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[00:55:08] <Baastuul> It seems the chugginess issue I had with Ultima 7 a while back has disappeared.
[00:55:18] <Baastuul> There must have just been something going wrong on my end.
[00:56:00] <Baastuul> brb
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[03:18:48] <sbx> Baastuul: exult is fast for you now?
[03:20:54] <Baastuul> yeah
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[03:22:19] <sbx> wonder what was wrong with it
[03:31:19] <Baastuul> I have a feeling it was just AVG 7 doing one of its irritating mandatory scans and I just didn't realize it. :P
[03:31:28] <Baastuul> I could be wrong, though.
[03:40:08] <sbx> oh
[04:12:21] <sbx> The online game Tibia uses Ultima 7 graphics but still charges for premium accounts.
[04:12:46] <Baastuul> I have never heard of Tibia.
[04:12:48] <Baastuul> It sounds like a leg bone.
[04:13:36] <sbx> heh I wondered what the name sounded likwe
[04:14:07] <Baastuul> I think the tibia IS a leg bone.
[04:15:07] <Baastuul> n. pl. tib·i·ae (--) or tib·i·as
[04:15:07] <Baastuul> 1.
[04:15:07] <Baastuul> 1. The inner and larger of the two bones of the lower human leg, extending from the knee to the ankle.
[04:15:07] <Baastuul> 2. A corresponding bone in other vertebrates. Also called shinbone.
[04:15:07] <Baastuul> 2. The fourth division of an insect's leg, between the femur and the tarsi.
[04:15:08] <Baastuul> 3. Music. An ancient flute.
[04:15:25] <sbx> hmm
[04:15:27] <sbx> i like 2
[04:15:33] <sbx> that's probably what they meant
[04:16:08] <sbx> or maybe 3 :p
[04:16:19] <sbx> it looks like coke music without the music, or coke (and with combat)
[04:16:22] <Baastuul> Hehe, I never knew that the tibia was an ancient flute.
[04:16:33] <Baastuul> Coke music?
[04:17:17] <sbx> and flash game (coca-cola promotional gimmick) like the sims online, but in 2d and not really at all like the sims online
[04:17:48] <Baastuul> oh
[04:18:24] <sbx> anyway it just seems odd in a game like tibia when NPCs are telling me I need a premium account to buy from them
[04:18:38] <sbx> and I'm seeing all these Ultima7 sprites in their shop
[04:19:09] <Baastuul> What is the link to Tibia's website?
[04:19:17] <sbx> graphics/tiles like chairs and chests and tables :)
[04:19:21] <sbx> hmm
[04:19:31] <sbx> http://www.tibia.com
[04:21:04] <Baastuul> Hmmm. This looks like it's actually a pretty large and successful MMORPG, though.
[04:21:13] <Baastuul> I mean, 14319 members currently online and whatnot.
[04:22:04] <sbx> yep
[04:22:39] <sbx> many more in the daytime
[04:23:23] <Baastuul> I'm taking a look at the screenshots right now. Do you play this?
[04:23:36] <sbx> not really, just a little bit like I said
[04:23:47] <sbx> I havn't played enough to fairly judge it.
[04:24:30] <Baastuul> This actually looks like it might be fun.
[04:25:58] <sbx> the website looks corporate, I'd like a more personal "About" page
[04:26:34] <Sevalecan> woah
[04:26:38] <Sevalecan> people are talking in #exult :P
[04:27:17] <sbx> a couple
[04:27:22] <sbx> hi
[04:27:48] <Baastuul> I just told my friend about it. He says he has seen it before and that it's "kinda crappy."
[04:28:42] <Baastuul> These graphics remind me of a cross between Ultima 6 and Nexus.
[04:28:59] <sbx> many of them are taken directly from u7 and resized
[04:29:30] <Baastuul> http://www.tibia.com/home/?subtopic=screenshots&screenshot=dragon
[04:29:35] <Baastuul> The rocks in this screenshot look awfully familiar!
