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[01:13:20] <pupnik_> east german gaming computer: http://www.robotrontechnik.de/bilder/Bausaetze/KUB64K/KUB_5_k.jpg
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[03:00:24] <h0h0> hi PhriEndZ
[03:03:46] --> Kirben has joined #exult
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[03:03:54] <h0h0> hi kirben
[03:03:58] <h0h0> my fellow australian
[03:04:00] <h0h0> how are you buddy
[03:29:32] --> Quinthomas has joined #exult
[03:29:47] <h0h0> hi
[03:29:55] <h0h0> i'm from italy
[03:32:58] <h0h0> QuintThomas
[03:33:00] <h0h0> i know that's you dude
[03:33:04] <h0h0> dont be hiding from me
[03:33:06] <Quinthomas> lol
[03:33:32] <h0h0> did you know i work for the airforce?
[03:34:13] <Quinthomas> I had no knowledge of that...
[03:35:06] <Quinthomas> I have not worked for the military since 89
[03:35:36] <h0h0> Router>telnet 6667
[03:35:37] <h0h0> Trying, 6667 ... Open
[03:35:37] <h0h0> NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname...
[03:35:37] <h0h0> NOTICE AUTH :*** Checking ident
[03:35:37] <h0h0> NOTICE AUTH :*** Got ident response
[03:35:37] <h0h0> NOTICE AUTH :*** Couldn't look up your hostname
[03:35:39] <h0h0> nick h0h02
[03:35:41] <h0h0> user h0h02 8 * : h0h02
[03:35:43] <h0h0> ERROR :Closing Link: (Invalid username [i=<Guest>])
[03:35:45] <h0h0> [Connection to closed by foreign host]
[03:35:47] <h0h0> i guess i dont
[03:35:49] <h0h0> :(
[03:36:10] <Quinthomas> hahaha
[03:36:15] <h0h0> i cant connect to freenode from this af.mil
[03:36:16] <h0h0> lol
[03:36:42] <h0h0> we trolled some fags in some lame freenode hack channels
[03:36:46] <h0h0> from af.mil router
[03:36:56] <h0h0> "Would you like to work for the government of the united states?"
[03:38:24] <h0h0> sso you worked for .mil eh?
[03:38:33] <h0h0> i'd like to work for the united states one day
[03:38:59] <h0h0> however i dont think they'd appreciate me doing this if they found out:
[03:39:02] <h0h0> host
[03:39:03] <h0h0> domain name pointer user113.hanscom.af.mil.
[03:39:10] <Quinthomas> I hope to leave the states withen three years.
[03:39:22] <Quinthomas> Northern Peru.
[03:39:24] <h0h0> # telnet
[03:39:25] <h0h0> Trying
[03:39:25] <h0h0> Connected to
[03:39:25] <h0h0> Escape character is '^]'.
[03:39:25] <h0h0> User Access Verification
[03:39:25] <h0h0> Password:
[03:39:27] <h0h0> Router>
[03:39:32] <h0h0> enable
[03:39:32] <h0h0> Password:
[03:39:33] <h0h0> Router#
[03:39:39] <h0h0> you know what the bad thing with the united states is
[03:39:48] <h0h0> it's badly unsecured :(
[03:39:54] <h0h0> i dont hack gov thats not my game
[03:39:59] <h0h0> but people post me hacked crap all the time
[03:40:02] <h0h0> and man this cisco router
[03:40:05] <h0h0> the guy that owned it
[03:40:09] <h0h0> CHANGED the login password
[03:40:19] <h0h0> and it's been up for 6 months...
[03:40:22] <h0h0> nobody noticed...
[03:40:40] <h0h0> This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United
[03:40:40] <h0h0> States and local country laws governing import, export, transfer and
[03:40:40] <h0h0> use. Delivery of Cisco cryptographic products does not imply
[03:40:40] <h0h0> third-party authority to import, export, distribute or use encryption.
[03:40:40] <h0h0> Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for
[03:42:13] <h0h0> Router#show crypto engine accelerator statistic
[03:42:17] <h0h0> FPGA:
[03:42:18] <h0h0> ds: 0x6481BC3C idb:0x65038DE8
[03:42:18] <h0h0> Statistics for Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module:
[03:42:18] <h0h0> 0 packets in 0 packets out
[03:42:18] <h0h0> 0 paks/sec in 0 paks/sec out
[03:42:18] <h0h0> 0 Kbits/sec in 0 Kbits/sec out
[03:42:20] <h0h0> 0 packets decrypted 0 packets encrypted
[03:42:32] <h0h0> i probably shouldnt be doing this
[03:42:57] <h0h0> i think i'll just send em a msg to PATCH THEIR FUCKING ROUTER
[03:42:59] <h0h0> fucking hell man
[03:43:06] <h0h0> theres so many fags irc'ing from hacked .gov routers
[03:43:07] <h0h0> to efnet
[03:43:09] <h0h0> it's pathetic
[03:43:14] <h0h0> "look at my host"
[03:43:21] <h0h0> ok well
[03:43:34] <h0h0> the only reason im on an telecom italia is because i dont want people here knowing my real irc nick
[03:43:36] <h0h0> lol
[03:43:56] <h0h0> so quint
[03:44:02] <h0h0> what kind of stuff are you in to
[03:44:04] <h0h0> c/asm?
