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[04:05:56] <sh4rm4> haha
[04:06:08] <sh4rm4> the 2 prisoners are sleeping together
[04:06:16] <sh4rm4> the ogre and the other guy
[04:06:42] <sh4rm4> i wonder how the ogre got out of his cell
[04:08:34] <sh4rm4> http://i.imgur.com/CY5kp.png
[06:50:28] <sh4rm4> oh wow. now i got an endless loop
[06:50:39] <sh4rm4> chunks.cc:792
[06:50:55] <sh4rm4> obj->next == obj
[06:51:34] <sh4rm4> same happens on objs.cc:969 if i manually set obj->next to stop
[06:52:35] <sh4rm4> unfortunately i cant paste since the debugging session was in another tty
[06:52:45] <sh4rm4> i was fullscreen...
[07:00:33] <sh4rm4> Jaana failed to take a step
[07:00:33] <sh4rm4> Jaana failed to take a step
[07:00:33] <sh4rm4> Jaana failed to take a step
[07:00:33] <sh4rm4> Jaana failed to take a step
[07:00:33] <sh4rm4> ... but failed to find path.
[07:00:34] <sh4rm4> Resetting AudioMixer...
[07:00:36] <sh4rm4> <notebook></notebook>
[07:00:38] <sh4rm4> SFX -1 is out of range
[07:00:40] <sh4rm4> SFX -1 is out of range
[07:00:42] <sh4rm4> ... but failed to find path.
[07:00:44] <sh4rm4> ... but failed to find path.
[07:00:48] <sh4rm4> ... but failed to find path.
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[07:27:10] <sh4rm4__> hit the same endless loop again
[07:27:16] <sh4rm4__> gdb is now attached
[07:27:35] <sh4rm4__> if someone is around we could look at the issue now
[07:28:18] <sh4rm4__> shapenum is 462
[07:29:07] <sh4rm4__> wjp, Dominus1 Kirben
[07:32:32] <sh4rm4__> Marzo: there ?
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[08:01:51] <sh4rm4> sigh
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[08:38:43] <sh4rm4> Dominus, hi
[08:39:23] <Dominus> hi, my connection does that on its own without me sitting here
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[08:39:42] <Dominus> i can't help debugging, got baby duty
[08:39:51] <sh4rm4> ok, but one quick question
[08:40:05] <sh4rm4> i am here in this dungeon in the north of britannia
[08:40:16] <sh4rm4> with the dragon treasure
[08:40:29] <Dominus> I'm not much help gdb debugging anyway. i always need wjps help for that
[08:40:36] <sh4rm4> i went on a teleporter to get to the dragon site
[08:40:39] <Dominus> shoot fast
[08:40:47] <sh4rm4> but the teleporter doesnt work to go back
[08:40:52] <sh4rm4> is that intended ?
[08:41:18] <Dominus> maybe maybe not :)
[08:41:47] <sh4rm4> i'm kinda locked in here
[08:41:58] <Dominus> there have been problems with teleporters before but i thought those were fixed
[08:42:02] <sh4rm4> only possibility i see to get out is using the help spell
[08:42:26] <sh4rm4> or enabling the hack mode
[08:42:29] <Dominus> can't help
[08:42:35] <sh4rm4> have forgotten tho how i can enable that
[08:44:24] <sh4rm4> ***#ticks = 10016, blits = 50, FPS: 4.99201
[08:44:45] <sh4rm4> 5 fps on 3.16 ghz ? thats pretty little.
[08:45:03] <Dominus> read the docs on how to do cheats
[08:45:16] <sh4rm4> ok
[08:45:20] <Dominus> is it too slow for you?
[08:45:28] <sh4rm4> walking is fucking slow
[08:45:40] <sh4rm4> especially when enemies are around
[08:45:50] <sh4rm4> that seems to disable the double-speed walk mode
[08:46:01] <Dominus> there is an fps setting
[08:46:21] <Dominus> and hq3x scaler takes it toll
[08:46:48] <sh4rm4> ah, i thought bilinear should be lightning fast
[08:47:06] <Dominus> point is the fastest :)
[08:47:24] <Dominus> rmI'm gone, baby is really impatient on my
[08:49:08] <sh4rm4> have phun
[08:58:52] <sh4rm4> hmm... i remember a few years ago i played exult on a pentium III 1 ghz with ubuntu 7.10 ... no performance issues there
[09:05:24] <Colourless> if you are running a debug build without optimizations the scalers are REALLY slow
[09:05:48] <Colourless> switch optimizations on and they fly
[09:06:13] <sh4rm4> i see
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[14:43:20] <Rottingbeef> Any idea when the newest version of Exult may come out?
