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[02:01:21] <WntSolstice> Hiya all
[02:02:34] <WntSolstice> I have a quick keymap question
[02:05:33] <WntSolstice> I see the exult.cfg file, with the <keys>(default)</keys> bit... but how do I map a specific key?
[02:05:38] <WntSolstice> Anyone?
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[02:10:47] <WntSolstice> Hello
[02:14:11] <sbx> hi
[02:14:36] <sbx> it is another file that defines keybindings
[02:14:47] <sbx> <keys></keys> points to it
[02:14:57] <WntSolstice> Oh? I searched all over the web, but I couldn't find it
[02:14:59] <sbx> i think
[02:15:10] <sbx> you might have to extract it from a datafile
[02:15:13] <WntSolstice> Well, reference to it, I mean. Did I miss it somewhere?
[02:16:03] <sbx> oh I see now, on windows its in the Exult folder
[02:16:11] <sbx> bgdefaultkeys.txt
[02:16:17] <sbx> sidefaultkeys.txt
[02:16:17] <sbx> just edit those
[02:16:31] <sbx> I don't know if it's documented or not.
[02:16:44] <sbx> or how often people have talked about it
[02:16:54] <WntSolstice> I'm looking for it...
[02:17:20] <WntSolstice> In the data foldeR?
[02:17:48] <sbx> no in the Exult folder
[02:18:36] <WntSolstice> Not in mine... I'll keep poking around
[02:21:51] <WntSolstice> Hmmm. Not even in the dmg file
[02:22:05] <WntSolstice> Can you show me what the bindings in the file look like?
[02:23:05] <sbx> dmg?
[02:23:14] <sbx> oh you aren't using windows version?
[02:23:17] <WntSolstice> Sorta like a mac version of an ISO
[02:23:24] <sbx> maybe it's in the data files
[02:23:24] <WntSolstice> No, I'm using the Mac version
[02:24:24] <WntSolstice> Hmmm. Doesn't look easily parseable
[02:24:55] <sbx> you use expack to extract them
[02:25:09] <sbx> but I wouldnt know what file is what because the filenames arent stored
[02:25:15] <WntSolstice> Ah
[02:26:09] <WntSolstice> Ok, let me try pulling down the src
[02:27:02] <sbx> maybe I can just send you my keybindings files?
[02:27:16] <sbx> and pointing to them from exult.cfg will perhaps work
[02:28:08] <WntSolstice> That might work
[02:30:39] <WntSolstice> Can you try that again, I had my DCC send turned off
[02:32:05] <WntSolstice> Cool. Thanks!
[02:32:26] <sbx> you're welcome
[02:32:38] <sbx> not sure if it will work or if exult even uses it
[02:32:51] <WntSolstice> Don't know, but I can try!
[02:33:06] <WntSolstice> I'm on a powerbook, so some keys don't work quite properly
[02:33:18] <WntSolstice> With my normal keyboard, no issue. This one? Eh.
[02:33:19] <sbx> I'm just assuming "(default)" means use what's in that file, or what's in the data files.
[02:33:25] <sbx> like what?
[02:34:02] <WntSolstice> Insert being the big one.
[02:34:27] <WntSolstice> I'm playing with stuff, and there is not insert key on a pb keyboard
[02:35:37] <WntSolstice> It's kinda funny... I've played Ultima since they originally came out, and I didn't even know that you could do some of this stuff until Exult. Some of the cheats/hacks/etc are a blast!
[02:36:52] <WntSolstice> Of course, until Exult I had never heard the audio, either :)
[02:37:33] <sbx> some of the cheats are only in exult
[02:37:46] <sbx> a few from u7 aren't in exult
[02:37:46] <WntSolstice> That explains some of it :)
[02:37:58] <WntSolstice> Oh, cool
[02:41:00] <WntSolstice> I actually liked it so much, I went and re-purchased the whole series on CD
[02:41:11] <WntSolstice> Made it easier than dealing with all the stupid disks
[02:42:11] <WntSolstice> Interesting... I mapped it to F12, and what it did was unzip something with a bunch of items in it (I would guess)... and then go away
[02:44:37] <sbx> unzip?
[02:44:48] <sbx> in the game?
[02:45:24] <WntSolstice> No, actually on the machine... very weird.
[02:45:31] * WntSolstice shrugs
[02:46:01] <WntSolstice> No biggie. I was just hoping to create something super-random in the middle of MoonShade... like a Bane or something. Or maybe a dragon
[02:46:10] <sbx> eh
[02:46:18] <sbx> that's odd
[02:46:27] <WntSolstice> which part? ;)
[02:46:39] <sbx> f12 must do some function on the powerbook
[02:46:50] <sbx> whats the line in sidefaultkeys.txt?
[02:47:06] <WntSolstice> I actually tried it with a few other keys, too
[02:47:07] <sbx> the part about unzipping a file on your machine is odd :)
[02:47:21] <WntSolstice> F12 create_item -1 # Create last shape
[02:47:33] <WntSolstice> Well, that removed the spaces, but you get the idea
[02:47:50] <WntSolstice> It was insert. Then I switched to Ctrl-F12, then F12
[02:48:03] <WntSolstice> Normally F12 is the eject, but I have it turned off
[02:52:45] <servus_> Darke, do you have a WoW character?
[02:59:22] <WntSolstice> Man, that is all kinds of fun (playing with the cheat codes). Oh well, I'm going to go back to playing normal. Not as much fun to just mess with stuff as to play
[03:02:25] <sbx> you can mess with a lot of things in u7 without cheating
[03:03:22] <WntSolstice> No kidding. Like that wacky hack in Trinsic that spoils the whole game
[03:03:46] <WntSolstice> First time I went up there, I teleported out randomly and the whole thing died
[03:06:20] <WntSolstice> There's also always killing LB with that stupid sword
[03:07:43] <servus_> Or other ways.
[03:28:17] <WntSolstice> Well, night!
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[07:18:18] <Matt_O> hey, the whole gang is here :)
[07:23:40] * servus_ goes BLAH! and promptly falls asleep. ZzzzZzzzZzzz*snzxtz*
[07:24:09] <servus_> Night.
[07:46:06] <Darke> sbx: No I don't. My flatmate is highly addicted to it, and I'm regularly tormenting him about said addiction. *innocentbunnytailwiggle*
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