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[00:12:43] <wjp> I'm going to bed
[00:12:47] <Fingolfin> ok
[00:12:47] <wjp> night
[00:12:49] <Fingolfin> cya
[00:12:51] <Fingolfin> sleep well ;)
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[01:15:05] <hebble> hi all
[01:15:23] <hebble> if anyone here was on yesterday, i finally got exult music working. :)
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[11:12:48] <TonyHoyt> Hello people.
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[12:09:25] <Fingolfin> hi
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[12:20:01] <wjp> hi
[12:20:16] <wjp> let me guess... still no new ircd?
[12:22:53] <Fingolfin> hi there
[12:23:02] <Fingolfin> hmmm
[12:23:09] <Fingolfin> nope ;)
[12:23:17] <Fingolfin> doesn'tz look like it at least
[12:23:44] <Fingolfin> am working on a new icon, looks nice so far, ryan sent me a 256x256 rendered version
[12:24:02] <Fingolfin> I will also make a windows icon and send it to ryan, and if you tell me the format you want for unix..
[12:24:11] <Fingolfin> and I want to put together a new version of the log
[12:24:28] <wjp> the current icon is 48x48 .png
[12:25:42] <Fingolfin> do you know which font was used for the logo?
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[12:26:00] <Fingolfin> hi ryan
[12:26:44] <Colourless> hi
[12:28:11] <Fingolfin> ryan: can you tell me which font this is in our logo=
[12:28:11] <Fingolfin> ?
[12:28:47] <Colourless> i've no idea. Wasn't me who put the font in
[12:32:10] <Fingolfin> ok
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[12:50:33] <Colourless> what are you doing with the logo?
[12:53:49] <Fingolfin> nothing yet; but I want to take the smooth text from hugh; and use your ankh, but also in a better version
[12:53:59] <Fingolfin> i.e. mostly keep the old logo, only use a better quality
[12:55:05] <Colourless> ah good. :) Can't say I've ever been really happy with our current logo on the webpage.
[12:56:26] <Colourless> remove that 'really' from 'really happy'. That states my opinion better ;-)
[12:57:52] <Colourless> i've also been attempting to improve the Windows icon. There's not too much you can do with a 32x32 icon
[12:58:35] <Fingolfin> yeah, i guess so, but the icon app I use can also export .ico files; I'll send you what I got once I am finished tweaking this 16x16 icon (for macos menu bar display of the icon)
[12:59:04] <Colourless> ok, thanks.
[13:00:13] <Colourless> i'll be interesting in seeing what you've done with the 16x16 icon as Windows likes one of them as well.
[13:00:41] <Colourless> I kind of made one that doesn't look too bad
[13:04:22] <Fingolfin> yeah I saw it; it looks different than my old one, though, and also different than my new ;)
[13:04:33] <Fingolfin> should be nice if we could agree on one on all platforms ;)
[13:04:54] <Colourless> how could you see it.... it's not like i've commited it :)
[13:05:18] <Fingolfin> oh ok
[13:05:22] <Fingolfin> I only saw the old one ;)
[13:06:33] <Colourless> well, there wasn't an old one. I personally never put a 16x16 icon in the ico file
[13:06:46] <Colourless> of course, there may have been a 16x16 one that i didn't use
[13:06:48] <Colourless> I can't remember
[13:07:21] <Fingolfin> oohh ok, I was thinking of the 32x32 somehow ;)
[13:07:41] <Fingolfin> well, I am not too happy with my 16x16 icon, I'll show you waht I got and you show me yours maybe? ;)
[13:07:47] <Colourless> ok
[13:07:48] <Fingolfin> hmm
[13:08:00] <Fingolfin> I can DCC you this .ico I guess
[13:08:19] <Colourless> if dcc works
[13:08:30] <Fingolfin> ?
[13:09:00] <Fingolfin> worked ;)
[13:09:05] <Colourless> yeah
[13:09:49] <Colourless> but the file doesn't
[13:10:17] <Fingolfin> oh, transfer corrupted it?
[13:10:17] <Fingolfin> I can zip it
[13:10:25] <Colourless> doesn't look like it
[13:10:40] <Fingolfin> ?
[13:10:50] <Fingolfin> it worked fine here under Win98
[13:10:59] <Colourless> seems to have some messed macified header
[13:11:09] <Fingolfin> eek
[13:11:13] * Fingolfin checks his DCC options
[13:11:26] <Fingolfin> ok, fixed it, will resend
[13:11:37] <Fingolfin> a zip sent as binary ;)
[13:11:44] <Colourless> ok :)
[13:12:21] <Colourless> ewwww
[13:12:31] <Colourless> looks bad against back background
[13:12:53] <Colourless> i'll send you mine
[13:14:00] <Fingolfin> "back background" = "black background" ?
[13:14:07] <Colourless> yeah
[13:14:15] <Fingolfin> hm, let me check here...
[13:14:31] <Colourless> antialiased edge causes problems
[13:14:48] <Fingolfin> ugh yeah
[13:14:48] <Fingolfin> hm
[13:14:51] <Colourless> did you get my dcc request?
[13:14:55] <Fingolfin> the problem is the export to.ico
[13:15:03] <Fingolfin> I got your request, and accepted it, but no data coming
[13:15:09] <Fingolfin> firewall on your side?
[13:15:10] <Fingolfin> hm
[13:15:13] <Colourless> yeah
[13:15:13] <Fingolfin> or on mine... ;)
[13:15:26] <Colourless> there's one here
[13:15:35] <Colourless> i'll send by email
[13:15:41] <Fingolfin> ;)
[13:16:06] <Colourless> sent
[13:16:25] <Fingolfin> the icon looks ok for me; but the exported .ico of mine looks bad :/
[13:16:32] <Fingolfin> does windows .ico support 32 bit masks?
[13:16:36] <Fingolfin> er, 8 bit masks
[13:16:40] <Colourless> nope
[13:16:42] <Colourless> only 1 bit
[13:17:01] <Fingolfin> oh, ok, maybe that messed it up; but I thought I had 1 bit masks/8bit icon
[13:17:08] <Fingolfin> hm, 32 bit icons on win? or 16 bit?
[13:17:13] <Fingolfin> or 8bit or what
[13:17:19] <Colourless> any :)
[13:17:47] <Colourless> i made 8 bit ones though
[13:18:05] <Colourless> the extra size for 24 or 32 bit icons didn't seem worth it
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[14:07:18] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[14:08:27] <TonyHoyt> Hey Fing.
[14:08:33] <Colourless> wb
[14:09:05] <Fingolfin> thx
[14:10:14] <TonyHoyt> so what are the current plans of things? Looks like SI is getting very close to working.
