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[02:17:07] <servus> UO was not the first MMORPG. UO did not have a level 1 for characters. PKing in UO was never as bad as it is in certain other MMORPGs. Exult3D is my project alone, but not for lack of trying. Help! : o)
[02:21:47] <sbx> servus: Pocket Famicom IS an unauthorized (legal) third-party gameplayer. But Nintendo can't do anything about it, and I'd buy one if I had more NES games.
[02:25:45] * sbx helps servus.
[02:26:21] <servus> It's authorized according to what I read :P
[02:26:37] <servus> 'Sides, you said "Unauthorized (legal)" -- make up your mind :P
[02:27:10] <sbx> licensed by nintendo
[02:27:27] <sbx> or unlicensed in this case
[02:27:33] <servus> Make up mind!
[02:27:45] <sbx> ?
[02:27:47] <sbx> its both
[02:28:15] <sbx> nintendo is sol because its been so long since the famicom was produced
[02:28:28] <sbx> so they dont have legal standing in japan
[02:28:39] <sbx> but its still unauthorized/unlicensed
[02:28:48] <sbx> (by nintendo)
[02:29:06] <servus> It's pretty decent
[02:29:06] <sbx> this is all from only two reviews of it I read
[02:29:11] <servus> Has a little trouble with screen fades is all
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[02:29:26] <sbx> one review said it good screen quality
[02:29:32] <sbx> better than competitors
[02:29:37] <servus> I cannot find big grab-bags of Nintendo games on eBay like I had hoped
[02:29:49] <servus> Big American yard sale holiday coming up soon though
[02:30:11] <sbx> ?
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[02:32:10] <servus> Labour Day
[02:32:19] <sbx> hehe
[02:32:22] <sbx> ok
[02:32:27] <sbx> do they have grab-bags of snes games?
[02:33:07] <servus> Probably
[02:33:21] <servus> Last time I checked, you can find a box full of NES games for $5 at most yard sale s:P
[02:33:26] <servus> And no one ever buys em
[02:33:39] <sbx> I never checked, since I don't have an NES.
[02:35:04] <sbx> hmm, people ride their horses into buildings
[02:35:51] <sbx> in UO
[02:36:03] <servus> NPCs don't get mad, but players do.
[02:36:11] <sbx> in U5 you couldnt get served by NPCs if you were on a horse
[02:36:12] <servus> It's kind of rude to ride your horse into someone's house
[02:36:18] <sbx> what about shoppes?
[02:36:43] <servus> No restriction, because not all mounts are horses
[02:36:52] <servus> You might just be riding a low-slung llama
[02:36:55] <sbx> do players get mad?
[02:37:02] <servus> Well, they might ask you to get off your high horse :P
[02:37:11] <sbx> :)
[02:37:19] <servus> Most everyone knows better, and will dismount before entering a residence
[02:37:47] <servus> I got in a lot of trouble for mounting during a duel on top of someone's castle :P
[02:37:55] <servus> How else was I supposed to use my lance? *grin*
[02:38:11] <sbx> whats wrong with that?
[02:39:15] <sbx> My experience so far is that people don't talk.
[02:39:19] <servus> Well beside the fact that it makes bluehealing really easy, most peoples' houses are just too small
[02:39:28] <sbx> I mean in a duel
[02:39:33] <sbx> anyway, you play UO?
[02:39:47] <sbx> The world takes 30 seconds to a minute to save.
[02:40:06] <sbx> and I looks at everything near or on my screen without trying to
[02:41:07] <servus> I play UO.
[02:41:14] <servus> That means that someone here called me a loser, tsk tsk.
[02:41:37] <sbx> wasnt me!
[02:42:24] <sbx> You play currently? On official shards?
[02:42:46] <servus> Yes
[02:42:59] <sbx> I'm on a freeshard now.
[02:45:52] <sbx> oh its a lot nicer in fullscreen mode
[02:46:21] <servus> http://sammatthews.com/imagedata/Miscellaneous/UO-01.jpg
[02:47:49] <sbx> that's a lot of skills
[02:48:00] <servus> I'm so leet.
