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[08:01:54] <Dominus> hi
[08:02:58] <Darke> Hi.
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[09:11:12] <Dominus> Kirben2: what sound card do you have again?
[09:11:46] <Kirben2> several, using onboard audio (Analog Devices 1881a) at moment
[09:12:33] <Dominus> because I'm running into a bluescreen crash with uwadv and the bluescreen always indicates my sblive! driver
[09:13:55] <Dominus> but as you don't have your sb live! running anymore, never mind
[10:45:27] --> Fingolfin has joined #exult
[11:28:45] <Dominus> Kirben2: does exult compile for you?
[11:29:01] <Dominus> I get:
[11:29:03] <Dominus> cheat_screen.cc: In member function `void CheatScreen::show_screen()':
[11:29:03] <Dominus> cheat_screen.cc:174: `SDL_GetTicks' undeclared (first use this function)
[11:29:03] <Dominus> cheat_screen.cc:174: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each
[11:29:03] <Dominus> function it appears in.)
[11:29:03] <Dominus> make: *** [cheat_screen.o] Error 1
[11:29:18] <Kirben2> no, the new midi codes broken it.
[11:29:40] <Dominus> he
[11:31:21] <Kirben2> Can get pass that error by adding #include "SDL_timer.h" to start of cheat_screen.cc but another error shows up not long after in soundtest.cc
[11:31:36] <Dominus> ok, then
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[12:44:25] * Darke pawwaves. Night all.
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[12:53:46] <Colourless> hi
[12:53:53] <Dominus> hi
[12:56:57] <Kirben2> Hi Colourless
[12:57:14] <Kirben2> exult and pentagram are broken since last changes
[12:57:23] --- Kirben2 is now known as Kirben
[12:57:58] <Kirben> audio/soundtest.cc: In member function `void SoundTester::test_sound()':
[12:57:58] <Kirben> audio/soundtest.cc:65: invalid use of undefined type `struct Time_queue'
[12:57:58] <Kirben> gamewin.h:61: forward declaration of `struct Time_queue'
[12:57:58] <Kirben> audio/soundtest.cc:222: invalid use of undefined type `struct Time_queue'
[12:57:58] <Kirben> gamewin.h:61: forward declaration of `struct Time_queue'
[12:58:48] <Kirben> -
[12:58:49] <Kirben> viewer/display.cc: In member function `virtual void
[12:58:49] <Kirben> MapDisplayApp::handle_key_down(const SDL_KeyboardEvent&)':
[12:58:49] <Kirben> viewer/display.cc:225: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `num' with no type
[12:59:35] <Kirben> That is with USE_FMOPL_MIDI defined
[12:59:39] <Colourless> don't look at me i didn't cause that... oh wait, hang on i did :-)
[13:00:22] * Darke|afk looks at Colourless.
[13:00:35] * Darke|afk oops. He's not meant to be here.
[13:00:40] <Colourless> just a minute and i'll fix it
[13:01:13] <Colourless> i wouldn't advise you actually use USE_FMOPL_MIDI, unless you are curious :-)
[13:02:51] <Kirben> ok, will wait until its more complete.
[13:03:39] <Colourless> it works fine :-)
[13:04:12] <Colourless> the issue is just that there is no way to currently select which midi driver you actually want to use
[13:04:41] <Kirben> so it just uses windows default device ?
[13:04:58] <Colourless> if you compile with USE_FMOPL_MIDI, it will only ever use that
[13:05:19] <Colourless> you won't be able to use the windows native drivers
[13:05:54] <Kirben> ok, which sounds the best ?
[13:06:32] <Colourless> native most likely, especially if you've got a wavetable
[13:08:07] <Colourless> i think i'll add in an option to allow selecting which device
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[13:38:29] <Colourless> Kirben: i've committed the changes
[13:38:52] <Colourless> there is now a 'music conversion' option to enable the fmsynth (provided it's compiled in)
[13:39:19] <Kirben> ok will include it in snapshots then.
