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[00:55:56] <SoulHarvester> I AM TEH RETRUN
[00:55:58] <SoulHarvester> !uptime
[00:55:59] <MMe> 14 I have been running 11Windows 98 (4.10 - 2222) 14 for 11 - 1w 5d 23h 42s - 9»»¥¯¯MïñìM멯¯¥«« ¬.¬
[01:03:10] <SoulHarvester> 2os[Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)] 2uptime[10m 33s] 2cpu[1-Intel Pentium II, 539MHz, 512KB] 2mem[Usage: 165/768MB (21.48%) [||--------]]
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[03:56:13] <Cryptster> hey hey!
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[04:15:59] * Darke greetingsbows.
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[07:03:46] <sbx> I CALL upon thee, to bow before the power that is SB-X! <magnanimousfluff>
[07:21:10] <-- matto has left IRC ("Play Dragon's Lair in linux - http://www.daphne-emu.com - Developers welcome :)")
[07:23:52] --- Darke has changed the topic to: I CALL upon thee, to bow before the power that is EXULT! <magnanimousfluff>
[07:23:56] <Darke> Better?
[07:24:07] <sbx> no
[07:24:19] <Darke> Why?
[07:24:48] <sbx> exult ceases to exist in it's current form without the usecode
[07:25:44] <sbx> usecode knows all and sees all
[07:26:07] <sbx> exult bows before it and graciously accepts it's functionality
[07:26:24] <sbx> "functionality" may not be the correct word there :)
[07:26:45] <Darke> Only if you consider that usecode 'functions'. <grin>
[07:27:35] <sbx> heh
[07:28:31] <sbx> I CALL upon thee, to bow before the power that is SharpTooth! <magnanimousfluff>
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[07:53:41] <wjp> hi
[07:53:41] <sbx> hi
[07:53:58] <matto> hey wjp
[07:57:16] <wjp> Darke: did you read the last part of yesterday's logs? (around 21:45 gmt)
[08:00:01] <Darke> Hi. <bow> Yes. <grin>
[08:00:45] <wjp> I hacked in 'var' support in function headers too last night, so now it compiles 0x96 straight from ucxt :-)
[08:01:18] * Darke applauds. "Nice work!"
[08:01:40] <wjp> I've been wondering if I should add the 'atend' hack to for...
[08:02:04] <wjp> It wouldn't really be that hard to do, I guess
[08:03:14] <Darke> It shouldn't be, since there is apparently already 'optional' parameters to for.
[08:04:16] <wjp> well, that doesn't matter, really. It's just adding another possible expansion of a 'for_statement'
[08:06:39] <wjp> another silly thing I ran into: ucc only accepted hex digits in lower case :-)
[08:07:36] * sbx 0xC0FF's.
[08:07:52] <Darke> <blink> That's interesting... it kind of makes sense though. <grin> I take it you modified it to accept upper case then?
[08:08:01] <wjp> yeah
[08:09:54] --- wjp is now known as wjp|work
[08:21:43] <sbx> /nick sbx|play
[08:21:48] <sbx> oops
[08:21:50] --- sbx is now known as sbx|play
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[08:59:47] <Wumpus> oh wow, what a crowd... hi all :)
[09:02:24] * Darke bows. "Hello. <grin> Yes, there are quite a few people on today."
[09:02:47] <Wumpus> hehe i see that jsf is back
[09:02:53] * Wumpus notes half a dozen sf emails :)
[09:06:56] <wjp|work> hi
[09:07:19] <Wumpus> actually looks like several people came back... its from various people :)
[09:08:00] <wjp|work> nah, the last half a dozen were all from Jeff
[09:10:03] * Wumpus hasn't got to the ml yet
[09:11:50] <wjp|work> Darke: how about sending all ucxt status output to stderr... would be nice to be able to pipe output straight to ucc :-)
[09:14:55] <Darke> And the 'Ultima 7 usecode...' bits as well? <grin> Already doing it.
[09:15:38] <Darke> That is I just made the change... <grin>
[09:16:57] <Darke> Actually... I'll just not output it, unless the verbose (-v) option is used. That makes more sense.
[09:19:55] <Wumpus> or just make it a comment :) (and make ucc recognise cmoments... which is something it probably should do anyway... of course it probably already does, i've never played with it at all)
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[09:22:06] <Darke> They're only useful when it's actually 'working' to tell you that it's parsing this or doing that, which is what all the other messages in -v currently do, so I just dropped the one that was always outputting into it. I moved the "Ultima 7 usecode..." message into the function that outputs if you run it without parameters.
[09:22:52] * Wumpus hmms... I'm having some stuff shipped to me from about 20km away, down a convenient main road.... hehe :)
[09:29:07] * Darke snickers.
[09:39:10] <Darke> Hmm... there doesn't seem to be much use for the old -fs format now. I think I shall start removing the old code related to this from the files.
[09:39:37] <sbx|play> maybe you should replace -fz with -fs
[09:40:10] <sbx|play> hi Wumpus
[09:40:50] <Darke> Make -fz and -fs do the same thing? That was my intention, there's just a pile of code that the 'del' button needs to be used on. <grin>
[09:41:21] <sbx|play> and remove -fz, what does the z mean?
[09:42:44] <Wumpus> zcript :)
[09:42:45] <Darke> Nothing. <grin> It however does look sufficiently like a 's' for me to use '-fz' for the 'new' decompiler whilst I was writing it, so I could double check it against the old one, which kind-of worked.
