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[00:17:57] <eviltar> sweet, bigendian soundpacks :)
[00:58:48] <Dominus> is it working?
[01:13:53] <Dominus> malignant, tested a bit couldn't make any difference out between reverb/chorus/both. One thing that is apparent is that it should probably reinitialize the audio or is it supposed to work straight away on a running music piece?
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[01:29:52] <eviltar> yes^^ making progress
[01:30:29] <eviltar> just need to figure out why the paperdols are so screwy and i'd call it done
[01:32:33] <Dominus> you know, without screenshots or a video no one will believe you!!!
[01:32:35] <Dominus> :)
[01:32:42] <Dominus> just goaoding you :)
[01:33:04] <eviltar> lmao
[01:34:19] <eviltar> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtoQ-KWbMk0&feature=related
[01:35:27] <Dominus> :)
[01:35:31] <eviltar> pics or it didnt happen?
[01:36:37] <eviltar> those early builds were slowwwww its running a lot better now
[01:36:54] <Dominus> 3D, neat :)
[01:37:18] <eviltar> it woudl look cooler if i knew SDL better
[01:38:01] <eviltar> i wanted to stop displaying the original pic, and just do the red/blue overlay on a white background, it still wouldnt really be 3d but it would look cooler
[01:38:34] <eviltar> but i had a analgyph hlsl shader i'd been saving for something and it snaps into SDL quite well
[01:43:32] <Dominus> did you remove SDL_mixer dependency yourself or are you using current SVN which has it removed as well?
[01:45:15] <eviltar> im using 1.405-nosdlmixer branch
[01:45:48] <eviltar> which after i was half done, you guys rolled out a new version, and someone finished porting sdl_mixer to the 360
[01:46:03] <eviltar> so i might merge my changes into that
[01:46:05] <Dominus> he he
[01:47:10] <Dominus> yes, the nosdlmixer branch has been merged to main trunk, so it's better to use that
[01:47:30] <Dominus> especially as you are missing out on the graphics changes
[01:47:32] <eviltar> ahh sweet, so its no longer dependant on sdl_mixer at all?
[01:47:41] <Dominus> exactly
[01:47:48] <eviltar> kick ass,
[01:48:42] <Dominus> so merging your stuff into actual trunk might be of great benefit to you since you aren't branched out from main anymore
[01:49:09] <Dominus> except for the Android branch none of our branches is being worked on anymore
[01:49:45] <eviltar> yeah i've got my branch on an svn when its done if you guys want to archive it, i dont think i can distrubute an executable, but i can share the source
[01:50:36] <Dominus> yes, I noticed the google code project
[01:51:26] <eviltar> i've had to tell my tester not to give me ALL the credit a few times now
[01:51:37] <Dominus> if your changes are nicely ifdefed your changes might make it into our trunk if we get a useable patch
[01:51:43] <Dominus> he he
[01:51:53] <eviltar> idk how many years i've played with exult, but im sure there's been a ton of contributors
[01:52:19] <eviltar> over 10 years old isnt it?
[01:53:11] <eviltar> no my changes are horribly defined
[01:53:21] <eviltar> but i could fix that if i merge it again
[01:54:11] <eviltar> i dont think that my current build will build for anything but the xbox360 the way it is
[01:54:30] <Dominus> yes over 10 years of work on that thing. Dr.Code, Colourless, wjp and kirben are almost with it since the beginning
[01:55:08] <eviltar> i've been following the project i think since i was .. well, for aroudn 14 years or so
[01:55:21] <Dominus> :)
[01:55:45] <eviltar> and i still have no clue what pentagram is :s
[01:55:54] <eviltar> u8 engine?
[01:55:58] <Dominus> he he, yes
[01:56:03] <Dominus> pentagram.sf.net
[01:56:44] <eviltar> nice :D
[01:56:45] <Dominus> if you managed to get exult working on xbox then you should be able to port pentagram as well :)
[01:56:58] <eviltar> and i was going to attack nuvie next...