[14:12:39] <Fingolfin> I hate it to hit compiler bugs :/
[14:12:57] <Fingolfin> tonyhoyt: SI is getting better, but there are still some more or less plot stopping bugs I think
[14:14:28] <TonyHoyt> Looks that way. But seems like you guys are eleminating those bugs quite quickly. Nice nice. :-)
[14:14:54] <Colourless> we kill one, and just find another behind it
[14:15:01] <Fingolfin> no
[14:15:02] <Fingolfin> we kill one
[14:15:06] <Fingolfin> and dom find two new ;)
[14:15:17] <Colourless> heh, yeah
[14:16:02] <TonyHoyt> Sounds like fun. :-/
[14:17:45] <TonyHoyt> Exult studio is available only for linux correct? Durring the standard make phase, is it built along with all the other exult tools on linux?
[14:18:06] <Colourless> no, it's not
[14:18:52] <TonyHoyt> Hmmm Let me see if I figure what what I need to build it then.
[14:26:27] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[14:26:36] <Dominus> hi there
[14:26:44] <Colourless> hi
[14:26:49] <Dominus> speaking of me again, were youß
[14:26:50] <Dominus> ?
[14:26:50] <wjp> hi
[14:27:03] <Dominus> could you please check out http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=446200&group_id=2335&atid=102335
[14:27:08] <Dominus> for me?
[14:27:18] <Colourless> directed at who?
[14:27:40] * Colourless is guessing anyone
[14:27:44] <Dominus> Jeff says it doesnīt crash for him, want to know what you ALL expereience there
[14:27:51] <Dominus> yep
[14:28:36] <wjp> works for me
[14:28:39] <TonyHoyt> I'm building a new copy of Exult now so once that's done I guess i can give it a try.
[14:29:52] <Colourless> trying it out now
[14:29:52] <Dominus> strange always freezes for me
[14:30:04] <Colourless> no problem here
[14:30:09] <wjp> crash or freeze?
[14:30:19] <Dominus> freeze!
[14:30:32] <Colourless> just repeating: works fine for me
[14:30:43] <Dominus> always, even with a new game started
[14:31:07] * Dominus is downloading Kirbens built, maybe something is wrong with mine
[14:31:12] <Dominus> his even
[14:32:49] <Dominus> ah, got it
[14:32:59] <Dominus> can you try with supereagle 2x?
[14:33:27] <wjp> works too
[14:33:32] <Colourless> me too
[14:33:55] <TonyHoyt> Hmm can't find the bug since it's closed and my linux machine doesn't have a link. sorry.
[14:34:11] <Dominus> with 512x348?
[14:34:19] <Colourless> th: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=446200&group_id=2335&atid=102335
[14:34:25] <Dominus> scaling doesnīt seem to be the problem
[14:34:43] <wjp> ok... now it freezes for me too
[14:34:50] <Dominus> hooray!!!
[14:34:57] <Dominus> :-(
[14:35:27] <Colourless> you evil person, you frooze my compuet
[14:35:40] <Dominus> task manager is your friend .-)
[14:35:47] <wjp> god it's slow in 512x384x2
[14:36:06] <Dominus> actually just right for me
[14:36:11] <Dominus> i like supereagle
[14:36:22] <Colourless> as you can tell, I couldn't see my irc client when typing that.
[14:36:30] <Dominus> :-)
[14:36:32] <wjp> even with point it's still horribly slow for me
[14:36:41] <Dominus> really?
[14:37:07] <Colourless> thte problem is most likely edge of the world related
[14:37:19] <wjp> somehow it seems slower than before, even in 320x200
[14:38:20] <Dominus> Colourless: why should it be related to that?
[14:38:52] <Dominus> oh, I see right at the edge
[14:39:00] <Colourless> yeah+
[14:39:05] --> TonyHoyt_ has joined #Exult
[14:39:14] <TonyHoyt_> Okay Now i'm on my linux machine.. :-)
[14:39:29] * wjp re-opened the bug
[14:39:51] <Dominus> wjp: did you put a notice there with 512x348?
[14:39:58] <wjp> yeah
[14:41:53] <TonyHoyt_> my p3 800 flys a 320x200 x2 supereagle. SuperEagle I assume is the fastest?
[14:42:03] <wjp> no, slowest
[14:42:12] <wjp> interlaced is fastest
[14:42:13] <TonyHoyt_> But I have to admit, 512x348 is slow... Oh, what's the fastest then?
[14:42:14] <Dominus> but best looking (IMO)
[14:42:35] * Dominus meant Supereagle
[14:42:44] <Colourless> depends on your point of view. IMO interlaced is kind of nice
[14:42:54] <wjp> interlaced, point, bilinear, 2xSaI, supereagle
[14:42:57] <TonyHoyt_> Interlace does look like a tv screen.. yech.
[14:43:00] <wjp> (from fast to slow)
[14:44:58] <TonyHoyt_> Any way you guys can patch up that Herophant of Chaos ghost bug?
[14:45:01] <-- TonyHoyt_ has left IRC (2.8.2-EPIC3.004 -- just do it.)
[14:45:30] --> TonyHoyt_ has joined #Exult
[14:45:35] <TonyHoyt_> Wrong button.
[14:45:51] <Colourless> we can probably fix the chaos hierophant bug
[14:45:51] <Dominus> TonyHoyt_: which bug
[14:45:51] <Dominus> ?
[14:46:15] <Dominus> that there are still those ghosts that are the chaos hierophant?
[14:46:18] <wjp> that house near the mint with the ghosts
[14:46:36] <Dominus> at least they donīt speak automatically to you
[14:46:54] <TonyHoyt_> The chaos Hierophant shows up in this home in SI as a ghost and is NOT supposed to be there. It's really not important now but it would be nice if he went away and was proprely replaced with a regular ghost.
[14:47:07] <wjp> how are you supposed to speak to the Chaos hierophant the right way, btw? Something with the seance spell, right?
[14:47:12] <Dominus> they should probably just be some angry ghosts that attack you not speak at all
[14:47:15] <Colourless> wjp: yeah
[14:47:48] <Dominus> wjp: well later on in the game and you must have three serpent artifacts with you
[14:48:14] <Dominus> donīt know where, though
[14:48:14] <wjp> which three? crown/staff/armour or earrings/amulet/ring?
[14:48:40] <Dominus> I think it doesnīt matter
[14:48:58] <TonyHoyt_> The three serpent pieces?
[14:48:59] <Colourless> i think the blackrock serpents might be allowed as well
[14:50:55] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|away
[14:51:22] <Dominus> btw wjp , never got to do some item names configurations, the wedding ring is named serpent ring and the serpent ring is just ring
[14:51:22] * Dominus didnīt quite get how to do the naming
[14:52:51] <TonyHoyt_> Hmmm. I wish there was a "unlock" command. I'm messing around in si right now and I hate locked doors and chests.. Although doors I can hack move.
