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[08:30:29] <wjp> hi :-)
[08:30:35] <wjp> I've been meaning to ask... |au? :-)
[08:30:35] <Dark-Star|au> hi
[08:30:59] <Dark-Star|au> yeah, i'm currently down under :-)
[08:31:43] <wjp> sydney, by your hostname?
[08:32:12] <Dark-Star|au> currently, yes... Been through Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide andCanberra already :)
[08:32:20] <wjp> cool :-)
[08:32:32] <wjp> Adelaide... hmm.. Colourless is there I think
[08:32:35] <Dark-Star|au> only Sydney and Brisbane left... and only about 200 $ left :-(
[08:33:00] <wjp> on holiday?
[08:34:15] <wjp> hm, I really should be going
[08:34:17] <Dark-Star|au> yes. Until 18th of August. I hope we can crash at some friends in Brisbane...
[08:34:22] * wjp will be back tomorrow
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[13:57:39] <Colourless> hi
[13:57:50] <jan_here> hi
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[14:23:28] <jan_here> is there a syntax reference for the "exult script" format, produces by ucxt?
[14:29:21] <Colourless> i doubt it :-)
[14:29:48] <Colourless> i'm sure darke had at least some idea of what he was attempting to get it to produce
[14:30:01] <Colourless> but any documentation? ha, no
[14:30:22] <jan_here> do you know what in(var1, var2) does then?
[14:30:38] <jan_here> havn't found it in any assembler guidance I looked up..
[14:31:23] <jan_here> c++ maybe?
[14:35:24] <Colourless> i have no idea at all about ucxt
[14:48:43] <jan_here> hmm can you tell me if an npc is talkable to if I give you the number?
[14:49:28] <Colourless> you can work it out yourself
[14:49:32] <jan_here> or is that in the debug output
[14:49:39] <jan_here> just wanted to ask that
[14:49:46] <jan_here> took the words from my mouth. :)
[14:49:57] <jan_here> what variable tells me that?
[14:51:53] <Colourless> what are you trying to do?
[14:53:17] <Colourless> anyway. each npc has a usecode number. you can find it from the cheat menu. then use wud to attempt to disassemble that function. if it exists, you'll get output, if it doesn't you wont.
[14:53:38] <Colourless> it's so 'simple' that you should be able to figure it all out
[14:53:54] <jan_here> :)
[14:54:17] <Colourless> monster npcs don't have a usecode numbers
[14:54:37] <Colourless> instead the execute the usecode function for their shape
[14:54:47] <jan_here> I cant talk to him.. he only says something when I kill him
[14:55:45] <Colourless> who?
[14:56:36] <jan_here> some pirate in fawn
[14:56:50] <Colourless> you probably can't talk to him then
[14:57:00] <Colourless> or, he is hostile
[14:57:08] <Colourless> you can never talk to people who are hostile
[14:57:34] <jan_here> not outright..
[14:57:43] <jan_here> btw: noticed something with the bedroll
[14:58:03] <jan_here> when you unroll it, you cant retake it without sleeping at least 1 hour
[14:58:47] <jan_here> the avatar does not roll it back if you sleep 0 hours and doubleclicking results in the "how many hours" dialog
[14:59:05] <jan_here> i check the hostile part when I see him again
[15:00:01] <Colourless> not our problem
[15:00:51] <jan_here> whom should I tell?
[15:02:20] <Colourless> complain to origin, not that they care either
[15:02:44] <Colourless> things work like this: If it works the same in the original game, then it's not a problem
[15:02:50] <jan_here> oh, sorry. right.. would be coded like this into the usecode.
[15:03:21] <Colourless> pretty much everything you've brought up, are non issues. They are just how thing works
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[15:04:15] <jan_here> I just dont remember the original well enough.
[15:13:33] <jan_here> hmm.. no usecode is run when I click the pirate. There is no danger music.. no "pirate is l÷ooking fo foe".. seems he is just scripted to attack me and die by my sword then.
[15:19:21] <jan_here> hmm sorry again.. but this is something that definitively should not be: Iolo has two "iolos lute" all of a sudden.