[01:57:54] <Dominus> pentagram is the lovechild of some exult devs, took all the things they learned from exult and made a much nicer code for pentagram :)
[01:57:56] <eviltar> i was really hoping someone would finish a conversion of u6 to an exult mod
[01:58:22] <Dominus> don't hold your breath for some more years,I'd bet
[01:58:29] <eviltar> u8 was fun too, the last good ultima :(
[01:59:12] <Dominus> I liked U9, it was fun too, story sucked though...
[01:59:37] <Dominus> nuvie and pentagram are also channels here, btw.
[01:59:46] <eviltar> yeah i bought u9 for the ultima name
[02:00:46] <eviltar> well, if i can wrap up this one, or i'll definately do pentagram
[02:01:17] <eviltar> i will probably also do Nuvie, just b'c u6 was one of my favorites
[02:02:21] <eviltar> oblivion might have better graphics, but it cant touch the storytelling of ultima
[02:02:53] <Dominus> the SDK for Xbox 360 is it an official SDK or legally fine one? Just asking because we didn't associate urselves with the xbox 1st gen port, mostly because it was based on an illegal one or something like that. (not to mention we had almost no contact to the author)
[02:04:11] <eviltar> well, this build currently is, but since i use sdl there are not even any functions from the sdk in it
[02:04:43] <eviltar> my friends are RE'ing the 360 as we speak to make an open sdk i'll be using for the final build
[02:05:05] <eviltar> ...hence why i cant link an executable
[02:05:12] <Dominus> REing?
[02:05:19] <eviltar> reverse engineering
[02:05:30] <Dominus> I see
[02:05:36] <eviltar> building an sdk out of hardware syscalls
[02:06:52] <eviltar> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8stB1EKa0o&feature=player_embedded
[02:07:02] <eviltar> that is running on the open sdk
[02:07:21] <eviltar> better that it runs built with the MS sdk
[02:07:54] <Dominus> looks nice
[02:08:35] <eviltar> im excited, they're patching the linux kernel left and right and its turning into a great platform
[02:11:51] <Dominus> I'm ore of a wii guy but haven't touched it in a while now
[02:12:28] <eviltar> i'd get a wii if i found a good deal on one, they have a lot of homebrew
[02:12:48] <eviltar> the PSP is good for that too, you know they have an exult port as well
[02:13:04] <Dominus> yes, but the Wii is also a slow machine.
[02:13:32] <Dominus> Yes the PSP port is known but not documented, we never had contact with the ported :)
[02:13:34] <eviltar> true, but if the psp can run it at 300mhz, i think the wii could
[02:13:59] <eviltar> and the wii mote would make a better controller than a gamepad does :p
[02:14:07] <eviltar> for exult anyway
[02:14:17] <Dominus> yes, Exult could run, but someone would need to port it and not many people are too keen on this...
[02:14:30] <eviltar> my mouse support is kind of sucky imo in my build
[02:14:33] <Dominus> Exult is terribel to be controlled other than with a mouse
[02:15:05] <eviltar> i tried hiding the cursor and then showing it after warping but i get blitting problems
[02:15:25] <eviltar> again, i dont know SDL well wnough to know how to tackle that
[02:15:31] <Dominus> DrCode is experiencing this with his Android port and if anyone ever ports Exult to iOS it's not going to be nice as well (the controller part)
[02:15:47] <eviltar> well
[02:16:01] <eviltar> i got the cursor to behave while dragging
[02:16:18] <eviltar> its just when moving it around it dissapears while you move it
[02:16:29] <eviltar> except when dragging
[02:16:44] <eviltar> also, if he's using sdl for controls
[02:17:31] <eviltar> if you test against a mask with like sdl_getjoyaxis(joy*, axis*);
[02:17:46] <eviltar> it is a lot smoother than using switch and case
[02:18:20] <eviltar> i need to comit my latest changes
[02:18:36] <Dominus> sorry, we crossed our writings :) DrCode experiences problems with controlling Exult in a good way on the Android platform (especially since most Androids are now touch only)
[02:18:52] <eviltar> oooh
[02:18:53] <Dominus> The Android port is a rewrite and not a direct port of Exult
[02:19:25] <eviltar> the gp2x port has code for touchscreen and on screen keyboard
[02:20:02] <eviltar> but i guess you guys already had a ppc build
[02:20:11] <eviltar> win_ce or w/e
[02:20:36] <Dominus> the problem is that we have no unified way of doing it atm
[02:21:41] <eviltar> its still c++ and sdl isnt it?