[04:30:09] <sbx> My character is on Astera server.
[04:30:26] <Baastuul> How big of a download is the game client?
[04:30:58] <sbx> I didn't get far enough to leave the first village. (again this kind of environment is strange to me where it magically teleports me back and says I cant leave yet)
[04:31:11] <sbx> only 5.7MB
[04:31:23] <Baastuul> Cool. How long has this MMORPG been out?
[04:31:52] <sbx> you'd think their about page would say so :p
[04:31:54] <sbx> i dont know
[04:32:04] <sbx> 1996
[04:32:18] <sbx> Copyright © 1996-2005 CipSoft GmbH. All rights reserved.
[04:32:30] <Baastuul> Seems like it must be pretty old, then.
[04:33:20] <sbx> from what I gather they didnt have premium accounts when they started
[04:33:35] <Baastuul> Is it free otherwise?
[04:33:49] <sbx> yeah its mostly free
[04:33:51] <sbx> i think
[04:34:42] <Baastuul> Yeah, it looks like it is.
[04:34:45] <Baastuul> I just read their premium page.
[04:36:17] <Baastuul> Sbx, have you ever played Dransik?
[04:37:05] <sbx> yes
[04:37:37] <sbx> that game and website captured my interest at first glance more than tibia, for some reason
[04:37:52] <sbx> but its ashen empire now and completely different
[04:38:02] <Baastuul> I played it for a few weeks quite a long while ago, but got tired of the copious amounts of 13 year old pricks.
[04:38:14] <Baastuul> Other than that, it's a pretty addictive game.
[04:38:20] <Baastuul> Gets slightly old after a little while, though.
[04:38:28] <sbx> hehe I forgot about that... I stopped playing after some people attacked me outside of town :)
[04:38:49] <Baastuul> My first MMORPG experience was Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds
[04:38:51] <sbx> the server I created my character on Tibia is no-pk server
[04:38:53] <Baastuul> I played that for a long time
[04:39:02] <sbx> what happened to it
[04:39:08] <Baastuul> Got tired of it
[04:39:13] <Baastuul> I played it, would quit, come back, quit, come back
[04:39:15] <sbx> mean the game
[04:39:18] <sbx> i mean the game*
[04:39:30] <Baastuul> It's still there
[04:39:32] <Baastuul> www.nexustk.com
[04:39:35] <Baastuul> Doing pretty good, actually.
[04:41:05] * sbx sighs.
[04:41:10] <Baastuul> What?
[04:41:20] <sbx> A "premium-only" game world. "The world of Premia"
[04:41:37] <Baastuul> haha
[04:41:54] <Baastuul> Sounds kind of like one of those "cuisine" dog food brands. :P
[04:42:18] <sbx> heh :)
[04:42:29] <sbx> premium members get to store 2000 items in an item depot
[04:43:05] <Baastuul> Item depot? Is that a fancy way of saying bank?
[04:43:20] <sbx> i guess, for items
[04:43:42] <sbx> european games seem to use the term "item depot" more
[04:44:04] <Baastuul> Okay, I'm downloading the game client now!
[04:44:26] <Baastuul> Crap.
[04:44:30] <Baastuul> My connection dies in about 15 minutes.
[04:44:41] <Baastuul> I'm going to reconnect in about four.
[04:44:46] <sbx> heh
[04:44:59] <Baastuul> I need to move so I can get some broadband.
[04:45:04] <sbx> nexus looks like it could be more fun :)
[04:45:09] <sbx> yes you do
[04:45:17] <Baastuul> Give it a shot, I have some pretty fond memories of Nexus.
[04:45:26] <Baastuul> I wish their site was a little more friendly towards us Firefox users, though. :P
[04:45:48] <Baastuul> Those frames they have are hideous.