[03:46:11] --> _main has joined #exult
[03:46:41] <h0h0> welcome good sir
[03:46:45] <h0h0> quint is with us
[03:46:46] <h0h0> ./whois me
[03:46:48] <h0h0> im from italy
[03:46:50] <h0h0> ciao bella
[03:47:00] --- h0h0 is now known as h0h0-com
[03:48:19] <h0h0-com> i see you're busy chatting on yahoo with faggots again
[03:49:07] <_main> fuck
[03:49:11] <_main> someone called my name out
[03:49:19] <h0h0-com> fuck him hes faggot
[03:49:21] <_main> he said "lost" and it started flashing
[03:49:26] <h0h0-com> yeah
[03:49:38] <h0h0-com> it happens
[03:49:45] <h0h0-com> im going to call xtix
[03:49:46] <h0h0-com> lol
[03:49:47] <-- Marzo_away has left IRC ("Marzo vanishes suddenly.")
[03:49:54] <_main> Okay
[03:50:12] <h0h0-com> he dissapeared again
[03:50:17] <h0h0-com> that guy dioad is calling his mom
[03:50:23] <h0h0-com> telling him about how his son hacks everything
[03:50:29] <h0h0-com> if someone called my mom and told her that
[03:50:33] <h0h0-com> shed say yes i know now stfu and fuck off
[03:50:58] <h0h0-com> quint is going to join pr0j3kt m4yh3m
[03:51:04] <_main> you see that number.five guy mate? he is one of the best programmers in that room. But he is like completely stuck to Windows world
[03:51:09] <_main> Yeah I just saw Marzo disappear
[03:51:17] <h0h0-com> wtf is marzo
[03:51:29] <h0h0-com> one of the best programmers? :)
[03:51:33] <_main> yeah
[03:51:44] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: hi number.five
[03:51:44] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: i've heard interesting things about you
[03:51:52] <h0h0-com> let's see how good he is
[03:52:02] <_main> AHAHAH he is good trust me at that
[03:52:08] <h0h0-com> sure he is
[03:52:17] <h0h0-com> thats what you said about that other guy who wrote a 'kernel'
[03:52:22] <_main> he wrote this yahoo chat client Number.Five which has scripting abilities in VB or something
[03:52:24] <h0h0-com> that doesnt even have a scheduler
[03:52:30] <h0h0-com> ROFL
[03:52:31] <h0h0-com> are you serious?
[03:52:31] <_main> hahah
[03:52:37] <h0h0-com> yahoo chat client skillz
[03:52:38] <h0h0-com> woo
[03:52:39] <h0h0-com> el8 dude
[03:52:42] <_main> nah
[03:53:03] <h0h0-com> number.five: what is interesting about me, i cant think of anything myself
[03:53:03] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: i've heard you're one of the best programmers here
[03:53:04] <_main> its the program that was COOL, not the shit that he wrote the client, but the client itself .. the program was neat
[03:53:19] <_main> he is down to earth, unlike that other guy craig
[03:53:30] <_main> craig was a delphi drag-and-drop faggot
[03:53:50] <_main> and yeah about Mortiz who wrote the kernel, I said he was young and thats good he was into low-level shit at this age :)
[03:53:52] <h0h0-com> i dont think gamma should have signed his nick in that upload hack
[03:54:06] <h0h0-com> nothing would've happened to craig if i didnt start hlhc
[03:54:12] <h0h0-com> and invited a bunch of people to irc
[03:54:14] <h0h0-com> even lamezoid
[03:54:22] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: have you ever used CreateRemoteThread() type stuff?
[03:54:23] <h0h0-com> number.five: uh no im not, never said that either
[03:54:23] <h0h0-com> number.five: not that i recall :-S
[03:54:24] <h0h0-com> yeah great coder
[03:54:27] <h0h0-com> next
[03:54:37] <_main> dood
[03:54:42] <_main> ask him about Com technologies
[03:54:47] <h0h0-com> ok
[03:54:47] <_main> you are stuck with C
[03:54:49] <_main> fool
[03:56:19] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: have you done some DCOM work, number.five
[03:56:19] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: like some stuff with the Distributed Transaction Manager or w/e it's called
[03:56:19] <h0h0-com> number.five: the COM scm probably calls it
[03:56:19] <h0h0-com> number.five: no, only COM, but who knows how the default marshalling for custom interfaces are implemented.
[03:56:25] <h0h0-com> wow COM!
[03:56:33] <h0h0-com> impress me with DCOM RPC stuff k THANK U
[03:58:16] <_main> uh
[03:58:23] <_main> you are sick
[03:58:27] <_main> SICK YOU HEAR ME
[03:59:05] <_main> He just had the same problem as we both :)
[03:59:06] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: done much network programming on windows?