[14:53:00] <wjp> do you have the shape/framenums for those rings?
[14:54:22] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Ping timeout for Dominus[212186137085.15.univie.teleweb.at])
[14:54:38] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[14:56:05] <Dominus> wjp: 887,0 is ring (but should later be called wedding ring when you haer that from Alyssand)
[14:56:09] <wjp> never mind, found the problem
[14:56:35] <Dominus> :-)
[14:56:37] <wjp> are you sure?
[14:56:43] <Dominus> 887,1 is serpent ring
[14:56:54] <wjp> there's no "wedding ring" in text.flx
[14:57:02] <Colourless> as far as I know, the ring is always just ring
[14:57:05] <Dominus> wjp: not really but fairly (memory is such a precious thing)
[14:57:19] <Colourless> BG had a wedding ring
[14:57:31] <Dominus> could be that Iīm confusing those two
[14:57:44] * Dominus thinks of starting the original
[14:57:58] * Dominus shudders as he remembers the slow U7dpmi
[14:58:09] * Dominus is contend with just ring
[14:58:59] <Dominus> wjp: another thing that bothered me, would it be possible to assign two item uses to the same key?
[14:59:11] <Dominus> (or is this allready possible)
[14:59:17] <wjp> no, would be tricky
[14:59:31] <TonyHoyt_> bbl
[14:59:36] <Dominus> as feeding should work also with bottles (everlasting goblet)
[14:59:39] <-- TonyHoyt_ has left IRC (2.8.2-EPIC3.004 -- just do it.)
[15:00:10] <Colourless> just do a shift combo or something
[15:00:35] <wjp> well, if 'feed' in the original also used bottles, we should too, I guess
[15:00:47] <Dominus> Colourless: I know I CAN asign another key, but it used to work with bottles as well
[15:01:47] <wjp> hmm, come to think of it, didn't it keep feeding someone until he was full?
[15:01:56] <Dominus> Iīm pretty sure it worked in the original (not quite entirely sur, though)
[15:02:29] <Dominus> yep, not liek it does now 50 times until some one would be sated by it
[15:02:55] <Dominus> at least it had a higher "feed" value
[15:04:08] <wjp> what do you mean by 'it' here?
[15:04:24] <Dominus> the everlasting goblet
[15:04:38] <wjp> I would think that's controlled by usecode
[15:04:46] <Dominus> funny thing I noticed btw, drinking and kissing have the same sound (sounds silly with my sound pack that has a nice drinking sound)
[15:05:11] <wjp> hehe :-)
[15:05:37] * Dominus is glad he didnīt use a burping sound)
[15:24:28] <Dominus> does anyone know why the forest master carries a madman with him?
[15:25:08] <Dominus> loc(02bf,0678,00)
[15:25:19] * Colourless has a look
[15:25:57] <Dominus> pick pocket of course
[15:26:28] <Colourless> that is just odd
[15:26:51] <Dominus> I seem to remember something in the plot but donīt know anymore
[15:27:05] <Dominus> maybe itīs just like the actor in BG who has a troll on him
[15:27:19] <Colourless> lets put the madman on the ground and see what happen
[15:27:23] <-- TonyHoyt has left IRC ()
[15:27:33] <Dominus> "I should have word with thee
[15:27:35] <Dominus> "
[15:27:40] <Colourless> yeah
[15:27:54] <Colourless> the madman isn't a npc
[15:28:39] <Colourless> easter egg?
[15:28:46] <Dominus> think so
[16:11:43] <wjp> weren't those madmen introduced with the Silver Seed?
[16:11:54] <Dominus> huh?
[16:12:04] <wjp> maybe the shape nr. used to be something else?
[16:12:28] <Colourless> perhaps
[16:14:52] <Colourless> could the 'madman' be Aram-Dol?
[16:15:08] <Colourless> i.e. sameshape?
[16:15:09] <Dominus> the Fiend?
[16:15:13] <Colourless> yeah
[16:15:19] <wjp> Fiend != Aram-Dol
[16:15:34] <Colourless> opp yah
[16:15:41] <Colourless> i meant the Fiend
[16:15:54] * Colourless hasn't player silver seed in a while
[16:16:08] <Colourless> Aram-Dol is a Liche
[16:16:48] <Colourless> yep, the madman is The Fiend
[16:16:49] <wjp> yes, the Fiend is called 'madman' too
[16:18:28] <Dominus> so, we have found the missing Fiend now?
[16:21:29] <Colourless> anyone here have Serpent Isle without silver seed? I'd be interested to know what is supposed to be in The Forest Masters hand
[16:22:18] <Dominus> you have to ask in the forum then
[16:23:03] <Dominus> or better ask one of the dragons in the newsgroup (Iīll do that if you want)
[16:23:36] <Colourless> thanks if you could ask the dragons.
[16:23:49] <Colourless> they are more likely to know/do it
[16:23:59] <Dominus> I will right away
[16:23:59] <Dominus> yep
[16:24:28] <Dominus> (and more likely to do it without running into problems :-))
[16:36:41] <wjp> noooo.... not _another_ return to menu bug...
[16:36:51] <Dominus> he he he
[16:36:51] <Colourless> hehe
[16:36:56] <Dominus> found mine?
[16:37:03] * wjp screams and runs for the hills
[16:37:21] * wjp wonders where the soud pack is loaded
[16:37:24] * Dominus turns on Iron Maiden "Run to the hilss"
[16:37:29] <Dominus> hils even
[16:37:31] <Colourless> as it was Nadir who started on Return to Menu, don't you think he should be fixing the bugs :)
[16:37:39] <Colourless> or even HILLS!
[16:37:44] <wjp> hmm, good point :-)
[16:37:51] <Dominus> I assigned this one to Nadir
[16:40:16] --- Fingolfin|away is now known as Fingolfin
[16:40:19] <wjp> hmm, there's several more bugs here
[16:40:19] <Fingolfin> mountains?
[16:40:23] <Dominus> ask for help posted in Dragons Newsgroup
[16:40:41] <wjp> mountains? in the netherlands? nah...
[16:40:42] <Colourless> thx
[16:40:49] <Fingolfin> wjp: oh ok
[16:41:32] <wjp> are sfx used in the BG/SI menu?
[16:41:51] <Dominus> nope
[16:42:09] <wjp> better initialize them later, then
[16:42:23] <wjp> hmm, same for the keybinder
[16:42:28] <Dominus> right
[16:42:44] <Dominus> btw, ever noticed that in SI North begins not at the middle but just where the ice land begins (or better the mountains seperating it)?
[16:43:10] <Colourless> umm?
[16:43:30] * Colourless has no idea what Dominus is talking about
[16:43:34] <wjp> you mean that's where the 'x-axis' is?
[16:43:53] <wjp> or the equator?
