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[00:21:52] <freedman> Anyone still here?
[00:23:13] <chimera|work> yep
[00:23:14] <chimera|work> =]
[00:24:51] <freedman> Are you an Exult user?
[00:25:25] <chimera|work> I could be considered that
[00:25:26] <chimera|work> hehe
[00:25:42] <chimera|work> my name is Matt Ownby
[00:26:04] <chimera|work> I'm subscribed to the mailing list and I've posted/emailed the list a couple of times
[00:26:28] <freedman> Name sounds familiar.
[00:26:51] <freedman> An Ultima fan?
[00:26:58] <chimera|work> naturally
[00:27:14] <chimera|work> why else would I hang out here and subscribe to the mailing list? hehe
[00:27:39] <freedman> :-)
[00:30:07] <freedman> I'm starting to wonder about what to do next. With u7run, Exult doesn't seem quite so necessary.
[00:30:24] <chimera|work> it kind of ruined things for you?
[00:31:07] <freedman> Not exactly. Exult has been a fun hack.
[00:31:19] <chimera|work> I think exult is extremely important
[00:31:31] <freedman> But now we're dealing with bugs as if it were a real product.
[00:31:35] <chimera|work> I don't see u7run as being very important
[00:31:49] <chimera|work> what do you mean as if it were a real product?
[00:32:59] <freedman> I mean: we're trying to get it as perfect as possible, fixing all the bugs that come in.
[00:33:32] <freedman> Perhaps our time would be better spent writing something new.
[00:33:56] <chimera|work> fixing bugs can become annoying if the bugs aren't disturbing the one who is expected to fix them
[00:34:44] <Kirben> Well u7run doesn't always work well on some systems either
[00:34:47] <freedman> :-) Actually, I do enjoy the challenge. It just seems a bit strange spending all this effort on a 9-year-old game!
[00:35:10] <chimera|work> I am spending a lot of effort on 18 year old games
[00:35:24] <chimera|work> it does seem kind of strange to me also
[00:35:33] <Kirben> u7run often crashes due to usb mouse here, no idea why but makes it impossible to play long
[00:36:07] <chimera|work> hardly anyone remember the game... the people who originally wrote it probably lost the soruce code a long time ago. Why am I bothering disassembling it and emulating it? But it is still pretty fun =]
[00:36:14] <freedman> Kirben: True. And u7run has been really helpful to me when working on Exult. Used to be a major pain to reboot to get U7 to run.
[00:36:25] <freedman> Chimera: Which game?
[00:36:32] <chimera|work> exult is much more important than u7run
[00:36:37] <Kirben> Some other old games get just as much time wasted on them, doom and quake source code for example
[00:36:56] <chimera|work> many games: Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Super Don Quix-ote, Cliff Hanger, and most recently Thayer's Quest
[00:37:22] <chimera|work> I probably spent 20+ hours disassembling that stupid Super Don ROM!! hehe
[00:37:25] <Kirben> altohugh I never saw anyone do anything with anicent wolf3d source code
[00:37:29] <chimera|work> it felt like a waste of time when I was finished hehe
[00:37:34] <freedman> Old adventure games?
[00:37:41] <chimera|work> laserdisc arcade games
[00:37:59] <chimera|work> very popular in 1983
[00:38:48] <chimera|work> http://www.d-l-p.com/games/pages/lair.asp
[00:38:53] <freedman> Is there an emulator like MAME for those?
[00:38:55] <chimera|work> there's a blurb on it with some screenshots
[00:39:22] <chimera|work> freedman: that's what my project is all about. Emulating laserdisc games.
[00:41:10] <freedman> Do either of you play any recent games?
[00:41:50] <chimera|work> sure
[00:43:20] <chimera|work> Quake 3, Counterstrike, Diablo 2..
[00:44:04] <freedman> Someday, maybe I'll have time to play again...:-)
[00:44:37] <freedman> Only 2 I've played in the last year are GK3 and U9.
[00:47:13] <freedman> Wierd thought: Use the Exult engine and U7 graphics to do a U4 rewrite.
[00:47:45] <Kirben> Deus Ex, Monkey 4 and ICB are only recent ones I have played
[00:48:27] <freedman> Oh, yeah, we have Monkey 4, but I haven't gotten into it yet.
[00:48:52] <Kirben> 3D adventures just are the same though
[00:48:57] <Kirben> are=aren't
[00:49:54] <Kirben> Ultima 4 maps would be much larger than Ultima 7 though, could it be done ?
[00:50:13] <freedman> Agreed. Although I did like U9! GK3 was just a big headache, although the story was good.
[00:50:36] <chimera|work> GK3? I can't figure out what that stands for
[00:50:58] <Kirben> Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned
[00:51:02] <chimera|work> ahh
[00:51:29] <freedman> Yes, we could make the map bigger. The dungeons would have to be completely redone. It is a lot of work, but at least we'd already have the graphics.
[00:51:42] <freedman> (Assuming Origin doesn't complain.)
[00:52:18] <freedman> I'd imagine still having U7-style sidequests, maybe.
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[00:53:37] <Kirben> Real problem with recent 3D adventures is just controls, mouse support seems on the way out and keyboard is terrible. Graphics and sound are still good compared to 2D though
[00:54:26] <Kirben> Discworld Noir is last I can remember with mouse support
[00:54:29] <freedman> Yes, the kbd controls in Monkey4 are hard to get used to. And panning the camera in GK3 made me seasick:-)
[00:55:02] <Kirben> Sounds like it would be better to wait for finished map editior before starting something that large
[00:55:25] <freedman> Longest Journey uses the mouse. But I returned it because the sound didn't work.
[00:55:46] <Kirben> some camera views in Monkey 4 aren't that good either
[00:56:42] <freedman> Kierben: Yes, definitely. I'm finishing up the BG schedules now (just did 'sew'); then I''ll look at map-editing again.
[00:57:34] <Kirben> So maybe waitor/ess support soon ?
[00:58:40] <freedman> That's already there. Maybe it's buggy?:-) Still have to do 'forge', 'desk-work'.
[00:59:19] <Kirben> Well seems to work but items/food never seem to get used
[01:00:26] <freedman> The NPC's with 'eat-at-inn' schedules are supposed to eat them. Maybe something broke.
[01:03:35] <Kirben> yes seems like something might be broken
[01:04:01] <freedman> Well, gotta go. Got a full weekend of coding ahead:-)
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[01:04:08] <Kirben> cya
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