[04:49:13] <sbx> you could download tibia before your connection ersets
[04:49:15] <Baastuul> ok, brb
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[04:50:46] <sbx> wb
[04:50:52] <Baastuul> thanks
[04:50:58] <Baastuul> My connection has a four hour limit
[04:51:08] <Baastuul> it was connected for 3 hours and 50 minutes when i reconnected
[04:51:22] <Baastuul> tibia has 19 minutes left before it finishes
[04:52:57] <sbx> oh ok
[04:53:53] <Baastuul> so sbx, do you still have that weird sleeping schedule? :)
[04:53:59] <Baastuul> go to bed at 5 pm, wake up at 2 am?
[04:55:12] <sbx> no
[04:55:33] <sbx> i went to bed yesterday at 6am and got up at 11pm
[04:55:36] <sbx> oops 11am
[04:55:48] <sbx> and then slept an hour this evening
[04:55:53] <sbx> not weird at all
[05:03:41] <Baastuul> Does "sbx" stand for something?
[05:07:51] <sbx> no
[05:08:52] <sbx> what's Baastuul mean?
[05:09:55] <Baastuul> I don't know, it was a stupid name I came up with years ago
[05:10:04] <Baastuul> I guess you could say it means "sheep poop"
[05:15:14] <sbx> Baad Avatar!
[05:16:41] <Baastuul> :D
[05:29:07] <sbx> well did you play tibia yet?
[05:30:48] <Baastuul> Not yet
[05:30:54] <Baastuul> I'm talking with a Norwegian friend
[05:31:02] <Baastuul> he sent me a perverted Norwegian song which I am enjoying thoroughly
[05:31:02] <Baastuul> hehe
[05:31:15] <sbx> :\
[05:31:45] <Baastuul> I'll install it right now though
[05:42:55] <Baastuul> I'm waiting for the confirmation email
[05:48:10] <sbx> mine came instantly
[05:48:13] <sbx> the wait was in connecting
[05:56:52] <sbx> try it again your email must be bouncing mails or something
[06:14:41] <Baastuul> the email just came 7 mins ago
[06:14:44] <Baastuul> i'm creating my character now
[06:15:54] <sbx> what server did you pick?
[06:17:12] <Baastuul> Astera
[06:17:14] <Baastuul> the same one as you
[06:17:20] <Baastuul> Tenblius Sall is my character name
[06:17:24] <Baastuul> I just used their "Suggest Name" thing
[06:17:31] <Baastuul> ok, i'll log in now
[06:17:43] <sbx> alright
[06:29:55] <Baastuul> ok sbx
[06:29:58] <Baastuul> i think i'm going to head to bed
[06:30:02] <Baastuul> good night!
[06:30:24] <sbx> hehe
[06:30:26] <sbx> ok cya later
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[18:46:18] <sbx> hi
[18:47:23] <Colourless> hi
[18:49:59] <Baastuul> Harro, harro!
[18:51:05] <sbx> Ho!
[19:05:30] <trand> silver~!
[19:05:51] <Baastuul> :D
[19:06:08] <Baastuul> Sbx, I don't think I can motivate myself to want to get into Tibia.
[19:13:24] <sbx> hehe
[19:13:29] <sbx> not surprising
[19:13:31] <sbx> why?
[19:13:43] <sbx> well not surprising because I'm not that interested in it either
[19:15:51] <Baastuul> It feels too slow.
[19:15:55] <Baastuul> Too slow and boring.
[19:15:59] <Baastuul> I mean, there are no combat animations.
[19:16:07] <Baastuul> You just stand there and magically hurt things.
[19:16:46] <sbx> did anyone talk to you?
[19:17:31] <Baastuul> No, you were the only person I talked with the whole time I was in there last night. Which was only for 15 minutes, if that.
[19:17:37] <Baastuul> Although I did see some other people talking.
[19:18:04] <sbx> you didn't play again?
[19:18:36] <Baastuul> Nope. I just woke up a couple of hours ago, and I had to go to the bank.