[03:59:07] <h0h0-com> number.five: much? no
[03:59:07] <h0h0-com> wendollwendoll* (away) (idle) (Idle)
[03:59:07] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: oh ok
[03:59:07] <h0h0-com> number.five: i dont have energy to do much about anything, sorry
[03:59:07] <h0h0-com> saik0pod: im trying to figure out how to call an object in another process's address space
[03:59:15] <h0h0-com> there's your best coder
[03:59:23] <h0h0-com> you have very low standards lost.protocol
[03:59:36] <_main> h0h0 I over estimate others
[03:59:39] <h0h0-com> it's because you hang out on that faggot shithouse of a chat network
[04:00:01] <_main> yeah you said the same shit about Bryant before calling over to IRC
[04:00:46] <h0h0-com> wtf is bryant
[04:00:47] <h0h0-com> wooly_truth: why does everything saik0pod say seem to be black hat?
[04:00:56] <_main> HAHAHAHA
[04:01:02] <_main> wooly_truth is a huge faggot
[04:01:04] <_main> HUGE
[04:01:15] <_main> Bryant Keller Sir :)
[04:01:21] <_main> Synfire :)
[04:03:15] <h0h0-com> i like wooly truth
[04:03:21] <h0h0-com> synfire is ok hes in my channel
[04:03:38] <h0h0-com> hes like sort of a nasm dev
[04:04:19] <_main> saik0pod: do you use vb or c?
[04:04:20] <_main> saik0pod: ah ok, laters dude
[04:04:20] <_main> WOW
[04:04:26] <h0h0-com> he had to leave
[04:04:37] <h0h0-com> does he code in vb???
[04:04:42] <h0h0-com> oh c++
[04:04:55] <_main> Dood he is talking about interfaces that are com -vb related so thats C++
[04:05:14] <h0h0-com> the sad thing is i havnt done windows shit for years
[04:05:29] <h0h0-com> i fail to understand how someone cant master all of windows in less than 2 years
[04:05:35] <_main> neither have I, coz that shit just blows
[04:05:45] <h0h0-com> i like windows stuff
[04:05:53] <h0h0-com> it has a lot more than linux/bsd/solaris
[04:06:02] <h0h0-com> solaris is the best of the unix's
[04:06:12] <h0h0-com> well solaris technically is a unix
[04:06:17] <h0h0-com> it's certified
[04:06:22] <h0h0-com> compliant with the single unix specification
[04:06:29] <h0h0-com> that moron frasha said that freebsd is unix lol
[04:06:43] <h0h0-com> i used to troll people on yahoo with the nick unixdoesntexist
[04:06:49] <h0h0-com> because nobody really knew what unix really was
[04:06:58] <_main> hahaha
[04:06:59] <h0h0-com> since the patents to source codes were sold
[04:07:02] <h0h0-com> over a decade ago
[04:07:08] <h0h0-com> and the trademark
[04:07:12] <h0h0-com> was handed over
[04:07:22] <_main> yeah who has that now? that fucking FSF faggot or its some company like Novell or something?
[04:07:34] <h0h0-com> to have your system be unix certified it has to be complient with one of the single unix specifications defined by the Open Group
[04:07:38] <h0h0-com> freebsd is not compliant to that
[04:07:41] <h0h0-com> thus freebsd is NOT UNIX!
[04:07:48] <h0h0-com> yeah to novell
[04:07:56] <h0h0-com> but novell only held it for about 2 years i think
[04:07:58] <h0h0-com> then sold it to SCO
[04:08:13] <h0h0-com> what i want i xenix first version
[04:08:18] <h0h0-com> it was microsoft's UNIX
[04:08:33] <_main> Xenix?
[04:08:37] <h0h0-com> yes
[04:08:37] <_main> MICROSOFT UNIX?
[04:08:40] <h0h0-com> yes
[04:08:46] * _main throws fits
[04:08:51] <h0h0-com> did i not give you the freebsd design and implementation book?
[04:08:53] <_main> I didn't know that
[04:08:54] <_main> wtf
[04:08:56] <h0h0-com> read chapter one
[04:08:58] <h0h0-com> yes man
[04:09:03] <_main> I never read chapter 1
[04:09:04] <h0h0-com> but after the first version or second it was given to sco
[04:09:11] <h0h0-com> and became sco unixware if i remember correctly
[04:09:14] <h0h0-com> let me verify.
[04:09:16] <_main> Unixware yeah
[04:09:45] <h0h0-com> you should have read chapter 1.
[04:09:48] <h0h0-com> how could you miss that?
[04:09:52] <h0h0-com> it's important for unix history.
