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[09:58:21] <Fingolfin> yo
[09:58:22] <Darke> Hi.
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[13:00:55] <Colourless> hi
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[16:15:50] <wjp> hi
[16:15:59] <Colourless> hi
[16:20:58] <wjp> it seems exult doesn't install properly when using automake 1.4
[16:21:15] * wjp wonders if that's a problem
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[20:14:03] <Wumpus> :-)
[20:14:18] <Colourless> and what was 'that' for?
[20:14:24] <wjp> ? :-)
[20:14:45] <Wumpus> why should it be *for* anything :)
[20:14:55] * Wumpus just in agood mood :)
[20:15:00] * Colourless thinks wumpus is going mad if he is smiling for no reason
[20:15:19] <Wumpus> I don't have to *go* mad
[20:15:30] <wjp> why? smilling once in a while won't hurt :-)
[20:15:35] <Wumpus> anyway, if smiling for no reason is mad, then i want in :)
[20:15:41] --- wjp has changed the topic to: Exult: an open-source engine for Ultima 7: http://exult.sf.net/. *smile!*
[20:16:04] <wjp> hm, that looks wrong
[20:16:16] --- wjp has changed the topic to: Exult: an open-source engine for Ultima 7: http://exult.sf.net/.
[20:16:20] --- wjp has changed the topic to: Exult: an open-source engine for Ultima 7: http://exult.sf.net/
[20:16:35] <Wumpus> what kind of things can i change in a dynamic library (like, say, oh, libc.so.6 :P) without having to recompile programs which use it?
[20:16:37] <Colourless> i guess that a normal smile is ok, as long as it's not an evil grin *evil grin*
[20:17:02] <wjp> what kind of things are you planning to change? :-)
[20:17:46] * Wumpus would ideally like to cripple rand() (in a specialised copy of libc6, not the 'normal' one on the system of course)
[20:17:57] <Colourless> one would assume that as long as all the exported functions work as they are supposed to, you could change the entire thing, and it *shouldn't* make a difference
[20:18:12] <wjp> should be ok as long as you don't change the signature, I guess
[20:18:15] <Wumpus> colourless- thats what i would hope :) cool
[20:18:31] <Wumpus> good good :)
[20:25:20] <Colourless> someone want to 'waste' a bit of time and read through something for me?
[20:25:34] <wjp> 'something'?
[20:26:36] <Colourless> this: http://www.users.on.net/triforce/illuminate/v56kprobs.html does it make sense? any glaring errors?
[20:26:54] <Wumpus> now the compile *is* done
[20:27:00] <Wumpus> beh, wrong channel, sorry
[20:27:05] <wjp> question 1: what's a V56K? :-)
[20:27:18] <Colourless> real funny smart guy
[20:27:27] <wjp> seriously :-)
[20:27:42] <wjp> oh, I guess I should read the first paragraph...
[20:28:59] <wjp> "screenshot from the Deus Ex that show what"
[20:29:43] <Colourless> ah ok
[20:30:02] <wjp> "intrface components"
[20:31:12] <Wumpus> oh
[20:31:20] <Wumpus> V56K = Voodoo 5 6000 ... lol
[20:31:26] <Wumpus> I assumed this was going to be about modems :)
[20:31:38] <wjp> yes.. me too initially :-)
[20:32:14] <Wumpus> ``
[20:32:15] <Wumpus> I was kind of
[20:32:16] <Wumpus> puzzled that when playing DeusEx seemed to produce more banding with FSAA
[20:32:18] <Wumpus> than I would otherwise expect.''
[20:32:20] <wjp> hm, 'a miss' looks wrong, but I'm not sure if it should be 'amiss'
[20:32:22] <Wumpus> this is gramatically unsound...
