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[11:53:46] <Bikki> Hey
[11:54:12] <Bikki> Sorry to be abrupt, but, does anyone else have any problems with the keyring from the Silver Seed expansion on Exult?
[11:54:45] <Bikki> It practically deletes every key I pick up :S
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[12:06:27] <Bikki> Hey there.
[12:08:47] <pupnik_> as
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[12:38:12] <wjp> delete?
[12:38:55] <wjp> the purpose of the keyring is to 'gather' all keys you find
[12:39:05] <Bikki> Yeah, for instance ... I put a key in my backpack, tested it on it's door by locking/unlocking, then I double-clicked it and targeted the keyring ... the key disappears, but the keyring won't work on the door
[12:39:16] <wjp> hm, that's strange
[12:39:50] <wjp> is this with 1.2 or with a recent 1.4.x snapshot?
[12:40:02] <Bikki> Mhm, lemme check
[12:41:07] <Bikki> Says when I right-click the executive file
[12:41:14] <Bikki> So I s'pose 1.2 then.
[12:41:30] <wjp> that's very strange
[12:42:57] <Bikki> I started noticing that the keyring didn't work properly during Silver Seed part when I dropped keys directly on the avatar (to backpack them) and then alt-K:ing doors had no effect. And I've tried to use it in all ways I can think of, but to no avail
[12:43:32] <Bikki> (I'm using the Ultima VII that comes with Ultima Collection, if that makes any difference.)
[12:44:35] <wjp> did it work earlier in the game?
[12:47:25] <Bikki> Not sure, I hadn't had it for long before I noticed it didn't work, but it might have worked at the beginning
[12:48:04] <Bikki> Is there any limit to how many keys it can hold? Because I put practically every attainable key between start and Mountains of Freedom in it
[12:48:21] <wjp> usually I'd recommend to try a recent 1.4.x snapshot, but those are quite unstable from time to time
[12:48:51] <wjp> no, it shouldn't be limited. (I did the same last time I played through SI)
[12:48:56] <Bikki> Oh okay
[12:49:12] <wjp> otherwise you can also file a bug report on our bug tracker with a savegame attached
[12:49:29] <wjp> (preferably one just before the experiment with the key in your backpack you described)
[12:50:26] <Bikki> I quicksave most of the time, so my earliest save besides long after the experiment is right before I got the keyring
[12:50:37] <Bikki> I'll load that quickly and see if the keyring works that time, brb
[12:54:57] <Bikki> Nope.. didn't work.
[12:55:31] <Bikki> Will the save right before I talk to the automaton orphidian that gives the keyring do? Or is afterwards better? : )
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[13:04:12] <wjp> afterwards is better :-)
[13:04:55] <wjp> I'm rather puzzled by this, though... it definitely worked for me in 1.2
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[13:18:39] <Bikki> Okay. :)
[13:19:16] <Bikki> Hehe me too, another thing.. is the Ring of Reagents supposed to make it possible to cast spells without having any reagents when worn? If so, that one doesn't work either. :(
[13:20:15] <Bikki> I told the fiend that I would not bring it to him, and killed him when he attacked me ... then I went and got the ring for myself. Maybe it doesn't work if done in that order? Hm..
[13:21:17] <Bikki> The Guardian seems to be conspiring against me. Bah.
[13:21:47] <wjp> no, that shouldn't affect how the ring works
[13:22:09] <wjp> you said you had a SI with Silver Seed pre-installed, right?
[13:22:44] <Bikki> Yeah. I figured out the fault with the ring now though ... I was out of mana. :P
[13:23:09] <wjp> just in case, can you press 'v' in exult?
[13:23:36] <wjp> (to get the version number)
[13:23:52] <wjp> oh
[13:23:59] <wjp> you said you used alt-k?
[13:24:06] <wjp> the key combination for the keyring is k :-)
[13:27:08] <Bikki> Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, thanks!
[13:27:16] <Bikki> It works with K :D
[13:27:25] <wjp> great :-)
[13:27:32] <Bikki> Thanks a bunch, mate :)
[13:27:39] <wjp> no problem; sorry for missing it earlier :-)
[13:27:56] * Bikki disables hackmover and starts unlocking doors instead of throwing them out into the void *
[13:28:03] <wjp> haha :-)
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[13:44:55] <Bikki_> wjp, You wouldn't happen to play UO, by any chance? : )
[13:45:25] <Sevalecan> hackmover <3
[13:45:33] <Bikki_> Agreed! :)
[13:47:59] <Bikki_> I was looking forward to Razimus' UO to U7-project (tried making a SI map for UO 6 years ago), but then some weeks ago I found the project was dead. After that I started again with what I failed 6 years ago :)
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[13:49:13] <Bikki_> Bah, I hate my connection.
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[13:50:15] <Bikki> Hm
[13:50:38] <Bikki> http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/SI_UO_map.jpg
[13:50:40] <Bikki> http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/Monitor_jail.jpg
[13:50:41] <Bikki> http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/Monitor_park.jpg :p
[13:50:50] <pupnik> this is what?
[13:51:47] <Bikki> Some playing around with different worldforging tools for UO. :)
[13:51:55] <pupnik> looks nice
[13:54:08] <Bikki> Thanks. :) I read on the exult forum about a guy trying to do a similar thing (Razimus/Dr. Pepper Dragon I believe), but read that the project died on Ultima Aiera. Anyone know anything about this? I'm interested in contacting him and see if he would like to work together a bit and maybe continue where he left off, but can't find any contact information anywhere.
[13:56:43] <pupnik> no idea
[13:57:32] <Bikki> Oh ok, thanks though! : )
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[14:30:58] <Bikki> Anyone know if it's possible to check a piece of armors defense?
[14:36:03] <pupnik> duno
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[22:07:24] <pupnik> http://www.briggsmedia.com/mpeg/movies/stream/kaos/kaos-030708.mp3 today's Scott Horton show
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