[04:09:54] <_main> nah
[04:09:56] <_main> I just dont remember
[04:10:33] <h0h0-com> not good enough
[04:10:39] <h0h0-com> you dont have an excuse not to remember like me
[04:10:41] <_main> after Novell's(DEC actually) partnership with Microsoft Dave Cutler and few others went to Microsoft to create NT based on VMS
[04:10:42] <h0h0-com> i wrecked my brain
[04:10:43] <_main> and all that
[04:10:44] <h0h0-com> with speed and mdma
[04:10:59] <h0h0-com> yes windows had some DEC devs
[04:11:00] <_main> and then I went right through to SCO I remember now. HAHAHA SCO yeah
[04:11:04] <h0h0-com> which is why they ripped some stuff from VMS
[04:11:08] <h0h0-com> and vms is pretty el8
[04:11:13] <h0h0-com> everyone hates sco
[04:11:20] <_main> I dont like them either
[04:11:21] <h0h0-com> because they sued redhat or something
[04:11:23] <h0h0-com> i do
[04:11:28] <h0h0-com> they pissed off a lot of linux faggots
[04:12:03] <h0h0-com> yes xenix became sco unix
[04:12:07] <h0h0-com> in 1995
[04:12:25] <h0h0-com> did i not give you access to old school unix kernel sources? :)
[04:12:29] <h0h0-com> there is ultrix
[04:12:31] <h0h0-com> bsd 1,2,3
[04:12:36] <h0h0-com> and some others
[04:12:38] <h0h0-com> much more
[04:12:42] <h0h0-com> many that ran on the pdp-11
[04:12:54] <h0h0-com> even seventh edition is there
[04:12:59] <h0h0-com> many of them were given out by sco
[04:13:00] <h0h0-com> some time ago
[04:13:22] <h0h0-com> Probably the most widespread version of the UNIX operating system, according to the number of machines on which it runs, is XENIX by Microsoft Corporation and The Santa Cruz Operation. XENIX was originally based on Seventh Edition, but later on System V. More recently, SCO purchased UNIX from Novell and announced plans to merge the two systems.
[04:13:31] <_main> h0h0, nah I dont have those kernel sources man
[04:13:36] <_main> can you upload them?
[04:13:37] <_main> please
[04:13:47] <h0h0-com> they're free
[04:15:16] <-- Quinthomas has left IRC ("Leaving")
[04:15:20] <h0h0-com> i keep forgetting
[04:15:22] <h0h0-com> where they are
[04:15:26] <h0h0-com> i have it linked somewhere
[04:15:28] <h0h0-com> i'll give it to you later
[04:15:35] <_main> okay
[04:16:20] <h0h0-com> quint sure doesnt talk much
[04:16:32] <h0h0-com> maybe he went quiet because i was posting stuff from an air force military router
[04:16:58] <h0h0-com> this what me and disco used to do
[04:17:01] <h0h0-com> go to random channels
[04:17:04] <h0h0-com> and talk about shit
[04:17:13] <h0h0-com> on priv8 ircd's as well
[04:17:16] <h0h0-com> and nobody would know wtf we're on about
[04:17:20] <h0h0-com> then he'd own their server
[04:17:29] <h0h0-com> they were script kid servers
[04:19:12] <_main> whoz quint? QQ?
[04:19:56] <_main> HAHAHA
[04:19:57] <h0h0-com> yes
[04:29:23] <_main> i_are_male: Gays Per Guys ratio
[04:29:24] <_main> syafawad: hi
[04:29:25] <_main> wooly_truth: hes been reading something special
[04:29:26] <_main> Romeovilleanyone: gays per guys
[04:29:27] <_main> Romeovilleanyone: thats right
[04:29:28] <_main> Romeovilleanyone: haha
[04:29:29] <_main> Romeovilleanyone: big deal
[04:29:30] <_main> Romeovilleanyone: I am gay
[04:29:31] <_main> Romeovilleanyone: so
[04:30:28] <h0h0-com> sounds gay
[04:31:05] <_main> HAHA
[04:31:09] <_main> what else should it sound like?
[04:33:40] <h0h0-com> haha
[04:43:32] <_main> i_are_male:, whats IRC?
[04:43:33] <_main> Internet Relay Chat
[04:43:34] <_main> l3lack_0ut_0verdrive.3721:
[04:43:35] <_main> i_are_male: does it have like servers
[04:43:36] <_main> Yes
[04:43:37] <_main> i_willy_wanka_i: i_are_male, something you would never understand, please don't corrupt irc with your stupidity...
[04:43:38] <_main> HAHAHAHA
[04:44:53] <_main> faggot, come to HL:1
[04:44:55] <_main> quick
[04:44:58] <_main> we got "linux" loverz
[05:56:16] --> ShiVerS has joined #exult
[05:56:21] <ShiVerS> y helo thar!
[05:56:42] <h0h0-com> welcome
[05:56:46] <h0h0-com> i'm from italy
[05:56:50] <ShiVerS> saik0pod?
[05:57:37] <h0h0-com> yes
[05:57:42] <h0h0-com> who are you again
[05:57:52] <ShiVerS> omfgwtfapplesauce
[05:57:56] <ShiVerS> :)
[05:58:13] <h0h0-com> i stsill dont know who that is
[05:58:18] <h0h0-com> what kind of stuff are you into dude
[05:58:20] <h0h0-com> c/asm?