[16:44:12] <Dominus> itīs not tat the equator but above
[16:44:58] <Dominus> if you teleport to the camp of the people who stole that orb from the forest master - outside of that fort is 0 South
[16:45:48] <Colourless> (using sextant) ah, so it is
[16:46:01] <Dominus> hex coords: 0645,0468
[16:46:47] * Dominus found out when he gave the coords to the forest master in his post to the newsgroup
[16:47:36] <Colourless> interesting place to start the coords at
[16:48:08] <wjp> I think that's the same height as LB's castle in BG
[16:48:20] <Colourless> possibly
[16:48:55] <wjp> Dominus: umm... that forest master thing is completely unrelated to that bug where the Fiend didn't show up...
[16:49:15] <wjp> (and we fixed that bug some time ago)
[16:49:20] <Dominus> did we?
[16:49:24] <wjp> we did :-)
[16:49:28] <Dominus> why doesnīt he show up then?
[16:49:33] <Dominus> for me at least
[16:49:46] <wjp> how long ago did you start your current game?
[16:51:48] <Dominus> hmm, 15th may
[16:52:35] <Dominus> where does he show up?
[16:52:46] <wjp> this bug was fixed on 24 June
[16:53:41] <Dominus> oops, iīm just posting an update to my post on the newsgroup :-)
[16:55:16] <Dominus> so where is the fiend showing up then?
[16:55:33] <Colourless> probably no where I would guess
[16:56:04] <Dominus> ?
[16:56:09] <wjp> he's swapped out if you used a pre-fix savegame
[16:57:08] <Dominus> that I understood, but do you know where (approx) he shows up?
[16:57:51] <wjp> around 3040, 2898
[16:58:03] <wjp> (be0, b52)
[16:58:51] <wjp> hehe, he walks right into a wall
[17:01:14] <Dominus> wjp Colourless, that coord change is really just about where LBīs throneroom is in BG
[17:01:44] <Colourless> sounds like a bug to me :)
[17:18:40] <Dominus> wjp: hmm, do you have to trigger something else to meet the fiend? I still donīt get to see him in his laboratory when I start a new game
[17:18:55] <wjp> you need to talk to Karnax about 'discovery' first
[17:19:09] <wjp> that triggers the creation of all the SS NPCs
[17:19:15] <Dominus> ah, okay
[17:30:00] <wjp> Dominus: could you check if SFX + return to menu works properly?
[17:32:18] <Dominus> compiling
[17:38:32] <Dominus> wjp: works
[17:39:05] <wjp> k, thx
[17:39:36] --- wjp is now known as wjp|dinner
[17:39:43] <Dominus> small bug in Nadirs Video options: it shows 512x348 instead of 512x384 (it does 512x384)
[17:40:05] <wjp|dinner> hehe, oops :-)
[17:40:42] <wjp|dinner> I might fix the shape when I get back
[17:40:52] <Dominus> k
[17:50:56] --> Cless has joined #Exult
[17:50:57] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Read error to Colourless[ppp339.adelaide.on.net.au]: Connection reset by peer)
[17:50:58] --- Cless is now known as Colourless
[17:51:59] --> Cless has joined #Exult
[17:52:00] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Read error to Colourless[ppp339.adelaide.on.net.au]: Connection reset by peer)
[17:52:04] --- Cless is now known as Colourless
[17:53:42] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Read error to Colourless[ppp339.adelaide.on.net.au]: Connection reset by peer)
[17:53:54] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[17:54:05] * Fingolfin ties Colourless with a rope to the channel
[17:54:07] <Colourless> that's the last time :)
[18:14:08] --- wjp|dinner is now known as wjp
[18:17:17] * Dominus wonders why the fiend (madman) is not an NPC (with number)
[18:17:36] <Colourless> cause it's created by usecoe
[18:17:38] <Colourless> usecode
[18:17:52] <Colourless> all the SS npc's are like that
[18:18:03] <Dominus> aha
[18:19:38] <Dominus> but you can pickpocket the others but not the madman (I think)
[18:20:12] <Colourless> which madman are you talking about?
[18:20:27] <Colourless> the fiend, or the one in Forest Master's inventory?
[18:21:30] <Dominus> both actually
[18:22:11] <Dominus> (which doesnīt matter - i just noticed that when I tried to get to know where the fiend goes when he disappears through the wall)
[18:22:17] <wjp> committed the new vid_resolution.shp
[18:22:43] <Colourless> you should be able to pick pocket the fiend
[18:22:44] <Dominus> cool
[18:22:48] <wjp> he just goes 'into' the wall it seems... he reappears when you Ctrl-D the wall
[18:23:17] <wjp> yes, you can pickpocket him
[18:23:24] <Dominus> Colourless: you can, I was kind of confused
[18:23:26] <wjp> looks really weird though :-)
[18:24:06] <Dominus> so wjp: a bug to submit, right?
[18:24:27] <wjp> walking into the wall? yeah
[18:25:35] <wjp> hmm, actually... he doesn't walk into the wall
[18:25:42] <wjp> he just disappears occasionally
[18:25:54] * wjp is confused
[18:27:44] <Colourless> where does he go? Any usecode output?
[18:27:56] <wjp> his activity is set to 'dance' ?!
[18:28:41] <wjp> no, no output
[18:29:47] <Colourless> he appears to be still there.
[18:30:02] <wjp> ah, his Z-coord goes to 1 when he disappears
[18:30:26] <Colourless> another problem is his frame doesn't exist
[18:30:47] <wjp> hmm, 15, yes
[18:31:03] <wjp> Z-coord might be unrelated then
[18:31:04] <Colourless> i've got 64 here (reflected 31)
[18:31:10] <Colourless> 63 i mean
[18:31:31] <Colourless> change his shape to 1024-1035
[18:31:33] <wjp> same frame
[18:31:47] <wjp> (but other direction)
[18:32:02] <wjp> changing his schedule to 'loiter' makes him reappear
[18:32:27] <Colourless> if you changed his shape in the editor, you'll see what he's actually doing
[18:32:36] <Colourless> trying to dance
[18:32:37] <Dominus> how do you change his schedule (that was my problem as I couldnīt get his number)
[18:32:49] <wjp> he's spinning around :-)
[18:33:07] <wjp> Dominus: when you click on him you select him as the default NPC
[18:33:18] <Colourless> click on him before he's disappeared. Press F2, NPC Editor, press enter without typing a number
[18:33:19] <wjp> Dominus: then just press enter when asked for the NPC number
[18:33:53] <wjp> looks like Jeff used the wrong frame for the dance animation
[18:34:08] <wjp> frame 9 looks better
[18:34:47] <Colourless> could be
[18:34:50] <Dominus> ok, now Iīve got it
[18:34:57] --- Fingolfin is now known as Fingolfin|dinner
[18:35:33] <Colourless> I've been thinking of expanding the npc editor to edit objects as well as npc's.
