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[18:39:49] <wjp> hi
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[19:09:29] <Fingolfin> hi willem
[19:09:41] <Fingolfin> hm, maybe I should consider learning a bit for my exam on monday morning? hm
[19:12:42] <wjp> nah, don't be silly :-)
[19:13:01] <wjp> dutch programming contest was today, btw
[19:13:10] <wjp> (acm-style, but not related to acm)
[19:16:43] <Fingolfin> ah cool
[19:16:47] <Fingolfin> did you participate?
[19:16:52] <wjp> yeah :-)
[19:16:55] <wjp> 2nd place :-)
[19:16:59] <Fingolfin> coolio!
[19:17:04] <Fingolfin> but why only second??? :)
[19:17:07] <wjp> (and that without practicing for a year ;-) )
[19:17:10] <Fingolfin> how many ppl did participate?
[19:17:18] <wjp> 32 student teams
[19:17:27] <Fingolfin> team size = 3 ?
[19:17:30] * wjp nods
[19:18:34] <Fingolfin> hm, re: my exam: passing it is not the issue. The question is more, how good? :)
[19:18:50] <wjp> what kind of exam do you have?
[19:19:11] <Fingolfin> Vordiplom Informatik
[19:19:35] <Fingolfin> ->I need this to be allowed to contiune studying for a Diplom (~ Master) degree
[19:19:44] <Fingolfin> but if one fails it, one can repeat it
[19:20:01] <Fingolfin> mostly, all the stuff we learned in the last two semester will be asked
[19:20:13] <wjp> so all of the CS classes in one exam? strange
[19:20:25] <Fingolfin> erhm
[19:20:29] <Fingolfin> I have only on CS class :)
[19:20:34] <wjp> oh,ok :-)
[19:20:37] <Fingolfin> since I study MCS
[19:20:54] <Fingolfin> I also have to write Vordiplom Analysis, Algebra and Numerics, all next year
[19:20:54] * wjp has to do all of the CS classes
[19:20:57] <Fingolfin> only CS is earlie
[19:21:05] <Fingolfin> wjp: :)
[19:21:24] <wjp> (well, except some dumbed down math classes)
[19:27:00] <wjp> I should really do some algebra homework, I guess
[19:27:13] <Fingolfin> pff, *algebra*
[19:27:20] <wjp> I'm going to away for most of the day tomorrow too, so I'm a bit short on time :/
[19:27:36] <wjp> what's wrong with algebra? ;-)
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[19:36:31] <Sslaxx> Hello.
[19:36:34] <wjp> hi
[19:36:47] <Sslaxx> Hi again, Fingolfin, hi there wjp.
[19:36:55] * Sslaxx gives people Strawberries.
[19:37:21] <wjp> thanks :-)
[19:37:42] <Sslaxx> So, how are you?
[19:38:43] <wjp> ok, but just a bit busy :/
[19:42:12] <Fingolfin> wjp: nothing is wrong with algebra :)
[19:42:18] <Fingolfin> hm, strawberries and pizza
[19:42:23] <Fingolfin> Sslaxx: thanx! :)
[19:42:59] <Sslaxx> That's OK, Fingolfin. How goes?
[19:49:10] <Fingolfin> fine; need to learn a bit more for the exam on monday
[19:49:22] <Fingolfin> Sslaxx: hey, asl wjp about programming contests :)
[19:49:35] <Sslaxx> Programming contests?
[19:49:45] <Sslaxx> Hey, WJP, do elaborate!
[19:50:13] * wjp won 2nd place in the dutch programming contest today ;-)
[19:50:45] <Sslaxx> Congrats! And the prize?
[19:50:52] <Sslaxx> And who was first?
[19:51:13] <wjp> a team from Utrecht University was first
[19:51:16] <wjp> nobody I know
[19:51:42] <wjp> prize was 256 Euro for the 3 of us
[19:51:51] * Sslaxx noddles.
[19:52:02] <Sslaxx> So, what had you entered into the comp?
[19:52:32] <wjp> you have to solve a series of problems
[19:52:47] <wjp> it's an ACM-style contest, if you've ever heard of them
[19:52:48] <Sslaxx> Going to put your code up?
[19:53:03] <wjp> nah, not really interesting
[19:53:37] <Sslaxx> So, what code that you've been working on *has* been interesting?
[19:53:42] <wjp> exult :-)
[19:54:43] * Sslaxx chuckles.
[19:54:46] <Sslaxx> What else?
[19:55:05] <wjp> not that much, really
[19:55:27] <wjp> unless you're particularly fond of network flow algorithms, dynamic programming, and that sort of thing :-)
[19:56:48] <Sslaxx> Not hugely, unless it can be applied to Exult.