[02:48:09] <sbx> being a newbie, i dont even know what the skills do
[02:48:42] <sbx> 7.5 years? is that how long UO has been running?
[02:50:20] <servus> 1997.
[02:50:58] <servus> Hah. "Morse Code Faster Than SMS Text Messaging"
[02:53:18] <servus> http://www.160characters.org/news.php?action=view&nid=1541 - What a loser kid. He used that god awful "txt spk" and still lost. Yay for old guy!
[02:54:18] <sbx> what does "Use default desktop" in interface options mean?
[02:54:35] <sbx> and did the other guy use "txt spk" in Morse Code?
[02:55:31] <servus> Instead of "Hey, girlfriend, you can text all your best pals to tell them where you are going and what you are wearing.", which the 93-year-old man coded, she SMS'd: "hey gf u can txt ur best pals 2 tel them wot u r doing, where ur going and wot u r wearing." -- and still lost by a full 18 seconds.
[02:57:54] <sbx> oh
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[02:58:31] <sbx> thats awesome... we need cellphones with code keys then
[02:58:38] <sbx> just one button that you tap morse code into
[02:59:00] <servus> A few of my friends have QWERTY cellphones.
[02:59:18] <sbx> What about a Blackberry?
[02:59:28] <servus> My friends aren't that rich :P
[03:01:21] <sbx> what does "Use default desktop" in interface options mean?
[03:01:25] <sbx> oops
[03:01:28] <sbx> I already asked that.
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[03:02:20] <sbx> hi Colourless
[03:04:39] <servus> sbx: Each character has his own desktop layout.
[03:04:59] <servus> Desktop being the layout of all the gumps on the screen, the size of the game window, and the position of the game window.
[03:05:35] <servus> Also, it determines which spell icons you have on the screen, if you use spell icons. (You can drag icons from your opened spellbook onto your desktop and use them from there). Also, there are icons for combat specials that you can drag out of your combat back.
[03:07:36] <sbx> oh ok thanks
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[03:08:29] <sbx> do you ever play a freeshard?
[03:08:32] <servus> Do
[03:08:34] <servus> No*
[03:08:43] <sbx> I hardly see anyone maybe im in the wrong area
[03:09:08] <servus> Try Britain Bank
[03:09:14] <servus> Does your shard have both trammel and felucca?
[03:11:08] <sbx> no idea
[03:11:18] <sbx> When I do see someone they just run by nobody is talking.
[03:12:04] <sbx> should be a comma or something in that sentence
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[03:16:44] <sbx> whats with those hats
[03:17:01] <sbx> makes you look like a farmer
[03:17:50] <sbx> well kind of, just wondering if there arent different kinds of hats
[03:18:53] <sbx> i guess its the style
[03:20:33] <servus> It's pink ;-)
[03:21:35] <sbx> i noticed you can choose flaming pink shirts and pants
[03:22:19] <sbx> Enough with ye old Englishe.
[03:22:27] <sbx> is that your tagline or something?
[03:22:57] <servus> Nah, just an old joke.
[03:24:05] <sbx> Aye.
[03:24:24] <sbx> I'm not even sure where you start the game.
[03:24:34] <servus> What game?
[03:24:36] <servus> THE GAME?!
[03:24:54] <sbx> No, I canst play THE GAME.
[03:25:22] <sbx> Ulti... U. O.
[03:25:33] <servus> The word 'canst' is near close to a bad word to use when thou art in THE GAME.
[03:25:50] <servus> One sound aft' "Ult" and thou had lost
[03:31:42] <sbx> chuck gets away with it
[03:32:00] <sbx> well maybe not
[03:32:06] <sbx> i said I canst play!
[03:32:15] <sbx> Where do you start in UO?
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[03:33:12] <sbx> And why are moongates oval?!
[03:34:11] <servus> Because
[03:34:21] <servus> You start at whatever town you choose
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[03:36:38] <sbx> I never chose a town.