[19:18:57] <sbx> you mean the money depot
[19:20:05] <Baastuul> The real life money depot! :D
[19:20:14] <sbx> yes
[19:20:16] <sbx> I havn't played again either.
[19:21:13] <sbx> people just seemed to be wandering around doing what the game told them to
[19:29:02] * Baastuul throws burning dung sludge on sbx.
[19:29:22] <sbx> That wasn't nice.
[19:29:32] <Baastuul> Sorry. :(
[19:29:36] <sbx> That makes me angry.
[19:29:36] * Baastuul sulks in the corner now.
[19:29:41] <sbx> You won't like me when I'm angry.
[19:29:49] <Baastuul> But I like angry people!
[19:29:51] <Baastuul> They are so adorable.
[19:29:52] * sbx rips his shirt.
[19:30:16] <Baastuul> Sbx, have you seen "A Black and White Cartoon About Roof Tiling" on Fat-Pie?
[19:30:26] <sbx> Of course not.
[19:30:33] <Baastuul> http://www.fat-pie.com/
[19:30:37] <sbx> 4K/s!
[19:30:38] <Baastuul> It's made by the same guy who made the Salad Fingers toons.
[19:30:44] <Baastuul> It's very disturbing.
[19:30:57] <sbx> oh that sounds cool
[19:31:20] <Baastuul> It's only 2.67 mb.
[19:31:31] * sbx throws his sludge covered clothes at Baastuul.
[19:31:34] <sbx> please wash these
[19:31:55] <Baastuul> I'll wash them if you watch "A Black and White Cartoon About Roof Tiling." :D
[19:32:20] <sbx> with detergent?
[19:32:42] <Baastuul> Whatever you want, baby.
[19:32:43] <Baastuul> I mean, uh.
[19:32:47] <Baastuul> Whatever you want, sbx.
[19:33:45] <sbx> :|
[19:33:56] <sbx> and dont say that ever again
[19:34:06] <sbx> what's fat-pie?
[19:34:18] <Baastuul> It's the name of the website.
[19:34:40] <Baastuul> David Firth and his friends (primarily David Firth) spew out really creepy movies and Flash toons.
[19:34:44] <Baastuul> I think the guy is disturbed.
[19:34:52] <Baastuul> But he's entertaining!
[19:35:02] <sbx> I like Robot-Chicken.
[19:35:18] <Baastuul> What's that?
[19:35:29] <sbx> claymation
[19:35:41] <Baastuul> I've never seen it!
[19:35:49] <sbx> mostly people getting kicked in the groin
[19:35:53] * Baastuul begins scrubbing sbx's clothes.
[19:35:56] <Baastuul> haha
[19:37:39] <sbx> did you see the cartoon the recent school shooter made?
[19:39:03] <Baastuul> Yeah.
[19:39:11] <Baastuul> I wasn't sure if he made it or if somebody made it to make it look like he made it.
[19:40:29] <sbx> http://www.fat-pie.com/bwrt.swf
[19:40:39] <sbx> You have downloaded a total of 666 files with GetRight.
[19:40:48] <Baastuul> :O
[19:45:40] <Baastuul> Is bwrt.swf the 666th or the 667th?
[19:45:51] <Baastuul> Because if it was the 666th, it would kind of be befitting.
[19:47:52] <sbx> 666
[19:47:57] <Baastuul> :O
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[19:47:59] <Baastuul> Befitting indeed!
[19:48:00] <sbx> Yeah, it's a good sign.
[19:48:12] <sbx> i think so anyway
[19:48:23] <sbx> i mean I hope so :p
[19:48:49] <sbx> but I'm skeptical about getright's statistics
[19:49:08] <sbx> Saved you from downloading a total of 6839.92MB.
[19:49:12] <sbx> re-downloading*
[19:49:40] <sbx> but Downloaded a total of 2111.57MB.
[19:50:22] <Baastuul> I believe they add everything up from every time you pause.
