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[09:49:32] <Dominus> Phew... getting back into using Exult Studio...
[09:50:23] <Dominus> It's annoying how destructive ES is
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[12:48:14] <GitHub> [exult] marzojr pushed 2 new commits to master: https://git.io/v1WBb
[12:48:14] <GitHub> exult/master 2fd5410 KnightCaptain: Added teleporter fix to Initgame.dat...
[12:48:14] <GitHub> exult/master 986c8df Marzo Sette Torres Junior: Merge branch 'KnightCaptain-teleporter-fix' into master
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[12:48:41] <GitHub> [exult] marzojr closed pull request #15: Teleporter Fix from Football Field (master...teleporter-fix) https://git.io/v1CHo
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[17:11:36] <Dominus> Marzo: I don't suppose we can make groups with chunks? Scrolling through the chunks to find the one chunk that fits can be annoying
[17:12:00] <Marzo> You can make those; we don't ship with any by default
[17:12:42] <Dominus> (Not to mention I found myself finding chunks that would be perfect if onlyI could mirror them vertically or horizontally)
[17:13:20] <Dominus> Oh cool, will have to group stuff for my very not useful side project ;)
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[18:20:19] <GitHub> [exult] marzojr merged master into coverity_scan: https://git.io/v1W65
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[19:31:23] <Dominus> ugh, what a stupid idea of me to take on grouping the chunks...
[19:31:32] <Dominus> that's a tedious work...