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[01:52:57] <JonnyDamnnox> hello
[01:53:18] <JonnyDamnnox> I finaly managed to get ultima to work
[01:54:31] <JonnyDamnnox> I now have Ultima 7 The Black Gate and The Forge of Virtue. But are these two parts in one game?
[01:54:53] <JonnyDamnnox> It's not seperated like, first you play the black gate and then the forge of virtue
[02:00:53] <JonnyDamnnox> hey JOJO
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[02:14:29] <RadoS> JonnyDamnnox, I guess wikipedia has all the details for you, but there is u7 part 1+2, and for each part there is an add-on/ extension.
[02:14:41] * RadoS ... o O ( fuck! )
[02:14:58] <Rottingbeef> Ha, yeah, I was just about to respond to him too.
[02:15:19] <Rottingbeef> He is also German, it seems.
[02:15:25] <RadoS> Hey, it's 4am here! :(
[02:15:31] <Rottingbeef> What're you still doing awake!?
[02:15:38] <Rottingbeef> Or... why are you up so early?
[02:15:51] * RadoS returned from a PS3 gaming party.
[02:15:56] <Rottingbeef> How was it?
[02:16:15] <Rottingbeef> My wife and I have a PS3, but we really only use it to connect to Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, as well as occasionally YouTube.
[02:16:27] <RadoS> Fun, won team games in "Wrecked - revenge revisited", thehn
[02:16:53] <RadoS> then had some usual zombie-survival rounds (good at this time of night ;).
[02:16:54] <Rottingbeef> How many people attended the party?
[02:17:12] <RadoS> 4, max for local Split-Screen games.
[02:17:34] <RadoS> 1 big screen with 4 controllers.
[02:18:06] <RadoS> Unfortunately there aren't so many 4-player games which are fun (for all players).
[02:18:50] * RadoS likes mowing down hordes of zombies.
[02:19:33] <RadoS> Rottingbeef, maybe you can install the "demo" of Wrecked and try yourself, it's a lot of fun if you're into Micro-Machine like games.
[02:19:53] <Rottingbeef> I'll give it a look! I am unfamiliar with the game.
[02:20:12] <RadoS> It's not mainstream, unfortunately.
[02:20:21] <RadoS> But a lot of fun.
[02:20:41] <RadoS> We must find a way to record our sessions to share them with the world.
[02:20:49] <Rottingbeef> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrecked:_Revenge_Revisited
[02:21:02] <Rottingbeef> "Wrecked: Revenge Revisited (previously known as Gas: Fuel For Fun) is a vehicular combat racing video game"
[02:21:04] <Rottingbeef> Ha
[02:21:08] <Rottingbeef> the last one of those I played was Road Rash
[02:21:20] * RadoS never heard of that.
[02:21:26] <Rottingbeef> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_Rash
[02:21:35] <Rottingbeef> Huh, it's older than I thought.
[02:21:36] <Rottingbeef> 1991
[02:21:45] <Rottingbeef> I thought it was at least from the mid-nineties.
[02:22:25] <RadoS> I played a predecessor called "Rally Speedway" on C64.
[02:22:51] <Rottingbeef> I never had a C64!
[02:22:55] <Rottingbeef> I'm afraid that was a little before my time.
[02:23:01] <Rottingbeef> I started playing games on a 486.
[02:23:02] <RadoS> But Wrecked is quite some fun for a cheap modern game.
[02:23:22] <RadoS> Rottingbeef, get the c64 emu and try the goldies! :)
[02:23:58] <Rottingbeef> Did you participate in BBS conversations?
[02:24:11] * Rottingbeef imagine RadoS war-dialing with an acoustic modem.
[02:24:34] <RadoS> I was around at the time, but wasn't part of that community.
[02:25:17] * RadoS sent 1t eMail in 1991.
[02:25:21] <RadoS> 1st
[02:25:36] <Rottingbeef> Do you remember the name of the service back then?
[02:25:44] <RadoS> Which service?
[02:25:45] <Rottingbeef> I think the first time I ever used the Internet was in maybe 1994 or so.
[02:25:49] <Rottingbeef> The email service.
[02:25:59] <RadoS> Oh, it was university Internet.
[02:26:04] <Rottingbeef> k!
[02:26:22] <Rottingbeef> Did you study at Universität Hamburg?
[02:26:29] * RadoS nods.
[02:27:18] <RadoS> Re modem: I had friends using them, and I had a CPC6128 back then, which operated with audio tapes that sounded like modems. :)
[02:27:37] <Rottingbeef> I've looked at programs at die Freie Universität Berlin before. I think at the time they required German proficiency, which I don't have. :/
[02:27:54] <Rottingbeef> I hardly ever hear the sound of modems!