[09:49:52] * wjp|work tries to ucc ucxt's function 9a
[09:51:04] <wjp|work> hmm, 'exit2' and 'append' not declared
[10:52:52] <sbx|play> bbs
[10:52:54] <-- sbx|play has left IRC ("Push push push, add jmp mul pop, push call sub mod, in smth say...")
[11:04:48] --> sbx has joined #exult
[11:05:28] <sbx> Does anyone here know why mounting a PSX disc would not work properly?
[11:06:15] <sbx> should work
[11:06:20] <sbx> works for other people :P
[11:11:19] <Darke> No idea. I've never tried before.
[11:20:48] <Wumpus> hehe
[11:21:04] <Wumpus> i would have thought its a different file system, but if you say it works for other people... ;-p
[11:21:19] <Wumpus> maybe they have PSX mount modules? :P no idea, really :)
[11:21:55] <sbx> it is iso9660 i think
[11:22:08] <sbx> i remember exploring a disc in windows
[11:22:20] <Wumpus> lol
[11:22:26] * Wumpus first read that as "expoding a disc in windows" :)
[11:22:33] <sbx> hehe
[11:22:43] <sbx> now if i mount one it shows the size correctly in df but there are no files listed with ls
[11:22:46] * Darke giggles.
[11:27:10] <sbx> mount /dev/hdc /cdrom
[11:27:12] <sbx> mount: block device /dev/hdc is write-protected, mounting read-only
[11:27:18] <sbx> df /dev/hdc
[11:27:23] <sbx> Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
[11:27:28] <sbx> /dev/hdc 635574 635574 0 100% /cdrom
[11:27:38] <sbx> ls -la /cdrom
[11:27:42] <sbx> total 3
[11:27:45] <sbx> dr-xr-xr-x 1 root root 2048 Aug 4 1997 .
[11:27:48] <sbx> drwxr-xr-x 19 root root 1024 Dec 29 18:02 ..
[11:27:52] <sbx> :-|
[11:28:03] <Wumpus> its possible to do that with iso9660
[11:28:09] <Wumpus> (IE hide the files on the volume)
[11:28:26] <sbx> an option to have 'mount' not hide them?
[11:28:35] <sbx> s/an/any
[11:28:43] <Wumpus> try unhide
[11:28:53] <Wumpus> mount /dev/hdc /cdrom -o unhide
[11:29:06] <Wumpus> (cf man mount, search for iso9660)
[11:29:17] * Darke just did the same thing. <grin>
[11:29:45] <sbx> bagh
[11:29:46] <sbx> bah
[11:29:48] <sbx> im an idiot
[11:29:50] <sbx> thanks Wumpus
[11:30:13] <Wumpus> hehe it works? cool :)
[11:30:32] * sbx writes up a little note that says RTFM! and tapes it to his forehead.
[11:31:29] <sbx> yeah it has entries such as... "battle", "enemy1", "field", "init", "movie", "world"
[11:32:09] <sbx> l33t :O
[11:32:22] * Wumpus likes mkisofs :)
[11:33:00] * sbx has not a CDR
[11:33:07] <Wumpus> i never said i had a CDR :P
[11:33:10] <sbx> that would work on a file too hehe
[11:33:30] <sbx> but i never used it still
[11:33:35] * Wumpus just finds it handy for sharing stuff between his windows and linux stuff when i want to maintain some of the unix perms and stuff (ie non executable etc)
[11:34:14] <sbx> is that the Rock Ridge extension?
[11:34:19] <sbx> that allows the perms
[11:34:51] <Wumpus> yeah
[11:35:18] <Wumpus> but widnwos doesn't see the rr stuff at all, so its all good :)
[11:35:24] <sbx> thats a good idea
[11:35:42] <Wumpus> well, it only really useful for videos and mp3s and such which you don't need to have writable ;-p
[11:35:58] * Wumpus mainly used it for his thief mission archive :-)
[11:36:17] <Wumpus> and mp3 archive, of course :)
[11:36:18] <sbx> yeah only videos i have that cant play here are mov with sorenson codec
[11:36:28] <sbx> what can you do with Thief in unix?
[11:36:45] <sbx> linux
[11:37:04] <Wumpus> sbx- nothing, but i do all my DLing in linux, and sooner or later it'll window up on CD from there, and i don't want to have the execute bit set for everything, it just annoys me :-)
[11:37:14] * Wumpus probably just silly, but there it is ;-p
[11:37:44] <sbx> me too
[11:38:06] <sbx> mainly because of the annoying green color and asterisk in ls
[11:38:06] * Wumpus has a divX... i tried playing in window media player on the off chance that it'd be installed by default... it hangs windows... consistently... even the three finger salute doesn't work :|
[11:38:14] <Wumpus> hehe i don't use colour ls
[11:38:22] * sbx uses --color=always.
[11:40:02] <sbx> is there an ls that accepts --colour as an option? :)
[11:41:01] <Wumpus> --col works :P
[11:41:27] <Wumpus> (if you just want to not use the american spelling :P)
[11:41:37] <sbx> heh
[11:41:42] <sbx> :o
[11:45:40] <Wumpus> is there actually a way of ./configur 'ing exult so that it doesn't do inlining?
[11:45:55] * Wumpus is getting annoyed with haxoring it after the fact
[11:46:04] <sbx> where does it use inlines?
[11:46:15] <Wumpus> sbx- all over the place
[11:46:17] <sbx> haxor ./configure :-)
[11:46:22] <Wumpus> and optimisations for that matter
[11:46:33] <Wumpus> sbx- i had a shot at fiddling with configure.in , not much luck though...
