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[14:54:10] <adventurerdrag> woohoos, it worked! anyone here?
[14:57:59] <wjp> hi
[15:01:44] <adventurerdrag> Great! I'm here because I'm having some trouble with the exult installer.
[15:02:31] <adventurerdrag> oh, I think I cleared the window of text. I'll go again: I'm having some problems with the exult installer. Anyone here that can help me?
[15:03:31] <wjp> what's the problem?
[15:04:26] <adventurerdrag> well, I downloaded the latest version of the binary; exult-1.2-win32.exe. When I double click it, it flashes by and closes itself instantly.
[15:04:46] <adventurerdrag> I can double click it ten times over, same thing happens.
[15:04:56] <wjp> are you sure you downloaded the actual .exe and not the download page? Some download managers have trouble with the download page
[15:05:12] <wjp> you can check by looking at the size of the .exe
[15:05:45] <wjp> (it should be about 2Mb)
[15:05:50] <adventurerdrag> 2030 kb, it seems correct.
[15:06:20] <wjp> which Windows do you have?
[15:06:25] <adventurerdrag> I manage to see some info, it says "currently extracting" to a c:\documents and settings\tem files or something like that.
[15:06:29] <adventurerdrag> I'm running win xp
[15:06:54] <adventurerdrag> tried getting ultima 7 to work with dos box, but got some error about memory, so I googled and found exult. :)
[15:11:15] <wjp> hm, I'm not familiar enough with Windows to be able to say many useful things, I'm afraid :/
[15:12:13] <adventurerdrag> Alright... Well thanks for the help in any case! I'll try to download a new version of the file, and see if that helps.
[15:12:38] <wjp> it might be that the installer is actually a .zip file in disguise that you can manually extract
[15:12:38] <adventurerdrag> I'd really love to get U7 going, I've been missing that game desperately for like 15 years.
[15:12:49] <wjp> you'll have to adjust the config file yourself manually, then, though
[15:13:15] <adventurerdrag> LOL!!!! You seem to be so right!
[15:13:33] <adventurerdrag> It worked to open with winrar! Now "all I have to do" is figure out what to do with the files, hehe!
[15:18:45] <wjp> you should create a directory where you want to install Exult, and then extract all files there
[15:19:05] <wjp> is there a file called exult.cfg in there?
[15:21:39] <adventurerdrag> yes... found it, and actually got the game running in no time at all! now I'm going to switch screen resolution to as low as I can, to get the nice full screen effect.. :D
[15:21:53] <wjp> excellent
[15:21:58] <wjp> enjoy :-)
[15:22:27] <adventurerdrag> thanks!! I sure will! *happy*
[15:25:10] <adventurerdrag> hmm, my laptop won't cooperate. When I run in full screen, it's just the little box and a lot of black space around it.
[15:25:53] <wjp> do you have Exult set to x2 scaling?
[15:26:35] <adventurerdrag> it says in the config file:
[15:26:35] <adventurerdrag> <video>
[15:26:35] <adventurerdrag> <scale_method>
[15:26:35] <adventurerdrag> 2xSaI
[15:26:35] <adventurerdrag> </scale_method>
[15:26:36] <adventurerdrag> <fullscreen>
[15:26:38] <adventurerdrag> yes
[15:26:40] <adventurerdrag> </fullscreen>
[15:26:46] <wjp> ok
[15:27:00] <wjp> so maybe your video driver doesn't support 640x400 :/
[15:27:14] <adventurerdrag> don't think so no... I tried red alert, same thing there.
[15:29:56] <wjp> we also have a x3 or x4 scaler if you set scale_method to Point or Bilinear and scale to 3 or 4
[15:30:29] <wjp> they're quite a bit slower and lower quality, but maybe they work better for you overall
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[15:32:12] <adventurerdrag> Hmm! Worth a try! How would the code read then? (so I don't mess it up totally...)
[15:32:25] <wjp> <video>
[15:32:29] <wjp> <scale_method>
[15:32:32] <wjp> Point
[15:32:35] <wjp> </scale_method>
[15:32:39] <wjp> <scale>
[15:32:40] <wjp> 3
[15:32:43] <wjp> </scale>
[15:32:46] <wjp> <fullscreen>
[15:32:50] <wjp> yes
[15:32:53] <wjp> </fullscreen>
[15:32:55] <wjp> (etc)
[15:33:11] <adventurerdrag> ahhh thanks a ton friend!
[15:33:20] <adventurerdrag> trying it out now :)
[15:35:05] <adventurerdrag> now full screen doesn't work, but nevermind, the box got bigger! :D
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