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[00:31:59] <servus> wjp: You should allow a form of ExultBot printout to only show "[$timestamp] $user: $post" for a certain time range (say, last week, last month, etc)
[00:39:51] <Colourless> pfft database search ability sounds like something too functional for exultbot
[00:40:21] <servus> Not even that -- I just want to view more than one day at a time! Specifically, it'd be useful to see all comments for the last week for #Uwadv, etc.
[00:40:37] <servus> I'll make the modifications to ExultBot myself, if you show the source :p
[00:46:30] <Colourless> exultbot stores all the posts in a separate file representing each day
[00:46:52] <servus> Eww, screen-scraping... Still thouh!
[00:46:58] <servus> Do I need to write my own meta-exultbot?
[00:47:44] <Colourless> well exultbot is not very special. you'd want to just write a php doc that combines the 'days' correctly
[00:48:11] <Colourless> it just stores text docs that contain the transcripts
[00:49:10] <Colourless> i 'think' exultbot also inserts some html codes
[00:49:26] <Colourless> colourless for nick recognition and such
[00:49:40] <Colourless> but the page headers are all generated by php
[00:49:59] <servus> Are the text transcripts accessible?
[00:50:45] <Colourless> yes
[00:52:02] <servus> Or the ExultBot source, so I could just edit it?
[00:52:03] <Colourless> don't know the correct urls though :-)
[00:52:43] <Colourless> http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/pentagramlogs/ http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/uwadvlogs/
[00:53:04] <Colourless> not sure where the exult logs are stored
[00:53:44] <servus> Found them
[00:53:56] <servus> /logs/
[00:54:19] <Colourless> of course it's not exactly easy to do anything with those files :-)
[00:54:25] <servus> Pre-formatted with HTML though. Screen-scraping it is
[00:54:33] <servus> Sure it is. I'm a reg-exp-ert :P
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[01:31:37] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/files/exultbot2.php?log=26Jul2005&logend=2Aug2005 o.O
[01:31:46] <servus> Little slow, but blame it on WJP's server.
[01:34:45] <SB-X> i was going to ask you to do that, thanks!
[01:36:08] <SB-X> do you filter out part/join messages?
[01:36:10] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/files/exultbot3.php?log=26Jul2005&logend=2Aug2005 Now with day headers!
[01:36:18] <servus> Yes. I filter out all non-chatter.
[01:37:00] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/files/exultbot3.phps if wjp is interested in the source.
[01:37:03] <SB-X> now it's easier to read
[01:37:38] <SB-X> the top header is wrong
[01:37:51] <servus> How do you figure? I copy and pasted the header.
[01:37:58] <servus> Oh.
[01:39:03] <servus> Fixed. Well, it's certainly nothing special, but maybe wjp will add similar functionality if prodded... : o)
[01:39:45] <SB-X> i doubt it
[01:40:25] <servus> Well all he has to do is change the $URLBase at the top and use this one : o)
[01:40:54] <servus> That, and put his ToC into mine, which I don't care to recreate. Just showing how easy what I asked for was...
[01:41:15] <SB-X> you asked for it?
[01:41:22] <SB-X> i should actually read the log
[01:41:25] <servus> Well, a minute before I made my own :)
[01:41:37] <servus> Anyway... yeah. *Wanders off*
[01:41:50] <SB-X> wait, you forgot "Last Year"
[01:45:31] <servus> I didn't want to zonk his server...
[01:46:39] <SB-X> Now I want a script to display the last 5 messages, and embed it into a webpage.
[01:49:57] <SB-X> BTW Yesterday and Tomorrow links are relative to the displayed day's log, not the current day.
[01:50:14] <SB-X> so you can keep clicking them to move through the days
[01:50:17] <SB-X> and logs
[01:53:40] <servus> Yeah that's the point.
[01:53:56] <servus> Oh, I mean, supposed to be the point :">
[01:54:48] <servus> Oh well. Type in the URL I suppose
[02:09:41] <servus> My new version of SDL automatically defaults to AALib if it cannot find an X session :)
[02:18:56] <SB-X> what does SDL normally do without an X session?
[02:19:07] <SB-X> i thought it was that, or SVGAlib
[02:19:25] <SB-X> playing exult in aalib would be hard though
[02:19:33] <Colourless> hehe
[02:35:59] <Lord_Nightmare> random coding quest of coolness: fix ncurses so it doesn't f*** the keyboard to all hell when its run, so aalib-in-sdl will be able to properly use the keyboard
[02:36:28] <Sevalecan> woah
[02:36:37] <Sevalecan> conversation is happening in here
[02:45:45] <SB-X> not really
[02:49:00] <Sevalecan> ok, was
[02:49:02] <Sevalecan> and slowly
[02:49:04] <Sevalecan> >:P
[02:58:47] <SB-X> what's a "ghetto hack"?
[02:59:28] <SB-X> i found that comment in the "Call of Duty" scripts
[03:00:14] <Lord_Nightmare> ask ryan feltrin
[03:00:48] <Lord_Nightmare> in fact, while you're at it, ask him for the eraserbot sourcecode, zinx verituse has been looking for that for years
[03:01:28] <SB-X> good idea i'll just give him a telephone call and see what he says
[03:01:43] <Lord_Nightmare> i think he's ryan@feltrin.org
[03:02:34] <SB-X> heh ... not going to contact him for that, i can guess what it means
[03:02:38] <SB-X> who is zinx verituse?
[03:16:24] <Lord_Nightmare> writes xmms plugins... made some patches to gnuboy... helps out with linux issues in zsnes... he's kind-of an all-around-helper guy. i think he does something maor too but i forget what it is
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[05:22:53] <Baastuul> Harro, harro.
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