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[05:28:03] <Serel> Finally having time in my schedule for gaming is great...
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[07:53:27] <Serel> How much do I raid from the museum?
[07:54:09] <Serel> Also, is it wrong to give Spark a sword in the beginning of the game for the lols?
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[09:23:16] <Dominus> no, it's not wrong. take what you need from the museum but the only thing you can use are the mark stones and the only thing you later need are the lenses#
[09:23:48] <Serel> Due to a bit of reading ahead, that's exactly what I took. Though I'm not sure how to use the mark stones...
[09:26:12] <Dominus> I don't remember as well. I think you *place* them on the ground and use the mark spell
[09:26:19] <Dominus> and then later recall
[09:26:56] <Dominus> I used that when playing u7 originally aeons ago but in exult I just map teleport cheat
[09:27:04] <Serel> Hmm. Though most travel is kinda invalidated by the carpet...
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[10:22:29] <Serel> I still have no idea how the entire lower-left of the party interface works, apart from the combat mode button
[10:45:15] <Serel> Also, is it wise to set everyone to Berserk to avoid any potential item droppage from the beginning?
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[11:41:03] <Dominus> I'm not sure that stuff actually works, Malignant_Manor or Marzo could probably say more
[11:41:28] <Dominus> but how it works intheory can be read in the U7 manual
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[13:17:27] <Dominus> wjp, marzo, Colourless, Kirben, Malignant_Manor: http://sourceforge.net/p/allura/wiki/Features/
[13:20:04] <wjp> let's not go there yet
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[13:50:29] <Dominus> :)
[13:50:51] <Dominus> might be something for pentagram if we ever want more of a forum there
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[19:42:35] <TheCycoONE> wjp, you're a valgrind expert right?
[19:44:27] <TheCycoONE> is it normal to see read errors in SDL_Mixer e.g. if you haven't compiled it for debugging; or does that show the program is doing something bad with audio.
[19:44:51] <wjp> sorry, no idea
[19:45:56] <TheCycoONE> ok np.
[19:47:53] <TheCycoONE> been fixing some memory errors for corsix-th, but those ones elude me. iirc you did some of that stuff for nuvie, and they're sorta similar projects (sdl/c++/lua)
[19:52:25] <wjp> I just have no recent experience with SDL_mixer
[19:56:59] <wjp> what kind of errors are you seeing exactly?
[19:57:20] <wjp> adding options like --track-origins=yes might help in figuring out where they come from
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[20:06:52] <sh4rm4> sdl-mixer has a very bad reputation
[20:07:01] <sh4rm4> i.e. it is usually labeled as crap
[20:07:31] <sh4rm4> libao is a much nicer audio lib
[20:08:27] <TheCycoONE> alright
[20:09:15] <TheCycoONE> http://code.google.com/p/corsix-th/issues/attachmentText?id=1279&aid=12790003000&name=valgrind2.log&token=kxN9NMgVujq1jO_ruL__Pc5M5l4%3A1346962135800 is a recent log
[20:10:52] <sh4rm4> ugh Mix_PlayMusic allocates dynamic memory ? very bad design
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[21:45:01] <Dominus> I'm so used to my magic trackpad that I'm not comfortable with the mouse anymore :(
[21:45:38] <Dominus> but playing exult is not comfortable with the trackpad as you continuously need to downpress to walk...
[21:45:52] <Serel> The sound of a broken man...
[21:46:10] <Malignant_Manor> Can't you double tap to walk?
[21:46:47] <Dominus> yeah but that is not really nicely for long stretches of walking around
[21:49:41] <Dominus> F.... stealing is really not working properly...
[21:50:06] <Dominus> I just started and fed iolo a damn bread off a table and there were the guards...
[21:50:09] <Dominus> damn
[21:51:17] <Malignant_Manor> I think Marzo added some sort of spam guard logic if you fight back too.