[02:21:57] <Dominus> we have the old ppc code, and then there are ports like the gp2x which haven't been brought into our trunk yet, because of no patch
[02:22:16] <eviltar> i think the gp2x was based on 1.2 also
[02:22:18] <Dominus> the android part is done with java and without sdl
[02:22:31] <eviltar> oOoo nice
[02:22:49] <eviltar> sounds like a challenge
[02:23:41] <Dominus> yes, mostly the reasony why he is doing it this way. if you take a look in our forum there is a lengthy topic on it and a shorter one which gives the basic informations right away
[02:24:02] <Dominus> we even have a snapshot on our download page
[02:24:02] <eviltar> i ahd to add a few checks into sdl today to add RIFX wave headers for my big endian sounds
[02:24:20] <eviltar> but thats not anything like starting a c++ app over in java
[02:26:19] <eviltar> its been a fun project, i knew next to nothing about c++ when i started a few months back
[02:27:01] <Dominus> that's neat then
[02:28:00] <eviltar> i did it to learn and b'c I love the Ultima
[02:28:00] <Dominus> porting something like Exult to xbox360 sounds like a hellish way to start c++, though :)
[02:28:11] <eviltar> lmao, it sure was
[02:28:51] <eviltar> but SDL is also a good crutch
[02:29:12] <eviltar> and i knew PHP/ASP pretty well
[02:29:26] <Dominus> I need to go to bed now, but keep us posted on your progress and a nice clean patch would be nice to have when you are done. Sorry to cut you short right now...
[02:29:26] <eviltar> without php i couldnt have understood c++
[02:29:44] <eviltar> its cool, have a good night
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[11:27:18] <Malignant_Manor> Colourless, do you know if the chorus and reverb work?
[11:27:38] <Malignant_Manor> The patch that doesn't have them commented out anymore. http://pastebin.com/pZf6Z3CS
[11:27:59] <Malignant_Manor> Dominus said he didn't hear a difference either.
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[12:48:34] <Dominus> hi
[12:49:48] <Dominus> Malignant_Manor: regarding the audio gump patch, Exult might allow sending sysex to coreaudio but that is probably not needed since Coreaudio doesn't connect to a real MT32 device
[12:49:54] <Dominus> only Coremidi does.
[12:50:01] <Dominus> see scummvm or dosbox
[12:50:15] <Malignant_Manor> I thought it had a midi out option?
[12:50:38] <Dominus> which?
[12:50:52] <Malignant_Manor> Coreaudio
[12:51:30] <Dominus> doesn't work
[12:52:04] <Dominus> there must be a reason why Finglofin added coremidi to to both scummvm and dosbox to enable a real mt32
[12:53:31] <Dominus> probably enable_hackish_native_midi_support means being able to use the systems midi device
[12:53:44] <Dominus> NOT an external midi device
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[13:20:02] <Dominus> http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/MusicAudio/Conceptual/CoreAudioOverview/ARoadmaptoCommonTasks/ARoadmaptoCommonTasks.html external midi device needs to be handled by CoreMidi
[13:21:33] <Malignant_Manor> I hate how Apple forces javascript
[13:23:52] <Dominus> sorry :)
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[15:03:19] <Malignant_Manor> Dominus, could you can ask Colourless about the chorus and reverb later?
[15:04:19] <Dominus> can do, alternitively you can file a bug report with your patch and assign it to colourless. Thus the discussion is kept in one place
[15:10:02] <Malignant_Manor> The intro doesn't seem to read the XMI patch info correctly.
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[16:40:57] <Dominus> wjp, through the conversation with evil... I thought that we should probably mark our branches as merged with trunk. Any idea which file to use for that? Perhaps changing the readme of the dead branches to "This branch has been merged into trunk!" or so
[16:43:10] <Dominus> though, well, except for the no_sdl_mixer branch I don't think anyone would use one of the others these days...
[16:43:42] <Dominus> probably worrying too much...
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