gump_utils.h:94: `select' undeclared (first use this function)
[13:17:51] <ashp> gump_utils.h:94: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
[13:17:51] <ashp> gump_utils.h:94: for each function it appears in.)
[13:17:51] <ashp> gmake[2]: *** [gump_utils.lo] Error 1
[13:18:01] <ashp> It's having a meltdown over select, for some sick reason.
[13:18:01] <wjp> what platform?
[13:18:12] <ashp> FreeBSD 4.3-RC
[13:18:15] <ashp> FreeBSD daphne.unloved.org 4.3-RC FreeBSD 4.3-RC #1: Thu Mar 22 11:45:08 CET 2001 ashp@daphne.unloved.org:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/DAPHNE i386
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[13:19:21] <wjp> do you already have the version of gump_utils.h that has a "#ifdef OPENBSD" bit at the top?
[13:19:51] <ashp> yeah
[13:20:04] <ashp> I have CVS from about five minutes ago
[13:20:06] <wjp> try removing that, and the corresponding "#endif" 3 lines that
[13:20:12] <wjp> after that, even
[13:20:31] <wjp> (leave the 2 #include's, though)
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[13:20:59] <ashp> Giving it a shot. :)
[13:21:58] <Colourless> my pipe is too small. :)
[13:22:26] <ashp> oh god, more problems. :/
[13:22:27] <ashp> shp2pcx.cc:23: SDL/SDL_byteorder.h: No such file or directory
[13:22:41] <wjp> hmm... I though I fixed that
[13:22:55] <wjp> s/though/thought/
[13:22:58] <ashp> I think it doesn't need the SDL/ prefix, based on the include path
[13:23:33] <wjp> what does sdl-config --cflags return?
[13:23:41] <ashp> -I/usr/local/include -I/usr/local/include/SDL11 -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE
[13:23:49] <ashp> ah, it's because of freebsd's bizarre behaviour
[13:23:54] <wjp> ah, you have a SDL11 dir
[13:24:00] <ashp> they use sdl11 instead of sdl, which *really* irritates me
[13:24:03] <ashp> they do the same for gtk
[13:24:17] <wjp> yeah, removing the SDL/ prefix should do the trick then
[13:25:03] <ashp> #include "SDL_byteorder.h"
[13:25:06] <ashp> causes it to throw up a fit
[13:25:15] <ashp> ucclex.l: In function `yylex':
[13:25:15] <ashp> ucclex.l:12: `VOID' undeclared (first use in this function)
[13:25:15] <ashp> ucclex.l:12: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
[13:25:27] <ashp> Oh, actually, it seems to have passed that to uccparsec
[13:25:33] <wjp> it's not the include that caused that :-)
[13:25:57] <wjp> what flex/lex yacc/bison version(s) are you using?
[13:25:59] <ashp> Heh, this is now the third problem with building on FreeBSD. I should rig up some patches
[13:26:17] <ashp> flex version 2.5.4
[13:27:08] <wjp> I should probably change most of the OpenBSD-specific changes to FreeBSD too
[13:27:15] <ashp> yacc doesn't even seem to have a version number. :/
[13:27:43] <ashp> Should I try adding bison, see if that helps?
[13:28:21] <wjp> it may be an incompatibility between bison and yacc
[13:28:45] <ashp> ===> Installing for bison-1.28
[13:30:36] <wjp> when I use yacc it fails too, but not with the same error
[13:31:41] <wjp> brb
[13:34:20] <wjp> b
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[13:52:12] <wjp> I have to go
[13:52:38] <wjp> see you later
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[19:09:04] <Lord_Hogington> anyone around?
[19:09:15] <Colourless> i'm here
[19:09:29] <Lord_Hogington> Hi i was wondering if you could help me
[19:09:41] <Lord_Hogington> How do you setup up the new unoffical sound package
[19:10:17] <Lord_Hogington> the file is drsfx.zip and I believe its from Dominus
[19:10:53] <Colourless> you need to unzip the file and there should be a .flx file
[19:11:30] <Lord_Hogington> weill i unzipped it into my ultima7 directory, and I didnt get any new sounds, also I have the previous sound package on
[19:12:28] <Colourless> I think you will probably need to edit the config file and point it to the new flx file instead of jmsfx.flx
[19:12:41] <Lord_Hogington> oh ok sweet thanks
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[20:26:12] <Fingolfin> hi ryan
[20:26:16] <Colourless> hi
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[20:58:10] <Fingolfin> lo matt
[20:58:18] <matt0> max!!!
[21:03:49] <matt0> how have you been, Max?
[21:04:01] <Fingolfin> ok, thanx, you?
[21:04:56] <matt0> it's hard to know right now... hehe
[21:05:08] <Fingolfin> why that? ;)
[21:05:44] <matt0> I have a lot of work and projects I am involved in so I am often busy and it feels like I am getting a lot done.. but if I sat back and thought about it, would I be happy with what I am spending my time doing? I haven't taken a break to think about things for a while...
[21:06:18] <Fingolfin> hehe
[21:08:26] * matt0 is reading exult mailing list digest.
[21:08:31] <matt0> "Sentri" is in Ultima 7? hehe
[21:08:34] <matt0> I remember him from U5!
[21:08:44] <matt0> along with Saduj =]
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[21:09:25] <Fingolfin> hehe
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