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[00:31:59] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
[00:43:56] <servus> Totally such
[00:44:17] * servus grins
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[01:38:03] <Quester> hi
[01:38:12] <Sheng_Gradilla> hello :)
[01:39:42] <Quester> anybody try build exult in VS 2005?
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[02:01:49] <servus> I've compiled it in MSVC2003.
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[02:19:07] <servus> leidenuniv.nl is having DNS issues
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[02:58:21] <Colourless> i compiled exult in vs 2005, but something was wrong
[03:04:13] <servus> Were your shoes on backward?
[03:04:29] <wizardrydragon> My shirt was, but not my shoes.
[03:05:27] <servus> I once fell down a cliff because my boots were on backwards. Very embarassing. Don't tell anyone, especially not Exultbot.
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[03:39:54] <SB-X> hello
[03:40:19] <wizardrydragon> Cluck, I say
[03:40:22] <SB-X> where did exultbot go?
[03:40:59] <SB-X> the server with the channel logs is down too
[03:41:12] <wizardrydragon> wjp's website went kaput
[03:41:20] <wizardrydragon> but the exultbot is still here
[03:42:33] <SB-X> oh, right
[03:42:37] <SB-X> so the website is just missing
[03:42:57] <wizardrydragon> dns resolving issues, so his nameserver probably went poof
[03:44:09] <SB-X> can you fix it?
[03:44:31] <wizardrydragon> Me?
[03:44:38] <wizardrydragon> What do I look like, the internet fairy? :P
[03:44:54] <wizardrydragon> If you prod WJP he might be able to do something but not I.
[03:46:11] <SB-X> damn
[03:46:28] <SB-X> he might say the same thing
[03:46:47] <SB-X> or probably just to wait until it's up again :)
[03:47:02] <wizardrydragon> lol
[03:47:16] <wizardrydragon> but it would be fun to prod wjp, nonetheless! :)
[04:09:51] <servus> I think you can expect a Dutch Inquisition any time now.
[04:14:36] <wizardrydragon> No one expects the Dutch inquisition!
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[05:19:29] <SB-X> Hi, Baastuul.
[05:19:38] <Baastuul> Hi, SB-X.
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[08:35:55] <Dalian> hellllllllp :(
[08:37:03] <Dalian> first off, awesome work on Exult
[08:37:35] <Dalian> having a major issue trying to make my own game tho. I can't drag anything from exultstudio to exult. I get a circle with a line through it when I try
[08:38:53] <Dalian> i'm figuring a lot of things out but this one issue is keeping me from getting anywhere
[08:40:10] <SB-X> hello
[08:40:41] <Dalian> hi
[08:41:10] <SB-X> what operating system are you on, and is exult in mapedit mode?
[08:41:48] <Dalian> xp, and yeah. I can move stuff around in a BG game for example. But even when studio is in paint mode. It's like they aren't talking to each other
[08:42:14] <SB-X> you see red lines over the map inexult?
[08:42:18] <Dalian> yep
[08:42:32] <SB-X> then I have no idea... I havnt played with Exult and ES in a long time
[08:42:37] <SB-X> someone else here should know
[08:43:09] <Dalian> could be related to why using ctrl-alt-m doesn't launch studio like the docs say it does
[08:43:17] <Dalian> i have to run them both manually
[08:44:43] <Dalian> but I don't seem to be able to do anything besides move stuff around in an existing game
[08:44:57] <SB-X> did you select "Connect to Exult" in ExultStudio's menu?
[08:45:03] <Dalian> yeah
[08:45:14] <Dalian> I'm just stumped
[08:45:57] <SB-X> I assume you are using the snapshot versions of Exult 1.4, and ExultStudio.
[08:46:09] <SB-X> since you read the docs
[08:46:39] <SB-X> maybe a recent change introduced an incompatibility between them
[08:47:42] <Dalian> I'll double check that
[08:49:28] <Dalian> i was a bit confused on that point to be honest. All the 1.4 stuff says unstable
[08:50:29] <SB-X> ok
[08:50:38] <SB-X> that's why they should release it as stable already
[08:51:13] <SB-X> i've complained about that a few times, and they say it's not stable yet :)
[08:51:35] <Dalian> I'm seeing files dated 9-5-06
[08:53:50] <Dalian> ahh hmm...I am currently using exult from may '04 and studio from march '05..I guess that might cause a prob heh
[08:58:17] <Dalian> ahah!! that did the trick :)
[08:59:26] <SB-X> great
[08:59:36] <SB-X> I'm happy to have helped you get it working.
