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[10:14:31] <pupnik_> ultima 7 CDs are rare in germany
[10:14:39] <pupnik_> ebay is flooded with u8 and u9
[10:22:02] <pupnik_> bah 30 euros for u7
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[10:56:20] <Lightkey> bwaha :P
[10:56:50] <Lightkey> but yes, it was not cheap..
[10:57:35] <Lightkey> I got it for 15.50 €
[10:58:42] <Lightkey> pupnik: I thought you already have a Collection CD?
[11:00:23] <pupnik> 1-6
[11:01:55] <Lightkey> http://cgi.ebay.de/Ultima-Collection-Ultima-I-bis-VIII_W0QQitemZ220155963467QQihZ012QQcategoryZ8175QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem how about that?
[11:03:57] <pupnik> good find
[11:33:16] <pupnik> i kind of like the u4 on mockingboard sound
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[15:07:38] <pupnik> the u4 spellcast sounds seem to be random
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[17:05:28] <Lightkey> eh
[17:05:44] <Lightkey> I did not know The Complete Ultima VII was that old
[17:10:03] <Lightkey> I just realised I do not have that but Electronic Arts CD-ROM Classcis: The Complete Ultima VII that was released in 1994 as well :/
[17:11:21] <Lightkey> so the real one came in a box with all the feelies?
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[17:25:11] <wjp> the Complete U7 came with maps and manuals, but no medallion
[17:25:36] <wjp> (in my case a cloth map of Britannia and a paper map of SI, but that apparently varies)
[17:28:02] <Lightkey> how much do you want? :p
[17:30:10] <wjp> :-)
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[17:35:52] <Lightkey> take me sirius ffs :(
[17:37:30] <wjp> is "it's not for sale" a better answer, then? :-)
[17:40:51] <pupnik> u4 does have rather few conversation/hint points compared to u7
[17:43:12] <Lightkey> no it is not :(
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[17:57:49] <pupnik> i wonder if i still have that old u4/u5 notebook somewhere
[18:01:00] <pupnik> http://swut.net/euo/ss.html an ultima-inspired online game -- interesting
[18:02:02] <pupnik> tiles are pretty good - the broders aren't
[18:24:31] <pupnik> Hole up 6 camp
[18:24:38] <pupnik> RESTING...
[20:07:37] <pupnik> http://swut.net/euo/img/ss/n04.gif i particularly like the lighting here
[21:16:54] <pupnik> kind of surprised to see a few commercial ultima engines/remakes
[21:18:37] <pupnik> http://www.lairware.com/ultima3/
[21:29:17] <pupnik> Patience is not a virtue
[21:41:41] <pupnik> Authors Brad King and John Borland, authors of Dungeons and Dreamers: From Geek to Chic, claim that "it's almost impossible to overstate the role of Dungeons & Dragons in the rise of computer gaming."
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[21:56:29] <pupnik> evening Colourless
[21:57:19] <pupnik> ultima 3 for gameboy sources... http://aiera.timeimmortal.net/downloads/u3-gameboysource.zip
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[23:51:40] <Lightkey> Kir Royal