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[03:01:40] <Wizardry_Dragon> I have entirely too much fun playing with the worldbuilding. It cant be virtuous.
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[20:31:40] <Dominus> Wizardry_Dragon: use the [img][/img] tags to display pictures in the forum :)
[20:31:56] <Wizardry_Dragon> I thought about that almost immediately after posting.
[20:32:02] <Dominus> :)
[20:32:07] <Wizardry_Dragon> But I wasnt logged in, so I cant edit it
[20:32:36] <Dominus> you can't edit even if you are logged in :)
[20:32:49] <Dominus> simple stupid forum...
[20:34:08] <Wizardry_Dragon> I need to redo the TFL forum, the software it uses is outmoded
[20:34:18] <Wizardry_Dragon> Uses a bunch of stuff that got depreciated out of PHP
[20:39:39] <Dominus> the simpleness of the exult forum is a blessing and a curse :)
[20:44:14] <Wizardry_Dragon> I'll probably use myBB just because I've been programming a hosting platform for it for the past few months anyways and am pretty familiar with it by now.
[20:47:43] <Wizardry_Dragon> Anyways, thanks for the edit!
[20:48:06] <Dominus> np
[20:48:29] <wjp> not being able to edit posts is a feature, not a limitation :-)
[20:48:53] <Dominus> he he
[20:52:40] <Wizardry_Dragon> I am enjoying being able to build on multiple elevations with Exult way too much
[20:53:03] <Wizardry_Dragon> http://thefeudallands.ca/images/060312-teaser1.png
[20:53:33] <Dominus> he he, yes that looks like fun :)
[20:57:49] <Wizardry_Dragon> I only hope the NPC pathfinding can cope with it
[21:12:51] <Dominus> I'm not entirely sure it can
[21:13:27] <Dominus> at some point the pathfinding didn't care about which evelation the schedule was suposed to start
[21:13:41] <Dominus> I *think*Marzo fixed that some time ago, though
[21:16:40] <Wizardry_Dragon> Yes, I was the one that bothered him to do that :)
[21:16:49] <Wizardry_Dragon> It was never really tested thoroughly though
[21:16:58] <Wizardry_Dragon> I suppose TFL will deliver that test in spades
[21:20:08] <Dominus> TFL is probably going to be a good test case for our disappearing objects problem... :)
[21:20:17] * Dominus winks at Colourless
[21:23:17] <Wizardry_Dragon> If parts of my gameworld start disappearing I will beat someone, I'm just not sure yet.
[21:23:21] <Wizardry_Dragon> *not sure who
[21:33:04] <Dominus> shouldn't affect your world building, only the gaming...
[21:33:09] <Dominus> but who knows...
[21:40:18] <Wizardry_Dragon> Why is it I imagine Dominus doing the Guardian evil laugh about now
[21:40:36] <Dominus> no, absolutely not
[21:40:52] <Wizardry_Dragon> "Is that Virtuous, Avatar?"
[21:41:24] <Dominus> I really wouldn't wish you anything bad to happen with tfl
[21:42:39] <Wizardry_Dragon> Heheh, I tease
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