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[15:21:56] <jan_here> hi sbx|afk
[15:22:12] <sbx|afk> hi jan_here
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[15:24:19] <Colourless> i am going
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[15:24:44] <jan_here> uh.. I seem to have bugged colourless a little too much.
[15:31:54] <sbx> you did?
[15:32:01] <sbx> maybe he is just tired :>
[15:33:43] <jan_here> of me, probably :)
[15:39:08] <jan_here> any idea what a function in(car1, var2) could do?
[15:39:57] <sbx> in?
[15:40:00] <sbx> an exult function?
[15:40:05] <jan_here> yes
[15:40:16] <jan_here> exult script output of ucxt
[15:41:14] <sbx> in what function?
[15:42:09] <jan_here> like this: if(!(in(var0000, var0004) && ((!UI_get_item_flag(var0000, 0x0001))
[15:42:40] <sbx> var0000 is an element of array var0004?
[15:42:58] <jan_here> var0004 = UI_get_party_list();
[15:43:08] <sbx> if party has object?
[15:43:10] <jan_here> hmm.. now tehres an idea.
[15:43:12] <sbx> if character is in party?
[15:44:40] <jan_here> or object.. yes! .. do you also know what get_item_frame means? (get_item_shape is clear.. )
[15:46:06] <sbx> shapes have multiple frames
[15:46:32] <jan_here> oh , i thought animations were organised as different shapes.
[15:46:55] <sbx> even when not used for animations
[15:47:11] <sbx> different variations of an object can be one shape and different frames
[15:47:46] <jan_here> what do i have to take apart to get a shape list (the numbers)?
[15:47:52] <jan_here> wait.
[15:48:10] <jan_here> dont tell me .. the file is probably named SHAPES and I should have figured that out myself..
[15:49:03] <jan_here> right?
[15:49:38] * sbx shrugs.
[15:50:11] <sbx> shapes.vga i guess
[15:50:16] <sbx> view it in exult studio
[15:53:37] <jan_here> have to compile that ..
[15:54:53] <sbx> you have the gimp?
[15:55:01] <sbx> and the shape plugin?
[15:55:24] <jan_here> gimp , yes
[15:55:57] <sbx> the shape plugin comes with exult
[15:56:12] <sbx> and expack as a tool
[15:56:18] <sbx> use expack to extract shapes.vga
[15:56:25] <sbx> then each shape can be viewed in the gimp
[16:00:07] <jan_here> whats the name of the plugin?
[16:03:59] <jan_here> have to compile it ..
[16:10:34] <sbx> mapedit/PhotoshopShapePlugin.zip
[16:11:01] <sbx> or maybe thats just for photoshop?
[16:11:07] <sbx> yeah
[16:11:09] <jan_here> probably
[16:11:21] <sbx> the gimp one is just among the src files in mapedit
[16:11:22] <jan_here> no, I have to compile it. it defaults to off
[16:11:28] <sbx> u6shp.c
[16:11:32] <sbx> or shapeedit.cc
[16:11:39] <sbx> u7shp.c*
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[16:55:39] <jan_here> damn I always get a memory violation error..
[17:02:03] <sbx> in german?
[17:03:23] <jan_here> *** [useval.lo] Speicherzugriffsfehler
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[18:55:21] <jan_here> somebody know hackis ultima page?
[19:01:41] <sbx> ya
[19:05:41] <jan_here> btw: are you german?
[19:07:44] <sbx> no
[19:08:43] <jan_here> too bad. hacki has some interresting nitpicks on his webpage. some even suggets that there are bugs in the usecode storywise (like healing cantra)
[19:11:27] <sbx> bbl
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[19:48:54] <jan_here> oh.. didnt notice.. there is also an english version of hackis page.. got there by google.. no wonder.
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[20:02:55] <sbx> heh heh
[20:02:57] <sbx> i was going to say
[20:03:08] <sbx> im looking at the english page now
[20:03:27] <sbx> looked it up because i didnt even know it was in german too :)
[20:03:34] <sbx> or forgot
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[20:10:31] <Dominus> hi
[20:11:26] <sbx> hello
[20:11:29] <jan_here> evening
[20:16:41] <jan_here> arghh the system has forgotten about my magic breastplate
[20:16:56] <Dominus> bug in the original
[20:17:32] <jan_here> I can ask this fat priesstess earlier.. but then I have to replay the whole thing .. :(
[20:17:50] <Dominus> she never answers you on this
[20:18:03] <Dominus> don't bother replaying
[20:18:16] <jan_here> oh, she does.. I just went there on an earlier savegame.. (still poisoned)
[20:18:40] <jan_here> told me to come to her bedchamber later....
