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[00:56:09] <pickle_> hello
[00:56:50] <pickle_> is the engine case sensitive for data files?
[01:04:56] <Wizardry_Dragon> I believe it's dependant on your operating environment more than Exult itself.
[01:05:00] <Wizardry_Dragon> What OS are you using?
[01:05:03] <pickle_> linux
[01:05:16] <Wizardry_Dragon> Then yes, in all likelihood they are case sensitive
[01:05:24] <pickle_> i found a old irc post that states both may work
[01:05:53] <pickle_> i did a cross compiled port, and im having problems getting it to see my data
[01:06:01] <Wizardry_Dragon> Most linux distributions use filesystems that are case sensitive.
[01:06:23] <pickle_> i know the os is sensitive, but doesnt mean the app is
[01:06:39] <Wizardry_Dragon> Exult just uses the underlying OS's path semantics.
[01:07:00] <pickle_> i found an old irc post which says both work
[01:08:15] <pickle_> do setting the paths to game data still valid? the online doc seemed to read that is uses internal paths, which screw me since that default path is not what i want to use
[01:09:26] <pickle_> there were some folder created in the .exult dir, like blackgate/gamedat
[01:09:36] <pickle_> i was hoping i could put the data there
[01:13:17] <Wizardry_Dragon> Dominus would be the best to ask about the technical details, he wrote the documentation. He's not online at the moment though.
[01:13:27] <Wizardry_Dragon> You should be able to specify it as you wish though.
[01:13:46] <Wizardry_Dragon> For ex /home/wiz/.exult/bg/gamedat or something should be easy to do
[01:14:52] <pickle_> it tries to use the prefix i used for the cross compiler
[01:15:45] <Wizardry_Dragon> What was the prefix?
[01:16:53] <pickle_> the path to my toolchain
[01:17:29] <pickle_> typically it would be /usr, but not for cross compiling
[01:17:37] <Wizardry_Dragon> A dirty hack could be a symlink to the real location but that's not an ideal fix
[01:18:10] <pickle_> no i need to be able to control it, i tried to add a path in the cfg, but didnt take
[01:18:40] <Wizardry_Dragon> Yeah it wouldn't be a very feasible fix for distribution.
[01:19:05] <Wizardry_Dragon> Hmm.
[01:19:36] <pickle_> well im attempting to build it on my pc, so at least i know what form the data has to be in
[01:20:04] <Wizardry_Dragon> I'm not the best person to ask (sorry), but I seem to be the one at the keyboard at the moment so I'm trying to help best as I can
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[01:20:46] <pickle_> any moral support helps ;-)
[01:21:14] <Wizardry_Dragon> However, did you try specifying the <data_path> in the exult.cfg?
[01:21:31] <Wizardry_Dragon> Under <blackgate></ and <serpentisle></
[01:22:48] <pickle_> i tried something like this: http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#path_config_nix
[01:22:58] <Wizardry_Dragon> whereis exult should tell you where exult.cfg is if you're unsure.
[01:24:01] <Wizardry_Dragon> (I should have asked this before but is there anything relevant in std_err when you run?)
[01:26:13] <pickle_> just the typical i cant find the game data messages
[01:26:34] <pickle_> and i look at the output it says its checking that prefix path
[01:28:52] <Wizardry_Dragon> Right
[01:28:53] <Wizardry_Dragon> Hmm
[01:29:11] <Wizardry_Dragon> One of these days std_err in programs will print something helpful.
[01:29:17] <Wizardry_Dragon> I will probably die of shock.
[01:29:47] <Wizardry_Dragon> ( I spent a good bit earlier trying to get named fixed when all it told me when it wouldn't start was [Failed] )
[01:32:43] <Wizardry_Dragon> I'm out of options that wouldn't seem kind of patronising since they're the idiot-check kind of things. Perhaps if you post on the forums someone could help.
[01:37:31] <pickle_> thanks anyhow
[01:51:13] <Wizardry_Dragon> Sorry I couldnt be of more help
[01:52:22] <pickle_> well i got it to work on my pc
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[09:48:34] <lme> wow, there's still life in here :)
[09:48:43] <lme> hello everyone
[09:55:47] <wjp> hi
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[20:53:30] <Wizardry_Dragon> Time for dinner and then a short call. Back later.
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[23:55:15] <pickle_> hi anyone know where the prefix path is stored in the source?