[03:37:12] <sbx> Only things I could choose are class and appearance.
[03:37:18] <sbx> and character name
[03:40:26] <servus> Blame the free server.
[03:40:32] <servus> You should be able to tell where you are pretty easily
[03:40:38] <servus> Try listening to the music
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[03:45:31] * servus sprays some novacaine on his tongue for fun
[03:48:23] <sbx> that IS fun
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[05:02:32] <sbx> wb Colourless
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[05:08:44] <hgfdsa> he's busy implementing the "kick in the door"-command in pentagram, that's why he doesn't say anything
[05:09:19] <hgfdsa> poor bastard.. all work and no r&r
[05:09:34] <hgfdsa> he *is* a busy man
[05:09:37] <hgfdsa> indeed
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[05:21:29] <hgfdsa> I told you he was busy
[05:21:49] <hgfdsa> always on the run
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[05:22:04] <hgfdsa> wb Colourless
[05:22:10] <hgfdsa> hah, i said it first
[05:25:11] * servus prepares the large trout catapult
[05:29:05] <hgfdsa> ea should remake u7 using the unreal 3 engine or something..
[05:30:10] <hgfdsa> like the resident evil remake on the gamecube
[05:31:08] <servus> No. They shouldn't
[05:31:13] <servus> It'd end up like the Alone in the Dark movie.
[05:31:25] <hgfdsa> low budget?
[05:32:04] <servus> Too high budget
[05:32:05] <hgfdsa> they should spend more money making games, that's what they should do
[05:32:24] <servus> Rockets and bullet time and CGI dinosaurs and ninja soldiers with machine guns : o/
[05:32:31] <hgfdsa> hehe
[05:32:37] <servus> So depressing.
[05:34:23] <hgfdsa> lord of the rings was a success, they spent lots of money producing it
[05:36:40] <servus> That's different.
[05:36:57] <hgfdsa> because it's based on a book?
[05:36:59] <servus> That wasn't high-budget CGI for the sake of high-budget CGI by some miserable director scum.
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[05:37:27] <servus> The original Alone In The Dark was great material for a wonderful psychological -- psychological -- thriller, in my opinion.
[05:37:53] <servus> Instead, its rights were acquired by the biggest quack hack in Hollywood, and turned into meaningless CGI drivel.
[05:38:40] <hgfdsa> yeah, it's a shame
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[05:46:41] <sbx> well
[05:46:47] <sbx> my newbie character on uo is dead now
[05:46:52] <sbx> not surprising
[05:46:58] <hgfdsa> what happened?
[05:47:08] <hgfdsa> you're a newbie?
[05:47:09] <sbx> too bad I just spent 600 on a horse (actually that looks pretty cheap)
[05:47:11] <Ordoc> PK'd?
[05:47:12] <sbx> yes
[05:47:14] <sbx> no
[05:47:26] <sbx> an orcish mage followed me into this town
[05:47:29] <Ordoc> lol
[05:47:34] <sbx> and a lightning bolt knocked me off my horse
[05:47:46] <sbx> and the horse ran off and im controlling a ghost now
[05:48:07] <sbx> I was about to escape through a moongate too. Don't even know what town this is.
[05:48:24] <Ordoc> the dead person town
[05:48:34] <servus> 600 is very cheap
[05:48:48] <sbx> yeah I figured that since I started with more
[05:48:58] <servus> Lightning bolts? Sure you didn't attack a guard? :P
[05:49:03] <sbx> yes :p
[05:49:06] <sbx> you say I should be able to tell where I am easily?
[05:49:22] <servus> Yes
[05:49:30] <servus> Absolutely. Send a screenshot, or get a sextant and give me your coordinates.
[05:49:35] <servus> What colour are the buildings?
[05:49:46] <sbx> I'll just send the screenshot
[05:49:50] <servus> Hehe okay
[05:50:05] <servus> I can instantly recognize any area in UO :P
[05:51:13] <Baastuul> You lie!