[18:36:07] <Dominus> that would be great
[18:36:25] <Dominus> and also insrītead of show npc numbers also show shape number
[18:37:11] <wjp> NPC editor already shows shape nr.
[18:37:29] * wjp commits fix to dance bug
[18:37:33] <Dominus> I meant the ctrl-n cheat
[18:37:44] <Colourless> you can also use the shape browser to select shapes in the editor
[18:37:47] <Dominus> so I clcik on something and get the shape nr
[18:38:02] <wjp> oh, I see
[18:38:21] <Dominus> so if I want to know which shape sth is I donīt have to browse stdout to find out
[18:38:34] <Colourless> that's possible
[18:41:04] <wjp> hmm... looks like the movement part of dance_schedule is broken too
[18:41:19] <Dominus> Colourless: teleport to NPC is something Iīm waiting for (And Iīm quite content to wait some more :-))
[18:41:52] * wjp fixes Shal's urge to walk to the left
[18:42:59] <Colourless> that should fix all the other dance bug as well. go into the Sleeping Bull and play song 8 on the magic music player
[18:43:09] <Colourless> everyone likes to walk to the right :)
[18:43:32] <wjp> movement code:
[18:43:33] <wjp> dest = center;
[18:43:43] <Dominus> in BG casting dance makes them go to the left as well
[18:43:45] <wjp> dest.tx += center.tx - dist + rand()*2*dist;
[18:44:10] <wjp> no, %(2*dist), sorry
[19:02:56] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Read error to Dominus[212186137085.15.univie.teleweb.at]: Connection reset by peer)
[20:01:58] <Fingolfin|dinner> did my changes break anything, BTW? ;)
[20:02:04] --- Fingolfin|dinner is now known as Fingolfin
[20:03:52] * wjp didn't recompile yet
[20:04:13] <wjp> yes, they did
[20:04:32] <wjp> Configuration.cc:46: `c_empty_string' undeclared
[20:05:39] <wjp> hmm, let me guess.. you have exult_constants.h in your PCH?
[20:07:42] <Colourless> *sigh* you broke things pretty substantially for me
[20:07:49] <wjp> yeah, same here
[20:08:12] <wjp> c_empty_string defined in exult.cc, but used in a library seems to cause some problems too
[20:10:08] <Colourless> my msvc kludges can't handle vector<foo>::iterator you need to use std::vector<foo>::iterator instead
[20:11:36] <Colourless> other than that, i had no problems
[20:12:08] <wjp> you have exult_constants.h in your PCH too? :-)
[20:12:14] <Colourless> yes :-)
[20:14:23] <wjp> oh... wait... it's just confregress that fails to build, not the library
[20:16:19] <Colourless> heard about Code Red 2 ?
[20:16:30] <wjp> yeah
[20:16:56] <Colourless> an effected server:\
[20:17:36] <wjp> <DIR> Dude Patch or Disable Your Web Server - CODE RED
[20:17:44] <wjp> <DIR> Thanks For The Mp3s Tho - CODE RED
[20:17:44] <wjp> lol
[20:18:28] * Fingolfin is back, sorry, phone
[20:18:29] <Fingolfin> hmmm
[20:18:42] <Fingolfin> c_empty_string is in exult_constants.h
[20:18:48] <Fingolfin> and indeed in my precomp header, damn
[20:19:05] <Fingolfin> well
[20:19:08] <wjp> I'll fix the couple of missing includes, btw
[20:19:09] <Fingolfin> it is only used by the conf lib
[20:19:28] <wjp> and the broken Makefiles
[20:19:30] <Colourless> that fool running that computer only has an Administrator account.
[20:19:43] <Fingolfin> about the std:: stuff -> OK, sorry, couldn't anticipate broken compiler ;) will remember for next time
[20:19:45] <Fingolfin> wjp: arrgh
[20:19:55] <Fingolfin> wjp: I wanted to fix the makefiles, but forgot to now
[20:20:11] <wjp> Colourless: maybe it's a dedicated webserver?
[20:20:20] <wjp> (still stupid, though)
[20:20:22] <Fingolfin> I can only say as excuse that I am experiencing some personal troubles ATM, having to write yet anothe letter, and awaiting a law suite as consequence, sigh
[20:20:38] <wjp> still the landlord-issue?
[20:21:15] <Fingolfin> I can fix the Makefiles, though I guess it might be better if you do since you can test them immediatly; but I can still do it if you want me to,
[20:21:17] <Fingolfin> wjp: aye...
[20:21:24] <Colourless> wjp: don't think so. i think it's a cable modem
[20:21:26] <wjp> no need, I already fixed them here
[20:21:30] <Fingolfin> wjp: quite outragous damands; and he just ignores our previous letterrs
[20:21:49] <Fingolfin> wjp: thanks, sorry for the inconveniance; I was in a hurry to finally submit my changes to start working on this new letter
[20:21:50] <Colourless> wjp: it's someone personal computer. exploring c drive will reveal that.
[20:22:15] <wjp> Colourless: you know it's illegal to browse, right? ;-)
[20:22:39] <wjp> (well, in US law, anyway, IIRC)
[20:23:04] <Colourless> wjp: the probably installed win2k server/advanced server without knowing that it installs IIS by default.
[20:23:10] <Colourless> wjp: yeah, I know :)
[20:23:25] <wjp> Colourless: like the majority of code-red-infected machines, probably
[20:23:59] <wjp> "application for certificate of authority.doc" ?
[20:24:02] * wjp wonders what that is
[20:25:20] * Colourless wonders how you'd get it
[20:25:39] <wjp> "type filename" ?
[20:25:51] <Colourless> could work
[20:26:02] <wjp> oh wait...
[20:26:28] <wjp> didn't code red 2 also install virtual web dirs for the C and D drives?
[20:26:51] <Colourless> i think the machine has to restart before you can get accesss
[20:27:15] <Colourless> however, someone did get mp3's from the machine
[20:27:15] <wjp> only happens on login, apparently
[20:27:29] <wjp> yeah, those dirnames are funny :-)
[20:27:52] <wjp> Fingolfin: any idea why this doesn't work:
[20:28:00] <Fingolfin> ?
[20:28:26] <wjp> I added a "const std::string c_empty_string;" to xmain.cc, but it still complains about a missing reference while linking confregress
[20:28:39] <wjp> oops
[20:28:41] <wjp> never mind :-)
[20:30:18] <Fingolfin> hm? ;)
[20:30:35] <wjp> forgot to include exult_constants.h too...
[20:30:57] <Fingolfin> he
[20:31:21] <wjp> Colourless: how did you find that IP, btw?