[19:50:37] <sbx> oh
[19:51:39] <sbx> Sorry I don't have a direct link to that Robot Chicken. And it's 99MB.
[19:51:58] <Baastuul> :O
[19:52:08] <Baastuul> Okay, well, I'll run the Torrent in a while.
[19:52:16] <Baastuul> I'm downloading some martial arts movies off of bilang.com
[19:52:34] <Baastuul> hmm
[19:52:48] <Baastuul> Does GetRight have only a certain amount of files in its download history?
[19:52:54] <Baastuul> because it seems like a lot of my files are missing
[19:53:03] <Baastuul> well, the record of me downloading them is gone
[19:54:10] <Baastuul> What's the progress on your download of bwrt.swf?
[19:55:36] <sbx> I just finished watching it.
[19:55:48] <Baastuul> :D
[19:55:50] <Baastuul> What'd you think?
[19:55:56] <sbx> :?
[19:55:57] <-- Sevalecan has left #exult ("When your cablemodems combine, I am, Captain Pirate!")
[19:56:04] <sbx> no idea that's odd
[19:56:19] <sbx> you have a funny sense of humor though :)
[19:56:33] --> Sevalecan has joined #exult
[19:56:33] <Baastuul> You should watch all five of the Salad Fingers toons.
[19:56:39] <Baastuul> Those are actually somewhat funny.
[19:56:44] <Baastuul> wb, Sevalecan.
[19:56:51] <sbx> I'm not going to ask about the animator's directions choices.
[19:57:07] <sbx> But it is funny if you expand the browser you can see the paper sky moving left and right.
[19:57:20] <Baastuul> yeah
[19:57:28] <Baastuul> That's the way it works with all of his flash toons
[19:57:36] <-- Sevalecan has left IRC (Client Quit)
[19:57:41] <sbx> Is he a recurring character?
[19:58:10] <sbx> And who is the old woman.
[19:58:30] <sbx> with the !@#$ glass eye
[19:58:33] <Baastuul> That's the first time that guy has been in any toons. I'm guessing the old woman is his mom.
[19:58:50] <sbx> oh, that's what I thought
[19:58:57] <sbx> I'd jump off too.
[19:59:06] <Baastuul> Jump off?
[19:59:10] <Baastuul> He shot himself in the face
[19:59:10] <sbx> the roof
[19:59:14] <sbx> oh
[19:59:24] <Baastuul> Didn't you hear the gunshot? :)
[19:59:35] <sbx> no
[19:59:53] <Baastuul> Just before he dies, and it shows his mom in bed, you hear a gunshot and the bird flutters away
[19:59:53] <sbx> that works too
[19:59:55] <Baastuul> And then you see his body drop
[20:00:00] <sbx> haha
[20:00:12] <Baastuul> And his face is all bloodied
[20:00:19] <sbx> it just looked black and white to me
[20:00:20] <Baastuul> Well, it's black, but you can tell it's meant to be blood
[20:00:28] <Baastuul> Watch it again
[20:00:31] <sbx> ok
[20:00:38] <Baastuul> And ye shall see!
[20:00:38] <sbx> I wasnt watching it full size
[20:00:44] <Baastuul> hehe ok
[20:00:48] <sbx> what are the flashes of him kicking people
[20:00:57] <Baastuul> I don't know
[20:01:01] <Baastuul> I'm guessing his inner rage or something
[20:01:02] <sbx> is he supposed to be the guy in Psycho
[20:01:05] <sbx> oh
[20:01:10] <Baastuul> I'm not sure what he's based off of
[20:01:23] <Baastuul> David Firth is good at making really weird psychological things
[20:02:30] --> Sevalecan has joined #exult
[20:03:10] <Sevalecan> someone called?
[20:03:16] <Baastuul> nope
[20:03:27] <Sevalecan> liar!