[09:00:10] <SB-X> you can also post questions on the Exult forum and probably get more answers there
[09:00:21] <SB-X> :)
[09:01:22] <Dalian> yeah I'm curious to know what the exact state of things is. I seem to find conflicting info
[09:02:50] <Dalian> for now I'm going to mess around with the map stuff. But I'll need to find out how global variables are handled and such. I assume it has something to do with usecode but haven't found a specific mention so far
[09:04:56] <Dalian> the lack of any full games based on exult had me wondering if it was even working to that point. According to wikpedia it's not
[09:06:35] <Dalian> if I can get it all working I'll certainly be doing that
[09:12:46] <servus> Dalian: If you join #tfl, there are people there that are actively using and developing ExultStudio (AFAIK) in CVS.
[09:13:01] <Dalian> ah shoot...now I'm having a different prob :\
[09:13:12] <servus> Just be patient after asking your question, and maybe even check the logs in a few days for an answer :)
[09:13:13] <servus> ?log
[09:13:13] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/exultlog.php
[09:17:48] <Dalian> at least before, with the mismatched versions, I was able to get exult to load a new game with the stick figure. Now it doesn't do that. Sorry, just rambling here
[09:25:03] <Dalian> crickey..I followed the new game thing exactly but exult quits on me
[09:25:22] <-- servus has left IRC (":wq")
[09:26:59] <Dalian> ah well I'll figure it out one of these days
[09:27:20] --> servus has joined #exult
[09:27:54] <servus> I seem to remember the keyboard shortcut in the FAQ being wrong, but I could be mistaken :)
[09:28:23] <Dalian> hmm?
[09:29:09] <Dalian> before I just updated, I was able to start a new game in studio, then on command line do exult --game gamename, and it'd load up with a cheesy background and a stick figure avatar. Now it just quits exult when I try that :(
[09:30:18] <Dalian> the game shows up on the exult menu too now, next to BG and SI
[09:30:26] <servus> Well I know that wizardrydragon and Marzo in #tfl have been using ExultStudio to actually edit maps within the last few days, with the newest CVS of Exult. Maybe something they recently added to Exult broke it?
[09:31:01] <servus> I thought it was exult --mod modname too
[09:31:34] <servus> "exult --bg --mod yourmod --nocrc"
[09:32:02] <Dalian> dunno..I can go into BG and add new shapes, but won't load up a new game. probably doing something wrong
[09:32:30] <Dalian> ah well I'm not doing a mod, but a new game entirely
[09:32:43] <servus> AFAIK, it should be the same thing : o)
[09:32:53] <SB-X> why do you need --nocrc for a mod?
[09:32:57] <Dalian> it was working with 1.2 but not now
[09:33:08] <Dalian> i got a new game to load with a stick figure avatar hehe
[09:33:22] <SB-X> DrCode made the stick figure avatar.
[09:33:34] <servus> I thought it was because Exult checks for data file integrity. The command I specified is what Marzo apparently uses to test TFL
[09:34:09] <servus> I could render you some real isometric NPCs up, if I got the nerve :)
[09:34:09] <SB-X> you'd think --mod implies the data files will have changed
[09:34:21] <servus> Isn't that the case for a total conversion?
[09:34:31] <SB-X> so one wouldn't need --nocrc too
[09:34:44] * servus isn't qualified to answer
[09:35:47] <SB-X> ok, just wondering why Exult required both options
[09:36:11] <SB-X> i dont know what's the difference between a total conversion and mod
[09:36:21] * servus sets up an isometric rendering mode for Fabiovatar.
[09:36:30] <SB-X> so i dont know if it requires different launching options
[09:36:33] <SB-X> hehe
[09:36:53] <Dalian> yeah it's just not happening now
[09:36:59] <SB-X> servus: do buckethead next!
[09:37:19] <servus> What, replace Avatamatar with the TITAN OF ETHER?
[09:37:59] <SB-X> yes
[09:38:36] <Dalian> it also doesn't create a u7chunks when you make a new game, tho the new game doc indicates that there's one there
[09:42:44] <Dalian> "Start it for your new game using 'exult --game mygame', where the game name matches what you put in your configuration file." <- this worked with 1.2, but not 1.4
[09:44:14] <servus> I think Marzo has really been changing how mods work with Exult, to suit the #TFL project. Is that the case, wizardrydragon?
[09:44:27] <servus> I should stop talking. The people that can answer are apparently asleep :)
[09:44:45] <servus> SB-X: Do you happen to know the U7 camera FoV and angles? :)
[09:45:14] <Dalian> well it won't even run via the exult menu, so I dunno
[09:45:55] <Dalian> i took one step forward and one back. Before when I had the mismatched versions, I could create an empty new game, and have it load in exult with the stick figure. But couldn't place anything. Now I can place stuff in BG but the new game won't load. Heh :(
[09:46:35] <Dalian> pasting this in #tfl also :)
[09:47:30] <-- wizardrydragon has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[09:48:32] <Dalian> i just want to get to where I can start designing :p
[09:49:21] <Dalian> anyone play UO by the way?