[19:58:18] * Fingolfin tries to think of a way to apply network flow algorithms to exult
[19:58:34] <Fingolfin> we could add this NPC to Exult Island that solves network flow problems for you maybe :)
[19:58:43] * Sslaxx LOLs.
[19:58:55] <Sslaxx> How about dynamic programming?
[19:59:40] <wjp> well, we could have an NPC find the largest palindrome in a given string?
[20:00:03] <wjp> or replace the copy protection questions by that kind of stuff :-)
[20:00:13] <Sslaxx> Heh.
[20:07:09] <Fingolfin> wjp: =)
[20:07:48] <Fingolfin> "halt! Before I let thee pass, thou must prove that thou art truly the Avatar! What is the optimal flow in this network: ..."
[20:08:43] <wjp> lol
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[20:10:04] <SMOfMalv> Hello again. Can someone /kick Sslaxx - ISP timed-out and IRC thinks I'm still connected.
[20:10:44] <wjp> kicking won't help
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[20:10:56] <SMOfMalv> Doesn't matter.
[20:11:04] <SMOfMalv> One mo.
[20:11:06] <-- SMOfMalv has left IRC (Byee!)
[20:11:17] --> Sslaxx has joined #Exult
[20:11:22] <Sslaxx> That's better.
[20:11:29] <wjp> try the command "/nick new_nickname"
[20:11:47] * Sslaxx knew about that, thanks.
[20:13:18] <Sslaxx> What OS do you develop with, WJP?
[20:13:28] <wjp> linux
[20:14:01] <Sslaxx> Seen Kylix OE?
[20:14:11] * wjp nods
[20:14:33] <wjp> I really like delphi, so Kylix is kind of ok too :-)
[20:14:45] * Sslaxx thinks it's not bad at all. Has it installed at home.
[20:14:55] * Sslaxx is thinking of upgrading to SuSE 7.3.
[20:15:07] <wjp> do you get that annoying little splash screen too on every compiled kylix program?
[20:15:23] <Sslaxx> Just use -ns and it goes away.
[20:15:39] <wjp> compile switch or runtime switch?
[20:15:50] <Sslaxx> Runtime.
[20:15:54] <wjp> :/
[20:16:22] <Sslaxx> I'm more interested in seeing what happens when Borland finally release their C/C++ compiler for Linux.
[20:16:44] <wjp> could be interesting, yes
[20:18:24] <Fingolfin> compile switches -> move app to APPNAME_real, and add a shell script that calls the app and adds -ns
[20:18:30] <Fingolfin> s/compile/runtime/
[20:18:40] * Sslaxx nods.
[20:18:44] <wjp> yes, but still not very pretty
[20:19:19] <Fingolfin> not having used Kylix, I dunno if there is a better way
[20:20:05] <Sslaxx> Not that I've seen so far, but I haven't used it much yet.
[20:20:28] * Sslaxx would like to see if he can create an IDE for Inform with it.
[20:21:12] <Sslaxx> Or a tool to create Blorb files. Or both.
[20:22:07] <wjp> blorb?
[20:22:58] * Sslaxx thinks that, for creating original games with Exult, a higher-level Usecode compiler language would be nice.
[20:23:19] <wjp> we're sort-of-kind-of working on that
[20:23:44] <wjp> Jeff wrote a usecode compiler, that compiles a C-ish language into usecode
[20:24:18] <Sslaxx> Blorb: http://eblong.com/zarf/blorb/index.html
[20:25:30] <Sslaxx> Dancer would probably know of Zarf.
[20:30:30] <Sslaxx> You may want to look at the code for some of the stuff like Inform.
[20:59:23] <wjp> funny.. it looks like kylix somehow protected the unit responsible for the splash screen against modifications
[21:04:46] <Sslaxx> Wouldn't surprise me.
[21:04:53] <Sslaxx> Looked at Dungeon Craft?
[21:08:29] <wjp> all done... bye bye splash screen :-)
[21:08:45] * wjp creatively hacked System.pas to manually insert a "-ns" runtime option
[21:10:17] <Sslaxx> Ooh, neat. Care to share how you did it?
[21:10:23] <wjp> Dungeon Craft? no, don't think I've heard of it
[21:10:28] <wjp> sure
[21:10:31] <Sslaxx> http://uaf.sourceforge.net
[21:10:41] <wjp> I modified ParamCount to return a paramcount one higher than usual
[21:11:05] <wjp> also, ParamStr now returns "-ns" as the last (no. paramcount) parameter
[21:11:06] <Sslaxx> If you ever played the old 'Gold Box' games, UAForever/Dungeon Craft is an attempt to create an engine for them.
[21:11:21] <Sslaxx> Great. Thanks!
[21:11:31] <wjp> need a diff?
[21:11:59] <Sslaxx> E-mail it?
[21:12:29] <Sslaxx> sslaxx@btinternet.com
[21:15:49] <wjp> k, sent
[21:16:30] <Sslaxx> Thanks.