[20:18:52] <Dominus> I mean, I think she tells you too come by later and then there is nothing to it
[20:19:25] <Dominus> they probably forgot to script another porno there
[20:20:24] <sbx> she's a big tease
[20:20:40] <jan_here> yeah like that wench in monitor
[20:21:11] <Dominus> no that one follows through with her teasing
[20:21:28] <jan_here> oh? never found the time when that works
[20:21:48] <Dominus> she tells you to come by at a certain time...
[20:22:09] <jan_here> you know where the bedchamber of the priestess is?
[20:22:57] <Dominus> follow her around or in the cheat menu look at her schedule and the coordinates for that
[20:31:01] <jan_here> hmm it gets mentioned in a walkthrough I looked at.. did the game come in different versions (with bugs fixed)?
[20:32:12] <Dominus> yes but that one has not been fixed. Walkthroughs are not always right and maybe it worked in the first version and then they botched it...
[20:32:24] <Dominus> look at the usecode for her and you may learn more.
[20:37:13] <jan_here> the usecode that is used when I doubleclick her?
[20:38:29] <Dominus> no her conversation and whatever else is associated with her
[20:39:05] <jan_here> so the usecode number is the number: from "Object 560"?
[20:40:06] <Dominus> I don't know I haven't looked at that NPC and don't plan to atm
[20:40:45] <jan_here> oh great.. instead of walking to her bed she apparently "teleports"
[20:42:35] <Dominus> what's her name?
[20:43:35] <sbx> you have to add 400 to the usecode number for NPCs
[20:43:44] <jan_here> kylista
[20:43:49] <jan_here> 454 then
[20:44:24] <Dominus> 1042,1670 is the location she sleeps at (accessible with the F2 cheat menu)
[20:45:08] <jan_here> its behind a locked door in the temple of beauty, I alreday know..
[20:45:16] <jan_here> how do I get there? teleport does not work
[20:45:28] <Dominus> hackmove
[20:46:09] <Dominus> she is usecode item ffca and function 436
[20:46:23] <jan_here> how does that work? are there instructions for it on the exult page?
[20:46:40] <Dominus> it is very straighforward
[20:46:45] <sbx> i already gave you instructions
[20:46:58] <sbx> ucxt -si 436
[20:47:00] <jan_here> for hackmove?
[20:47:04] <sbx> oh
[20:47:09] <sbx> i thought you meant usecode :)
[20:47:13] <sbx> sorry
[20:47:23] <jan_here> i already found the function .. did a grep on the collective output of ucxt
[20:47:24] <Dominus> and I thought the cheat menu
[20:47:35] <jan_here> yes.. the cheat menu
[20:47:42] <jan_here> how do I use hackmove to get to her room?
[20:48:19] <Dominus> you left click on the avatar and hold and move him where you want him to
[20:48:36] <Dominus> or you move away a wall or whatever hinders you to get to her
[20:48:43] <jan_here> lol
[20:48:48] <sbx> is hackmove in the original?
[20:49:01] <Dominus> of course you must enable it and that is described in the docs
[20:49:06] <Dominus> sbx: yes
[20:51:34] <jan_here> hmm.. its not in her room and I can't kill her... this sucks
[20:52:20] * Dominus points up to the top and mentions again a problem with the original
[20:53:03] <jan_here> I don't blame you. :)
[20:53:42] <Dominus> as I said explore her conversation in usecode to find out if there ever was meant to be more
[20:54:10] <jan_here> oh yes.. she asks me about private lessons in beauty..
[20:54:56] <Dominus> but that is just the conversation whenshe says to come by at night?
[20:55:44] <jan_here> no, thats a different one..
[20:56:33] <Dominus> usecode might tell you under what circumstances this is triggered...
