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[00:30:35] <servus> I bought Ultima 7 5 times. I can donate 4 of my licenses
[00:30:36] * servus grins
[00:34:46] <WishStone> Na, I mean this guy and his Pre Alpha UO thing.
[00:35:01] <WishStone> If you can NOT get the stuff leagally, HOW does he expect it to fly?
[00:35:19] <WishStone> But he prances around the Exult boards with it, and drags Exult in the mud, THAT pisses me off.
[00:35:51] <servus> Pre Alpha UO?
[00:36:06] <servus> You mean that "UOX"? What a pity that thing is... werewolves and all? *Groans*
[00:41:19] <WishStone> Don't groan, I have Elves and Uruk Hai running around as role players on Drachenfels :/
[00:43:26] <servus> I saw a "Legolas" carrying an ax on UO last night.
[00:43:36] <WishStone> ... brilliant...
[00:43:40] * WishStone shakes her head
[00:43:46] * servus groans. groans. groans.
[00:43:55] <servus> A large double-ax even.
[00:43:59] <WishStone> I wish someone would at least RP ULTIMA... but I guess that's boring or uncool.
[00:44:07] <servus> I do!
[00:44:21] <servus> I'm a wily carpenter
[00:44:51] <servus> *grin*
[00:45:00] <servus> Yes yes I'm geekish
[00:45:55] <WishStone> I'm GM of www.clan-blackstar.de
[00:46:01] <WishStone> (no, we're not a german guild)
[00:46:08] <servus> Shard?
[00:47:04] <servus> I play Atlantic
[00:47:06] * servus grins
[00:47:10] <WishStone> Drachs
[00:47:17] <servus> It says Atlantic!
[00:47:25] * WishStone has a char standing in front of the AMT
[00:47:26] <servus> So you have no holdings there now, whatsoever?
[00:47:43] <WishStone> my guild orgins from ATL
[00:47:54] <servus> In Drach or Atlantic right now?
[00:49:17] <WishStone> Drach. like it says on the homepage :P
[00:49:30] <WishStone> (top right corner)
[00:49:46] <servus> Well I assume you still have Atlantic characters :)
[00:50:42] <servus> What and where is this AMT?
[00:50:49] <WishStone> ..............
[00:50:53] <WishStone> You do not know the AMT?
[00:51:03] <WishStone> The most Blessed comunety in UO history?
[00:51:05] <servus> I don't play Drachensfel.
[00:51:11] <WishStone> How long have you been on Atlantic?
[00:51:21] <servus> 6 years
[00:51:41] <WishStone> ... And you say you don't know the Atlantic Mage Tower?
[00:51:49] <WishStone> Where have you been sleeping, man? :D
[00:51:51] <servus> In Moonglow?
[00:52:13] <servus> You said you were in Drachensfel though! *Groan*Grin*Smirk*. I'll try to find my way there
[00:52:24] <WishStone> I am on Drachenfels;
[00:52:32] <WishStone> I said I have a char standing at the AMT.
[00:52:41] <WishStone> Not that I play ATL or are logged in there :P
[00:52:46] <servus> I already have a Drach char, he's in brit and is ~level 0. I'll run to the gate.
[00:52:52] <servus> I am exceedingly laggy
[00:52:58] <WishStone> Don't worry over it...
[00:53:09] <WishStone> You could only watch me chewing out one of my guildmembers atm ;]
[00:54:03] <servus> Ah, the router QoS DOES work a little.
[00:54:08] <servus> Just a little littl.
[00:57:08] <servus> Ooh, reds
[00:57:40] <servus> Fel right? Where on moonglow?
[00:57:52] <servus> NW of gate?
[00:57:59] <WishStone> ...
[00:58:06] <servus> I'm not omniscient!
[00:58:08] <WishStone> My good man, you do not understand what I am saying...
[00:58:19] <WishStone> I am, not on Atlantic.
[00:58:23] <servus> I'm on drach
[00:58:26] <WishStone> I play on Drachenfels.
[00:58:33] <servus> That's where I am
[00:58:37] <WishStone> And I'm not in Fel in any form of the term.
[00:58:39] <WishStone> I hate Fel.
[00:58:43] <servus> Hate fel!!
[00:58:50] <WishStone> Yes, hate it.