[11:46:49] <Wumpus> (I dont' really know my way around there, and changing the "obvious" places didn't fix it everywhere in configure)
[11:46:57] <Darke> There's '-fno-default-inline' but I don't know where you'd add it.
[11:47:03] <Wumpus> (and yeah, I was haxoring configure, rather than the makefiles themsevls, but still annoying)
[11:47:27] <Darke> Wouldn't turning off optimisations remove inlining?
[11:47:46] <sbx> -O0?
[11:48:07] <Wumpus> darke- i want to disable the explicit inlines as well, but more to the point, how do you disable all optimisations when ./configuring? I thought i had looked through the options and not seen it :|
[11:49:00] * Wumpus finds it runs perfectly adequately, at least without a scaler :P
[11:49:13] <sbx> i never use scaler
[11:49:31] * Wumpus only uses it when he's transcribing stuff, otherwise i fullscreen the x1 :)
[11:50:26] <sbx> classic gaming
[11:50:54] <Wumpus> hmm that reminds me, i never did get that terminal working quite right
[11:50:59] <Darke> --enable-optimized-debug apparently turns on optomisation, but turns off inlining with the above paramter. Tried that?
[11:51:00] * Wumpus considers having another shot at it...
[11:51:27] <sbx> OooOohh "optimized debug"
[11:51:39] <Darke> Or rather, this is the exact string: -g -O2 -fno-default-inline -fno-inline
[11:51:47] <Darke> Which seems to be what you're after.
[11:51:51] <Wumpus> ohh
[11:52:03] <Wumpus> thats badly labelled then :P thanks
[11:52:20] * Darke grins and bows.
[11:53:58] <Wumpus> (badly labelled, because --enable-debug also uses -O2... )
[11:55:33] <sbx> but "optimized debug" is optimized... because it says so
[11:55:53] <Wumpus> well yes, but so is normal debug.... ;-p
[11:56:03] <Wumpus> optimized debug is actually less so, since it doesn't do inlining :P
[11:57:07] <sbx> you should rename it to unoptimized-debug then
[11:58:16] <sbx> --enable-wumpus-debug
[11:58:33] <Wumpus> yeah!
[11:58:37] <Wumpus> :)
[11:58:43] <Wumpus> --just-do-it-my-way )
[11:58:44] <Wumpus> :-)
[11:59:56] <sbx> everyone wants to just do it their way
[11:59:58] * Darke thinks it's just a case of someone trying finding that --enable-debug was too slow, and just added the -O2 option to it, without realising the optimise debug flag was there. <shrug> No idea really.
[12:00:27] <Wumpus> :)
[12:00:53] <sbx> so take -02 off of --enable-debug, because someone couldnt read
[12:01:12] <sbx> and put that in the changelog
[12:01:14] <Wumpus> hmm no
[12:01:20] <Wumpus> the O2 is coming from elsewhere
[12:01:24] <Wumpus> (when you do enable debug)
[12:01:44] <Darke> Weird. According to configure.in, it's not actually adding the -O2, it's in the else clause.
[12:01:44] <Wumpus> well, I'm trying to read configure.in on the basis of 0 experience, but thats how i read it ;-p
[12:01:57] <Wumpus> darke- indeed, so presumably its added latter
[12:02:03] <Wumpus> possibly in CXXFLAGS or something? :(
[12:02:35] <wjp|work> time to go
[12:02:36] <wjp|work> bye
[12:02:39] <sbx> bye
[12:02:40] <Darke> Well, it's not added in configure.in afaict, since there's only two occurances of -O2, and they're both accounted for.
[12:02:42] <Wumpus> byee
[12:02:43] <Darke> Bye.
[12:02:45] <-- wjp|work has left IRC ("[x]chat")
[12:02:46] <Wumpus> darke- yeah, hmm
[12:02:51] <Wumpus> but its there all the same :/
[12:03:26] <Wumpus> (in configure, that is)
[12:03:34] <Wumpus> (IE in lots of differnet places of it)
[12:04:28] <Darke> Weird. It seems to add it, if it detects the compiler is gcc or gxx... or at least that's how I'm reading it.
[12:10:21] * Wumpus notes that its done by AC_PROG_CC
[12:10:30] <Wumpus> (autoconf macro)
[12:10:59] <Wumpus> (respectively AC_PROG_CXX)
[12:11:15] <Wumpus> and there's no obvious comment in the documentation about disabling that behaviour, hmphm
[12:12:15] * sbx needs to learn m4.
[12:13:24] * Wumpus doesn't want to learn m4 hehe
[12:26:58] <sbx> i've got to sleep
[12:27:06] <sbx> see you all later
[12:27:07] <-- sbx has left IRC ("Push push push, add jmp mul pop, push call sub mod, in smth say...")
[12:30:32] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[12:30:35] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[12:30:39] <Colourless> hi
[12:30:49] * Darke bows. "Hi."
[12:55:26] <Colourless> grrr. who managed to completely screw up gamedat.cc
[12:55:39] <Colourless> 84 errors, 1 file!
[12:55:49] * Darke hasn't touched it! <innocentwiggle>
[12:56:23] <Wumpus> it hasn't been changed isnce beta1
[12:56:25] <Wumpus> oh
[12:56:25] <Wumpus> no
[12:56:33] <Wumpus> since the 28th rather
[12:56:37] <Wumpus> and i've had it build since then
[12:56:46] <Colourless> it's a msvc related problem
[12:56:50] <Wumpus> maybe stuff its including?