[20:32:41] <Wumpus> (dunno if thats the kind of error you're interested in though)
[20:32:43] <wjp> boy, are we nitpicking or what? :-)
[20:32:44] <Colourless> unsound isn't quite how i would desribe that sentence :-)
[20:32:52] <Wumpus> cupple -> couple
[20:33:04] <wjp> This intrigued my quite a bit
[20:33:39] <wjp> "Don't beleive me"
[20:34:27] <wjp> "hafling the input"
[20:34:50] <Wumpus> I think it needs another proof reading anyway, but most of this is probably stuff you'll find yourself? Your english isn'T weak is it?
[20:35:07] <Colourless> i tend to miss my own mistakes
[20:35:21] <Wumpus> *Nod* hence sleep on it or whatever :) but I can poke at more if you really want
[20:35:27] <wjp> "are bing divided"
[20:35:38] <wjp> output = 2*gamma_table[output/2]; <-- input/2 ?
[20:36:03] <Wumpus> 'from the Deus Ex that show' (probably want 'from Deus Ex that shows')
[20:36:06] <Colourless> not really with that one
[20:36:27] <Colourless> (talking to wjp)
[20:36:41] <Colourless> the output gets passed through the gamma_table
[20:36:49] <Wumpus> what *is* FSAA anyway?
[20:36:56] <Colourless> Full Screen Anti Aliasing
[20:38:10] <wjp> the story is quite clear
[20:38:13] <Wumpus> intrface/interface (I think wjp already said that though)
[20:38:49] <Colourless> ok, i should have updated all of those mistakes
[20:40:28] <Wumpus> I can'T comment on the content after the first few paragraphs... I have very little idea of what you'Re going on about :)
[20:40:34] <Colourless> i'm sure many of the typo's are likely to have shown themselves if i just pass the doc through a spell checker :-)
[20:40:43] * Wumpus is currently replaying Deus Ex though, but this probably isn't useufl :)
[20:41:08] <wjp> "useful" ;-)
[20:41:16] * wjp is stuck in spelling-correction mode :-)
[20:42:40] <Wumpus> outputting/outputing ?? (hmm, it looks wrong to me both ways, strange)
[20:43:20] <Wumpus> the first paragraph or two suffer from punctuation deprivation IMO ,-)
[20:43:23] <Colourless> where about?
[20:43:44] <Wumpus> (it just reads oddly overall)
[20:43:44] <Wumpus> umm
[20:44:06] <Wumpus> hmm maybe not
[20:44:16] <Wumpus> I can'T point at anything just now, it just reads, i dunno, oddly...
[20:44:18] <Wumpus> *looks more closely*
[20:45:16] <Wumpus> hmm
[20:45:22] <Wumpus> it looks good on a second reading
[20:45:32] * Wumpus is not smoking stuff, really i'm not :P
[20:45:34] <Colourless> all of the spelling errors should now be fixed :-)
[20:47:00] <Colourless> i'm pretty sure i've made a variety of 'stupid' grammatical errors with punctuation. i would also assume that i've made a few run on sentences. i know that i've already corrected one, so there is bound to be more
[20:48:25] <Wumpus> well you're not submitting this as a part of a thesis I guess? :) so i suppose it doesn't need to be pefect?
[20:48:29] <Wumpus> or, hmm, maybe perfect :)
[20:48:48] * Wumpus thinks it reads pretty well now...
[20:49:32] * Colourless now passes it through the ms word grammar checker to find some simple mistakes
[20:50:00] <Wumpus> you did all that stuff yourself though? Sounds like some pretty impressive work :)
[20:50:12] * Wumpus would have noooo idea about that area of his computer, heh
[20:51:25] <Colourless> yep, all myself
[20:53:07] <Wumpus> 'I modify the GlideXP driver'... probably modified is better
[20:53:14] <Wumpus> but thats not actually the reason i started to type that :)
[20:53:31] <Wumpus> 'I modified the GlideXP driver'... they give you source? nifty :)
[20:53:38] <Colourless> OMG, MS Word suggested I use a semicolon in one place... i don't think i've ever used one of those before :-)
[20:53:47] <Wumpus> :)
[20:54:03] <Wumpus> you'Ve never typed a winking smiley? ;-)
[20:54:13] <Colourless> oh, ha ha
[20:54:27] <Colourless> Glide sources were released for the Linux community
[20:54:41] --> Telemacho has joined #exult
[20:54:49] <Colourless> i modified them 'back' to work in windows (easy since 99% of the windows code was still there)
[20:54:51] <wjp> hi Telemachos
[20:54:55] <Telemacho> hi there ;)
[20:54:58] <Colourless> hi
[20:55:00] <wjp> or Telemacho? :-)
[20:55:13] <Wumpus> ahh :)
[20:55:14] <Telemacho> heh.. limited lengths in fields always suck ;)=
[20:55:20] <Wumpus> incidentally have you played with winex at all?
