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[06:33:49] <SB-X> Baastuul: Battle of what?
[06:52:12] <servus> Battle of Oleeeeeckyleckyzizi'HWING!
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[07:24:58] <servus> (OOC) : Whoa. Appealing against a life sentence in Indonesia can get it upgraded to Death Row?
[07:26:12] <SB-X> You don't need an OOC tag here.
[07:26:38] <SB-X> Unless we're playing The Game.
[07:28:08] <servus> (IC) : YOU HAVE LOST THE GAME.
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[09:24:02] <Darke> servus: Sorta makes sense. If after a failed appeal, they increase the sentence it'll make people think twice about appealing if they really don't have a leg to stand on. Thus minimising lawyering and court time reviewing cases that are just "we hope we'll win this time because we got a different judge" kinda thing.
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[14:16:10] <servus_> In either way, increasing a conviction from 20 years to death as their way of a beaucratic slap on the wrist seems extreme.
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[22:17:56] <Sheng_Gradilla> :)
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