[05:51:21] <sbx> lets see
[05:51:54] <sbx> Although this game seemed boring at first, I can see where the different things that can happen can be fun.
[05:52:13] <sbx> I tried to tame a rat then I killed it.
[05:52:21] <sbx> and some guy on a horse ran by so I chased him
[05:52:29] <sbx> he opened a moongate so I followed him and ended up in this town
[05:52:44] <hgfdsa> what else did he do?
[05:52:48] <sbx> I found out the first city was Trinsic by looking at some of the signs.
[05:53:00] <sbx> He was on a horse so I don't know where he went after that.
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[05:56:23] <sbx> I was talking to him.
[05:56:28] * sbx sighs.
[05:57:24] <hgfdsa> go on :D
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[05:57:51] <sbx> Where did you go I was talking to you!
[05:57:59] <hgfdsa> what happened?
[05:58:01] <servus> I just crashed Linux bad.
[05:58:03] <servus> ?log
[05:58:03] <exultbot> Logs are available at http://www.math.leidenuniv.nl/~wpalenst/exultlog.php
[05:58:14] <servus> It didn't like my newest OpenGL change :>
[05:58:27] <sbx> Alright maybe I did do something illegal. A healer resurrected me and said I was unvirtuous, and it said I lost a little reputation. o_O
[05:58:49] <hgfdsa> hehe
[05:58:57] <hgfdsa> what, for stalking?=
[05:59:00] <servus> Heh.
[05:59:14] <servus> That sort of thing is all different on free shards
[05:59:14] <sbx> Is leading orcs into town illegal?
[05:59:18] <sbx> oh ok
[05:59:28] <sbx> maybe I used the wrong healer
[05:59:34] <servus> Attacking blue creatures might get you killed in town :P
[05:59:55] <sbx> havnt attacked anything
[05:59:59] <sbx> except that rat in the other town
[06:00:03] <sbx> which gave me karma
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[06:01:08] <servus> Heh
[06:01:19] <servus> I can't give any info on free (illegal:P) shards
[06:01:23] <sbx> I saw one guy in that small town with a Jester's cap and complimented him.
[06:01:31] <sbx> aww thats too bad
[06:01:32] <sbx> :p
[06:01:40] <sbx> So anyway there are different types of hats.
[06:03:24] <servus> Yeah. You can make lots and lots and lots and LOTS of clothing styles. Dye them, too
[06:03:36] <sbx> And I'm not in that little town anymore. Someone else finally opened a gate and now I'm in a much bigger city with more people who actually talk.
[06:04:02] <servus> You need to find yourself a runebook
[06:04:07] <hgfdsa> and a wife
[06:04:18] <sbx> I have no clothes.
[06:05:15] <servus> WHOA. You're in Cove.
[06:05:25] <servus> Haven't seen that town *Forever*.
[06:05:25] <sbx> ? Its an island
[06:05:38] <sbx> Thought it was an island anyway, the orcs stopped me from going southeast.
[06:05:41] <servus> It's not an Island. You can go straight east (down-right), past the graveyards, and into Vesper.
[06:05:48] <sbx> I see
[06:05:55] <servus> Then from Vesper, Trinsic is North
[06:06:05] <sbx> another guy with no shirt but with a hat just ran by
[06:06:11] <sbx> right after a giant white dragon strolled by
[06:06:13] <sbx> mmk
[06:06:46] <servus> Those are snow wyrms.
[06:07:20] <sbx> let me show you a screenshot now so you can identify this place
[06:07:52] <servus> You can make your gameplay window 800x600 you kow
[06:08:00] <sbx> yeah
[06:08:38] <sbx> what are those giant insects?
[06:08:58] <servus> Errr, dunno?
[06:09:04] <servus> Gotta be more descriptive. What does the game call them?
[06:09:17] <sbx> No idea, a guy galloped past me on what looked like a blue/purple insect.
[06:09:19] <servus> You mean the ones people ride? They are swamp beetles. Ugly
[06:12:02] <sbx> It was fun at first but I'm tired of all these different vehicles/animals already.