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[17:08:27] <sh4rm4> hmm weird,,, jaana now always moves the lightning wand into the inventory, instead of fighting with it
[17:08:54] <sh4rm4> equipping a hawk instead o0
[17:16:16] <Dominus> maybe ran out of charges
[17:17:03] <Dominus> Rottingbeef: when the disappearing objects have been fixed. marzo began taking steps for hopefully fixing it
[17:20:28] <TheCycoONE> Haven't seen any activity in his branch, but I guess when it's a solo effort that doesn't mean much
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[17:31:29] <sh4rm4> Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
[17:31:29] <sh4rm4> 0x0000000000476a91 in Game_render::paint_chunk_objects (this=0xa19490, cx=48, cy=54) at gamerend.cc:532
[17:31:29] <sh4rm4> 532 if (obj->render_seq != render_seq)
[17:31:29] <sh4rm4> (gdb) n
[17:31:29] <sh4rm4> 531 while ((obj = next.get_next()) != 0)
[17:31:30] <sh4rm4> (gdb)
[17:31:32] <sh4rm4> 532 if (obj->render_seq != render_seq)
[17:31:34] <sh4rm4> (gdb)
[17:31:36] <sh4rm4> 531 while ((obj = next.get_next()) != 0)
[17:31:37] <sh4rm4> (gdb)
[17:31:39] <sh4rm4> ALSA lib pcm.c:7316:(snd_pcm_recover) 532 if (obj->render_seq != render_seq)
[17:31:41] <sh4rm4> (gdb)
[17:31:43] <sh4rm4> 531 while ((obj = next.get_next()) != 0)
[17:31:47] <sh4rm4> (gdb) p obj
[17:31:49] <sh4rm4> $1 = (Game_object *) 0x1f56c00
[17:31:51] <sh4rm4> (gdb) p obj->next
[17:31:53] <sh4rm4> $2 = (Game_object *) 0x1f56c00
[17:38:00] <sh4rm4> if we could find out *what* that obj actually is, we may find the spot where the invalid next reference is created
[17:42:04] <sh4rm4> so for what do i have to look ? there is no string or whatever that identifies the obj
[17:42:29] <sh4rm4> shapenum is 462, if that is sufficient to identify it
[17:44:05] <sh4rm4> Dominus, do you know how i could find out ?
[17:44:19] <sh4rm4> the bug is random, so we should take the chance
[17:45:43] <sh4rm4> at least i was not in fullscreen this time... means i can continue using my X11 session
[18:01:27] <Dominus> as i wrote earlier, I'm not good with gdb
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[18:07:53] <sh4rm4> it's not about gdb, its about game internals
[18:08:05] <sh4rm4> i.e. can i find out what the object with shapenum is
[18:08:15] <sh4rm4> shapenum 462*
[18:09:25] <sh4rm4> or given a GameObject, which property can i look up to identify the object
[18:09:42] <sh4rm4> p *obj
[18:09:42] <sh4rm4> $3 = {<ShapeID> = {<Game_singletons> = {_vptr.Game_singletons = 0x70f4b0, static gwin = 0xa2b960, static gmap = 0x7ffff44e4010,
[18:09:42] <sh4rm4> static eman = 0xa275a0, static sman = 0xa2bc00,
[18:09:44] <sh4rm4> ... etc
[18:09:53] <sh4rm4> you see, i can access any class member
[18:10:13] <sh4rm4> but i need to know which info is relevant
[19:33:05] <sh4rm4> oh wow. what now happened was that everyone in my crew started to kill another
[19:33:17] <sh4rm4> in the end the avatar slained spark
[19:36:29] <sh4rm4> oh btw
[19:36:53] <sh4rm4> i have no a savegame which can reproduce the item disappear bug
[19:36:57] <sh4rm4> *now
[19:38:23] <sh4rm4> additionally, i created a coredump from the endless loop bug, so i can get back to it later
[19:38:37] <sh4rm4> in the mean time, i put a workaround into the iterator code
[19:38:52] <sh4rm4> so that it returns NULL if cur == cur->next
[20:10:48] <sh4rm4> #4 0x00007ffff60432dc in free () from /lib64/libc.so.6
[20:10:48] <sh4rm4> #5 0x000000000046be59 in Game_map::clear (this=0x7ffff44e4010) at gamemap.cc:316
[20:10:51] <sh4rm4> double free
[20:57:33] <sh4rm4> Returning from usecode 0645
[20:57:33] <sh4rm4> Playing SFX: 64
[20:57:33] <sh4rm4> Running usecode 0645 () with event 2, depth 0
[20:57:33] <sh4rm4> Want to cache out around super chunk: 51 = 3, 4
[20:57:33] <sh4rm4> Killing superchunk: 37
[20:57:35] <sh4rm4> Buffer size of 1110 bytes required to store super chunk
[20:57:37] <sh4rm4> Wrote 1186 bytes
[20:57:39] <sh4rm4> *** glibc detected *** /home/rofl/games/exult/exult/trunk/exult: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00000000027332f0 ***
[20:58:12] <sh4rm4> #14 0x0000000000482028 in Deleted_objects::insert (this=0xa2b820, obj=0x267f6f0) at delobjs.h:50
[20:58:12] <sh4rm4> #15 0x000000000047f20e in Game_window::delete_object (this=0xa2b960, obj=0x267f6f0) at gamewin.cc:2464
[20:58:12] <sh4rm4> #16 0x00000000006ac1e4 in Ireg_game_object::remove_this (this=0x267f6f0, nodel=0) at iregobjs.cc:106
[20:58:12] <sh4rm4> #17 0x0000000000471faf in Game_map::cache_out_schunk (this=0x7ffff44e4010, schunk=37) at gamemap.cc:2000
[20:58:12] <sh4rm4> #18 0x0000000000471b40 in Game_map::cache_out (this=0x7ffff44e4010, cx=58, cy=71) at gamemap.cc:1932
[21:00:34] <sh4rm4> that happens when casting "help"
[21:00:43] <sh4rm4> i have a save to reproduce it
[21:12:59] <sh4rm4> haha now i have a nice scenario: when i start dragging one of 2 objects left in a container into the inventory, the second will disappear
[21:13:05] <sh4rm4> but: too heavy
[21:13:20] <sh4rm4> so *both* items rematerialze in the container
[23:15:41] <Dominus> sh4rm4: as you noticed I'm not really here and just now on the way to bed. but please make sure you "record" your findings in bug reports. otherwise they will get lost. So when someone who knows his programming (that's not me) takes a look he can work things out without you being present
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