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[00:00:03] <Malignant_Manor> (and used by Exult)
[00:00:24] <slashie> yes, I figured the effects of the individuals items are there, but I wonder what triggers the UC from the code
[00:01:28] <slashie> I'm checking potions.uc now
[00:04:03] <Malignant_Manor> Usecode can triggered by many events
[00:05:38] <Malignant_Manor> proximity, doubleclick, scripted, egg, weapn, readied, unreadied, death, started_talking, path_success, and path_failure
[00:06:48] <slashie> is there any place in particular where it would be triggered for doubleclick?
[00:06:48] <Malignant_Manor> scripted, started_talking, path_success, and path_failure are probably all called from other usecode scripts (there may be some exceptions)
[00:07:10] <Malignant_Manor> Any object or actor can be double clicked
[00:07:58] <slashie> yeah, I'm seeing that over actor.cc,
[00:08:17] <slashie> what about items requiring setting a target? these that you double click and then select the target
[00:08:39] <Malignant_Manor> The engine will use its usecode function number and have the event of 1
[00:08:59] <Malignant_Manor> That is handled by usecode
[00:09:11] <slashie> okk
[00:09:23] <Malignant_Manor> http://exult.sourceforge.net/seventowers/code.php?TITLE_IMAGE=usecodetitle.png&DATAFILE=exult_intrinsics.dat
[00:09:48] <Malignant_Manor> That is a list of things that the script can call from the engine.
[00:11:29] <Malignant_Manor> dominus: that is wierd that it doesn't happen on a fresh save. I have no idea what is happening offhand.
[00:12:52] <dominus> Malignant_Manor: I'm going through my savegames to see "when" the bug manifests, when the game got corrupted
[00:13:20] <dominus> they are all from one run through the game in 2014 so, it's a good testing case
[00:16:32] <dominus> all right, getting closer
[00:18:47] <dominus> curios, in between starting the SilverSeed addon and finishing it my savegame got "corrupted"
[00:24:26] <dominus> ok, pretty sure it is the SilverSeed maze when you go alone in
[00:27:02] <slashie> Malignant_Manor: I guess what I mean is, for example, spells are also UC as far as I know. But there's Spellbook_object::execute_spell (objs/spellbook.cc) which launches the UC. I'm looking for something similar for when the player uses and item from either his inventory or ground
[00:27:14] <slashie> *uses an item
[00:30:09] <dominus> Malignant_Manor: got it, I think
[00:30:25] <dominus> the SS maze breaks things
[00:38:03] <Malignant_Manor> slashie: Game_window::double_clicked will handle clicking
[00:38:11] <dominus> YES!!!! reproducible with a new game!!!!
[00:38:47] <slashie> Malignant_Manor: I guess it's ultimately Game_object::activate (objs/objs.cc), but then I guess for some items that will only "launch" its usage, only after a target is selected the effect is applied
[00:38:53] <Malignant_Manor> After going through all other available options, it can go to obj->activate();
[00:40:54] <Malignant_Manor> The usecode handles selection with UI_click_on_item
[00:48:51] <slashie> aha! and then its code is on intrinsics.cc :)
[00:49:02] <slashie> cool :)
[00:49:16] <dominus> Malignant_Manor: maybe you can debug further https://sourceforge.net/p/exult/bugs/1892/ simple 12 steps to reproduce with a new game
[00:52:09] <dominus> thanks Malignant_Manor for bringing me on the right track somehow :)
[00:52:55] <Malignant_Manor> Is the flags menu broken in SI release?
[00:53:23] <dominus> no idea, never used it in the original
[00:53:32] <Malignant_Manor> Too bad I can't quickly check in the original game
[00:53:49] <dominus> (you need the SilverSeed anyway :))
[00:54:50] <Malignant_Manor> Well, I have Silver Seed
[00:56:21] <dominus> phew, again 2am... time to sleep
[00:56:33] <dominus> good night
[00:56:58] <slashie> good night, dominus
[01:04:33] <slashie> I'm about to be off too, http://blog.slashie.net/2016/02/07/exult-u7-turn-based-combat-designing-stuff/ advancements for the day
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[01:19:37] <Malignant_Manor> I wonder if the maze puts party members in the dead party list. If you do serpent bond before the sacrifice, then he doesn't come back.
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[13:31:26] <Marzo> Advantages of C++11: it would be easier to update xBRZ scaler
[13:34:01] <dominus> :)
[13:35:18] <dominus> sold
[13:49:29] <Marzo> Need to ask Kirben first what version of GCC he uses
[13:49:59] <dominus> shoot him an email - it's the fastest
[14:04:30] <Marzo> email fired
[14:04:48] <Marzo> I think this is the third email I ever sent him
[14:05:03] <dominus> :)
[14:05:45] <dominus> I've always had very urgent questions in the few times he wasn't online :)
[14:05:48] <dominus> ?seen kirben
[14:05:48] <exultbot> kirben left IRC around Sat Nov 21 12:16:45 2015 (GMT) ()
[14:05:58] <dominus> that long ago?