[12:56:53] <Wumpus> ohh hehe :P well
[12:56:59] <Colourless> i haven't built this in weeks
[12:57:13] <Colourless> C:\UC\exult\gamedat.cc(60) : error C2874: using-declaration causes a multiple declaration of 'ifstream'
[12:57:31] <Colourless> c:\program files\microsoft visual studio\vc98\include\iosfwd(268) : see declaration of 'ifstream'
[12:57:59] <Colourless> now, which header is screwing this all up
[12:58:16] <Wumpus> okie, another evening wasted :( *sigh*
[12:58:18] <Wumpus> g'night all
[12:58:21] <Colourless> cya
[12:58:23] <-- Wumpus has left IRC ("sleeep")
[13:11:11] --> |{itty has joined #exult
[13:11:30] <Colourless> IT WAS JEFF!
[13:16:01] <Darke> Colourless: Suuuuurrre it was! It's not as if he's not mentioned in the changelog as having edited it or anything! <grin>
[13:16:36] * Darke wonders if he's overdoing the sarcasm.
[13:19:33] <Colourless> well, the file that had the problem was created by jeff, and the initial revision had the problem....
[13:19:39] <Colourless> want to know what he did? ;-)
[13:19:47] * Darke earperks.
[13:20:01] <Colourless> well he did the following:
[13:20:06] <Colourless> class ifstream;
[13:20:14] <Colourless> that's it. that was all he did.
[13:20:36] <Colourless> considering that ifstream is meant to be in namespace std, it caused just a 'few' problems
[13:21:05] <Darke> Umm... ok. I can kind of understand why that may just cause a few problems... <grin>
[13:36:28] <-- Cryptster has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:52:38] --> wjp has joined #exult
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[13:52:38] <wjp> hi again
[13:52:38] <Colourless> hi
[13:52:38] <Darke> Hello again. <bow>
[13:52:54] <wjp> just a quick note: the -g -O2 is added by autoconf/configure automatically when using gcc...
[13:53:00] <wjp> the only way to prevent this is to clear CXXFLAGS after the C++ compiler detection
[13:53:08] <wjp> IIRC, it should be fixed in autoconf 2.5
[13:54:26] * wjp has to go again :-)
[13:54:27] <wjp> bye
[13:54:28] <-- wjp has left IRC (Client Quit)
[13:54:33] * Darke hopes so. He thinks it's a little dumb you can't turn it off, even if it's the default.
[15:04:18] --> wjp has joined #exult
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[15:04:45] <Darke> Hello again, for the 3rd time tonight. <grin>
[15:04:51] <Colourless> hi
[15:05:01] <Colourless> for me it's the 2nd
[15:12:03] <wjp> hi :-)
[15:12:19] <Darke> Hmm... removing the olselete -fs option allows me to remove... 10 files of code that's no-longer used, about 2500-2600 lines of code. Leaving 8 files in ucxt, which total about 2300 lines of code. Inverse productivity anybun? <grin>
[15:13:02] * Darke is _so_glad_ he's never coded in a shop that measures productivity by LOC... it's just insane.
[15:13:47] <Colourless> easy ways to increase lines of code... only put 1 function parameter per line :-)
[15:15:42] <Darke> Something that you almost have to do when passing template classes and the like around in C++, map<unsigned int, pair<unsigned int, string> >::iterator anyone? <grin>
[15:16:13] <wjp> don't forget the std::'s ;-)
[15:16:31] * Darke will _happily_ forget the std::'s thanks. <grin>
[16:08:49] * Darke pokes Colourless, he managed to break that ifstream stuff under linux with his commit. <grin> He thinks he's just fixed it with his commit. <crossesclaws>
[16:09:30] <Colourless> yeah, well, you are not supposed to use fstream.h
[16:09:40] <Darke> Or rather my commit, when I update ChangeLog with the list of files I'm about to kill.
[16:09:50] <Darke> What about <fstream>?
[16:09:56] <Colourless> yeah, that's ok
[16:09:56] <wjp> fstream.h bad. fstream good
[16:10:19] <Darke> Just checking, I just dropped that into gamemap.h IIRC, and Things Worked(tm).
[16:10:27] * wjp is wondering what would make a good 'append arrays' operator for ucc...
[16:10:53] <wjp> in a typed language '+' would make some sense, but '+' is already taken here :-)
[16:11:21] <Darke> Did I have anything for that under ucxt -fs? +=? <grin>
[16:12:25] <wjp> -fs uses a OO-like 'var1.append(var2)'
[16:12:35] <wjp> -fz outputs append(var1,var2)
[16:12:35] <Darke> Colourless: Incidentally... what year is it again? <grin>
[16:13:19] <Colourless> ah, for crying out loud. i could have sworn i wrote 2002
[16:13:23] <wjp> 102, according to wsftp at the uni :-)
[16:13:30] <Colourless> hehe
[16:13:44] <Colourless> still not y2k complient :-)
[16:13:56] <Darke> += might work then... or just use append(). It's very much an asthetic thing anyway. <grin>
[16:14:26] <wjp> well, it's not really var1 += var2, but more var3 = var1 #%^! var2
[16:14:38] <Colourless> ucxt seems like a very complex program
[16:14:56] <Colourless> maybe a & symbol>?
[16:15:44] <wjp> & sounds ok
[16:15:46] <Colourless> no bitwise operations in usecode so it's unused
[16:15:50] <Darke> Complex? Not really. It's more a bunch of simple programs trying to coexist peacefully, and not succeeding all that well occasionally. <grin>
[16:16:10] * Darke nods, & makes sense.
