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[12:49:46] <amatecha> hmm
[12:50:02] <amatecha> do saves get corrupted ever? every time I load my last save, the game crashes :(
[12:51:30] <amatecha> nm it's not the save, crashes when I start a new game as well :(
[13:02:29] <amatecha> yeah something with my PC, no worries
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[13:13:34] <sh4rm4> if you play with a buggy version of exult, it's indeed possible that the saves can become corrupted
[13:14:10] <sh4rm4> and if your pc has faulty ram, it's very likely ;)
[13:18:40] <amatecha> I'm not sure what it is, but have been getting intermittent bluescreens lately :(
[13:18:48] <amatecha> updating vid drivers, will run memtest86 tomorrow
[13:19:38] <sh4rm4> behaviour like this (if hardware related) is in 99% faulty ram
[13:20:07] <amatecha> that would be pretty weaksauce
[13:20:09] <sh4rm4> and that's not very uncommon... every 4th mem module hitting the market is already defect to some degree
[13:20:13] <amatecha> whaaat
[13:20:14] <amatecha> jeez
[13:20:26] <amatecha> i purposely bought faster RAM and everything.. too bad I'm past 1yr warranty period
[13:20:45] <sh4rm4> doing a memtest is strongly recommended
[13:22:33] <sh4rm4> (i used to boot machines with an ubuntu livecd with memtest on it whenever i installed new ram modules, and let it run for 24 hrs)
[13:22:52] <amatecha> hmm yeah i feel like i already have it burned to CD too..
[13:24:56] * sh4rm4 wonders if there's a memtest for vga cards
[13:26:08] <amatecha> probably
[13:26:46] <amatecha> that's a pretty crazy/good idea actually haha
[13:26:55] <amatecha> http://mikelab.kiev.ua/index_en.php?page=PROGRAMS/vmt_en
[13:28:14] <amatecha> and http://cudagpumemtest.sourceforge.net/
[13:28:18] <sh4rm4> oh, windows only :/
[13:29:35] <amatecha> the 2nd one is linux
[13:31:54] <sh4rm4> nice
[14:06:00] <amatecha> ultima 7 is pretty cool so far... wish I played the game back when it came out!
[14:08:00] <sh4rm4> i did so back then
[14:08:11] <sh4rm4> completely addicted to it
[14:08:51] <sh4rm4> my parents even put the pc into an unheated room in the winter, to get me off of it
[14:09:12] <sh4rm4> but i played there even at -20°C
[14:10:22] <sh4rm4> and i put the alarm on 4 a.m. so i could play without them noticing...
[14:14:03] <amatecha> hahah nice, yeah I did all that at that age too, just with other games haha
[14:15:23] <amatecha> had the comp taken from my room to downstairs and I just snuck down there after they went to bed
[14:19:01] <TheCycoONE> so bad drivers or faulty hardware
[14:19:17] <TheCycoONE> note to self, scroll down before responding
[14:22:14] <amatecha> hahah ;) yeah, running memtest86 now
[14:22:57] <amatecha> and yeah updated to latest stable drivers (that didn't fix the crash-on-start-game but I hadn't rebooted before trying again)
[14:23:44] <sh4rm4> i dont remember a single case where updating video drivers fixed bluescreens
[14:24:48] <amatecha> yeah I kinda feel like it might be a corrupt os file, not sure tho
[14:26:10] <sh4rm4> windows' NTFS has a tendency to become corrupted on power loss...
[14:28:02] <TheCycoONE> isn't the system drive suppose to be journalled by default?
[14:29:16] <amatecha> not sure.. in win7??
[14:51:05] <amatecha> no error on first pass in memtest86
[14:51:10] <amatecha> good & bad hahah
[14:55:22] <amatecha> oh well prolly corrupt system file or something
[15:56:14] <sh4rm4> amatecha, thus "24hrs"
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[21:43:44] <Dominus> amatecha: I highly doubt you have faulty RAM that affects Exult's savegame.
[21:44:21] <Dominus> Which version of Exult are you using? I recommend the newest snapshot. All earlier versions have bugs bugs bugs
[21:44:47] <Dominus> especially ones making the game bad :)
[21:44:48] <sh4rm4> 25% of rams are faulty and you "highly doubt" the possibility ?
[21:44:58] <Dominus> Best nuke the gamedat folder
[21:45:02] <Dominus> yes
[21:45:35] <Dominus> when I had bad RAM the effects were much more noticeable and not limited to savegames
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[21:46:18] <sh4rm4> yes, that's what he said
[21:46:22] <sh4rm4> "bluescreens"
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[21:47:10] <Dominus> hmm, yeah, true, skipped that part
[21:47:46] <Dominus> anyway, Marzo, do you think you have time this weekend for some egging?
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[22:37:27] <amatecha> yeah I have the newest build from March 2nd
[22:38:03] <amatecha> I ran memtest86 while I slept but when I got up the screen was all messed up, but I don't think it was due to errors.. I'll try again with newer version later
[22:39:54] <amatecha> I'll try clearing the gamedat folder (didn't realize I could haha)
[23:30:30] <TheCycoTWO> amatecha: not the only one with hardware issues. One of our production boxes gives different md5sum results when run over and over on the same file
[23:30:44] <TheCycoTWO> going to make for a nice long night :(
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[23:48:49] <amatecha> oh jeez
[23:52:07] <sh4rm4> amatecha, could also be overheat in that case
[23:52:51] <sh4rm4> remove the dust packets from your fans...
[23:53:45] <amatecha> nah it's not overheating, I have temperature monitors goign and nothing ever gets too hot
[23:54:10] <sh4rm4> maybe the monitors are wrong ?
[23:54:41] <sh4rm4> my stock passively cooled geforce mx 8600 went over 110 degrees
[23:54:45] <amatecha> no I have put my hadn on the heatsinks to verify they're not too hot
[23:54:53] <amatecha> the side of the case is even off right now just so I can check rofl
[23:55:23] <sh4rm4> i had to glue a 12cm fan on it to get it below 70°...