[21:57:46] <Matt_O> hehe.. good to see you guys still here after all these years
[21:58:03] <Dominus> you too :)
[21:58:26] <Matt_O> isn't Exult "finished" ?
[21:59:03] <Sevalecan> one would like to think so after this many years
[21:59:37] <Dominus> unfortunately no, it is not finished. There are still countless bugs to fix :)
[21:59:43] <Sevalecan> been over 12 years now \o/
[21:59:51] <Matt_O> but... max horn assured me!
[22:00:18] <Matt_O> countless bugs? :(
[22:01:09] <Sevalecan> I can't count to 15
[22:01:11] <Sevalecan> can you?
[22:01:12] <Sevalecan> D:
[22:01:52] <Matt_O> I can count how many years since I goaded Dominus into making the exult FAQ :)
[22:02:02] <Sevalecan> well that wasn't 15
[22:02:07] <Dominus> :)
[22:03:54] <Dominus> yeah that was about 12 years ago...
[22:04:21] <Sevalecan> the exult history page doesn't go back past 2000
[22:07:02] <Dominus> I think it was started in 1999
[22:07:12] <Matt_O> this FAQ is so informative :)
[22:07:21] <Dominus> I started the FAQ around September/october 2000
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[22:09:23] <Matt_O> section 7.2 of the FAQ: "Thanks go to Matt0 who really got me thinking about doing this FAQ (though he just did it to tease me)."
[22:09:24] <Matt_O> hehehehehe
[22:09:27] <Matt_O> classic
[22:10:33] <Malignant_Manor> Gamewin.cc - X-windows Ultima7 map browser.
[22:10:39] <Malignant_Manor> Written: 7/22/98 - JSF
[22:11:03] <Dominus> Spark where art thou?!!!!!
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[22:13:20] <Dominus> ha, he's eating at the tavern...
[22:18:22] <Dominus> and yeah, sleeping in the beds is something NPCs don't do very well anymore
[22:18:36] <Dominus> it was always a bit off but now it seems worse..
[22:18:45] <Dominus> something for Malignant_Manor :)
[22:19:26] <Malignant_Manor> I think I need to work on the game engine that is more broken.
[22:22:05] <Malignant_Manor> People care a lot less about Ultima 6 and Nuvie than Ultima 7 and Exult.
[22:27:56] <Dominus> sleeping is really really really screwed
[22:28:40] <Dominus> they just lie somewhere near the bed and non of them sidewards
[22:31:53] <Dominus> hmm, jeff might have caused that
[22:35:47] <Matt_O> sounds like no one ever wrote any unit tests :)
[22:39:16] <Dominus> hmm, I'm baffled, it seems to be casued by Malignant_Manor's last change
[22:40:15] <Dominus> Malignant_Manor: could your change to find_nearby cause this?
[22:40:39] <Dominus> test: start a game, sleep till midnight in trinsic and everyone is sleeping besides the bed
[22:40:49] <Dominus> even on saving and reloading
[22:41:19] <Malignant_Manor> It shouldn't. Does this happen with the release candidate?
[22:41:39] <Dominus> it doesn't happen with the snapshot of jeff's last changes
[22:51:43] <Dominus> Malignant_Manor: it's definitely your find_nearby.h change
[22:51:58] <Dominus> when I commented it out the NPCs find their bed again :)
[22:57:52] <Dominus> do you want a proper bug report? :)
[22:58:49] <Malignant_Manor> Nah, I will just revert it.
[22:59:06] <Malignant_Manor> I have no idea why the mask doesn't work right.
[22:59:19] <Dominus> :(
[22:59:45] <Malignant_Manor> A head is partially through the roof in Trinsic.
[23:00:24] <Dominus> in the fellowship hall?
[23:00:29] <Dominus> I think I saw that too
[23:00:38] <Malignant_Manor> The shipwright
[23:01:25] <Dominus> and the horse is still under the dirt/horse shit sometimes :(
[23:03:12] <Dominus> got to go to sleep now. thanks for looking into it
[23:03:27] <Dominus> good night
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