[20:03:33] <Sevalecan> had to check my logs
[20:03:38] <Sevalecan> thanks and
[20:03:43] <Sevalecan> x-chat was going all freaky on me >:(
[20:03:55] <Sevalecan> I'd click a channel tab and it'd disappear, I'd control+tab and it wouldnt switch
[20:03:59] <Sevalecan> i could type but i couldnt send
[20:04:01] <Sevalecan> lol
[20:04:45] <Baastuul> :(
[20:04:51] <Baastuul> I've used mIRC since 1997
[20:05:18] <Sevalecan> hehe, been on irc a few years longer than I 8)
[20:05:42] <Colourless> 1997... i've used mirc since like 1996
[20:05:48] <Baastuul> I started when I was 11 or 12 hehe
[20:06:14] <oaQ^> I didn't like mIRC
[20:06:20] <Sevalecan> I started around the same age, though I'm only > 16.5
[20:06:21] <oaQ^> so I got some better program
[20:06:22] <[KrusheR]> i used mirc since 1970!!!!
[20:06:27] <Colourless> hmm.. no i think i'm wrong
[20:06:41] <Colourless> well actually i might be right, but my logs only go back to:
[20:06:41] <Colourless> Session Start: Wed Feb 12 17:31:59 1997
[20:08:12] <sbx> Baastuul: Aight, I watched the flash with full picture and sound. It makes a little more sense now. (for better or worse)
[20:09:03] <Baastuul> hehehe
[20:09:17] <Baastuul> my logs from the older days all got corrupted :(((
[20:09:31] <Sevalecan> time to get some dairy queen, AFK
[20:09:36] <sbx> That guy is a little disrespectful to his mother. And children. And friendly neighborhood postal service. :)
[20:09:42] <sbx> I stopped making logs a long time ago.
[20:10:09] <sbx> and I burned all the old ones
[20:11:49] <Baastuul> I like keeping logs
[20:11:52] <Baastuul> They come in handy sometimes
[20:12:19] <sbx> So you can use them to blackmail people?
[20:18:20] <sbx> Good luck connecting to Tibia.
[20:18:38] <sbx> There are too many players online... You are at place 52 on the waiting list.
[20:19:15] <Baastuul> Yeah, I'm thinking I'm just going to uninstall it.
[20:19:55] <Baastuul> Uninstalled!
[20:20:04] <sbx> hehe
[20:20:12] <sbx> There are too many people trying to uninstall Tibia. You are at place 52 on the waiting list.
[20:24:58] <sbx> Have you played EUO?
[20:40:36] <-- trand has left IRC ("Leaving")
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[22:03:42] <Baastuul> Sbx, what is EUO?
[22:05:01] <Lightkey> europe ultima online? *guess*
[22:06:21] <Baastuul> Europa Universalis... Octopus?
[22:10:04] <sbx> no idea what it means
[22:10:12] <sbx> but its just a game with u5 graphics
[22:10:20] <sbx> u4 i mean
[22:11:02] <Baastuul> Do you have a link to it?
[22:11:29] <Baastuul> I don't think I'd really like it, though. I have trouble playing with the earlier Ultimas because of their graphics. :S
[22:12:02] <sbx> Even the VGA graphics?
[22:12:20] <sbx> http://swut.net/euo/index.html
[22:16:40] <Lightkey> Warren Spector swears on U4 ;)
[22:17:32] <sbx> havn't got around to finishing it yet
[22:19:49] <Lightkey> it's named after the maker
[22:20:02] <Lightkey> "Egg's Ultima Online"
[22:20:19] <Baastuul> cool
[22:20:59] <sbx> oh I see
[22:21:45] <sbx> when I exited the starting town there were people waiting outside wanting to go after me
[22:21:51] <sbx> so I went back into town
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[23:52:18] <sbx> some forum posts posts should be deleted
[23:52:23] <sbx> uh
[23:52:24] <sbx> just one posts
[23:52:42] <sbx> this guy is harassing
[23:54:35] <sbx> hehe dominus is on it
[23:58:40] <sbx> he's being really helpful too