[09:49:40] <servus> You'll find a few UO players here and there...:)
[09:50:05] <Dalian> i've a 4-year account :)
[09:50:13] <servus> http://mmogchart.com/ This is a really interesting site! The figures on UO active subscriptions vs some other games are pretty astounding.
[09:50:38] <Dalian> they are working on a graphics update, due out next year
[09:51:34] <SB-X> servus: nope
[09:51:45] <SB-X> servus: Forge of Virtue?
[09:51:58] <SB-X> servus: FoV?
[09:52:28] <Dalian> that was a lot harder than silver seed imo
[09:53:08] <SB-X> one of the people working on TFL who frequents the #TFL channel plays UO
[09:53:24] <servus> field of vision, SB-X
[09:53:36] <Dalian> i'm in the middle of an SI game right now. did the add-on after finishing most of monitor, came back for the goblin king and he died really fast lol
[09:53:47] <servus> I actively play UO still, unfortunately.
[09:53:57] <SB-X> Oh. Nope, servus.
[09:54:09] <SB-X> haha
[09:54:11] <SB-X> you're a wizard?
[09:54:42] <Dalian> ah well, wizardrydragon just timed out
[09:54:51] <SB-X> i thought the SI addon was harder than the BG addon, and I didnt play it until after defeating the goblins
[09:55:25] <Darke> Random note: Tripped over this news article today: http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=34146 "EA puts out 14 classics for the PSP", one of which is "Ultima: The Black Gate", so I'm guessing that's the console U7 version rather then the PC one?
[09:55:46] <SB-X> yes
[09:55:57] <SB-X> it isn't a classic
[09:56:00] <servus> That's interesting. I hadn't seen Kingdom Reborn screenshots before. I lile the shot of Wind
[09:56:43] <Dalian> yeah I'm pretty anxious about the upgrade. I hope it doesn't cause more lag
[09:56:48] <servus> http://www.uo.com/UOKRpressrelease.html#screenshots I'm surprised EA went to the trouble.
[09:57:12] <Dalian> hey, uo is the best mmo out there. Just not graphics-wise
[09:57:18] <SB-X> lol
[09:57:28] <Dalian> wow doesn't have anywhere near the depth
[09:57:43] <Dalian> people only play it for the eye candy
[09:57:44] <SB-X> servus: You mean instead of just releasing a new game with the UO name?
[09:57:46] <servus> UO also has a market share of 1.4%
[09:57:57] <Dalian> i got bored with it in about 8 hours
[09:58:05] <SB-X> same with me for UO
[09:58:15] <SB-X> er, same for me with UO
[09:58:30] <servus> No, SB-X, instead of letting UO die, because it doesn't seem like a good financial return anymore.
[09:58:31] <SB-X> took me a few days of playing to get bored with it though
[09:58:49] <Dalian> but, it's Ultima! :)
[09:59:08] <Dalian> they are trying to put more "Ultima" into it lately
[09:59:32] <SB-X> I didn't know they had such a small market share, servus. Apparently they want to keep all of the current playerbase and add new players.
[09:59:44] <Dalian> there's been a very long plot going on lately, and just recently small pieces of blackrock have been spawning on the ground. Nobody's sure yet what it's for as far as UO goes
[09:59:58] <servus> They already spent what must have been a lot of money making UO3D, and I don't know *anyone* that plays it.
[10:00:17] <Dalian> uo3d was a client, not a game
[10:00:19] <SB-X> isn't there a reason for that, beside that it's 3D and different looking?
[10:00:36] <Dalian> the 3d client for uo is a joke
[10:00:49] <SB-X> isn't KR just another graphics update that will allow players to continue using the 2D client?
[10:01:03] <Dalian> the only real difference is the character/monster models, and they are poorly done
[10:01:21] <SB-X> the 2D artwork certainly looks better
[10:01:24] <Dalian> it's looking like a 3d accelerated, 2d client. With much better graphics than currently
[10:01:43] <Dalian> I'll be spending a week just looking around at stuff hehe
[10:02:22] <Dalian> Diablo 2 was actually 2d, but made to look 3d. I think they are doing something similar
[10:02:42] <SB-X> never played diablo2
[10:03:01] <Dalian> granted, no camera rotation means it is 2d anyway
[10:03:37] <Dalian> i dunno...despite its flaws I still like UO. probably because I like the Ultima world so much
[10:04:07] <Dalian> i even have a 'memorial' to the Big 3 companions in my house
[10:04:35] <Dalian> copied some books from BG/SI and put them in my library too heh
[10:05:02] <Dalian> ones like 'Drinking Songs Dupre Taught Me'
[10:06:18] <SB-X> did you like U9?