[20:31:26] <Fingolfin> this constant is not that important, i only thought it was nice to have since many places seem to use such a thing ;)
[20:31:32] <Colourless> wjp: http://www.shacknews.com/funk.y?dflat=15279
[20:31:36] <Fingolfin> wjp: didn't you wonder who wrote Code Red?? ;)
[20:31:49] <wjp> LOL
[20:32:48] <Colourless> it might actually be possible to tempoarily uninfect the machine.
[20:33:06] <wjp> apparently you can get a command prompt through telnet
[20:33:57] <wjp> hmm... I wonder if I can get his D2 cd-key to give to my brother ;-)
[20:34:12] <Fingolfin> LOL
[20:34:33] <wjp> oh wait... it's really easy to find infected machines... all I need to do is check my firewall logs
[20:39:13] <wjp> most of them aren't responding, though
[20:41:24] <wjp> mostly because of "too many users logged in" errors ;-)
[20:44:39] <Colourless> hehe
[20:45:04] * Fingolfin is happy that using precompiled headers sped up compilation by a factor of 2-6 for him
[20:45:30] <wjp> one way of getting the files would be copying them to inside the docroot of the webserver
[20:46:25] <Colourless> omg, i just thought of a way to use ftp on the Code Red infected computers
[20:46:49] <Colourless> that would make it possible to upload/download anyfile
[20:47:31] <wjp> ftp? hmmm... if you have an ftp server...
[20:47:45] <wjp> and if windows has a proper command-line ftp tool
[20:48:04] <Colourless> it does have one
[20:48:06] <Fingolfin> it has one
[20:48:12] <Fingolfin> but I wouldn't call it "proper" ;)
[20:48:12] <Fingolfin> ok
[20:48:37] <Fingolfin> it is based on BSD's ftp, IIRC, thus it might be "proper"... hmm
[20:48:57] <Fingolfin> damn compiler bug; if I turn on highest optimization, it crashes on sigame.cc :/
[20:49:12] <wjp> :/
[20:49:46] <wjp> Colourless: was that what you had in mind, or something else?
[20:52:26] <Colourless> use pipes to write text files
[20:52:41] <Colourless> those text files would then be used as responce files to do other things
[20:56:49] <Colourless> pipes work too:
[20:57:31] <wjp> yours? :-)
[20:57:38] <Colourless> yeah :)
[20:57:41] <wjp> tsk tsk
[20:58:17] <Colourless> it pretty much means, almost anything could be done
[20:59:22] <wjp> umm... he has an FTP port open too
[20:59:30] <Colourless> i noticed
[20:59:40] <Fingolfin> hrm
[21:00:06] * Fingolfin thinks about adding exult.h matching exult.cc - too many places use extern ... to get to functions in exult.cc, why not declare the dependency openly?
[21:00:26] <wjp> sure, why not
[21:00:28] <Colourless> fingolfin: do it
[21:00:30] <Fingolfin> ok
[21:03:42] <wjp> hehe, the number of directories on that thing keeps growing
[21:04:00] <Fingolfin> lol
[21:04:05] <Colourless> an ftp response file:
[21:04:36] <wjp> bunch of script k1dd13s... they even need to have someone tell them how to mkdir...
[21:05:34] <wjp> argh... someone there thinks he may need Linux to get anything from that box
[21:05:46] <wjp> and another one that it's totally impossible
[21:05:55] <wjp> sheesh... they seem to have a very limited imagination :-)
[21:06:05] <wjp> there must be _dozens_ of ways to get things from that box
[21:08:46] <Colourless> ftp'ing works :)
[21:09:37] <wjp> :-)
[21:09:51] <wjp> so, what's in your shopping cart? ;-)
[21:09:58] <Colourless> hehe. nothing
[21:10:14] <Colourless> want me to mirror a file for you? ;-)
[21:10:20] <wjp> :-)
[21:10:35] <wjp> I wish I could see this guy's face when he sees his D: drive
[21:11:10] <Colourless> hehe
[21:17:50] <Fingolfin> Is_body - Recognize dead body shapes
[21:18:00] <Fingolfin> currently in gamewin.cc; anybody has an idea for a better places?
[21:18:05] <Fingolfin> bodies.cc maybe? ;)
[21:18:14] <Fingolfin> but really
[21:18:47] <Fingolfin> hey, wait, we do have a bodies.cc
[21:18:51] * Fingolfin slaps himself with a trout
[21:21:10] <wjp> http:// {infected ip here } /scripts/root.exe?/c%20echo%20f>c:\windows\desktop\ warning%20you%20have%20the%20code%20red%202%20viru s%20your%20computer%20attacked%20mine%20please%20g et%20a%20virus%20scanner.txt
[21:21:12] <wjp> hehe :-)
[21:21:16] <wjp> (from /.)
[21:25:49] <Fingolfin> uhm
[21:26:03] <Fingolfin> I fear I will have to make a big commit soon again; and from MacOS 9 again.. uhm...
[21:26:14] <Fingolfin> I jsut don't get the compiler warnings good enough with GCC; sorry
[21:26:38] <wjp> we'll survive :-)
[21:27:09] <Colourless> yeah
[21:30:19] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[21:30:25] <wjp> http://www.incidents.org/archives/intrusions/msg01215.html <-- interesting idea :-)
[21:30:31] <Fingolfin> hi dom
[21:30:34] <wjp> hi
[21:31:06] <Dominus> hi.
[21:31:13] <Dominus> just read the logs
[21:31:26] <Colourless> hi
[21:31:37] <Dominus> wjp: good idea with the warning sent to the infected machines
[21:31:47] <wjp> ?
[21:31:55] <wjp> ah, that post from /.
[21:31:58] <Dominus> better sent them to winnt/desktop as well
[21:33:29] <Dominus> I will probably do that as my firewall has about a hundred ipīs logged now in the last 3 days...
[21:36:21] <wjp> yeah, about 100 in mine too
[21:36:46] <Dominus> very annoying
[21:36:55] <wjp> 308 packets to port 80, at 3 per attempt
[21:39:13] <wjp> you probably can't let root.exe delete itself, right?
[21:39:33] <Colourless> no, but you could get another program to do it
[21:39:54] <Dominus> del
[21:40:11] <Colourless> doesn't work like thaht
[21:40:32] <wjp> copy root.exe notroot.exe; and then use notroot.exe to delete root.exe?
[21:40:45] <Dominus> i think I guessed that :-)
[21:41:14] <wjp> s/notroot/random char string/g
[21:41:18] <Colourless> you could do that, but it still leaves the server vulernarable to attack
[21:41:29] <Colourless> in that, someone still has access to cmd
[21:41:46] <wjp> true, but it locks script kiddies out quite effectively :-)
[21:41:46] <Dominus> can you turn off the computer
[21:41:52] <Dominus> ?
