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[04:06:44] <Zxcvb> anyone up?
[04:14:38] <Servus> i am
[04:21:08] <Zxcvb> do you know if planting the silver seed is supposed to do anything but remove the 7 day recharge time on the amulet of balance?
[04:45:19] <Servus> hehe
[04:45:24] <Servus> *thinks*
[04:45:47] <Servus> it lets you go home from the silver seed fortress right away, and i think it screws with your stats(?)
[04:46:11] <Servus> i think if you talk to the automaton captain again he'll give you higher stats, tho im really not sure bout that
[05:24:57] <Zxcvb> and lets you come back
[05:25:22] <Zxcvb> I use the SS keep as a storage area for potions and such
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[05:26:18] <Zxcvb> also, any idea how ziosoft ported ultima underworld to the pocket pc?
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[05:49:44] <Servus> i assume they got the code handed to them on a silver platter, zxcvb
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[05:59:32] <Zxcvb> Servus: you knew about that port, right?
[06:15:27] <Servus> yes
[06:15:34] <Servus> ive seen it
[06:15:49] <Servus> bottom half of the screen is a virtual keyboard...
[06:20:02] <Zxcvb> so you think origin gave them the source?
[06:23:44] <Servus> thats the most logical answer
[06:23:53] <Servus> especially considering they *sold* the game, so theyd need direct interaction with origin inc.
[06:24:39] <Zxcvb> and they don't require you to have a copy of it allready
[06:24:59] <Zxcvb> so they at least licensed the data files
[06:25:17] <Servus> yes but selling a project is a rather big deal
[06:25:28] <Servus> so if they wanted the source code, they'd just ask for it
[06:25:41] <Servus> thought an emulator may have been more efficient, as much of UW was done in inline assembly
[06:25:58] <Servus> scratch the "inline" part, just tons was done in asm:P
[06:26:16] <Zxcvb> though there have been reimplementations that were sold that required the original data files that were not official
[06:26:36] <Zxcvb> wabi comes to mind specifically
[06:26:56] <Zxcvb> you mean a replacement engine?
[06:26:56] <Zxcvb> or a custom dos/x86 emulator
[06:29:23] <Servus> x86 emu, im not sure how powerful pocketPCs are :)
[06:30:02] <Servus> remaking it from scratch would be prohibitively expensive
[06:30:06] <Zxcvb> ultima underworld apparently doesn'
[06:30:27] <Zxcvb> ultima underworld apparently doesn't need 386 protected mode
[06:30:27] <Zxcvb> only 386 real mode
[06:30:27] <Zxcvb> assuming you have an aboveboard or other EMS card
[06:30:48] <Zxcvb> you mean like uwadv is trying to do?
[06:30:49] <Servus> honestly i know nothing at all about pocketpcs:)
[06:30:54] <Servus> yes, like that
[06:31:24] <Zxcvb> if you used a custom emulator, you could replace some of the machine code with ARM or whatever
[06:31:56] <Zxcvb> as well as lots of patching
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[06:35:08] <Zxcvb> at least it doesn't use unreal mode
[06:39:20] <Servus> hehe
[06:39:26] <Servus> thats for sure, no ultima 7 there :-)
[06:40:00] <Zxcvb> do you know about the potion/scroll trick?
[06:42:55] <Servus> yes
[06:43:04] <Servus> turn it into junk and itll last forever
[06:44:21] <Zxcvb> is it a bug in the engine?
[06:44:49] <Servus> its a bug in the data structure used to hold items, i reckon
[06:45:11] <Servus> since its a piece of "junk" it doesnt care about charges
[06:46:07] <Zxcvb> what about the moving money at the casino?
[06:46:22] <Servus> ??
[06:46:39] <Zxcvb> since you can get attacked for it, does that mean it isn't a bug?
[06:47:03] <Servus> casino?