[16:16:21] <wjp> (U8 does have a bitwise and, btw)
[16:16:43] <Colourless> anyway, i don't think you'd use bitwise & on an array :-)
[16:16:51] <Darke> +&? <grin>
[16:16:58] <wjp> no, but you don't know if something is an array :-)
[16:17:42] * wjp likes Jeff's expression structure
[16:17:43] <Colourless> true
[16:17:51] <wjp> it's just adding 2 lines in ucparse.yy
[16:18:05] <Darke> A bitwise and of the first variable, with an array of bits to 'and' as the second? That could be a wonderfully hideous construct.
[16:19:00] <wjp> Darke: do you want to update opcodes.txt or should I?
[16:19:44] <Darke> wjp: Update away, I've not altered my copy, and I've got my paws full at the moment commiting this.
[16:24:02] <wjp> ok, committed
[16:27:09] <wjp> [wjp@aldur compiler]$ ../ucxt/src/ucxt -fz 96 | ./ucc
[16:27:09] <wjp> [wjp@aldur compiler]$
[16:27:17] <wjp> nice :-)
[16:27:27] <wjp> (completely useless..., but nice ;-) )
[16:28:07] * Darke grins and agrees.
[16:33:22] * Darke finally commits everything.
[16:35:46] <wjp> warning: unused parameter 'const map<unsigned int, string, less<unsigned int>, allocator<string>>&intrinsics'
[16:36:00] * wjp wonders if 1 argument/line will even fit with those arguments :-)
[16:36:49] <Darke> <grin> The code is a surprisingly 'clear': * usecode/ucxt/*: Removed obsolete -fs option and all relevant code.
[16:36:49] <Darke> -fs will now do the same thing as -fz. Makefile.am's were updated.
[16:36:49] <Darke> * Removed files under: usecode/ucxt/include/ gotoset.h; newopcode.h;
[16:36:49] <Darke> opcodec.h; opcodec_.h; opcodecn.h; printucc.h; stacki.h.
[16:36:49] <Darke> * Removed files under: usecode/ucxt/src/ opcodec_.cc; printucc.cc;
[16:36:50] <Darke> stacki.cc
[16:37:02] <Darke> Oops... "const map<unsigned int, string> &intrinsics"
[16:37:16] <wjp> yeah, that's what I thought
[16:37:54] * Darke just loves how C++ can turn a 'coherent' definition into something less... clear. <grin>
[16:50:47] * Darke decides that it's time to curl up in a ball and sleep. "Night all." <bow>
[16:50:51] <wjp> night
[16:50:59] <-- Darke has left IRC ()
[17:00:40] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[17:28:58] <Colourless> bbl
[17:29:10] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("time to experiment")
[17:54:42] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[18:08:46] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[18:08:46] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Colourless
[18:09:10] <wjp> wb
[18:09:20] <Colourless> thx
[18:09:26] * wjp wonders what Colourless was experimenting with... glidexp?
[18:10:18] <Colourless> yeah. i was trying something, which really didn't work
[18:10:39] <Colourless> i don't know why though. that is something for another day
[18:43:41] <-- matto has left IRC ("Play Dragon's Lair in linux - http://www.daphne-emu.com - Developers welcome :)")
[19:00:10] --> lennert has joined #exult
[19:01:46] <lennert> je bent vast hard aan het studeren nu.. (of niet natuurlijk :)
[19:01:49] <lennert> rrr
[19:27:52] --> matto has joined #exult
[19:33:42] --- |{itty is now known as Cryptster
[19:33:47] <Cryptster> whats up guys?
[19:34:09] * Colourless looks around
[19:34:11] <Colourless> nothing
[19:34:47] <Cryptster> cool
[19:34:53] <Cryptster> exult is the bomb
[19:47:55] <-- Cryptster has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:00:34] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[20:00:34] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Dominus
[20:00:44] <Dominus> hi
[20:00:48] <wjp> hi
[20:00:58] <Colourless> hi
[20:01:21] * Dominus wonders when jeff takes a look at his terrain stuff
[20:34:55] * Dominus yawns
[20:35:03] <Colourless> quiet@
[20:35:25] <Dominus> oops didn't want to interrupt the meditation
[20:35:50] <Colourless> now i've got to start the 3 days all over again :-)
[20:36:01] <Dominus> he he
[20:36:27] <Dominus> say, Colourless, how far away are you from sidney?
[20:36:44] * Colourless thinks for a moment
[20:37:00] <Dominus> I guess that means far
[20:37:03] <Colourless> some 2000 KM or something
[20:37:13] <Colourless> i don't know, it's very far
[20:37:47] <Dominus> I was just worried about all of you australians in the channel
[20:38:05] <Colourless> takes about 18 hours to drive to syndey by car (speed limits 110/120)
[20:38:34] <Colourless> that is 18 hours, no break
[20:38:34] <Colourless> s
[20:38:44] <-- lennert has left IRC ("[BX] Save water -- drink beer!")
[20:41:07] --> Cryptster has joined #exult
[20:41:17] * Cryptster bows
[20:41:25] <Dominus> hi
[20:41:30] <Colourless> hi
[20:41:32] <Colourless> again
[20:57:10] <-- matto has left IRC (Remote closed the connection)
[20:57:21] --> matto has joined #exult
[21:08:22] <-- Cryptster has left IRC ("The Chinese Love It (C)rypt's (S)crypt    I Have Wasted: 28mins 49secs   Of My")
[21:08:59] --> SoulHarvester has joined #exult
[21:11:59] <SoulHarvester> 2os[Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)] 2uptime[20h 19m 30s] 2cpu[1-Intel Pentium II, 539MHz, 512KB] 2mem[Usage: 203/768MB (26.43%) [|||-------]]
[21:12:46] <Dominus> hi SoulHarvester
[21:13:37] <Colourless> bye al
[21:13:38] <Colourless> l
[21:13:46] <Dominus> bye
[21:14:13] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("at the third stoke, it will be precisely 7:45")
[21:16:16] --> Soul|WTFU has joined #exult
[21:16:20] --- Soul|WTFU is now known as Soul|HATEME
[21:16:28] <-- SoulHarvester has left IRC ("oawned")
[21:16:45] <Dominus> Soul|HATEME: what's up with you?
