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[20:13:06] <Dominus> hey ho
[20:13:32] <Dominus> I have a FAQ/ReadMe question :)
[20:14:14] <wjp> hi
[20:14:20] <Baastuul> Go away! Begone with your questions! Begooonnnee!
[20:14:30] <Dominus> I'm not sure where to mention that "bug" when FoV is installed from floppy and it leaves a usecode.new file instead of naming it usecode
[20:14:38] <Dominus> Bastuul :)
[20:15:06] <Baastuul> Hullo!
[20:15:21] <Fingolfin> did you know folks, we are an MP3 player!
[20:15:27] <Dominus> I'm finally working a bit on the FAQ/readme. Seems when CVS is down it's the perfect time for it
[20:15:28] <Fingolfin> just look at our SF.net trove categorization =)
[20:15:38] <Dominus> ouch :)
[20:15:53] <wjp> hm, I thought we used ogg :-)
[20:17:26] <wjp> we don't really have a section on installation of the original it seems
[20:18:02] <wjp> do we have any other things that could be mentioned in such a section?
[20:18:27] <Dominus> yeah, I wanted to write something on it ages ago. Going into details on how to install them from scratch, either using dosbox or handling the chooped to bits zip files
[20:18:32] <Dominus> or arj files :)
[20:19:01] <Dominus> I recently bought a FoV box on eBay :)
[20:19:22] <Dominus> Problem with htis section is that it will be very technical :)
[20:19:54] <Baastuul> What's FoV stand for?
[20:19:54] <Dominus> and I don't have the disks of SI and SS
[20:19:58] <Baastuul> Foint of View?
[20:20:15] <Baastuul> :O
[20:20:21] <Dominus> http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#terms
[20:20:30] <Dominus> it's all in the ReadMe :)
[20:20:32] <Baastuul> Openang!
[20:20:37] <Dominus> Forge of Virtue :)
[20:20:42] <Baastuul> Oh, of course.
[20:20:46] <Baastuul> I... I forgot. -_-
[20:21:30] <Dominus> Seems I should write that now :)
[20:22:40] <Dominus> I was about to ask Fingolfin whether the Mac reads the normal PC floppies but then I wondered when I saw the last Mac with floppy drive :)
[20:23:45] <Fingolfin> macs can read normal PC floppies, you just have to attach a floppy drive
[20:23:51] <Fingolfin> I used to have a USB floppy drive
[20:23:55] <Fingolfin> but I gave it away years ago
[20:24:21] <Fingolfin> I actually had to use a floppy recently, used my linux machine at work (bought the floppy version of Day of the Tentacle at ebay)
[20:24:43] <Baastuul> I bought the DotT floppy version in a bargain bin back in '97!
[20:24:45] <Baastuul> It was quite a find!
[20:25:08] <Baastuul> Actually, I didn't know that at the time. I just bought it because I saw that it was a LucasArts adventure title!
[20:25:16] <Baastuul> And it was like ten bucks!
[20:27:09] <Fingolfin> I actually already owned various DOTT versions, but there are some bugs that occur in the floppy version only
[20:27:16] <Fingolfin> as opposed to the PC & Mac CD versions
[20:32:12] <Dominus> hmm, where in the FAQ should I list the links to the mods/patches? in the 2. Exult and Ultima 7 section or in 3. Miscellaneous?
[20:32:23] <Dominus> I'm so unsure today :)
[20:32:44] <wjp> misc, I'd say
[20:32:54] <Dominus> ok then :)
[20:33:04] <wjp> fits in nicely behind 3.17
[20:33:21] <Dominus> just thought that too :)
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[22:10:59] <Dominus> hi Kirben
[22:11:07] <Kirben> Hi
[22:13:38] <wjp> cvs is back
[22:14:01] <Dominus> woot woot
[22:14:32] <Dominus> I'm still busy imaging my BG and FoV disks :) and trying to write *something*
[22:15:39] <Dominus> Users will hate me for that one then
[22:15:58] <Dominus> but I'll start with the easy way (copying from UC)
[22:16:27] <wjp> for pentagram I still have the idea of writing some form of 'installer' for the original game
[22:16:43] <wjp> but I haven't quite figured out if I want it to be part of pentagram or an external program
[22:17:38] <Dominus> it would be neat to have some kind of installer
[22:18:06] <Dominus> I couldn't say whether internal or external is better
[22:19:18] <wjp> the need for it is somewhat smaller now that pentagram natively supports the compressed shapes file, though
[22:19:52] <wjp> although at least the u8 patch does need the uncompressed shapes files... (and it needs it to be identical to the original's uncompressed version)
[22:20:40] <wjp> so applying the patch might need to be part of the hypothetical installer as well
[22:20:52] <Dominus> damn the original u7 installer is a pest. if you have multi card reader it errors out because it can't read the remaining space on the drives :)
[22:21:26] <wjp> heh, and the 'insert a CD into your CD-ROM drive' workaround is somewhat harder I guess :-)
[22:22:18] <Dominus> if it just connected via usb that's not a problem (since you just need to unplug it) but if it is connected internally, you can forget installing it from the command prompt (unless you have cards for all the slots)
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[22:34:01] <wjp> time to go; good night
[22:34:29] <Dominus> good night
[22:35:33] <Dominus> a quick installer for U7 would be nice too :)
[22:36:39] <Dominus> something that grabs the parts from the floppies, combines them, unzips, and places the static folder with content somewhere.
[22:37:01] <Dominus> or if you say you have the UC does that for you and so on..
[22:52:44] <Dominus> hmm, strange. When I just installed FoV it correctly changed the usecode file and did NOT leave a usecode.new file
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[23:12:53] <Dominus> hi colourless
[23:15:38] <Colourless> hi
[23:19:11] <Colourless> u8 floppy using arj is the biggest problem writing an installer for pentagram ha
[23:19:12] <Colourless> s
[23:20:30] <Colourless> but it's not the end of the world as there is a gpl version of the arj source floating around
[23:21:40] <Colourless> saying the code though is... ugh... hard to work with is an understatment.
[23:21:54] <Fingolfin> =)
[23:22:08] <Colourless> working ported dos c code from 10 years ago isn't fun :-)
[23:22:11] <Fingolfin> in fact some people might be very grateful if somebody took that code and gave it a good cleaning and the re-released it
[23:22:17] <Dominus> :)
[23:22:25] * Fingolfin has looked at the (un)arj code before and fully agrees with Colourless
[23:25:07] <Colourless> a nice clean unarj would be very nice. I was attempting to work my way through the arj code to see if i could even find the decompression routine so i could rewrite it somewhere else... i didn't have much luck.
[23:25:39] <Colourless> of course silly me never thought about doing something as simple as running the code through a debugger
[23:27:22] * Colourless makes a note to try that one day
[23:31:53] <Dominus> hmm, very strange
[23:32:22] <Dominus> when I installed FoV from floppy in Windows the usecode file was correctly created
[23:32:56] <Dominus> when I installed it from dosbox it indeed only created the usecode.new file and did not overwrite the old usecode file
[23:33:22] <Colourless> does the fov installer have any bat files?
[23:33:34] <Dominus> no, it is just an exe
[23:34:20] <Dominus> it's hard to do it manually, the additional shapes are zipped, get unzipped and then flexed to shape.vga
[23:39:27] <Dominus> I tried it with an image, will now try it with the actual floppy, though I doubt it will make a difference
[23:41:51] <Dominus> yeah, the same problem
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