[06:14:23] <servus> Oh, sorry, was AFK
[06:14:26] <servus> You're in skara brae
[06:14:32] <servus> There's a public moongate to your east by southeast
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[06:15:41] <sbx> there are public moongates?
[06:15:48] <sbx> I was having fun using other people's moongates.
[06:15:50] <servus> Yeah. They take you to all the major cities
[06:15:57] <servus> The public moongates are in circles of stone, and do not close.
[06:16:02] <sbx> ok
[06:16:03] <servus> They can take you to any city or dimension
[06:16:13] <sbx> I already followed someone else via their gate to another city.
[06:16:19] <sbx> I think its Britain.
[06:16:47] <sbx> what can I do with heads?
[06:16:49] <servus> Britain has two castles, four moats, and two banks.
[06:17:09] <servus> Heads? If it's a murderer (actual player, red) that has a bounty on his head, you can turn it into a guard for a reward
[06:17:40] <servus> Yes, murderers in UO had actual bounties put on them, by the people that were slain. If you kill a murderer, you should chop 'em up and take their head :P
[06:18:46] <sbx> no idea
[06:18:52] <sbx> the text for the head description is gray/white
[06:19:01] <sbx> I'll just keep it.
[06:19:28] <servus> It might decay.
[06:19:35] <servus> Eat it!
[06:19:44] <servus> Which will probably lower your karma drastically :P
[06:19:49] <sbx> So I can absorb his energy?
[06:19:59] <servus> No
[06:20:03] <servus> Maybe a few prions
[06:20:10] <sbx> darn
[06:20:28] <sbx> i just noticed all my belongings are in my backpack
[06:20:31] <sbx> how nice
[06:20:42] <servus> hah
[06:20:48] <sbx> I've been walking around town half naked for no reason.
[06:20:50] <servus> Your server doesn't require you to loot your body?
[06:20:59] <servus> Or you looted and forgot?
[06:21:05] <sbx> nope
[06:21:13] <sbx> I didnt go back to the body.
[06:21:31] <servus> I see
[06:21:35] <servus> Blah at your server.
[06:21:41] <sbx> hehe
[06:22:09] <sbx> I need to get me one of those translucent horses the evil players have.
[06:22:22] <servus> Evil players?
[06:22:32] <sbx> murderers? ones with red names
[06:22:35] <servus> Just remember that a lot of you see won't be analogous to me
[06:22:47] <sbx> how do you know if you havnt played it?
[06:23:08] <servus> Read what I posted
[06:23:15] <sbx> what?
[06:23:43] <servus> I said that a lot of what you see will not match my own Ultima Online experiences, because I haven't played on your particular (nonstandard) server.
[06:23:57] <sbx> I mean you said the freeshards are very different but you don't know how different if you havn't played them.
[06:24:08] <servus> I've played a few
[06:24:51] <sbx> can you pick up objects in the official server?
[06:25:03] <sbx> objects in town
[06:25:43] <sbx> Anyway it's not just evil players, just mentioning the translucent horses they had.
[06:25:47] <sbx> The black ones look cool too.
[06:28:19] <servus> Those are veteran rewards on the real servers.
[06:28:22] <servus> Pick up objects?
[06:28:38] <servus> You can't pick up a lot of stuff in NPC shops that is just decoration
[06:29:05] <sbx> its probably a reward on this server too
[06:32:15] <sbx> servus: does the official server have those annoying clan tags too?
[06:32:34] <sbx> guild
[06:32:47] <servus> There are guild identifiers, but they are very small
[06:32:54] <servus> Peon Of Power [T4H]
[06:34:15] <sbx> ok
[06:34:35] <sbx> on the official servers can someone locate someone else at a distance?
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[06:38:40] <servus> With a locator stone, or guild chat.
[06:41:16] <sbx> ok
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[08:04:29] <Fl00der> hi
[08:07:38] <sbx> heya Fl00der
[08:09:47] <Baastuul> Harro, harro.
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