[21:40:37] <Dominus> I just found that I have the Ultima Collection's official guide with some interesting values for monsters, armour, weapon and so on
[21:53:42] <Soul|HATEME> r
[21:53:47] <Soul|HATEME> i am teh retrun
[21:53:57] <Dominus> he
[21:54:08] <Dominus> long time no write
[21:56:07] <Soul|HATEME> there was a lab accident
[21:56:10] <Soul|HATEME> and then a vacartion
[21:56:11] <Soul|HATEME> err
[21:56:12] <Soul|HATEME> vacation
[21:56:20] <Dominus> lab accident?
[21:56:23] --> SoulHarvester has joined #exult
[21:56:39] <SoulHarvester> !kill
[21:56:39] <-- Soul|HATEME has left IRC (Read error: 32 (Broken pipe))
[21:56:45] <SoulHarvester> yeah
[21:56:49] <SoulHarvester> lab accident so to speak
[21:56:53] <SoulHarvester> one of my machines caught fire
[21:57:04] <Dominus> how that?
[21:57:08] <Dominus> that's horrible
[21:57:14] <SoulHarvester> i got some voltages wrong
[21:57:31] <SoulHarvester> also i used a 500watt power supply when the machine needed a 120 watt
[21:57:39] <SoulHarvester> also i didn't ground it
[21:57:49] <SoulHarvester> also i forgot to plug in the fans
[21:57:52] <Dominus> oopsie
[21:58:14] <SoulHarvester> may it rest in pieces
[21:58:54] <Dominus> so only the machine burnt and nothing else
[21:59:05] <SoulHarvester> the board melted pretty much
[21:59:14] <SoulHarvester> the processor was destroyed along with the HDD, most of the cables
[21:59:18] <SoulHarvester> and the ram sticks
[21:59:21] <SoulHarvester> luckily it was an older box
[21:59:38] <SoulHarvester> p2-233 overclocked to 400, 196mb ram, nothing big
[22:00:29] <SoulHarvester> also i finally got the last stick of ram for this machine
[22:00:43] <SoulHarvester> all that remains is to get the new processor, and this machine is as good as it will ever be (which is old)
[22:00:48] <SoulHarvester> 2os[Windows XP Professional (5.1 - 2600)] 2uptime[21h 8m 20s] 2cpu[1-Intel Pentium II, 539MHz, 512KB] 2mem[Usage: 231/768MB (30.08%) [|||-------]]
[22:16:42] <wjp> strange... another bug report of Erstam not recognizing the jawbone
[22:16:51] <wjp> the attached savegame works for me, though
[22:17:32] <Dominus> is it sure that the person reprting it used the cvs version?
[22:17:42] <wjp> he used the beta
[22:18:11] <Dominus> well, he should use the snapshot (although it is broken atm)
[22:18:26] <wjp> yes... in a very annoying way too
[22:24:10] <wjp> works in the beta too
[22:24:11] --> Cryptster has joined #exult
[22:24:50] <Dominus> ah, one of those bugs where he wouldn't give his tooth
[22:25:41] <-- SoulHarvester has left IRC ("oawned")
[22:25:47] * wjp nods
[22:25:53] <Dominus> for some people it seems the egg under the jawbone doesn't get activated
[22:26:01] <wjp> egg?
[22:26:19] <Dominus> maybe it is because people use too high resolutions and grab it from too far away
[22:26:24] <wjp> there's an egg there?
[22:26:31] <Dominus> there is an egg beneath the jawbone that sets the flag
[22:26:37] <wjp> really?
[22:26:42] <Dominus> yep
[22:27:12] <wjp> funny... in that savegame there isn't
[22:27:13] <Dominus> that egg sets that erstram recognizes that you have the jawbone
[22:27:26] <Dominus> wait let me look
[22:27:50] <wjp> ...but in a new game it's there
[22:28:27] <wjp> the egg deletes itself afterwards
[22:28:46] --> Soul|WTFU has joined #exult
[22:28:49] <Dominus> true
[22:28:55] --- Soul|WTFU is now known as Soul|ShoppingIRL
[22:29:21] <Dominus> btw, the egg is there for me in the savegame
[22:29:30] <wjp> hmm, now it's there too
[22:29:37] * wjp wonders what went wrong there
[22:30:16] <Dominus> hey that's pretty annoying with the broken cvs atm
[22:30:18] <wjp> yow... look at all the chickens
[22:32:26] <Dominus> yep
[22:32:54] <Dominus> if you delete the egg before you take the jawbone erstram doesn't have that flag set
[22:33:04] <wjp> flag 445, btw
[22:33:12] <Dominus> :-)
[22:34:58] <Dominus> there maybe something happening for some people that gets the egg deleted before they set the flag
[22:38:31] <Dominus> as I mentioned earlier I have the official guide to the UC and have some tables for weapon damage and range. Don't know if that is needed anymore though
[22:38:59] <wjp> you should ask Jeff
[22:39:10] <Dominus> yeah
[22:39:26] <Dominus> will scan the two pages (so I don't have to write it down)
[22:40:46] <Dominus> how is it going with the euro?