[10:06:30] <Dalian> not really
[10:06:57] <Dalian> ultima ended at SI to me
[10:08:34] <Dalian> i played u8 when it came out, but it wasn't the same
[10:09:55] <servus> Mm, UO put itself on par with WoW with the introduction of Trammel.
[10:20:06] <servus> http://www.uo.com/newplayer/newplay_2.html Heh, this hasn't been updated since 1997 :)
[10:22:20] <Dalian> heh..it still applies, just it doesn't mention that it only applies in Felucca now
[10:23:28] <Dalian> i guess I'll have to post my issue on the forum and see if I get a response. I'm bummed that it's not working now
[10:27:40] <servus> That Ultima VII camera is hard to reproduce, SB-X
[10:28:15] <servus> Dalian: They'll probably answer in #tfl if you stick around or check the logs in a while.
[10:31:22] <Dalian> there was only one person in there (the op) and he timed out..
[10:34:55] <Dalian> the forums don't respond half the time anyway
[10:35:17] <servus> Sure they do, just keep trying :)
[10:35:56] <SB-X> servus: Yeah it's kind of skewed. Did you try taking a picture from a U8 angle and then rotating the picture?
[10:36:39] <SB-X> I rarely see an unanswered thread on the forum.
[10:37:04] <servus> SB-X: http://sammatthews.com/images/fabiovatar/ :)
[10:37:32] <Dalian> SB: well, it'll just be a matter of wording it right I guess :)
[10:40:46] <SB-X> servus: Heh, that's pretty close to U7's avatar. Do the walls look correct at that angle?
[10:41:11] <servus> My computer crashed and I lost the camera settings. C'est la vie : o)
[10:41:40] <servus> I matched him up with the 0x2d1 frame in u7wizard
[10:43:10] <servus> It'd take some work to downsample it to the U7 palette, and do it well.
[10:44:01] <servus> If I were doing it for real, I'd just draw it by hand..
[10:45:22] <Dalian> I was gonna say..that's not the u7 palette exactly
[10:46:08] <Dalian> i can't wait to get this working..then I can actually try making some new shapes and stuff..you know, the fun part
[10:48:56] <servus> Do you have any art, game design, or anything written so far? What's the theme of the mod? People might be interested to see :)
[10:50:02] <servus> SB-X: 190KB xvid video: http://www.sammatthews.com/video/Fabiovatar-01.avi :)
[10:50:29] <Dalian> Not yet. I didn't want to waste time on stuff until I got everything working on the technical side
[10:50:41] <Dalian> i have ideas tho
[10:50:49] <SB-X> Can't you just use The Gimp to dither the pictures when changing to Exult's palette?
[10:51:07] <SB-X> not that it would look very good
[10:51:13] <Dalian> so far I've hit a big brick wall
[10:51:43] <servus> I'm sure I could automate all everything with a mogrify script, but it'd look horrible I'm sure
[10:53:18] <servus> Dalian: I'm sure the #tfl folk will answer when they're around. As for me, night all! : o)
[10:53:24] <Dalian> night
[10:58:03] <SB-X> bye
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[20:50:24] <wizardrydragon> (Colourles, when you read this) Can the xmidi app you linked me to convert the MIDI back to XMIDI? If so, what command line do I need to use?
[20:50:32] * wizardrydragon plays log tag.
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[22:02:40] <Colourless> wizardrydragon, no, but i probably should update things so you can.
[22:03:26] <Colourless> if you have to do it, download this (open source release of AIL 2) http://www.thegleam.com/ke5fx/misc/AIL2.ZIP and there should be a precompiled mid to xmi converter in it
[22:03:40] <Colourless> it's for DOS, so you'll probably need to use dosbox
[22:03:50] <wizardrydragon> Im on WIN32, colourless :)
[22:04:07] <wizardrydragon> Unless it doesnt like protected mode I should be ok.
[22:04:18] <Colourless> dosbox still works better than vdm sometimes though :-)
[22:04:25] <wizardrydragon> hehe
[22:04:36] <wizardrydragon> In any event it's nhot an immediate need.
[22:04:52] <wizardrydragon> Just will need to be dealt with when I'm working on adding new tracks for TFL
[22:05:42] <Colourless> the converter is called 'midiform.exe'
[22:06:35] <wizardrydragon> okay
[22:06:37] <wizardrydragon> thank you
[22:07:36] <Colourless> its in the '2' directory, but i think you could have figured that out yourself :-)
[22:08:02] <wizardrydragon> I already had :)
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