[06:47:07] <Zxcvb> in ultma 7 at the casino, put 100gp on a color
[06:47:21] <Servus> i just killed everyone and spun the wheel
[06:47:27] <Zxcvb> spin the wheel, and when the wheel is about to stop, open your inventory and move the money to the winning number
[06:47:46] <Servus> thats just a case of the hands being quicker than the I
[06:47:47] <Servus> eye*
[06:47:48] <Zxcvb> the gaming house in bucs den
[06:48:21] <Zxcvb> past posting, isn't it
[06:51:04] <Servus> i just answered:P
[06:52:40] <Zxcvb> how complicated is underworld compared to u7/u8?
[07:01:59] <Servus> hmm
[07:02:07] <Servus> disregarding graphics, underworld is much less complicated
[07:02:25] <Servus> regarding graphics, underworld is par with u7, and has the potential to be deadly-complicated compared to u7
[07:03:57] <Zxcvb> regarding a replacement engine
[07:06:53] <Servus> yes
[07:06:58] <Servus> regarding a replacement engine
[07:07:06] <Servus> though, honestly, graphics are a cinch to make
[07:07:21] <Zxcvb> graphics should be easy
[07:07:29] <Zxcvb> compred to usecode or whatever they use
[07:10:36] <Servus> theres usecode in both games
[07:10:57] <Servus> what i meant was... 3d graphics engines are difficult, making 2d/3d art data is simple
[07:11:53] <Zxcvb> how similar is usecode in u7/u8/uw1/uw2?
[07:14:25] <DarkeZzz> U7 and U8 are vaguely similar. Though you wouldn't be able to convert usecode from u7 to u8 without first translating them to a higher level language and recompiling them. And even then, you still wouldn't be able to use them 'cause internally the engines work differently.
[07:16:19] <Servus> u7 and u8 use the same engine... barely... i think you can look to Crusader No Remorse as the missing-link
[07:18:58] <DarkeZzz> Nah. No Remorse and No Regret are post u8.
[07:19:13] <Zxcvb> how about savage empire and martian dreams?
[07:19:36] <DarkeZzz> And the u8 engine was written from the ground up. Whilst the usecode looks similar, the engines are designed *completely* differently.
[07:19:43] <DarkeZzz> Weren't they based on U6?
[07:19:47] <Servus> savage empire = ultima 6 :)
[07:19:54] <Zxcvb> not sure, never tried them
[07:19:57] <Zxcvb> are they any good?
[07:19:59] <Servus> lovely game, savage empire! yes!
[07:20:41] <Zxcvb> have there been any ultima games from 6 onward where things would go away if you drop them?
[07:21:04] <Zxcvb> or could you always stockpile items from 6 onward?
[07:21:18] <Servus> *shrugs*
[07:21:55] <Zxcvb> is it pretty standard to use the SS keep to stockpile items for when the banes attack?
[07:25:37] <Servus> i never stockpile
[07:25:41] <Servus> i carry very little
[07:25:45] <Servus> i just go around and kick arse
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[15:09:41] <Darke> Hi.
[15:09:48] <Colourless> hi
[15:19:18] * Darke upgrades to the latest kdevelop3 alpha and is momentarially stunned, and spends the next 15 minutes hunting around what looks absofreeking nothing like a ide.
[15:21:50] <Darke> Admittedly, with the new widget set KDE3.1 looks more like a Windows XP impersonator then a *real* operating system, but still...
[15:22:16] * Darke aieees! Scrolling tabbed dialogue box from hell! Flee!
[15:22:43] <Colourless> :-)
[15:31:28] <Darke> Want me to DCC a screencap? It's got to be the most hideous, I-don't-get-the-point-of-tabs dialog I've *seen*!
[15:31:46] <Colourless> um no
[15:32:20] * Darke didn't think so. *grin*
[15:32:33] * Darke considers sending it to the interface hall of shame.
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[16:00:49] * Darke wonders what exactly a persistant class store is, why he wants one, and where the heck the documentation is for this latest kdevelop?!?
[16:01:42] <Colourless> my guess would be a class library, but hey, that could be too logical
[16:03:04] <Darke> I dunno. It's set on a project by project basis, so... well... I'm confused. *grin*
[16:04:06] <Colourless> no clue at all then.
[16:21:17] <Colourless> got to go
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[21:48:43] <Fingolfin> re
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[22:11:16] * Coren_ wavies.
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