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[09:56:02] <GoGi> I get ../hash_utils.h:32: error: 'std::hash_map' has not been declared
[09:56:08] <GoGi> when trying to compile exult
[11:31:08] <wjp> exult 1.2 with gcc 4.x?
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[12:32:24] <GoGi> wjp: yes
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[15:17:11] <Kuriken> Hi guys
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[16:56:23] <servus> GoGi: Just trying to use gcc-3.4 instead might work a lot better.
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[22:59:19] <dex909> hello..?
[23:00:15] <dex909> actually i need something :-/
[23:11:24] <servus> If you have a question, the best way to get an answer is to ask it.
[23:12:03] <dex909> there have been some sources for exult 3d and usually iīd take codeblocks or something and compile it, but these days i just donīt have the time anymore and all the hassle, bah
[23:12:21] <dex909> i just wanted to ask if some here MIGHT have a compiled binary.
[23:12:31] <dex909> i have some theory about the jerky camera
[23:12:33] <servus> There should be static Linux and Windows binaries around.. What platform?
[23:12:46] <servus> Oh I know what causes the jerky camera, I just haven't fixed it : o)
[23:13:09] <dex909> right now i am searching for a way to FIX the camera to some iso look and thatīs it - but no sources please, just want to take a look
[23:13:12] <dex909> you?
[23:13:23] <dex909> servus?
[23:13:51] <dex909> are you sam matthews?
[23:14:50] <dex909> mmh maybe you wonīt tell in official channels..
[23:15:38] <dex909> still there?
[23:16:18] <dex909> well, iīll just go on with it
[23:16:20] <dex909> so
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[23:16:46] <dex909> i followed the project since 2004 if i remember correctly and the camera was mentioned often
[23:17:07] <dex909> i always wondered WHY the camera control needs to be changed and controlled AT ALL
[23:17:22] <dex909> i always wanted an ultima like the pre-alpha build of u9
[23:17:32] <dex909> isometric fixed but 3d environments
[23:17:50] <dex909> so, if i could just FIX the camera and move my character it would be finally perfect.
[23:17:51] <servus> I'm busy hold on :P
[23:18:43] <dex909> no problem.
[23:19:26] <dex909> i tried to mod ultima 9 already for quite some time - but no way to make it isometric, mostly because of strange file formats and underground locations etc.
[23:19:58] <servus> You can hold down I think the Alt key and move the mouse in order to rotate the camera
[23:20:15] <servus> And what's the point of 3D if it looks like the original game?
[23:20:25] <dex909> hehe one second please
[23:20:58] <dex909> well, FIRST
[23:21:08] <dex909> u7 has not the nice u8 view
[23:21:15] <dex909> and SECOND
[23:22:07] <dex909> isometric is the perspective thatīs just PERFECT for any rpg
[23:22:15] <dex909> http://www.sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/Exult3D-19.jpg
[23:22:22] <dex909> this is the perfect thing.
[23:23:12] <dex909> what i always wanted. it "corrects" the terrible view of u7 and itīs the perfect view for a game - my opinion of course.
[23:23:48] <dex909> i never liked first person rpgs and also dislike games like gothic/oblivion for this
[23:24:50] <dex909> you know - even oblivion just doesnīt look "realistic" in any way, the "immersive" 1st person view is just pointless for me when playing games like this - sorry for being off topic that much ;)
[23:26:04] <servus> The problem is that without an orthographic projection, you always have objects on screen that need true 3D replacement models.
[23:26:37] <servus> A true orthographic projection does look good in Ultima VII, though. (The original game isn't orthographic... it's sheared orthographic, and really weird)
[23:26:51] <dex909> yes, it is.
[23:27:16] <dex909> i tried to pixel a 3d isometric rpg myself and ultima is just brainbreaking weird.
[23:27:22] <servus> The original plan for the camera was to make it "follow" the avatar smoothly, and rotate around with your current, like in most 3rd person video games, but Exult3D was and is really meant as just a proof of concept, not a final product.
[23:27:45] <dex909> well, so how DOES the camera work in exult 3d?
[23:28:16] <servus> It's a 45 degree perspective projection centered on the avatar.
[23:28:26] <servus> Similar to most first person shooters.
[23:28:27] <dex909> is there a way to well.. "fix" it at a distance and rotation and then when avatar moves it focuses on him?
[23:28:47] <servus> The most current builds already always should center on the avatar.
[23:28:50] <dex909> but on that picture http://www.sammatthews.com/images/Exult3D/Exult3D-19.jpg
[23:29:01] <dex909> you canīt make the camera constantly like this?
[23:29:53] <dex909> well, i never even saw the game in 3d motion so sorry if my questions sound weird ;)
[23:29:58] <servus> Did you mean to link the same screenshot again? The camera should be able to "stick" in a location already.
[23:30:11] <servus> What platform are you on? I have binaries somewhere.
[23:30:17] <dex909> sorry, yes the same screen again
[23:30:28] <dex909> iīm on winxp only at the moment
[23:30:30] <servus> They require Exult and BG/SI to be installed properly, though.
[23:30:43] <dex909> yes, i have exult and bg
[23:31:06] <dex909> also running, i have that 1.4 cvs build from the site
[23:35:41] <servus> I've got to compile one.
[23:36:50] <dex909> oh i hope i donīt cause you trouble
[23:47:40] <servus> Hm, crashing :)
[23:48:29] <dex909> :(
[23:53:53] <servus> 'Course it works fine in Debug mode :p
[23:54:55] <dex909> so it wonīt run normally on windows xp at all?