[13:40:48] <Colourless> just one note, it requires a restart for the setting to take effect.... but that is something for DOMINUS to worry about in the docs :-)
[13:42:36] <Kirben> hmm I still get the same error ^ in pentagram
[13:43:02] --- Dominus is now known as Dominus|away
[13:43:09] <Colourless> haven't touched pentagram yet
[13:44:03] <Kirben> ok
[13:44:16] <Colourless> looks like i just forgot to write 'int' there
[13:44:48] <Kirben> another error in exult:
[13:44:49] <Kirben> files/U7file.cc: In constructor `U7FileManager::U7FileManager()':
[13:44:49] <Kirben> files/U7file.cc:104: parse error before `;' token
[13:45:38] <Colourless> sigh...
[13:46:20] <Colourless> just goto that line and remove the brackets around the exclusive()
[13:47:40] <Kirben> ok that worked
[13:52:30] <Colourless> committed pentagram changes.
[14:27:05] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopl.cc: In function `unsigned char OPLRead(FM_OPL*, int)':
[14:27:05] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopl.cc:1121: `cerr' undeclared in namespace `std'
[14:27:05] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopl.cc:1121: `endl' undeclared in namespace `std'
[14:27:05] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopl.cc:1121: `cerr' undeclared in namespace `std'
[14:27:06] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopl.cc:1124: `cerr' undeclared in namespace `std'
[14:27:08] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopl.cc:1124: `endl' undeclared in namespace `std'
[14:27:10] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopl.cc:1124: `cerr' undeclared in namespace `std'
[14:27:27] <Colourless> lets seee
[14:28:51] <Colourless> #include <iostream> at the top of the file
[14:30:37] <Kirben> that works, next error:
[14:30:38] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopldrv.cc: In member function `void
[14:30:38] <Kirben> OplDriver::LoadXMIDIBank(const char*)':
[14:30:38] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopldrv.cc:993: name lookup of `i' changed for new ISO
[14:30:38] <Kirben> `for' scoping
[14:30:38] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopldrv.cc:919: using obsolete binding at `i'
[14:30:40] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopldrv.cc: In member function `void
[14:30:42] <Kirben> OplDriver::LoadU7VBank(const char*)':
[14:30:44] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopldrv.cc:1149: name lookup of `i' changed for new ISO
[14:30:46] <Kirben> `for' scoping
[14:30:48] <Kirben> audio/midi_drivers/fmopldrv.cc:1108: using obsolete binding at `i'
[14:32:35] <Colourless> i would 'very' seriously recommend you do not compile the fmsynth driver with DEBUG enabled...
[14:33:37] <Colourless> using the fmsynth with DEBUG defined will produce a lot of output
[14:34:28] <Kirben> so just remove -ddebug from makefiles ? or will that make other output less useful ?
[14:35:16] <Colourless> i would recommend you remove it
[14:39:30] --> numatrix has joined #exult
[14:40:11] <numatrix> I'm trying to get exult running on my sharp zaurus; is there a link somewhere on exactly which data files from the ultima cd I need? My ultima collection cd is coming fedex today, so I'm just curious which files I need to copy.
[14:46:44] <Colourless> you'll probably need pretty much all of the ULTIMA7 or SERPENT dir's
[14:46:56] <Colourless> s/much all/much need all/
[14:47:04] <numatrix> Ok, thanks. I just found the link to the docs relating to it http://exult.sourceforge.net/docs.php#installation
[14:47:23] <numatrix> Any idea how much size I'll need? I have a 128mb SD card that I can free up a large chunk of.
[14:47:48] <Colourless> about 20 mb for each game
[14:47:55] <numatrix> Perfect. Thanks, Colourless.
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[15:22:48] <wjp> hi
[15:23:53] <Colourless> hi
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[16:44:19] --> matto|wookin has joined #exult
[16:44:29] <Dominus> matto|wookin!!!!