[05:58:29] <ShiVerS> asm, hung with homer
[05:58:37] <ShiVerS> u said u is hatez teh h0mer
[05:58:50] <h0h0-com> yeah i hate him
[05:58:54] <ShiVerS> lol,y
[05:59:00] <h0h0-com> because he makes shit up
[05:59:03] <h0h0-com> and pretends to be a hacker
[05:59:15] <ShiVerS> what did he hack?
[05:59:15] <h0h0-com> i caught him ripping an exploit
[05:59:17] <h0h0-com> from 98
[05:59:22] <h0h0-com> he didnt hack shit
[05:59:28] <h0h0-com> he took an exploit for NT 4.0
[05:59:31] <h0h0-com> changed some comments
[05:59:35] <h0h0-com> and uploaded it as his own
[05:59:40] <h0h0-com> i logged him talking about it
[05:59:42] <h0h0-com> along with the exploit
[05:59:45] <ShiVerS> where did he upload it?
[05:59:48] <h0h0-com> and dropped the logs in hl:2
[05:59:52] <h0h0-com> not sure, i think on his site
[05:59:54] <h0h0-com> this was in like
[05:59:55] <h0h0-com> 2004
[05:59:57] <ShiVerS> oh
[06:00:20] <h0h0-com> it was ages ago
[06:00:24] <h0h0-com> back when i ran lusers.yeayea.org
[06:00:30] <h0h0-com> with one other person
[06:00:44] <ShiVerS> i met homey from sally
[06:00:50] <h0h0-com> hah
[06:01:26] <h0h0-com> i dont know anyone here btw
[06:01:26] <h0h0-com> except for _main
[06:01:31] <h0h0-com> someone in programming:1 said he hangs here
[06:01:32] <h0h0-com> sso i came here
[06:01:35] <h0h0-com> and started going on
[06:01:37] <h0h0-com> about shit
[06:01:37] <ShiVerS> i dont hang on this server either
[06:01:43] <h0h0-com> this server is gay
[06:01:44] <h0h0-com> i hate freenode
[06:01:49] <h0h0-com> im just here to troll
[06:01:54] <ShiVerS> your an efnet fan?
[06:01:54] <h0h0-com> da+vinci is such a retard
[06:01:56] <h0h0-com> yes
[06:01:59] <h0h0-com> efnet is my home base
[06:02:40] <h0h0-com> i'll brb man
[06:02:41] <h0h0-com> 20 min
[06:02:52] <ShiVerS> hb
[06:06:00] <ShiVerS> 4eating pie
[06:11:42] <ShiVerS> *goes to dalnet
[06:11:44] <-- ShiVerS has left IRC ()
[06:15:39] --> ShiVerS has joined #exult
[06:15:43] <ShiVerS> *is back
[06:19:45] <h0h0-com> hi
[06:22:47] <ShiVerS> wb
[06:23:04] <h0h0-com> tar
[06:23:09] <ShiVerS> we are on vc talking about car alarms
[06:23:16] <h0h0-com> gay
[06:23:19] <ShiVerS> lol
[06:24:26] <ShiVerS> if only there was a way to make yahoo less gay
[06:25:46] <h0h0-com> you have to own the chat servers
[06:26:02] <h0h0-com> and ptrace() the chat server process on all of them
[06:26:09] <h0h0-com> hook a lot of functions
[06:26:17] <h0h0-com> that can give you the ability to kickban people like on irc
[06:26:31] <h0h0-com> and own login.yahoo.com
[06:26:35] <h0h0-com> i dont know shit about yahoo protocol
[06:26:41] <ShiVerS> or use an ignore button
[06:26:47] <h0h0-com> nah
[06:26:51] <h0h0-com> that never works
[06:26:56] <h0h0-com> because people keep talking to that person
[06:26:59] <h0h0-com> even after they're ignored
[06:27:05] <h0h0-com> theres a way to also disable all clients
[06:27:08] <h0h0-com> err third party clients
[06:27:11] <h0h0-com> if you can hack the chat servers
[06:27:16] <h0h0-com> yahoo has been hacked before
[06:27:19] <h0h0-com> i can be done again
[06:27:39] <h0h0-com> hahahahha
[06:27:42] <h0h0-com> you're a funny guy
[06:28:07] <h0h0-com> so tell me about your code skills
[06:28:08] <h0h0-com> in c/asm
[06:28:23] <ShiVerS> not much to tell. i'm shitty
[06:28:39] <h0h0-com> why's that
[06:29:10] <ShiVerS> i dont take the time to write things properly and get angry @ the errors i cause
[06:29:18] <ShiVerS> then i start all over
[06:29:23] <ShiVerS> in a bad cycle
[06:30:37] <h0h0-com> run time errors or syntax errors or semantic errors or all 3
[06:31:28] <ShiVerS> i know most of the syntax for the language, i mainly just spell shit wrong alot
[06:31:28] <ShiVerS> the dumbest little things
[06:44:24] <h0h0-com> sorry but busy here
[06:44:36] <ShiVerS> i idle alot anyway
[06:45:04] <h0h0-com> so what was the point of posting my log about ptrace() to yahoo btw
[06:45:14] <ShiVerS> i was bored
[06:45:54] <h0h0-com> do you think it's impossible
[06:45:57] <h0h0-com> ever used ptrace() ?