[20:55:38] <wjp> Colourless is just as long as Telemachos, incidentally :-)
[20:55:41] <Telemacho> anyone here got a good Linux setup with SDL, hardware 3d graphics card and an OK CPU ?
[20:55:57] <wjp> um, I guess
[20:55:59] <Telemacho> hmm.. maybe its time for a new IRC client ;)
[20:56:10] <wjp> unless you actually want me to use that 3d? :-)
[20:56:11] <Telemacho> and last criteria.. good inet connection too ?
[20:56:12] <Wumpus> telemachos- hmm... yeah, i guess, why? :)
[20:56:16] <Wumpus> oh
[20:56:20] <Wumpus> good inet connection *no*
[20:56:28] * wjp has a pretty good connection
[20:56:33] <Wumpus> unless you consider 56k which never *reaches* 56k as good :)
[20:56:39] <Telemacho> because we're releasing the Linux version of Ultima1 tech25 tomorrow and I wanted someone to do an early test ;)
[20:56:46] <wjp> hm, opengl?
[20:56:48] <Telemacho> yeah
[20:56:49] <Wumpus> .oO
[20:56:51] <Wumpus> yummie!
[20:56:59] * Wumpus wants, but I guess it'll be big and fat :(
[20:57:03] <wjp> let's see... I would probably need nvidia's binaries for that
[20:57:04] <Telemacho> 30mb
[20:57:07] <Wumpus> hmm
[20:57:13] <Wumpus> I've managed to hide my chocolate from myself
[20:57:22] <wjp> hm, is a tnt2ultra fast enough?
[20:57:24] <Wumpus> hrmm, 2 hours and a bit... not something i want to grab tonight :(
[20:57:39] <Telemacho> he heh
[20:57:49] <Telemacho> hmm.. dunno.. tnt2 is pretty old ;)
[20:58:17] <Colourless> tnt2 ultra would be about as fast as my card is in windows xp :-)
[20:58:23] <Telemacho> it'll probably run... but probably at a crawl... tnt2 has been reported to *work* under windows
[20:58:29] <wjp> I should probably get a new one sometime if I want to play NWN or Warcraft 3
[20:58:40] <Colourless> it might have 4 chips (each the speed of a tnt2), but i can only use 1 in WinXP :-)
[20:59:05] <Telemacho> I've tested on a 900Mhz and a Geforce2 and it runs OK with that.. think the system would have to be around that
[20:59:24] * wjp wonders how hard it is to install the nvidia opengl drivers nowadays
[20:59:27] <Telemacho> what ? you have a 4 chip tnt2 ? ;)
[20:59:39] <Colourless> did i say that... no, i didn't.
[20:59:43] <Telemacho> uhm.. I did it with a little help.. not too hard
[20:59:48] * Wumpus has a 1533MHz XP and GF2, so I should be set... I'll try to remember to grab it :)
[21:00:07] <wjp> athlon 1800xp, tnt2ultra :-)
[21:00:07] <Wumpus> wjp- I can only speak for debian, but it was easyish there
[21:00:17] <Telemacho> think it was just a matter of downloading a package and doing a few changes here and there... XF86Config-4 or something..
