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[21:49:06] <Dominus> :)
[22:03:28] <Dominus> btw, wjp, sh4rm4 - the problem that Paulo on the forum had with the ucparse patch, was that gedit added spaces instead of tab to the makefile.am and thus the command was seen as part of the target...
[22:04:28] <sh4rm4> well, adding the \ at the end of the target line has the same effect
[22:04:55] <sh4rm4> i.e. the next line will be interpreted as target dependencies
[22:05:27] <Dominus> that's clear, the interesting part was that spaces instead of a tab would do something similar
[22:06:08] <sh4rm4> yep
[22:06:23] <sh4rm4> thus: never try to apply a patch to a makefile by hand...
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