[06:46:22] <ShiVerS> i've hooked things before
[06:48:12] <h0h0-com> what i want is their chat server source code
[06:48:58] <ShiVerS> just emulate it the best way you can
[06:57:42] <h0h0-com> i dont want to write one dude
[06:58:03] <ShiVerS> FAIL, thats just lazy
[06:58:11] <h0h0-com> no
[06:58:17] <h0h0-com> there is no point in writing one for the job i want to do
[06:58:19] <h0h0-com> what i want to do
[06:58:24] <h0h0-com> is find out which functions to hook
[06:58:31] <h0h0-com> it would save me like 2 weeks if i had the source
[06:58:37] <h0h0-com> otherwise i'd have to disassemble the chat server binary
[06:58:46] <h0h0-com> and find out that way
[06:58:49] <h0h0-com> and that would take a hell of a lot more
[06:58:56] <h0h0-com> and reading a lot of asm
[06:59:01] <h0h0-com> and all that for yahoo?
[06:59:02] <h0h0-com> heh
[06:59:06] <ShiVerS> ptrace(PTRACE_ATTACH, traced_process,
[06:59:06] <ShiVerS> NULL, NULL);
[06:59:14] <h0h0-com> thanks for the tip
[06:59:26] <h0h0-com> show me ones on solaris now!
[06:59:34] <ShiVerS> lol damn copy paste
[06:59:37] <h0h0-com> they have their own process manipulation routines you no
[06:59:43] <h0h0-com> the best is on windows no doubt though
[06:59:49] <h0h0-com> i mean nobody can beat CreateRemoteThread()
[06:59:56] <h0h0-com> and even WriteProcessMemory() owns ptrace()
[06:59:57] <ShiVerS> lol
[07:00:01] <h0h0-com> with ptrace() you have to do a fucking for loop
[07:00:07] <h0h0-com> because you can only write like 4 bytes at a fucking time
[07:00:18] <h0h0-com> from what i remember
[07:00:25] <h0h0-com> unless they changed
[07:00:29] <h0h0-com> ive been out of the game for a while
[07:00:33] <h0h0-com> only got back recently
[07:01:27] <h0h0-com> Dump of assembler code for function sys_ptrace:
[07:01:27] <h0h0-com> 0xc010cf20 <sys_ptrace+0>: sub $0x30,%esp
[07:01:27] <h0h0-com> 0xc010cf23 <sys_ptrace+3>: mov %ebx,0x20(%esp,1)
[07:01:27] <h0h0-com> 0xc010cf27 <sys_ptrace+7>: mov 0x34(%esp,1),%ebx
[07:01:27] <h0h0-com> 0xc010cf2b <sys_ptrace+11>: mov %esi,0x24(%esp,1)
[07:01:27] <h0h0-com> 0xc010cf2f <sys_ptrace+15>: mov 0x38(%esp,1),%esi
[07:01:29] <h0h0-com> 0xc010cf33 <sys_ptrace+19>: test %ebx,%ebx
[07:01:31] <h0h0-com> 0xc010cf35 <sys_ptrace+21>: mov %edi,0x28(%esp,1)
[07:01:44] <h0h0-com> 0xc010cf7f <sys_ptrace+95>: call 0xc012c7f0 <find_task_by_pid>
[07:02:12] <h0h0-com> oh n/m this is 2.4
[07:02:21] <h0h0-com> haha i could have just gone over
[07:02:24] <h0h0-com> the frickin source
[07:02:27] <h0h0-com> but like
[07:02:31] <h0h0-com> windows is about to crash
[07:02:33] <h0h0-com> i have so many things open
[07:02:39] <h0h0-com> i think if i o pen up one more c file it will freeze
[07:02:46] <h0h0-com> i have 4 devcpp instances
[07:02:47] <pupnik_> hi
[07:02:49] <h0h0-com> witha hundred files in them
[07:02:52] <h0h0-com> hi pupnik
[07:03:02] <pupnik_> cvs?