[21:00:48] <Wumpus> pretty much
[21:01:11] <Telemacho> Wumpus ok cool ;) we'll release tomorrow probably... I was actually looking for some pre-release testers .. but tomorrow is fine too
[21:01:22] <wjp> I can try it if you want
[21:01:33] <Wumpus> tele- well yeah, as i said, with a 57.6 modem and me wanting to go to bed soon :)
[21:01:34] <wjp> if I can get these drivers installed within the next hour, that is
[21:01:45] <Telemacho> ok cool.. its still uploading but I'll write the URL when its done
[21:01:53] * Wumpus grumbles
[21:02:04] * Wumpus wants to find his chocolate first though
[21:02:07] --- Wumpus is now known as ChocHunter
[21:02:09] <Telemacho> Wumpus: heh.. dont worry ;)
[21:02:52] <Telemacho> what are you guys working on currently with Exult btw ?
[21:03:36] <Colourless> well, word seem to think that document is now somewhat acceptable :-)
[21:03:37] <wjp> oh, right, I was fixing the buildmap stuff
[21:03:51] * ChocHunter ywans
[21:04:07] * ChocHunter thinks, bed time
[21:04:12] <ChocHunter> g'night :)
[21:04:15] <wjp> night
[21:04:18] <Colourless> cya
[21:04:19] <-- ChocHunter has left IRC ("Zzzzz")
[21:05:36] <wjp> *sigh*... got the 1+Mb drivers, but can't get the <10Kb README file
[21:05:46] <wjp> download.nvidia.com is weird :-)
[21:07:05] <Telemacho> isnt there a few links to ftp mirrors of the drivers and readme files ?
[21:07:36] <wjp> hm, maybe it's packed with the drivers
[21:08:18] <wjp> yay, it is :-)
[21:09:37] --- Darke|afk is now known as Darke
[21:10:03] * Darke pawwaves. Hello.
[21:10:13] <Colourless> hello bunny
[21:10:17] <wjp> hi
[21:11:50] <Telemacho> hi there ;)
[21:14:15] <Darke> Colourless: Nice treatise by the way. *grin*
[21:15:00] <Colourless> :-)
[21:20:05] --> sbx has joined #exult
[21:20:09] <sbx> hi
[21:20:14] <Darke> Hi.
[21:20:19] * sbx gets X-Chat to work again.
[21:20:20] <Colourless> hi
[21:21:25] <sbx> Test: Complete
[21:21:28] <sbx> Thank you for your time
[21:21:29] * sbx bows
[21:21:31] <-- sbx has left IRC (Client Quit)
[21:31:30] --- Colourless is now known as Cless|Away
[21:32:27] <Telemacho> wjp: Ok seems the upload is complete.. it should be at http://avatarpatch.ngx.sm/mirrors/Ultima1-tech25.tar.bz2
[21:33:21] <wjp> k, I just installed the nvidia drivers too
[21:35:15] * wjp is just committing the fix to that --buildmap issue, and then he will restart X to try
[21:54:44] <wjp> wow, software gl sure is fast :-)
[21:54:50] <wjp> Telemacho: it runs, anyway :-)
[21:55:06] * wjp goes to try hardware opengl :-)
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[21:59:20] --> wjp has joined #exult
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[21:59:22] <wjp> wow!
[21:59:34] <wjp> looks great! :-)
[21:59:37] <wjp> oh, and works too :-)
[22:00:32] <wjp> not that fast, but playable
[22:07:24] * Darke disappears to double check that his kde upgrade failed to compile successfully. *grin*
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[22:10:17] <Darke> ReHi.
[22:10:28] * wjp just noticed his refresh rate dropped from 85 to 75Hz
[22:10:30] <wjp> bad...
[22:12:16] * Darke 's monitor maxes out at 75, when in 1600x1200, so he's kind of stuck at it. *grin*
[22:12:40] <wjp> :-)
[22:12:51] <wjp> mine does 85 in 1600x1200 (usually)
[22:13:10] * Darke snickers.
[22:15:18] * wjp wonders how to fix it
[22:16:16] <-- Telemacho has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[22:21:11] <Darke> Poke your X config file, I presume. *grin*
[22:22:05] <wjp> well, the refresh rate stuff is the same as before
[22:23:59] <Darke> Purhaps your card can't handle 85Hz@1600x1200 using 3d accelleration? Admittedly a long shot...