[20:57:30] <jan_here> its just a little diffucult to read :)
[20:57:55] * Dominus thankfully never tried to look at usecode!!!
[21:03:06] <jan_here> have you read about the usecode bugs on hackis page?
[21:04:08] <Dominus> I know of some, we have some written down in cvs
[21:04:56] <jan_here> interresting. just notes, or direct patches to usecode▀?
[21:05:15] <Dominus> both :-)
[21:05:41] <Dominus> in /docs/usecode_bugs.txt
[21:07:12] <jan_here> hmm they are not distributed with ┤the code. before I set up CVS could you dcc me that file (if you have it)?
[21:08:03] <Dominus> yup :-)
[21:08:45] <jan_here> is it already on record that you cant resume if you save during a scripted scene?
[21:09:18] <Dominus> not really but it is considered common sense somehow...
[21:09:29] <Dominus> but i SHOULD be put in record...
[21:09:55] <Dominus> put in my list of things to do...
[21:11:11] <Dominus> not I should be put in record but it should be put on record....
[21:12:39] <jan_here> hmm.. regarding usecode bugs.. maybe it should be considerd a bug that your bed roll does not get rolled up again if you only select 0 hours.. otherwiese you have to sleep at least 1 hour to take it back.
[21:13:27] <jan_here> the fix listed in the file is already in the distributed exult, i dont have to apply it as a patch?
[21:14:10] <Dominus> which fix?
[21:15:16] <jan_here> the fixed bug thats listed in the file .
[21:15:22] <Dominus> we can't fix usecode bugs within exult
[21:16:04] <Dominus> it's just a list of bugs in usecode and one fix for how to change usecdoe to be fixed
[21:16:16] <jan_here> oh.. I see
[21:16:39] <Dominus> that pocketwatch bug is only for bg as the original programmer fixed this in SI...
[21:17:17] <jan_here> thought so, its marked as BG.
[21:17:59] <Dominus> we would get into trouble if we decided to fix those bugs in cvs
[21:18:10] <Dominus> there are too many puritst out there already...
[21:18:57] <jan_here> hmm.. maybe a script? "patchmeifyoulike"
[21:19:41] <Dominus> yeah, but no one is really interested in doing it
[21:20:00] <Dominus> that's why we record those bugs for people who are interested to do sth with it
[21:24:19] <jan_here> what filename does the gimp plugin have.. I just successfully compiled exult.
[21:24:46] <Dominus> I *think* just shape
[21:25:26] <Dominus> u7shp
[21:25:38] <Dominus> on win32 u7shp.exe
[21:27:17] <jan_here> hmm.. must have configured it wrong, I try again
[21:27:51] <Dominus> why?
[21:28:17] <Dominus> what'S wrong with it?
[21:28:32] <jan_here> i ran configure with --enable-gimp-plugin but it didn't get created.. do I have to enable the whole of exult studio too?
[21:28:55] <Dominus> sorry I'm not a linux guy...
[21:35:49] <jan_here> hackmove is really funny :)
[21:38:11] <Dominus> :-)
[21:38:23] <Dominus> damn even more funnier is SCO...
[21:39:55] <jan_here> yes.. have you seen theri pricelist?
[21:40:39] <Dominus> not really but I just read the headlines of their wanting about $32 for every Zaurus out there for example...
[21:42:21] <jan_here> only? the want 350$ IIRC for every cpu in a pcu (price doubles after september)
[21:44:20] <jan_here> in a PC
[21:44:47] <jan_here> hmm.. exult hangs..
[21:45:26] <Dominus> how?
[21:45:49] <jan_here> went to sleep. screen stays black
[21:46:45] <Dominus> anything in stdout?
[21:47:30] <jan_here> _nothing_ whe I click the mouse ther is:(x,y) rel. to gump is (55, 27) but thats all
[21:47:34] <jan_here> killed the game by now
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[21:54:39] <Dominus> hi Fingolfin
[22:01:27] <Fingolfin> yo
[22:01:39] <jan_here> have you also ┤already figured out what certain gflags are?
[22:01:46] <jan_here> hi
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[22:50:31] <Fingolfin> hi willem
[22:52:03] <wjp> hi
[23:07:35] <jan_here> hi