[16:44:34] <matto|wookin> DOMINUS!!!!
[16:44:53] <matto|wookin> I just read on linuxgames about exult being ported to some weird handheld device hehe
[16:44:57] <matto|wookin> the screenshots looked cool :)
[17:03:13] <Dominus> and do you have one of those weird devices?
[17:04:42] <matto|wookin> no, no I do not
[17:05:13] <matto|wookin> I'd probably go for a laptop first before going handheld
[17:06:00] <Dominus> he, me too
[17:09:11] <Colourless> why not have both :-)
[17:09:51] <Dominus> hm, a computer, a laptop and a handheld... I'm not sure...
[17:10:19] <Colourless> the handheld would be a 'toy' the laptop would be something for work.
[17:10:43] <Colourless> i could never see a laptop being that useful (for me)
[17:12:19] <Colourless> a handheld/pda though, i could find uses for it.
[17:12:35] <Dominus> like playing Exult? :-)
[17:12:57] <Colourless> if i have nothing else better to do :-)
[17:13:42] <matto|wookin> I can't say that a laptop sounds terribly useful to me either
[17:13:51] <matto|wookin> except for vacations which I rarely take hehe
[17:14:18] --> artaxerxes has joined #exult
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[17:14:21] <artaxerxes> hi all
[17:14:24] <Colourless> hi
[17:14:35] <artaxerxes> did you get my email wjp?
[17:14:35] <matto|wookin> artaxerxes!
[17:14:39] <artaxerxes> matto|wookin!
[17:14:46] <matto|wookin> I was just checking out your handheld port
[17:14:56] <artaxerxes> what do you think about it ?
[17:15:04] <matto|wookin> it looks cool :)
[17:15:08] <artaxerxes> thx :)
[17:15:18] <matto|wookin> I should say I was checking out the screenshots...
[17:15:23] <matto|wookin> I don't have any pda device
[17:15:40] <Colourless> artaxerxes: i found a bug with the si intro the other day that would cause a crash if audio support wasn't compiled in
[17:15:44] <artaxerxes> Colourless: how's your PPC port? The forum doesn't say much..
[17:15:56] <artaxerxes> Colourless: weird
[17:15:58] <Colourless> artaxerxes: the ppc port is 'difficult
[17:16:11] <artaxerxes> I can play the si intro with no pb even without sound built-in!
[17:16:41] <artaxerxes> I've read on the latest CVS of SDL that they support more stuff for WinCE
[17:16:51] <Colourless> that's not hard
[17:17:28] <artaxerxes> I even have subtitles now
[17:17:38] <artaxerxes> (just changed some stuff in .exult.cfg)
[17:17:51] <artaxerxes> oups
[17:17:54] <artaxerxes> not all the subtitles
[17:19:05] <artaxerxes> yup... just tried now... no issues with the SI intro...
[17:19:13] <artaxerxes> when did you make the change ?
[17:19:41] <Colourless> yesterday
[17:19:54] <artaxerxes> in CVS?
[17:19:57] <Colourless> yeah
[17:20:15] <Colourless> i'll just check the code, things may not be working as I expected....
[17:20:48] <artaxerxes> is it the free -> delete thing I can read in ChangeLog >
[17:20:49] <artaxerxes> ?
[17:21:58] <Colourless> no
[17:22:10] <Colourless> hmm, it appears things don't work as I expect...
[17:22:55] <artaxerxes> I've poped in the IRC room because I've got a translation question...
[17:23:15] <artaxerxes> Can you guys give me a detailed definition of "butthead" please ?
[17:23:28] <Colourless> hmmm
[17:23:31] <Colourless> lets see...
[17:23:35] <artaxerxes> I've checked the online dictionaries and nothing came up
[17:24:14] <wjp> hi artaxerxes
[17:24:20] <wjp> yes, I got your email
[17:24:29] <artaxerxes> hi wjp.. glad to hear it
[17:24:40] <artaxerxes> any clues about the dpath thing ?
