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[08:05:04] <wepy> i have a slight issue
[08:05:29] <wepy> i can't run my installer.exe for ultima7/Serpent isle.. but i can selectively extract certain files from the exe with unzip
[08:05:36] <wepy> do I only need the flx files?
[08:11:33] <servus> I'm not sure, but you can probably run the original Ultima 7 installer through DOSBox ~ http://dosbox.sf.net/ ~
[08:13:33] <wepy> d'oh..
[08:13:37] <wepy> hum
[08:13:50] <wepy> weird it doesn't have the .flx files..
[08:14:38] <wepy> i seem to recall they might have been some upgrade?
[08:14:57] <wepy> ah got it:)
[08:15:00] <wepy> <3 exult
[08:15:06] <servus> Hm? Is this "installer.exe" you're referring to a DOS program that came with the original games when they were first released?
[08:15:08] <servus> OK, good :)
[08:16:50] <wepy> nah it's something i downloaded..
[08:17:13] <wepy> i got a zip file with all of the ultima games, and some interview videos with garriot
[08:17:28] <wepy> (well, not u9, but who cares about that)
[08:17:50] <servus> Well, I can't say anything about any of that. From the original installation disks, you may have to install it through DOSBox in order to decompress all the game files.
[08:18:05] <wepy> ah
[08:18:13] <wepy> is there any way to tell if i need to decompress them?
[08:19:00] <wepy> i was considering trying DOSBox, but i was just assuming the exe was made for more modern operating systems..
[08:20:21] <servus> I don't remember how my original disks came. I reckon you need to run the originall installer to get the FLX and other files that Exult needs.
[08:22:48] <wepy> can't
[08:22:53] <wepy> wine doesn't work with my kernel..
[08:23:14] <wepy> it bitches about some 3g/1g memory split option that isn't even in my .config..
[08:23:53] <servus> DOSBox, not Wine.
[08:24:01] <wepy> do you have a bunch of U7IFIXXX files in your STATIC dir?
[08:25:07] <servus> Yep, those are needed by Exult.
[08:30:30] <wepy> do i need to download those OGG music things to have music in the game, or are those just for fun?
[08:34:00] <wepy> brb
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[08:38:00] <wepy> hrm
[08:41:47] <wepy> weird..
[08:42:03] <wepy> when i start it up and try view introduction.. i don't see the whole "Avatar!" thing witht he red dude..
[08:49:18] <wepy> are there any translations of u7?
[08:49:56] <servus> I think there's a Spanish one, and maybe a German one.
[08:50:04] <servus> I'm pretty sure I've seen a French one too.
[08:52:10] <wepy> i was kinda thinkin.. chinese?
[08:53:19] <servus> I really doubt that, seeing as how complex scripts like Asian and Arabic are a big deal to implement... I think I'd've heard of that
[08:53:49] <wepy> hm
[08:54:06] <wepy> hey you wouldn't happen to know a doc that explains how all the strength/combat/etc works would ya?
[08:56:44] <servus> Nope, sorry. Check the Exult code if you dare : o)
[08:57:10] <wepy> heh
[08:57:20] <wepy> i guess it was meant to be kind of natural?
[08:58:10] <servus> I never noticed stats do an awful lot to combat in the first place. You just get up and wiggle your weapons at the enemy and hope they die, and reload if you do
[08:59:37] <wepy> hah
[08:59:48] <wepy> is it true that some characters are better with certain weapons?
[09:00:02] <wepy> like spark + lightning whip?
[09:00:06] <servus> I don't know anything about that. I don't think so. I need to start hoofing off to bed, night!
[09:00:14] <servus> (I thought Spark was a slinger in the literature, anyway)
[09:00:14] <wepy> and.. why does the juggernaught hammer always kill my teammates?
[09:00:15] <wepy> hah
[09:00:20] <wepy> ok night
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