[22:24:42] <Darke> s/Pur/Per/
[22:25:29] <wjp> ah well, I'll go restart X a couple of times :-)
[22:25:37] <-- wjp has left IRC ("brb... (I think)")
[22:25:42] * Darke snickers.
[22:28:03] --- Cless|Away is now known as Colourless
[22:31:03] --> wjp has joined #exult
[22:31:18] <wjp> funny... I wonder why there's a big green rectangle in the lower right corner of my screen
[22:31:27] <wjp> doesn't look exactly healthy :-)
[22:31:43] <wjp> the mouse goes over it, and everything else goes under it
[22:31:50] <Colourless> hehe
[22:31:54] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to wjp
[22:32:06] <wjp> *sigh*... back to fiddling with my xf86config-4
[22:32:08] <-- wjp has left IRC (Client Quit)
[22:39:13] --> wjp has joined #exult
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[22:39:24] <wjp> ah well, back to 5spf opengl for me
[22:40:04] <Colourless> i have to ask you... did you actually notice a difference between 75 and 85 hz?
[22:40:09] <wjp> yes
[22:40:24] <Colourless> interesting
[22:47:03] <wjp> hm, I should really be going now
[22:47:06] <wjp> g'night
[22:47:12] <-- wjp has left IRC ("Zzzz...")
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[23:21:46] <Colourless> darke you are letting the pentagram team down. our sourceforge rating has plummeted. Since you are the person who is meant to be writing the engine, this is obviously your fault :-)
[23:22:42] <Colourless> Project UNIX name: pentagram
[23:22:43] <Colourless> Registered: 2002-05-17 16:30
[23:22:43] <Colourless> Activity Percentile (last week): 0%
[23:23:06] * Darke pokes his tongue. He's been working on that compiler thing, patience. *grin*
[23:23:59] * Colourless gets the feeling that no one wants to be the first person to actually do something on pentagram
[23:25:32] <Darke> Something along those lines. *grin* I suspect it's a case of "where do I start?" more then anything else.
[23:27:09] <Colourless> there is also that "getting it right" aspect as well. I relucent to do anything because i don't want to start doing something, it end up being totally inappropriate in the end
[23:27:23] <Darke> Once I get the compiler generating tokens, either myself or someone else will need to create the 'virtual file system'.
[23:27:28] * Darke nodnodnods.
[23:28:37] <Colourless> i also want to work on a scaler 'plug-in system'. however i'm thinking of just hacking up all the 'old' stuff to create a prototype of the system
[23:29:57] <Darke> I've got ideas on how to setup the 'main menu' and installation/converstion screen systems, but I need to drop them all into an email, I've already got a backlog of a partially written email on usecode I need to finish too. *grin*
[23:30:09] <Darke> s/converstion/conversion/
[23:30:15] <Colourless> i think that the first step would be setting up a rigid directory structure for all of the files.
[23:30:23] <Darke> Yep.
[23:30:42] <Colourless> should probably discuss that in an email so everyone can have input
[23:32:39] <Darke> Perhaps tools/ for all our 'tools', then under that directory you have tools/disasm for the disassembler, tools/shpview for the shapes viewer, etc. pentfs/ for everything related to the file system, file encapsulation, 'automatic' conversions of images and such?
[23:33:05] <Darke> Agreed. It's just quicker to throw ideas in here first though. *grin*
[23:33:32] <Colourless> pentfs or filesys. pentfs fs doesn't seem that clear
[23:34:09] <Darke> 'filesys' is probably better. *grin*
[23:34:43] <Colourless> we should have a text file somewhere the describes what's in each dir
[23:34:57] * Darke nods.
[23:35:21] * Colourless thinks initially it will just be a Copy and Paste of the final email detailing the dir structure
[23:35:44] * Darke noddles. That works. *grin*
[23:36:27] <Darke> Either 'engine', 'usecode' or 'ucengine' would probably be best for the main usecode engine/machine stuff.