[21:42:07] <Dominus> (shouldnīt do that actually)
[21:42:19] <Colourless> if we wrote a program to do that... yes :)
[21:43:04] <wjp> you could write a program that responds to every code-red attack with a 'shutdown' attack
[21:43:13] <Dominus> :-)
[21:43:25] <wjp> maybe first putting a notice on the desktop or something
[21:43:46] <Fingolfin> boy, we *are* abusing extern in loads of places! <shudder> I wonder why we never addeded an exult.h an only used this dirty tricking ;)
[21:44:48] <Dominus> you could also send a reg file (and execute it) that gives the owner a message the next time he logs on?
[21:45:08] <Colourless> yep
[21:45:28] <wjp> the one thing you probably don't want to do is patch the hole yourself... that way admins stay lazy
[21:45:29] <Dominus> neat
[21:57:24] <wjp> hmm, I should go to bed
[21:57:27] <wjp> night
[21:57:33] <-- wjp has left IRC ([x]chat)
[21:57:34] <Colourless> night
[22:07:03] <Fingolfin> ryan: how long will you stick around?
[22:07:22] <Colourless> not too much longer
[22:07:25] <Colourless> why?
[22:07:25] <Fingolfin> ups
[22:07:29] <Fingolfin> almost 8 am for you
[22:07:32] <Fingolfin> you are crazy ;)
[22:08:38] <Colourless> perhaps :
[22:08:40] <Colourless> )
[22:11:09] <Fingolfin> I will commit my changes in a few moments
[22:11:18] <Fingolfin> maybe you can test and make it compile on Win again? ;))
[22:11:38] <Colourless> maybe, maybe not
[22:16:32] <-- Dominus has left IRC (Read error to Dominus[212186137085.15.univie.teleweb.at]: Connection reset by peer)
[22:16:39] <Fingolfin> commit mails should now slowly begin to trickle in... ;)
[22:16:47] <Colourless> how many?
[22:16:59] <Fingolfin> 30 so far... hrm
[22:17:15] <Fingolfin> 50 in total
[22:17:18] <Fingolfin> sigh
[22:17:36] <Fingolfin> I wish they'd fix this darn CVS client; command line CVS is so much faster
[22:17:44] <Fingolfin> simply because it does it batch wise
[22:18:00] <Fingolfin> at least your project activity rating is raising ;)
[22:19:12] <Colourless> this time I'm not going to recieve 100+ emails in one go
[22:19:33] <Fingolfin> all commited now, BTW
[22:20:22] <Colourless> i think i've got them all
[22:27:06] <Fingolfin> does it work?
[22:27:56] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Ping timeout for Colourless[ppp339.adelaide.on.net.au])
[22:28:07] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
[22:28:24] <Fingolfin> don't tell me my patches crashed you ;)
[22:28:40] <Colourless> not at all. not sure what caused that
[22:29:03] <Colourless> 3 errors
[22:29:05] <Colourless> C:\UC\exult\keys.cc(301) : error C2065: 'Get_click' : undeclared identifier
[22:29:07] <Colourless> C:\UC\exult\gumps\Gamemenu_gump.cc(96) : error C2065: 'quitting_time' : undeclared identifier
[22:29:08] <Colourless> C:\UC\exult\gumps\Gamemenu_gump.cc(96) : error C2065: 'QUIT_TIME_YES' : undeclared identifier
[22:29:10] <Fingolfin> hmmmm
[22:29:17] * Colourless isn't going to fix them, not now. too tired
[22:29:41] <Fingolfin> I forgot to add #include exult.h that is all
[22:29:43] <Fingolfin> sure
[22:29:46] <Colourless> yeah
[22:29:48] <Fingolfin> go to bed, I'll fix those two, thx
[22:30:11] <Colourless> ok :)
[22:30:13] <Colourless> cya
[22:30:16] <-- Colourless has left IRC (bed)
[22:43:00] --> matan_ has joined #exult
[22:43:55] <-- matan_ has left #exult
[23:11:53] --> matt0 has joined #exult
[23:17:46] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC (Ping timeout for Fingolfin[pD9E1CAF4.dip.t-dialin.net])
[23:18:00] --> Dominus has joined #exult
[23:18:58] <Dominus> FINGOLFIN!!!!
[23:19:25] <Dominus> Move your !""§"§$$§§$%@ back here!!!
[23:19:38] <Dominus> well makefile is broken
[23:20:21] <matt0> dominus!
[23:20:28] <matt0> you crazy guy!
[23:20:32] <Dominus> matt0
[23:20:43] <Dominus> verrückt? ich?
[23:20:50] <Dominus> warum?
[23:20:52] <matt0> ja, genau
[23:21:05] <matt0> uh...
[23:21:16] <Dominus> weil..?
[23:21:29] <Dominus> ich geflucht hab?
[23:21:33] <matt0> weil du hier bist?
[23:21:54] <Dominus> hmm, macht keinen Sinn!
[23:22:42] <matt0> hehe
[23:26:30] --> Kirben has joined #exult
[23:26:34] --> hebble has joined #exult
[23:26:55] <matt0> hebble!
[23:26:58] <hebble> hi
[23:27:02] <Dominus> kirben
[23:27:12] <Kirben> Hi
[23:27:15] <Dominus> hi
[23:30:55] <hebble> i just did 'cvs -z9 up' and noticed a whole bunch of changes. i know cvs makes you describe each check-in; how can i access those logs?
[23:31:07] <hebble> (i.e., what was changed?)
[23:31:17] <Kirben> Checkh changelog
[23:31:19] <Dominus> cvs mailing list
[23:31:22] <Kirben> or cvs mailing list
[23:31:32] <Dominus> :-)
[23:32:01] <Kirben> bbl
[23:32:05] <Dominus> http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=2335
[23:32:35] <hebble> Cool, thanks.
[23:32:52] <Dominus> be aware that it doesnīt compile right now
[23:33:03] <Dominus> at least not on win32
[23:33:05] <matt0> fingolfin broke the makefile did he? hehe
[23:33:28] <Kirben> no exult.h was broken
[23:33:28] <Dominus> thatīs why i was screaaingfor hm to return
[23:33:38] <Dominus> ep exul.h
[23:33:39] <matt0> :)
[23:33:44] <Dominus> elt.h
[23:33:52] <matt0> Dominus: so do you miss Jack Chaos ? hehe
[23:34:28] <Dominus> donīt know why i do so many misspellings
[23:34:37] <Dominus> matt0: yes, why?
[23:34:58] <matt0> Dominus: just curious which forum you liked better
[23:35:24] <Dominus> for convinience sake i like the new one much better
[23:35:45] <Dominus> for keeping a backup: the new one
[23:35:58] <Dominus> for browsing older answers: old one
[23:36:18] <Dominus> and the crowd on the old one seemed a bit more informed generally
[23:36:26] <Dominus> and you?
