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[12:48:59] <Dominus> heya Marzo! thanks for the proper camp fire!
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[13:03:16] <Marzo> Dominus: in the Sleeping Bull Inn, do you know how to get the keys to the other rooms?
[13:04:21] <Marzo> Oh, they can just be picked, can't they
[13:04:22] <Dominus> I think you can't. You need to activate Silverplate's teleporter to be able to visit them
[13:04:43] <Dominus> and yes, picking them should work as well :)
[13:06:05] <Dominus> are you looking into the SI Fixes key return function, that is broken on multi-floor inns?
[13:06:54] * Dominus was about to update the snapshots of your mods but better waits now :)
[13:12:54] <Marzo> Looking also into Gwenno resurrection
[13:13:38] * Marzo should really see about finishing his usecode decompiler...
[13:18:49] <Dominus> ah, yes, forgot that gwenno hichups as well
[13:20:30] <Dominus> he he, another example why I'm not a programmer. I was looking at the function that you used for the inn keys and deduced that it needs fixing to support z-position as well
[13:20:53] <Dominus> but just checking in the usecode didn't occur to me :)
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[14:49:19] <Dominus> Marzo: btw congrats on doing the 7500th commit
[14:49:22] <Dominus> ;)
[15:30:31] <Dominus> Marzo updated SI Fixes snapshot
[15:30:46] <Dominus> about your seven towers homepage...? :)
[16:18:33] <Marzo> Dominus: if we have enough webspace, should I just add the homepage to our project space?
[16:18:39] <Marzo> Say, in a seventowers subdir?
[16:28:29] <Marzo> Dominus: allmost everything ready
[16:28:38] <Marzo> Committing
[16:29:00] <Marzo> Hopefully, it will all work
[16:30:23] <Marzo> Ah, forgot mime types and eol styles
[16:39:22] <Marzo> Hopefully, I didn't forget anything this time
[16:43:43] <Marzo> Dominus: exult.sourceforge.net/seventowers/
[16:43:44] <Marzo> It works
[16:48:23] <Dominus> Yeah! Best way to handle that!
[16:51:27] <Marzo> At some point the downloads will have to be uploaded
[16:51:45] <Marzo> But it is simply a matter of adding the new zips replacing the old ones
[16:52:15] <Marzo> Maybe even making them symbolic links to the downloads in the Exult page
[16:53:39] <Marzo> FYI: for a long time, the intrinsic documentation has been auto-generated; I would update the reference in my website, generate the text version and save it to the docs folder in Exult SVN
[16:54:40] <Dominus> Ah, good to know ;)
[16:55:24] <Marzo> It was a great way to keep them both in synch :-)
[16:55:46] <Dominus> And yes, maybe a symbolic link to the mods in the snapshot folder would be best
[16:56:39] <Marzo> Hm
[16:56:55] <Marzo> Now that I think about it, the files dir really shouldn't be under version control
[16:57:12] <Dominus> True
[16:58:46] <Marzo> I also suppose I should add my "work" dir that automatically generates the highlighters and make some scripts to generate the zips too
[16:58:54] <Marzo> But I will leave those for another date
[16:59:16] <Dominus> Marzo: I still wonder about the initgame.dat thing from the other day: since those are essentially old savegames are the mods in danger of carrying old savegame bugs?
[16:59:58] <Marzo> Possibly, yes
[17:00:06] <Dominus> Hmm
[17:00:15] <Marzo> I never thought about it
[17:00:35] <Marzo> Hm
[17:01:00] <Dominus> Also, why do some changes to the map save in the ifix and others in the initgame.dat/u7iregNN files?
[17:01:01] <Marzo> Redoing all the layout changes to make sure is going to be a pain
[17:01:20] <Marzo> It depends on what kind of changes they are
[17:01:31] <Marzo> u7iregNN = generally movable objects
[17:01:43] <Marzo> ifix = generally changes to chunks
[17:01:49] <Dominus> I started to think about this after seeing the bug report of si fixes still showing the inn food serving bug
[17:02:02] <Dominus> Ok, got the ifix ireg thing
[17:06:41] <Dominus> Marzo, I messing with the zipped initgames of a mod and a normal game could work, it's what I did the other day before you pointed me at the better way ;)
[17:11:44] <Dominus> Anyway not a fun thought
[17:12:24] <Dominus> Best pretend we never talked about it
[17:59:58] <Dominus> wjp, I was wondering, did you keep a record of the CVS/SVN mailing list? I find it from time to time easier to search the mails for changes that might be culprits than looking through other stuff
[18:00:20] <Dominus> I've kept them since may 2006
[18:00:56] <Dominus> hmm, same for the Exult-general ML
[18:01:27] <Dominus> unfortunately SF doesn't offer a service to retrieve them again other than their poor web archive
[18:05:32] <wjp> I use git-svn and then a git history browser to search through commits
[18:09:22] <wjp> and project admins can download mailing list archives
[18:09:52] <Dominus> hmmmm
[18:10:55] <Dominus> let me see...
[18:11:06] <Dominus> I think one needs to be mailing list admin
[18:11:14] <wjp> no, project admin
[18:11:33] <Dominus> need to find that option...
[18:51:27] <Dominus> hmm, Marzo, if you ever got the nerves to look at https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/1883/ - I *think* the original devs knew that this one was buggy hence they stored the key you need to go on, in another mage body in the courage test start room
[20:44:19] <Dominus> Marzo: is it a known copy protection thing of SI that when you bypass the Thoxa beginning scene, Flicken, the guard in monitor has conversations not shown?
[20:54:07] <Dominus> hmm, only when you bypass it in Exult, not the original
[21:04:20] <Dominus> hmm, seems like a regression
[21:16:52] <Dominus> grrr, it is actually dependent on where Flicken stands
[21:19:20] <Dominus> very strange
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[22:05:27] <Dominus> now that is odd, through regression testing it *seems* as if the culprit is either r7377 or r7378
[22:05:45] <Dominus> it's when wjp and me debugged a loop in the patrol schedule
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[22:17:39] <Dominus> but it makes *no* sense for this to affect that
[22:46:20] <Dominus> really? if I revert both 7378 & 7379 (wjp's cleanup of my commit) that bug is no longer happening. I really don't understand
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