[23:36:39] <Colourless> what about the kernel?
[23:37:02] <Colourless> i think the kernel and interpreter should probably go in the same dir
[23:37:09] <Darke> In kernel/ ? Actually the usecode engine would probably be best in the same dir.
[23:37:22] * Darke snickers. Agreed of course. *grin*
[23:37:33] <Colourless> what you do? :-)
[23:37:41] <Colourless> kernel sounds ok to me
[23:38:01] <Colourless> the dir structure makes it seem like an operating system.... i'm all for this :-0
[23:38:30] <Darke> There's really not much in the interpreter anyway, just three files a header, and it's cc file, then the converstion from intrinsic number->function.
[23:38:42] <Darke> s/function/function file/
[23:38:44] <Colourless> yeah
[23:38:45] * Darke snickers.
[23:39:40] <Colourless> i'm thinking world loading should possibly go in a u8world dir (to differentiate u8 and those games that we don't support)
[23:39:46] <Darke> Another thing I want to convert is to remap the intrinsic numbers into nice groups, like having all globals in the 0x00xx range, all operations involving raw item pointers in the 0x01xx range, etc. Just for ease of maintenence.
[23:39:54] <Colourless> or maybe in world/u8/
[23:40:02] <Darke> *nod* That works.
[23:40:20] <Darke> They'll _hopefully_ be only
[23:40:45] <Darke> They'll _hopefully_ be only 'conversion' functions/classes in there, so we can write a properly generic engine, but I expect we'll still have to handle special cases. *grin*
[23:41:17] <Colourless> on second thought, world/u8/ might not be that good, since in other places we might want to use a similar structure (i.e. graphics/u8/)
[23:41:27] <Darke> Actually, make that world/u8/version/. *grin*
[23:41:56] <Colourless> so world/u8world/ might be an idea. world/ would contain anything shared between all games
[23:42:27] <Colourless> similar graphics/u8graphics/ would contain anything for u8 and graphics/ would contain all shared code
[23:43:00] <Colourless> a lot of that though could be made redundant if we convert all games to the same formats
[23:43:10] <Darke> (graphics/u8) Perhaps. I would like to just convert all the graphics, etc. into a 'generic' format so we don't have to special case things. Anything in the critical path of interpret->render that handles special cases should, imho, be minimised.
[23:43:39] <Colourless> agreed. i don't want to be making virtual painting methods for shapes
[23:44:19] <Darke> Yeah. I'd like to plan on only having world/u8/version/ (or whatever) at the moment, if we do find we need some special cases for graphics and whatever, we can handle adding the graphics/u8 directories then.
[23:45:04] <Darke> We can always fall back on literally doing a `#include <world/u8/graphics.h>` anyway, if we find we can't fit that in afterwards.
[23:45:58] <Colourless> we really need to know more about the games we don't support before we can make any decision for certain
[23:47:02] <Colourless> they might in some cases do things quite a bit different to u8. we really need to know before we start coding
[23:48:19] <Darke> *noddle* Although if we find they are _really_ special cases, we don't support them anyway. *grin*
[23:48:28] <Colourless> :-)
[23:49:50] <Darke> AFAICT, under the hood, the engines are almost identical. It's only the graphics/sound bits that have really changed.
[23:50:14] <Darke> They appear to have also hardcoded the weapon damage, defense values, etc too, just like U8. *grin*
[23:50:21] <Colourless> yay nice.
[23:50:30] <Colourless> that will be one of the first things that I think we should move to XML
[23:50:37] <Darke> Yep. *grin*
[23:51:15] <Colourless> that sort of stuff could cause problems between different versions of the game
[23:51:34] <Darke> I've got a bunch of 'scratch' files floating around here with that sort of stuff in them, which I've been planning to drop into docs/scratch, but haven't gotten around to. *grin*
[23:51:52] <Colourless> even though it think it's unlikely, it's possible that weapon shapes might have changed between versions, or even new weapons added and such
[23:51:57] --> DominatoR^^^HC has joined #exult
[23:52:02] <DominatoR^^^HC> hi all
[23:52:04] <DominatoR^^^HC> anyone here?