[23:37:09] <matt0> I thought the name Jack Chaos was funny and I thought their mascot looked like a walking banana ... so for those two reasons, yes I do miss jack chaos :)
[23:37:56] <matt0> and of course, I miss the old thread "doctar coed for president" .. that was hilarious
[23:38:06] <matt0> Freedmand and wjp didn't find it very funny though.. hehe
[23:38:10] <Dominus> argh
[23:38:12] <matt0> I guess I am just a child at heart hehe
[23:38:20] <Dominus> I hated that guy
[23:38:36] <Dominus> Mostly it was me who found it the least funny
[23:38:51] <matt0> lol
[23:38:55] * Dominus waits for matt0 to reveal himself
[23:39:02] <matt0> uh no
[23:39:05] <matt0> I had nothing to do with it
[23:39:09] * Dominus has his club hidden behind his back
[23:39:11] <matt0> I was just an observer who found it funny
[23:39:37] <matt0> I thought it was funny who easily that troll could provoke pilawhite trash
[23:39:38] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[23:39:42] <matt0> that's all
[23:39:45] <matt0> nothing more, nothing less
[23:39:46] <matt0> MAX!
[23:39:57] <Dominus> fingolfin!!!
[23:39:59] <Fingolfin> kirben!
[23:40:09] <Fingolfin> matt0!!
[23:40:10] <matt0> Fingolfin: looks like you have some eager people here waiting for you :)
[23:40:11] <Fingolfin> ok, compile error with very latest CVS?
[23:40:13] <Fingolfin> dominus!
[23:40:15] <Fingolfin> !!!!
[23:40:25] <Fingolfin> hehe sure ;)
[23:40:26] <Dominus> In file included from cheat.cc:27:
[23:40:26] <Dominus> exult.h:59: type specifier omitted for parameter
[23:40:29] <Dominus> exult.h:59: parse error before `,'
[23:40:35] <Fingolfin> that's why I came
[23:40:51] <matt0> Dominus: aren't you a programmer? that looks like a simple syntax error
[23:40:53] <Fingolfin> moment
[23:41:02] <Fingolfin> nope
[23:41:09] <Fingolfin> not a syntax error, a semantic error:
[23:41:10] <Fingolfin> wait a sec
[23:41:19] <Dominus> matt0: no, just a ppor user who relies on programmers
[23:41:27] <Dominus> ppor=poor
[23:41:28] <Fingolfin> add this line:
[23:41:29] <Fingolfin> class Tile_coord;
[23:41:35] <Fingolfin> after the other class XYZ; lines
[23:42:08] <Fingolfin> that is the drawback of precompiled errors, I don't catch problems like this; please test if this helps, then I'll commit it
[23:42:11] <Dominus> class keybinder; ?
[23:42:35] <Dominus> compiling
[23:43:07] * Fingolfin recompiles w/o precomp headers, too
[23:43:43] <Dominus> looks good so far
[23:43:52] <Dominus> bah
[23:44:04] <Dominus> In file included from exultmenu.cc:25:
[23:44:06] <Dominus> exult.h:59: `Actor' was not declared in this scope
[23:44:11] <Fingolfin> yeah
[23:44:14] <Fingolfin> jsut got that, too ;)
[23:44:28] <Fingolfin> add "class Actor;"
[23:44:49] <Fingolfin> and while you are it
[23:44:55] <Fingolfin> add "class Game_window;" to be safe
[23:45:06] <Dominus> too late :-)
[23:45:11] <Dominus> letīs see
[23:46:27] <hebble> I'm seeing this on Linux: In file included from ../../exult.h:22,
[23:46:27] <hebble> from forked_player.cc:32:
[23:46:27] <hebble> ../../mouse.h:26: iwin8.h: No such file or directory
[23:46:27] <hebble> ../../mouse.h:27: vgafile.h: No such file or directory
[23:46:27] <hebble> m
[23:47:02] <Fingolfin> hm
[23:47:13] <Fingolfin> stupid gcc ;) ok, I'll look at it
[23:48:40] <Fingolfin> hebble: try this: edit mouse.h, and change the #includes as follows:
[23:48:47] <Fingolfin> iwin8.h -> imagewin/iwin8.h
[23:48:58] <Fingolfin> vgafile.h -> shapes/vgafile.h
[23:49:04] <hebble> will do.
[23:49:52] <Fingolfin> but I must confess I am confused why this happens... hmm... I will take a look at the Makefile
[23:50:12] <Fingolfin> oh ah
[23:50:19] <Fingolfin> hebble: the real fix is to change Makefile.am ;)
[23:50:23] <hebble> In file included from ../../mouse.h:27,
[23:50:23] <hebble> from ../../exult.h:22,
[23:50:23] <hebble> from forked_player.cc:32:
[23:50:23] <hebble> ../../shapes/vgafile.h:38: imagebuf.h: No such file or directory
[23:50:31] <Fingolfin> yeah
[23:50:35] <Dominus> Fingolfin without lass game_window I get
[23:50:36] <Fingolfin> undo those changes, and edit Makefile.am
[23:50:54] <Dominus> In file included from ./usecode/ucsched.cc:23:
[23:50:56] <Dominus> usecode/ucinternal.h:60: syntax error before `*'
[23:51:20] <Fingolfin> hebble: in Makefile.am, in the first line, add this in the right place:
[23:51:22] <Fingolfin> -I$(srcdir)/../../imagewin -I$(srcdir)/../../shapes
[23:52:38] <hebble> which Makefile.am?
[23:52:59] <hebble> in exult/ or exult/audio/midi_drivers?
[23:53:04] <Fingolfin> in audio/midi_drivers
[23:53:08] <Fingolfin> dom: moment
[23:53:10] <hebble> alrighty
[23:53:40] <Fingolfin> dom: add a "claas Barge_object;" to the right spot
[23:54:22] <Dominus> in ucinternal.h, right?
[23:54:27] <hebble> In file included from forked_player.cc:32:
[23:54:27] <hebble> ../../exult.h:58: `Actor' was not declared in this scope
[23:54:27] <hebble> ../../exult.h:58: `actor' was not declared in this scope
[23:54:27] <hebble> ../../exult.h:59: `Tile_coord' was not declared in this scope
[23:54:30] <hebble> ../../exult.h:59: parse error before `,'
[23:54:30] <hebble> m
[23:54:34] <matt0> claas ?
[23:54:41] <Fingolfin> well
[23:54:46] <Fingolfin> you get the same bugs as Dom
[23:54:50] <Fingolfin> matt0: class of course ;)
[23:54:53] <Dominus> i saw that
[23:54:55] <Fingolfin> I'll commit my changes in a sec
[23:54:57] <hebble> now they're XP
[23:56:01] <Dominus> compiling....
[23:58:16] <Fingolfin> btw, all in CVS now