[17:24:43] <matto|wookin> butthead? haha
[17:24:59] <wjp> 'idiot' ?
[17:25:00] <Colourless> literally a 'butthead' would be someone who has an 'ass for a head' in other words, a butthead is a bit of an ass
[17:25:11] <artaxerxes> I think it's Iolo who says that when you finish talking with Wilfred
[17:25:29] <artaxerxes> so it has nothing to do with being stronghead ?
[17:25:35] <matto|wookin> that's what Biff calls McFly in Back to the Future
[17:25:39] <wjp> stronghead?
[17:25:48] <Colourless> idiot, buffoon would also be words that you could use, it depends on the context :-)
[17:26:10] <artaxerxes> wjp: of opinionated if you prefer
[17:26:15] <artaxerxes> s/of/or
[17:26:27] <artaxerxes> great
[17:26:36] <artaxerxes> matto|wookin: actually, this helps me a lot!
[17:27:21] <artaxerxes> matto|wookin: would you mind telling me in what part of the movie he says that?
[17:27:36] <matto|wookin> artaxerxes : hehe
[17:27:44] <matto|wookin> he says it at least twice in the first one
[17:27:52] <matto|wookin> once at the beginning ...
[17:28:23] <matto|wookin> when he is talking to George McFly after he wrecked their car ... and Marty walks in and is staring.. and Biff walks over to him and says "What are you looking at, butthead?"
[17:28:27] <wjp> artaxerxes: there's probably something going wrong with the EXULT_DATADIR="$datadir/exult" line in configure
[17:28:45] <matto|wookin> and then later in the movie when Marty goes into the past, he meets the younger Biff who says the exact same thing to him
[17:29:00] <wjp> bbl, dinner
[17:29:04] <artaxerxes> thx wjp
[17:29:06] <artaxerxes> thx matto|wookin
[17:29:28] <matto|wookin> it is just an insult
[17:30:10] <Colourless> hmmm
[17:30:14] * Colourless just got spammed
[17:30:45] <matto|wookin> artaxerxes : you are trying to look for a French translation for it? hehe
[17:32:02] <artaxerxes> exactly... :)
[17:32:44] <matto|wookin> I believe that the sequence in Back to the Future goes something like this. Biff to George: Do you realize what would happen if I submitted [something] in your hand writing? I'd get fired. You wouldn't want that to happen would you? Would you? GEORGE : WEll of course not, Biff, you know I wouldn't want that to happen. BIFF to MARTY : Well what are you looking at, butthead? Say hi to your mom for me.
[17:32:56] <matto|wookin> and a similar exchange happens in the cafe in 1955 :)
[17:33:06] <matto|wookin> except instead of getting fired, Biff is worried about getting kicked out of school hehe
[17:34:54] <Colourless> and i'm pretty sure similar things happen in Parts 2 and 3 :-)
[17:35:01] <matto|wookin> yeah :)
[17:35:55] <artaxerxes> great.... I just need to get a hold on a french version of BTTF... I'm actually scavenging the web for fan sites.
[17:37:09] --- Fingolfin|away is now known as Fingolfin
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[17:38:32] <artaxerxes> hi Fingolfin
[17:38:37] <Fingolfin> yo
[17:38:41] <artaxerxes> did Alex contact you?
[17:39:10] <Fingolfin> no
[17:39:21] <matto|wookin> fin!
[17:39:33] <Dominus> hi Fingolfin
[17:40:24] <matto|wookin> J'ai une idée geniale à rajouter dans SI-FRENCH. Pourquoi vous ne la rajoutez pas?
[17:40:40] <matto|wookin> Une question meilleur, pourquoi ne l'ajoutez _vous_ pas?
[17:40:47] <Dominus> here he goes again...
[17:40:54] <matto|wookin> haha
[17:41:21] <Fingolfin> mon dieu! c'est incredible, matto parle française!