[23:52:06] <Colourless> hi
[23:52:14] <DominatoR^^^HC> hi ^^
[23:52:36] <DominatoR^^^HC> I have a little question, if you have some time to reply ...
[23:52:45] <Darke> Colourless: Yep. I need to sit down and write that email I mentioned above, I've got plans and such to handle the special cases when we install, so hopefully things will be 'easy' to handle. *grin*
[23:52:56] <Darke> Hi.
[23:53:18] <Darke> Speak away, and we might even be able to provide you with an answer. *grin*
[23:53:20] <Colourless> Darke: do the games that we don't support have their version numbers in the exe
[23:53:25] <DominatoR^^^HC> exult works all fine, but I cannot use the new island patch ...
[23:53:35] <DominatoR^^^HC> maybe I misconfigured...
[23:53:39] <Darke> Colourless: Yep.
[23:53:50] <DominatoR^^^HC> I have my blackgate data in:
[23:53:53] <Colourless> DominatoR^^^HC: it's possible
[23:54:18] <Colourless> Darke: good. i guess we will just require that everyone have their game executables
[23:54:23] <DominatoR^^^HC> home
[23:54:24] <DominatoR^^^HC> DominatoR
[23:54:26] <DominatoR^^^HC> games
[23:54:28] <DominatoR^^^HC> u7
[23:54:29] <DominatoR^^^HC> blackgate
[23:54:39] <DominatoR^^^HC> and I created in blackgate a dir named patch
[23:54:51] <DominatoR^^^HC> in the exult.cfg I put
[23:55:11] <DominatoR^^^HC> the exact path
[23:55:18] <DominatoR^^^HC> including the patch dir
[23:55:22] <DominatoR^^^HC> I must include it or not?
[23:55:56] <Colourless> when defining the <patch> path, you must include the patch dir
[23:56:06] <DominatoR^^^HC> yeah I included it...
[23:56:12] <DominatoR^^^HC> where is supposed to appear the portal?
[23:56:18] <DominatoR^^^HC> I started a new game, but nothing...
[23:56:38] <DominatoR^^^HC> oh, I'm using latest CVS version... updated and compiled about an hour ago
[23:57:13] <Colourless> i haven't looked at the island patch in quite a while.
[23:57:36] <Colourless> and since it doesn't seem that you are using windows (what I use) i can't really help you with path problems
[23:57:36] <Darke> Colourless: My theory goes is they choose an 'install' option in our 'main menu', they point it to a 'full' installation directory tree of the game, we run a list of checksums against the files to make sure they're all correct and to locate the correct game and version number from the exe. We convert all the files to our 'format' leaving the original files intact (either creating them in our own pentagram/game/gamename/version directory, or i
[23:57:36] <Darke> e original directory), and then add a menu item allowing them to play that particular game/version.
[23:58:03] <Colourless> Darke: sounds like a good idea
[23:58:06] <DominatoR^^^HC> ok, however tanks for the help...
[23:58:14] <DominatoR^^^HC> I'll try to find some other combinations ... ^^
[23:58:23] <Darke> DominatoR^^^HC: If you're grabbing the patch from cvs, IIRC you need to walk to somewhere to activate a teleporter to the island.
[23:58:36] <DominatoR^^^HC> yeah
[23:58:39] <Darke> DominatoR^^^HC: You 'start' in the original spot, IIRC.
[23:58:41] <DominatoR^^^HC> the readme says that
[23:58:51] <DominatoR^^^HC> the portal is nearby the smith in trinsic
[23:58:56] <DominatoR^^^HC> between two houses
[23:59:02] <DominatoR^^^HC> but there's nothing in the area...
[23:59:11] <Darke> DominatoR^^^HC: No teleport eggs?
[23:59:39] <DominatoR^^^HC> hum wait...