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[06:41:20] <sbx> hello
[08:05:48] <wjp> hi
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[11:21:08] <wjp> second tuesday in a row exultbot's host was rebooted
[11:21:09] <wjp> grrr
[11:28:47] * Darke suggests wiring up a fake front panel for the machine, to deliver 10k volts through any unfortunately 'grouding device' that might come into contact with it. *noddle*
[11:29:31] <wjp> I'm running exultbot on another machine now
[11:31:46] <Darke> Hrm... but you can still leave a note on the front of the machine reading, "Touch this and I'll beat you unconcious with your (formerly attached) arm." can't you?
[11:32:13] * Darke has a *really* vicious streak when it comes to people touching his machines. Can you tell? *grin*
[11:34:08] <sbx> hi Darke
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[11:38:58] * Darke grumps. No fair! He scared sbx off!
[11:40:37] <wjp> apparently there was a sub-second power failure here
[11:40:51] <wjp> causing only some machines to reboot
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[11:41:46] <Darke> Weird.
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[12:03:52] <wjp> the really fun part is that some machines now refuse to bring eth0 up
[12:04:52] <Darke> Wheee!
[12:05:36] <wjp> let's hope the power failure and/or surge didn't kill part of a switch
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[12:09:07] * Darke doesn't think you're thinking... positive enough. *noddle* How about the power surge/failue being caused by a switch as it fries spectacularly, which incidentally takes out all the onboard ethernet controllers to computers connected to it? *grin*
[12:11:10] <wjp> if you consider that the only machines we have with onboard ethernet controllers are servers, that would indeed be pretty spectacular
[12:15:50] * Darke has a set of innocent looking ethernet cables at work, which are actually used as video transmission cables with the associated relatively high voltage. The audio/visual guys said to make sure you didn't plug them into an ethernet port, since you'd fry a switch at the other end. It'd be interesting one day to find out how spectacularly it fries. *grin*
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[12:22:00] <wjp> hi
[12:24:40] <Colourless> hi
[12:25:12] <Darke> Greetings.
[12:25:58] <Colourless> it speaks... and gives a normal greeting :-)
[12:29:24] <Darke> On the odd occasion, I give the appearance of being normal, yes. *grin*
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[13:24:43] <Kabalx> greetings avatar
[13:29:36] <sbx> Yes, *I* am the Avatar.
[13:31:56] <wjp> No, no, no! That is all wrong! Thou art the 'Avatar'!
[13:32:03] <wjp> Thou must feel like the Avatar! Thou must sound like the Avatar!
[13:32:09] <wjp> Thou must -be- the Avatar! Try it again.
[13:32:36] <sbx> I *am* the Avatar.
[13:32:45] * sbx wields his sword.
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[14:26:49] <King_Baha> !list
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[14:27:33] <sbx> ?
[14:29:49] <sbx> !
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[14:57:41] <wjp> wow, a !list here?
[15:00:00] <Colourless> what does that mean?
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[15:07:19] <wjp> list all fileservers here
[15:07:42] <wjp> i.e., people looking for warez
[15:08:06] <wjp> #scummvm gets it relatively often
[15:09:12] <wjp> (you get kickbanned for it there)
[15:26:47] <Colourless> actually people should say bankicked since you ban first, then kick :-)
[15:28:52] <Colourless> s/actually //
[16:34:19] <wjp> yeah, that occured to me too :-)
[16:57:31] <wjp> hm, Deus Ex is something I might want, right?
[17:01:06] <Colourless> yes :-)
[17:02:05] <wjp> I'm currently in a "let's buy some of these 'classics' while they're still available" mood :-)
[17:07:46] <wjp> how about Thief: The Dark Project?
[17:08:26] <wjp> (and/or Thief 2 - The Metal Age)
[17:17:40] <Colourless> Thief was pretty good
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[19:07:17] <Dominus> !list
[19:08:22] * Dominus suggests pointing people who type !list to an ebay Ultima 7 search link...
[19:09:21] <wjp> hi
[19:17:36] <Colourless> hi
[19:20:51] <Colourless> has it been asked before?
[19:21:18] <Dominus> no, first time (I think)
[19:22:44] <wjp> 5 times, actually
[19:22:52] <Dominus> oh
[19:23:19] <wjp> 4 in may, 1 in march; weird distribution
[19:23:32] <wjp> (may 2001, 2003, 2003, 2004; march 2002)
[19:23:47] <Colourless> strange
[19:24:10] <Dominus> may must be the time to ask for file lists...
[21:19:01] <Colourless> going
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