[21:16:58] <wjp> kind of an ugly hack really
[21:17:04] <wjp> I wonder if it will break other things
[21:17:09] <wjp> :-)
[21:17:35] <Sslaxx> Soon find out!
[21:17:37] * Sslaxx chuckles.
[21:20:38] <Sslaxx> Oh, when's the weekly update due?
[21:21:04] <wjp> umm, good question
[21:21:10] <wjp> sometime last week I guess :-)
[21:21:48] <Sslaxx> Who looks after the site?
[21:21:48] <Fingolfin> wjp: you could backdate it :)
[21:21:58] <wjp> Fingolfin: good idea :-)
[21:22:07] <wjp> Sslaxx: me, most of the time
[21:22:18] <wjp> (well, the weekly updates, anyway)
[21:22:52] <Fingolfin> I am the guy breaking the counters (which are gone now completly because I ba-roke them too much)
[21:23:26] * Sslaxx noddles.
[21:23:42] <wjp> ok, so what's new this week? :-)
[21:23:52] <Fingolfin> wjp: let's check CVS log :)
[21:24:08] <wjp> aye :-)
[21:24:14] <Fingolfin> dead party member bug
[21:24:25] <Fingolfin> loads of SI bugs fixed
[21:24:35] <wjp> that last one is getting old :-)
[21:25:05] <Fingolfin> nah, but it gets repetive :)
[21:28:26] <wjp> ok, all done
[21:28:53] * Fingolfin verifies wjp did it all right =)
[21:29:16] <Fingolfin> "Almost weekly update", lol :)
[21:29:17] <wjp> if it isn't all right it's your template's fault ;-)
[21:29:30] <Fingolfin> damn :)
[21:30:08] <Fingolfin> well it looks all fine, I will let you get away with it ... this time! =)
[21:30:22] <wjp> *phew*
[21:30:27] * wjp wipes sweat of forehead
[21:30:33] <wjp> s/of/from/
[21:34:25] <Sslaxx> Oh, which Batlin scene's been fixed?
[21:36:12] <wjp> wall of lights
[21:37:01] <Sslaxx> As in the bear/leapord appearing?
[21:37:36] <wjp> no, later on in the game
[21:37:48] <wjp> where the banes are released
[21:39:11] <Sslaxx> When playing with recent snapshots, after Batlin is killed, a bear appears. The Banes sequence is corrupted.
[21:39:24] <Sslaxx> The bear attacks the Banes.
[21:40:22] <wjp> hmm, that's pretty strange
[21:43:06] <Sslaxx> The most recent snapshot I had was last Sunday's.
[21:56:26] <Sslaxx> It played the combat music, which interrupted the Banes theme.
[22:03:55] <wjp> did you already apply the patch? ('cause I just wrote one that's a bit better)
[22:04:13] <Sslaxx> No, this isn't my Linux machine.
[22:04:20] <wjp> k :-)
[22:04:27] <Sslaxx> If you improved it, do let me see.
[22:04:32] <Sslaxx> How've you improved it?
[22:04:37] <wjp> only 5 lines now :-)
[22:05:00] <wjp> it inserts the "-ns" parameter at the argv/argc level now
[22:05:10] <Sslaxx> Gotcha.
[22:05:50] <wjp> doesn't work for the windows version anymore now, though
[22:06:34] <Sslaxx> Don't use Windows for much development, anyway. Only text adventures.
[22:06:43] * Fingolfin wonders how long compiling gcc3 will take
[22:06:53] <wjp> took about 45 minutes for me
[22:06:56] <Fingolfin> wjp: hey is gcc3 faster or slower for you (c++ wise)?
[22:07:01] <Fingolfin> wjp: with all stages?
[22:07:06] * wjp nods
[22:07:10] <wjp> haven't used it much, though
[22:07:18] <wjp> just compiled exult with it once
[22:07:21] <Sslaxx> In terms of speed? Seems about the same.
[22:07:33] <Fingolfin> wjp: interesting, for me it takes *much* longer to bootstrap it
[22:07:35] <Sslaxx> Wonder when Allegro will be gcc3 friendly...
[22:07:55] <Sslaxx> Compiling gcc3 took an age on my PC.
[22:08:19] * wjp sighs
[22:08:27] <wjp> at least I finished 1.05 algebra exercises
[22:08:40] <wjp> 2.95 more to go :/
[22:08:48] <Fingolfin> wjp: well, I know that gcc is much slower on PPC, almost factor too, but it is already well over 1.5 hours here and still in stage1 ...
[22:08:56] <Fingolfin> wjp: =)
[22:09:14] <wjp> I have to go; have to get up early again tomorrow
[22:09:18] <wjp> night
[22:09:23] <Fingolfin> cya
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