[22:40:56] <Dominus> I find it interesting
[22:41:01] <wjp> it's strange... that egg is deletes itself right after setting the flag
[22:41:11] <wjp> heh, euro seems to be going smoothly here
[22:41:28] <Dominus> I like it with the euro
[22:42:01] <Dominus> especially for me living with two currencies it is much easier now
[22:42:12] <wjp> yeah, I can imagine
[22:42:37] * wjp wonders when he'll get the first german/austrian euros :-)
[22:42:55] * Dominus wonders the same
[22:42:56] <Dominus> eh
[22:43:03] <wjp> roughly the same ;-)
[22:43:04] <Dominus> about dutch euros
[22:43:58] <Dominus> I could have made life much worse for people here by paying with german euros
[22:44:18] <wjp> add some extra confusion :-)
[22:44:40] <Dominus> they are a bit confused in the stores here already
[22:45:36] <Dominus> especially as the Austrians are not as accustomed to using that many coins before
[22:46:13] <Dominus> funny mail by jeff on the ml
[22:47:20] * wjp just replied
[22:48:32] <wjp> funny... mail bounced
[22:48:38] <Dominus> did you reply to the ml or to jeff alone?
[22:48:42] <wjp> both
[22:49:01] <Dominus> mine got through
[22:49:16] <wjp> huh? interesting reason:
[22:49:20] <wjp> "
[22:49:23] <wjp> Your message was rejected by mail.sourceforge.net for the following reason:
[22:49:26] <wjp> Envelope sender verification failed
[22:49:35] <wjp> rejected: Cannot accept mail from <palenstijn@planet.nl> because your server doesn't have a postmaster account
[22:49:45] <wjp> Response from mail.wxs.nl [] was "550 Invalid recipient <postmaster@planet.nl>"
[22:50:06] <wjp> "
[22:50:10] <wjp> *sigh*
[22:50:27] <Dominus> perhaps you must send with the account that you used for signing on to the ml?
[22:50:41] <wjp> I did
[22:51:01] * wjp sends it from his univ. account
[22:51:05] <wjp> this is kind of annoying
[22:51:22] <Dominus> sf ml is kind of buggy
[22:51:48] <wjp> according to the error message, my ISP's mailserver is misconfigured
[22:52:31] <Dominus> Silvan Pagan, the guy who started the "cvs snapshot?" thread in the ml complained about bouncing mails as well
[22:53:26] * wjp remembers him from rgcud too
[22:53:36] <wjp> he's quite active there :-)
[22:54:40] <Dominus> yeah, he is building a sfx pack based on mine at the moment
[22:54:59] * wjp nods. I read some of the posts about expack
[22:55:40] <Dominus> and he is considering commiting patches to expack so it gives an error message on which file it chocked when it fails to build
[22:56:03] <wjp> the usage information needs updating too
[22:56:14] <Dominus> I had quite a lengthy mail conversation with him about some of the stuff
[22:56:44] <wjp> it doesn't specify the file that causes the error? hmm, not good
[22:56:59] <Dominus> nope
[22:57:28] <Dominus> it's quite annyoing when you have to build a big flx and one of them is not allright
[22:57:41] <Dominus> eg the name is wrong in the script
[22:58:05] <wjp> hmmm... it just crashes
[22:58:16] <Dominus> yep
[22:59:35] <wjp> easy to fix... I'll do it now
[22:59:42] <Dominus> ok
[23:00:07] <Dominus> btw is that thing with unix/dos line breaks fixed?
[23:00:12] <wjp> dunno
[23:00:50] <Dominus> might be something worth fixing as well :-)
[23:04:07] --- Soul|ShoppingIRL is now known as Soul|NotShopping
[23:06:05] <Dominus> well your mail is funny
[23:06:32] <wjp> it's not like Jeff to leave a bug like this open this long
[23:06:52] <wjp> maybe the mail that said I assigned the bug to him got stranded at his work email
[23:07:02] <Dominus> yeah, especially without a comment on the tracker
[23:08:33] <wjp> ok, expack committed
[23:09:13] <wjp> I didn't look at any linebreak issues, btw
[23:09:41] <Dominus> would be nice though when you find the time sometimes
[23:10:03] <wjp> feel free to bug the others about it :-)
[23:10:11] <Dominus> I will :-)
[23:10:31] <Dominus> exultbot: can you take a look at the linebreak issues in expack?
[23:11:20] <wjp> hmm, it should be quite easy to fix
[23:14:11] * wjp wonders if he should fix it now
[23:15:41] <Dominus> make: *** No rule to make target `usecode/ucxt/src/opcodec_.o', needed by `usecode/ucxt/src/ucxt.exe'. Stop.
[23:16:11] <Dominus> with toolsclean and toolsinstall
[23:16:57] <wjp> you need to remove some objects from UCXT_OBJS
[23:17:53] <wjp> opcodec_.o, printucc.o and stacki.o
[23:18:06] <Dominus> where?
[23:18:26] <Dominus> I'm not particulary interested in building ucxt anyway
[23:18:41] <Dominus> I was just reporting the error
[23:19:07] <wjp> committing...
[23:19:23] <Dominus> expack fix?
[23:19:31] <wjp> no, Makefile.win32 fix
[23:19:42] <wjp> ...still committing...
[23:19:43] <Dominus> :-9
[23:19:49] <wjp> done
[23:21:51] <Dominus> Ungültige Option - "Configuration.o". make: *** [toolsclean] Error 1
[23:22:34] <Dominus> what the hell is ungültig in english
[23:22:56] <wjp> invalid?