[14:06:08] <Marzo> One of the others was due to an error in his snapshot-generating scripts which was causing an outdated version of ucc to be shipped
[14:06:20] <Marzo> ?seen colourless
[14:06:20] <exultbot> colourless left IRC around Fri Sep 27 14:06:43 2013 (GMT) (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[14:06:38] <Marzo> ^ He has been away longer than Kirben
[14:07:26] <dominus> yes, I wrote him at the end of last year, when freenode retired long unused nicks
[14:07:33] <dominus> he was fine with that
[14:18:38] <dominus> "but will also squash any bugs I can" <- was a good description, though :)
[14:20:38] <Marzo> Well, it has been a while since I was on the team "primarily to maintain SI Fixes"
[14:21:31] <Marzo> I'd like to think I became an indispensable part of the team since then :-)
[14:22:06] <dominus> :)
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[14:32:51] <Marzo> Heh, I just found a folder with a lot of stuff regarding a usecode decompiler I started to work on some time ago
[14:33:22] <Marzo> A lot of code, no comments or documents whatsoever, and lots of pretty usecode call graphs
[14:33:34] <Marzo> I think I will resume work on it sometime
[14:33:39] <dominus> :)
[14:34:07] <Marzo> The idea being to transform raw usecode into something that can be immediately compiled back by UCC
[14:34:13] <dominus> famous last words before you disappear in usecode for years...
[14:34:28] <Marzo> And which will make ucxt obsolete in the process
[14:40:14] <Marzo> From memory, the most annoying cases were LB's FoV usecode, that SI/SS function with swapped externs and a couple functions in BG/FoV (I think) that had a loop in the call graph
[14:48:28] <dominus> Marzo: have you done anything in bggame.cc for the additional final scene lines for french and german?
[14:48:39] <Marzo> Not yet, no
[14:48:47] <dominus> Because I have something that I need to polish up
[14:49:02] <Marzo> Planning on doing the lipsynch change, hand and SFX before I do that
[14:49:41] <dominus> Ok, I'll polish that up and store it in the tracker (probably as s starting point ;))
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[14:52:54] <Malignant_Manor> Marzo: does not removing party members from the dead list when added fix the dead party member rejoining bug?
[14:53:20] <Marzo> I don't know, I haven't tried it
[14:54:43] <Marzo> But if your proposed fix does not cause any other issues, I think it may be a better way to handle it
[14:54:50] <Marzo> s/a/the/
[14:56:10] <Malignant_Manor> I have no idea how to test if it causes issues. I thought dead party members could be resurrected by the death script in SI but I couldn't find any cases with the saved games I have.
[14:57:54] <Malignant_Manor> I thought we had a fix for removed items causing negative/wrapped stats. In the test file before placing the serpent items, you can remove the belt and have less than negative 100 hp
[14:58:19] <Malignant_Manor> of course that save also has 90 dex. I have no idea if cheating was involved.
[14:59:17] <Malignant_Manor> I also was able to walk around in an incorrect way when at negative hp but only be able to access the save (and cheat) menu.
[14:59:46] <Malignant_Manor> Restoring to positive hp through the cheat menu did not allow regular play.
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[19:21:36] <dominus> when you hex number lines and you have to stop more than once because you are at H or I...
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[20:46:59] <dominus> Done that. Marzo, I've done two different patches to handle the additional subtitle lines. One renumbers the exultmsg files (and changes items.h and adds little fixes to bggame.cc), the other adds new numbers, adds new const ints to items.h and has a bit more hacky looking fixes in bggame.cc
[20:47:21] <dominus> I couldn't decide...
[20:47:43] <Marzo> Send them on pastebin and I will take a look later
[20:47:55] <Marzo> I decided to update ES to GtkBuilder
[20:48:10] <dominus> http://pastebin.com/p7FZCQE6
[20:48:16] <dominus> http://pastebin.com/6hbdDxcX
[20:48:54] <dominus> Marzo, easy to update or exhausting?
[20:49:01] <Marzo> Both
[20:49:04] <Marzo> (so far)
[20:51:30] <dominus> when we are eventually done with a new release, I may need your help in trying to get ES to run natively on OS X instead of via x11 (like GIMP managed). I think when I tried it failed on some stuff, mostly the Exult/ES connection that relied on some x11 stuff...
[20:57:57] <dominus> (actually the connection stuff was the only thing holding it back, with some comments it built fine in native mode - need to document this)
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[23:23:56] <Malignant_Manor> Marzo: commenting out the two remove_from_dead_party calls didn't fix anything.
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