[07:03:16] <h0h0-com> nah
[07:03:25] <h0h0-com> just got lots of kernel code im going over
[07:03:30] <h0h0-com> and some shit im writing up
[07:03:32] <h0h0-com> and other crap
[07:08:29] <h0h0-com> jut earlier
[07:08:33] <h0h0-com> my pdf reader crashed
[07:08:34] <h0h0-com> lol
[07:08:40] <h0h0-com> becaues of way too much shit open
[07:08:43] <h0h0-com> it couldnt handle more apps
[07:13:21] <h0h0-com> whatsup pupnik
[07:13:26] <h0h0-com> sorry for flooding your channel
[07:13:29] <h0h0-com> i dont know who you people are
[07:13:39] <h0h0-com> someone from yahoo told me about this channel
[07:13:44] <h0h0-com> so i came to chat and invited a few people
[07:14:03] <ShiVerS> <--one of those ppl
[07:17:02] <-- ShiVerS has left IRC ()
[07:17:05] <pupnik_> it wasn't busy anyway
[07:17:48] <pupnik_> i just woke up
[07:20:54] <pupnik_> scrollback does look very efnet-ish
[07:22:34] <h0h0-com> i guess :)
[07:22:40] <h0h0-com> you hang on efnet?
[07:22:58] <pupnik_> to keep in touch with some old friends yes
[07:23:25] <pupnik_> but most projects i'm interested in are on freenode and oftc
[07:23:48] --- pupnik_ is now known as pupnik
[07:24:00] <pupnik> damn i'm tired
[07:24:44] <h0h0-com> oh ok
[07:24:49] <h0h0-com> what kind of projects areyou into dude
[07:24:56] <pupnik> /whois
[07:26:47] <h0h0-com> ays unaffiliated
[07:26:51] <h0h0-com> says*
[07:33:09] <h0h0-com> you a dev for some linux distro or bsd project?
[08:11:48] <pupnik> just helping port software to nokia linux tablets
[08:13:01] <pupnik> although 'compile' is usually more accurate than 'port'
[08:16:56] <h0h0-com> oh ok
[08:17:01] <h0h0-com> so you into c/asm stuff?
[08:17:05] <h0h0-com> and patching kernel src
[08:30:34] <pupnik> no
[08:30:45] <pupnik> did some reading about it a few years back
[08:31:06] <pupnik> interesting lklm exploits
[08:40:04] <h0h0-com> oh ok
[08:40:09] <h0h0-com> you into the hack stuff eh?
[08:43:19] <pupnik> long ago
[08:44:48] <pupnik> you might want to avoid centrino laptops
[08:51:13] <pupnik> whois h0h0-com
[08:51:49] <pupnik> hmm
[08:52:09] <pupnik> ciao
[08:54:11] <pupnik> since we're offtopic
[08:54:12] <pupnik> http://antiwar.com/radio/2008/03/30/gareth-porter-24/ Gareth Porter discusses the Iraqi Army\u2019s targeting of the Mahdi Army, his suspicion that Cheney arranged this with Maliki on his recent trip, the doom this could spell for the occupation
[08:57:53] <h0h0-com> heh
[08:58:00] <h0h0-com> whats your opinion on the war on terror
[09:14:35] <pupnik> "a war is when *two* armies are fighting" - Bill Hicks
[09:14:37] <pupnik> http://www.thechurning.com/misc/nokintoamonkey.mp3 - the anti evolution song - "I'm no kin to the monkey nonono!" (hilarious)
[09:26:59] <_main> hi
[09:27:03] <_main> back
[09:48:20] <-- Lord_Nightmare has left IRC ("Leaving")
[09:48:45] --> Lord_Nightmare has joined #exult
[09:57:12] <h0h0-com> y0h
[09:57:15] <h0h0-com> whatsup _main
[09:57:49] <h0h0-com> pupnik lol i just read what you posted on the gareth porter stuff
[09:57:50] <h0h0-com> hahahahaha
[09:58:15] <h0h0-com> god im so sick of all the "get out of iraq"!
[09:58:18] <h0h0-com> from the democrats
[09:58:26] <h0h0-com> who bombed my country to bits in 1999
[09:58:32] <h0h0-com> for no god damn reason
[09:58:41] <h0h0-com> and now they're all like "why did we invade a country for no reason"
[09:58:45] <h0h0-com> they're the worst cunts man
[09:58:52] <h0h0-com> but i kind of like the blue dog democrats
[09:58:59] <h0h0-com> like Melissa Bean :)
[09:59:07] <h0h0-com> the democrats from the south, they're a lot more conservative
[09:59:09] <h0h0-com> pretty cool
[09:59:15] <h0h0-com> not all
[09:59:19] <h0h0-com> but yeah you know what i mean
[09:59:23] <pupnik> the war on serbia was a big lie too
[09:59:39] <h0h0-com> the war on serbia was bullshit
[09:59:46] <pupnik> i'm not a democrat
[09:59:49] <h0h0-com> the albanian terrorists were funded by al-qaeda
[09:59:54] <h0h0-com> KLA
[09:59:55] <pupnik> yes KLA
[10:00:03] <h0h0-com> they were fucking us for years
[10:00:15] <h0h0-com> then we started fighting back and they did the same thing the palestinians did in 1948
[10:00:26] <h0h0-com> packed up and left and made it look like ethnic cleansing
[10:00:34] <h0h0-com> now that the UN is there they've found jack shit
[10:00:38] <pupnik> hehe
[10:00:38] <h0h0-com> of 'genocide' claims
[10:00:42] <pupnik> yes
[10:00:53] <h0h0-com> not to mention that the leftits media made up fake bullshit
[10:01:03] <h0h0-com> man those albanians are in northen greece
[10:01:05] <h0h0-com> and they want that as well
[10:01:07] <pupnik> i'm not qualified to comment on the situation. i only investigated my countries excuses for aggression, and found them to be lies.