[17:41:30] <artaxerxes> told you before that the FAQ is not written in proper french!
[17:41:54] <matto|wookin> artaxerxes : I was merely suggesting a new question you could add :)
[17:42:36] <artaxerxes> mind you, saying "pouquoi ne l'ajoutez-vous pas ?" is better than the first phrase you put
[17:43:08] <Colourless> hi Fingolfin
[17:43:53] <Fingolfin> yo ryan
[17:44:11] <Fingolfin> seen kirben
[17:44:13] <matto|wookin> a French guy wrote it!
[17:44:23] <matto|wookin> you telling me that he can't speak his own language? hehe
[17:44:31] <artaxerxes> I've got it!!!
[17:44:42] <Fingolfin> wjp: doesn't exultbot support 'seen' or do I just use it wrong? :-)
[17:44:47] <artaxerxes> It's been translated into: banane
[17:44:56] <artaxerxes> ?seen wjp
[17:44:56] <exultbot> wjp is right here!
[17:45:03] <artaxerxes> ?seen kirben
[17:45:03] <exultbot> kirben left IRC around Wed Aug 7 15:26:29 2002 (GMT) ("System Meltdown")
[17:45:08] <matto|wookin> banane?
[17:45:21] <matto|wookin> is that broken French? hehe
[17:45:31] <artaxerxes> ;) yeah I know... the french love to use food _ALL_ the time
[17:45:53] <artaxerxes> that's what my wife keeps telling me (she is NOT french)
[17:46:25] <Dominus> ugh, I'm not sure if I want to know details :-)
[17:46:32] <matto|wookin> Ich hätte eine geniale Idee für etwas das man in EXULT einbauen sollte. Warum verwendet ihr sie nicht bzw. baut sie in EXULT ein ?
[17:46:56] <matto|wookin> artaxerxes : maybe I will have to find another French guy to fix the translation problems :)
[17:47:24] <Dominus> "verwenden" wäre besser als bauen
[17:48:15] <artaxerxes> Hi Dominus... nothing dirty... yet
[17:48:52] <matto|wookin> *sigh*
[17:49:01] <matto|wookin> can none of my translators do anything right?!!
[17:49:09] * matto|wookin fires them all
[17:49:40] <matto|wookin> hey I just noticed that Fingolfin has given himself the title of Lord
[18:05:36] <Fingolfin> well
[18:05:42] <Fingolfin> techincally, I am a High King of the Noldori
[18:06:12] <Fingolfin> but I am not somebody who likes to boast, so I tried to step down a bit, while I am amongst you commoners
[18:08:00] <matto|wookin> so good of you
[18:18:02] --> Dark-Star has joined #exult
[18:23:59] <artaxerxes> hi Dominus
[18:24:03] <artaxerxes> hi Dark-Star
[18:24:09] <artaxerxes> (tab error)
[18:25:50] <Colourless> hi
[18:26:13] <Dark-Star> hi
[18:26:28] <matto|wookin> dark-star!
[18:26:58] <Dark-Star> matto!
[18:28:28] <matto|wookin> another German visits the #exult channel :)
[18:30:59] <Dark-Star> yep but most of the time I'm only lurking, so don't feel bothered by me ;-)
[18:32:51] <artaxerxes> all the germans raise their right hand, please!
[18:33:28] <artaxerxes> now, all the germans raise their left hand, please!
[18:33:28] <Dominus> hey, we are only three :-)
[18:33:59] <artaxerxes> and now all the frenchs search their pockets!