[02:27:59] <RadoS> It was quite cool to "recycle" old music tapes for computer data/ games.
[02:28:07] <Rottingbeef> Recently I heard a fax machine and was overwhelmed with nostalgia.
[02:28:29] <Rottingbeef> I was using dial-up until 2005, though, so it wasn't too long ago.
[02:29:00] <RadoS> Yah, the sound of machines talking to each other I won't forget so soon. ;)
[02:29:14] <Rottingbeef> Although it's kind of depressing to me that 2005 was already ten years ago. :P
[02:29:40] <RadoS> Why? Feels like yesterday. ;)
[02:29:50] * RadoS ... o O ( or the day before ;) )
[02:29:58] <Rottingbeef> It never happened! 2005 was a lie!
[02:30:03] <Rottingbeef> A lie, a lie, a lie!
[02:30:40] * Rottingbeef stands atop the highest tower in all the lands to proclaim, "Eine Lüge!"
[02:31:02] <RadoS> 2015-1991 == 25y ago... _I_ am old.
[02:31:25] <Rottingbeef> How do you like Hamburg?
[02:31:30] <Rottingbeef> My brother was born near Stuttgart.
[02:31:43] <Rottingbeef> We're Americans, though.
[02:31:57] <RadoS> I guess for newcomers it's gun, but I've grown tired of it because I've been here all my time.
[02:32:06] <RadoS> gun->fun
[02:33:06] <Rottingbeef> Do you travel much?
[02:33:19] <RadoS> You might call it balanced: big city pros, but not too ... industrialized, you can find some green corners.
[02:33:33] <RadoS> No, rarely.
[02:34:00] <Rottingbeef> That's nice. My wife and I are going to have to move soon because we're pursuing graduate studies, and trying to find a place we can afford in an American city seems very challenging.
[02:34:09] <Rottingbeef> One of our potential options is moving to Washington, D.C.
[02:34:20] <Rottingbeef> It's a very expensive place to live. I'm not sure how well we'll be able to afford it. :/
[02:35:09] <RadoS> Hmm, can't tell how it related to Germany, it can be expensive, but you could be lucky.
[02:35:18] <Rottingbeef> It's pretty depressing to be in your twenties these days and to be an American, because there are only about three major cities in the entire country where the statistics say you can make an average salary and live a reasonable life. :P
[02:35:40] <RadoS> Hmm?
[02:36:07] <RadoS> So you have few extremely rich, than a lot below-average?
[02:36:12] <RadoS> then
[02:36:19] * RadoS ... o O ( it's late... )
[02:36:20] <Rottingbeef> Yeah, kind of. There just aren't really a lot of opportunities.
[02:36:26] <Rottingbeef> Are you going to go to bed?
[02:36:41] <Rottingbeef> Perhaps you should sleep!
[02:37:21] * RadoS doesn't feel sleepy, just not totally present.
[02:37:50] * RadoS could go on slaying zombies for another 2h. ;)
[02:38:13] * RadoS ... o O ( Ultima needs zombies. )
[02:38:18] <Rottingbeef> Ultima Online has zombies!!
[02:38:24] <Rottingbeef> I have to go peel some potatoes. I'll be back in a bit.
[02:38:27] * RadoS ... o O ( and/ or maybe a zombies-suvival mode. )
[02:38:44] <RadoS> You mean "headless"?
[02:38:57] <RadoS> Oh, "online".
[02:39:02] * RadoS never played that.
[02:39:07] <RadoS> Does it still exist?
[02:44:27] * RadoS yawns.
[02:44:49] * RadoS ... o O ( maybe should do go to sleep. )
[02:48:49] <Rottingbeef> Hello!
[02:48:53] <Rottingbeef> The potatoes are peeled.
[02:49:07] <Rottingbeef> Yeah, UO is still around.
[02:49:18] <Rottingbeef> Every so often I feel nostalgic for it and play it for a little while and then quickly get bored of it.
[02:49:32] <Rottingbeef> It's sort of depressing. I hardly ever see anyone in the game world.
[02:51:37] <Rottingbeef> I am exploring Hamburg using Google Street View.
[03:18:42] <RadoS> So UO is dead?
[03:19:27] <RadoS> Lookout for the green areas and lakes.
[03:19:56] <RadoS> Is it free-2-play?
[03:44:24] <Rottingbeef> It's still doing well enough, I think. It's something like $14 a month, if I'm not mistaken.
[03:44:36] <Rottingbeef> I had an active account last fall for about three months or so.
[03:44:46] <Rottingbeef> But I really stopped playing after the first month and a half.
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[17:17:44] <Sevalecan> ? wa 70/72.0
[17:17:55] <Sevalecan> derp
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