[23:23:13] <Dominus> ah thanks
[23:23:21] <wjp> did I break something?
[23:23:22] <Dominus> right
[23:23:29] <Dominus> that was there before as well
[23:23:54] <Dominus> well before meaning some minutes ago
[23:23:56] <wjp> oh.. that's a /\ problem
[23:31:17] <wjp> ok.. this should fix the linefeed problem
[23:32:44] <-- matto has left IRC ("Play Dragon's Lair in linux - http://www.daphne-emu.com - Developers welcome :)")
[23:35:25] <wjp> any other requests? ;-)
[23:36:07] <Dominus> yeah, the assertion error :-)
[23:36:17] <wjp> ugh.. that'll take to much reading
[23:36:25] <-- Cryptster has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[23:36:36] <wjp> I should take some time to catch up on Jeff's work, but that'll have to wait till next week
[23:36:54] <Dominus> maybe reading the FAQ will help
[23:37:08] <Dominus> at least with the overview
[23:37:11] <wjp> yeah
[23:37:46] --> Cryptster has joined #exult
[23:40:19] <Dominus> btw, if you are fixing stuff, how about world wide peace?
[23:40:32] <Cryptster> ya
[23:40:33] <Dominus> and don't tell me I should just cast armageddon
[23:40:36] <Cryptster> and my car too
[23:40:39] <Cryptster> LOL
[23:40:56] <wjp> sure, get your car over here and I'll fix it ;-)
[23:41:06] <Dominus> he he
[23:41:09] <wjp> I have to go to bed in ~15 minutes though, so you'll have to hurry ;-)
[23:41:34] * wjp hopes Cryptster doesn't live anywhere in the immediate vicinity :-)
[23:41:51] <Cryptster> heh
[23:42:07] <Cryptster> i live in masachusetts
[23:42:16] <wjp> that's far enough :-)
[23:42:26] <Cryptster> fuck!
[23:42:36] <Cryptster> damn floating point errors
[23:42:42] <wjp> there's this small stretch of water called the atlantic ocean between us :-)
[23:42:48] <Cryptster> oh
[23:42:58] <Cryptster> don't suppose there's a ferry i can take?
[23:43:13] <wjp> nah, don't think so
[23:43:36] <Cryptster> btw you guys read that post by that one guy in the discussion forum? under the death of the multiplayer guys
[23:43:40] <Dominus> might be cheaper to get it to a local garage
[23:43:41] <Cryptster> to bad...
[23:43:47] <Cryptster> i kno
[23:44:00] <Cryptster> i'll fill the tires with hilium and float across
[23:44:18] <Dominus> he
[23:44:31] <Cryptster> hmm
[23:44:37] <Cryptster> i need an mp3 ripper...
[23:44:54] <Dominus> which OS
[23:44:56] <Dominus> ?
[23:45:00] <Cryptster> i don't wanna make .wma files
[23:45:03] <Cryptster> xp
[23:45:19] <Cryptster> i have audio catalyst
[23:45:22] <Dominus> CDex is the one you should use
[23:45:32] <Cryptster> but it gets a floating point error every time it tries to rip
[23:45:33] <wjp> does it support Ogg Vorbis? :-)
[23:45:41] <Dominus> http://www.cdex.n3.net/
[23:45:49] <Cryptster> Thanks man
[23:46:46] <Dominus> for ogg vorbis goldwave would be my weapon of choice
[23:46:54] <Cryptster> 12Wjp i think so...
[23:46:58] <Dominus> it has a plugin for that
[23:47:00] <Cryptster> ogg vorbis goldwave?
[23:47:31] <Dominus> for ogg vorbis compression I would use goldwave
[23:47:36] <Cryptster> hmm should i get the beta?
[23:47:39] <Dominus> he
[23:47:46] <Dominus> yeah
[23:47:57] <Cryptster> k
[23:48:11] <Cryptster> what is ogg vorbis?
[23:48:14] <Soul|NotShopping> remote power is f3lit3s with a capital 3
[23:48:24] <wjp> a patent-free audio compression format
[23:48:32] <Cryptster> felites?
[23:48:39] <Soul|NotShopping> yes felites
[23:48:41] <Cryptster> hmm
[23:48:47] <Cryptster> mp3 is patented?
[23:48:49] <Soul|NotShopping> i am teh ubre felites
[23:48:49] <Cryptster> wuz zat?
[23:48:58] <Cryptster> no
[23:49:03] <Cryptster> i am the uber felites
[23:49:06] <Soul|NotShopping> felites = fuxxing elite sir
[23:49:09] <Dominus> and Cryptster, please take note of the w2k/XP issues they make note of on the cdex main page (aspi drivers9
[23:49:25] <Cryptster> i did
[23:49:37] <Cryptster> Thanks anyways
[23:52:01] * wjp has to go
[23:52:06] <wjp> bye
[23:52:11] <-- wjp has left IRC ("[x]chat")
[23:55:33] <-- Cryptster has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[23:58:00] --> Cryptster has joined #exult
[23:58:17] <Soul|NotShopping> hmm
[23:58:24] <Dominus> hmm?
[23:58:26] <Soul|NotShopping> there are these dyes you can buy to make you pee different colors
[23:58:35] <Soul|NotShopping> it would be felites to have pee that looks like koolaid
[23:59:13] <-- Soul|NotShopping has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[23:59:13] <-- Dominus has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)
[23:59:13] <-- Cryptster has left IRC (capek.openprojects.net irc.openprojects.net)