[18:34:15] <artaxerxes> :)
[18:35:49] <Dark-Star> :-P
[18:36:05] <Colourless> time for me to go
[18:36:10] <Colourless> cya
[18:36:10] <artaxerxes> byr
[18:36:15] <Dark-Star> bye
[18:36:17] <artaxerxes> bye even
[18:36:22] <wjp> bye
[18:36:28] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("no comment")
[18:38:31] --- artaxerxes is now known as artaxerxes|afk
[18:55:21] <matto|wookin> I appear to be the only one from the USA in here
[18:55:47] <matto|wookin> and 3 Germans would appear to be the majority as well hehe
[18:56:21] <matto|wookin> except Dominus is actually Austrian (though he is loathe to admit it)
[18:56:28] <matto|wookin> hehe j/k
[18:57:07] <-- matto|wookin was kicked from #exult by Dominus (for saying I'm an Austrian :-))
[18:57:07] --> matto|wookin has joined #exult
[18:57:29] <matto|wookin> hehe
[18:57:32] <Dominus> sorry, had to :-)
[18:57:36] <Fingolfin> damn US people, they always cause troubles
[18:57:41] <Fingolfin> <g>
[18:57:51] <matto|wookin> >:(
[19:12:15] <Dominus> take a good look at this (from on eo fth users who actually use the bug tracker):
[19:12:17] <Dominus> http://totl.net/AvatarJackass/
[19:12:41] <wjp> totl.net is pretty funny :-)
[19:16:41] <artaxerxes|afk> some really good ones... :)
[19:17:03] <Dominus> hey, you are afk...
[19:32:13] <artaxerxes|afk> oups
[19:32:18] <artaxerxes|afk> :)
[20:36:40] <artaxerxes|afk> what's the newsgroup for Ultima again ?
[20:37:00] <wjp> rec.games.computer.ultima.(dragons|series)
[20:38:22] <artaxerxes|afk> thank you
[21:00:40] <-- matto|wookin has left IRC ("good bye everyone")
[21:01:50] <artaxerxes|afk> I'm leaving too.. good night all
[21:01:59] <wjp> g'night
[21:02:05] <-- artaxerxes|afk has left #exult ()
[21:02:05] <Dominus> bye
[21:02:15] <wjp> hm, or afternoon for him, I guess
[21:02:25] <Dominus> he
[21:07:22] <Dominus> for what file does it look to make sure it is uw1?
[21:07:30] <Dominus> oops, wrong windows
[21:43:46] <-- Dark-Star has left IRC ()
[22:25:54] --> dwing010 has joined #exult
[22:26:08] <wjp> hi
[22:26:12] <dwing010> hi
[22:26:15] <Dominus> hi
[22:26:47] <dwing010> just figured i'd come in
[22:27:12] <wjp> more people should do that :-)
[22:27:19] <wjp> it gets awfully quiet in here sometimes :-)
[22:28:01] <Fingolfin> *ploink*
[22:28:12] <Fingolfin> ah, sorry, that was one my needles dropping to the ground
[22:53:12] <dwing010> ahh, new bug
[22:56:20] <wjp> what's the problem?
[22:56:30] <dwing010> nothing, it's cosmetic
[22:56:35] <dwing010> it's in the tracker
[22:57:27] <wjp> hm, sounds plausible
[22:57:38] <wjp> what version of exult are you using?
[22:57:54] <dwing010> the latest version, on win32
[22:58:07] <wjp> which version is that? :-)
[22:58:28] <wjp> latest official release or one of the snapshots?
[22:58:30] <dwing010> 1.10
[22:58:35] <wjp> k
[22:58:35] <dwing010> snapshot
[22:59:08] <wjp> could you add a comment to the bug with that information?
[22:59:15] <dwing010> sure
[22:59:18] <wjp> k, thanks
[22:59:30] <wjp> it's probably that the transparency is 'stacking'
[22:59:54] <wjp> i.e., it puts another 'layer' of dark grey on top of the existing one
[23:01:19] <dwing010> right, no biggie
[23:08:43] --> dwing011 has joined #exult
[23:16:27] <-- Fingolfin has left IRC ("42")
[23:27:09] <-- dwing010 has left IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:27:34] --- dwing011 is now known as dwing010
[23:49:56] <Dominus> äh, is that email genuine?