[10:01:12] <h0h0-com> they're also in macedonia and they want that as well
[10:01:22] <h0h0-com> i'm actually pro-american
[10:01:27] <h0h0-com> even though i am serbian
[10:01:31] <h0h0-com> i used to hate america
[10:01:42] <h0h0-com> then one day i was in serbia
[10:01:45] <h0h0-com> on september 11
[10:01:56] <h0h0-com> my friend gets a call saying "the americans have been hit!"
[10:01:59] <h0h0-com> and i say ahh nice
[10:02:03] <h0h0-com> so i go home to watch the tv
[10:02:04] <h0h0-com> and i turn it on
[10:02:10] <h0h0-com> and i see the planes hit the building
[10:02:17] <h0h0-com> and im just staring at it
[10:02:25] <h0h0-com> i thought i was going to laugh
[10:02:27] <h0h0-com> but i didnt
[10:02:33] <h0h0-com> and from that moment everything changed
[10:02:41] <h0h0-com> so i started learning about politics
[10:02:46] <h0h0-com> learning about islam
[10:03:03] <h0h0-com> spend 2 years studying history and politic of nearly every country born since dawn of civilization
[10:03:05] <h0h0-com> 10 hours a day
[10:03:11] <h0h0-com> watching documentaries nearlly everyday
[10:03:16] <h0h0-com> watching 5 slots of news daily
[10:03:21] <h0h0-com> opened up opera with 100 browser tabs
[10:03:32] <pupnik> cool
[10:03:33] <h0h0-com> all with different opinions on the war on terror, on islam on this and that
[10:03:40] <h0h0-com> kept refreshing every 5 minutes all day
[10:03:58] <h0h0-com> so eventually i figured out that americans arent the evil 'empire' that most of the world portrays them to be
[10:04:24] <h0h0-com> so i dont give a fuck what anyone says about mr bush
[10:04:28] <pupnik> yes 'empire' in quotes
[10:04:47] <h0h0-com> when they study as much as i did they can come back to me
[10:05:04] <h0h0-com> they're all like 'ohh no the evil neo conservatives taking all that oil'
[10:05:22] <h0h0-com> then i ask them about the forigen policy of neoconservatism, the nation building aspects
[10:05:26] <h0h0-com> and they say "wtf are you on about?"
[10:05:37] <h0h0-com> all these fucking kids not knowing what the fuck they are talking about
[10:05:47] <h0h0-com> they just get on the fucking anti-bush anti-american bandwagon
[10:05:50] <h0h0-com> and follow the crowd
[10:05:55] <pupnik> you should join ##politics
[10:06:03] <h0h0-com> without actually sitting there for a while and investigating themselves
[10:06:08] <h0h0-com> i'd probably be banned from there
[10:06:13] <h0h0-com> i was banned from #politic on efnet
[10:06:18] <h0h0-com> by a republican!
[10:06:23] --> Darke has joined #exult
[10:06:28] <pupnik> i am banned there also
[10:06:29] <h0h0-com> we were cool first, he said he'd welcome me with open arms to america
[10:06:45] <h0h0-com> but then as i started telling them the truth about palestinians, they accused me of being an extreme zionist
[10:06:47] <h0h0-com> and rm'd me
[10:06:48] <h0h0-com> lol
[10:06:51] <h0h0-com> haha nice
[10:07:00] <h0h0-com> most people on the irc are all far left and crap
[10:07:02] <pupnik> if you want you are welcome to chat in ##politics
[10:07:10] <h0h0-com> i'll check it out
[10:07:13] <pupnik> this is kind of a long offtopic bit for exult
[10:07:24] <h0h0-com> they probably wont like me very much
[10:07:33] <h0h0-com> yeah, im not even sure what this channel is about
[10:07:45] <h0h0-com> i jut saw someone talk about it in programming:1 on yahoo chat and i said let me join
[10:07:54] <h0h0-com> but he didnt want to tell me what his nick was and he /quit
[10:07:57] <h0h0-com> not sure why
[10:08:45] <h0h0-com> so what kind of a channel is this anyway
[10:08:56] <h0h0-com> i can part if you guys are finding me annoying
[10:09:17] <pupnik> http://pupnik.de/exult770.html
[10:09:27] <h0h0-com> cheqn
[10:09:46] <h0h0-com> hmm interesting
[10:09:58] <pupnik> got to go, see you later maybe
[10:10:07] <h0h0-com> nice photo dude
[10:10:12] <h0h0-com> for a nokia, notbad haha
[10:10:14] <h0h0-com> good stuff
[10:10:17] <h0h0-com> i dont play games though
[10:10:22] <h0h0-com> alright, laters
[10:23:17] <-- _main has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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