[00:59:31] <servus> I've half a prize and half a young player ticket
[00:59:35] <servus> Old character
[00:59:50] <WishStone> *grins* go to haven, see if someone wants it :P
[01:00:01] * WishStone hates the fact Haven is public
[01:00:09] * WishStone hates a lot about how newbies are treated in UO
[01:00:17] <servus> Err
[01:00:21] <servus> Then why do you like Tram? :)
[01:00:48] <WishStone> Because I don't get killed there for having a slow connection or because someone else thinks he's cool.
[01:00:50] <servus> Trammel - Verb - To catch in a net and prevent from moving
[01:01:36] <servus> Apparently your tower isn't NW of the Moonglow gate and floating like in Atlantic? (Or was that Napa...)
[01:02:22] <WishStone> The towers where blessed in different forms and places;
[01:02:31] <WishStone> The DMT never got blassed, we never had an IGM here for that
[01:02:47] <servus> Will you tell me where it is? *Grin*(
[01:03:26] <WishStone> the DMT?
[01:03:29] <WishStone> It's in Yew
[01:03:38] <servus> How unyewsual
[01:03:42] <WishStone> Exit Yew gate and head south to the first clearing.
[01:06:12] <WishStone> the tower standing there is the DMT, though the DMT is offically dead now :[ No one cared about it.
[01:06:20] <WishStone> I'm only holding the stone now.
[01:06:35] <servus> Well UO does kind of stink now
[01:08:05] <WishStone> always has
[01:08:08] <WishStone> never was an ULTIMA
[01:08:19] <servus> It used to be good, honest
[01:08:25] <servus> How old is your account?
[01:08:38] <WishStone> 5 years and 4 years
[01:08:57] <servus> It was good before Trammel made things easy...
[01:09:05] <servus> It started going downhill on the red res punishments
[01:09:13] <WishStone> Ah.
[01:09:15] <servus> Not Kalidor's castle?
[01:09:19] <WishStone> I see you're a former or still PK
[01:09:25] <servus> Nope.
[01:09:48] <servus> Just a player who wasn't too scared of reds, I'd fight back and have fun :)
[01:10:00] <WishStone> Then go and live in Fel.
[01:10:02] <servus> The danger element is what made it exciting
[01:10:09] <servus> I do, but it's boring there now :(
[01:10:12] <WishStone> I was too laggy to Pvp, have been always.
[01:10:15] <servus> Not even the same.
[01:10:18] <WishStone> So, I constandly lost
[01:10:23] <servus> Siege Perilous is the best, but the skill gains are too arduous
[01:10:27] <WishStone> I got killed 3-6 times a week.
[01:10:30] <WishStone> And it was NOT fun.
[01:10:39] <servus> I got killed that much a night :)
[01:10:49] <WishStone> good for you, if you liked that
[01:10:56] <servus> Of course I didn't. I got better.
[01:10:57] <WishStone> If I want to die, I go into a first person shooter
[01:11:20] <WishStone> And that is where people beling in my oppinion that want to run around and randomly kill.
[01:11:20] <servus> There used to be a real sense of good vs evil..
[01:11:41] <servus> Is it near Council of Yew, perhaps?
[01:16:35] <servus> I've hit mountain wall. I give up. Your directions misled me :)
[01:16:57] <WishStone> Like I said: You don't understand me and I have no idea where on earth you want to go :P
[01:17:28] <servus> I started from Drachensfel Trammel Yew Moongate and went compass-south and stopped at every large clearing looking for an AMT tower
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[01:17:31] <WishStone> I am not at the DMT, I'm not at the AMT, I never said we should meet and all I did was try to answer your questions while your brain already seemed several steps ahead :P
[01:17:41] <WishStone> ...
[01:17:43] <WishStone> My friend.
[01:17:51] <WishStone> The AMT is the Atlantic Mage Tower.
[01:17:57] <WishStone> Do you think you can find that on Drachenfels?
[01:18:15] <servus> You implied that while migrating from Atlantic to Drachenfels, you kept the AMT guild name.
[01:18:22] <servus> Beside, I didnt find .*MT :)
[01:18:22] <WishStone> ...
[01:18:26] <WishStone> THAT was BLACKSTAR
[01:18:35] <WishStone> www.clan-Blackstar.de
[01:18:39] <servus> Okay okay, don't get your greaves in a twist.
[01:18:45] <WishStone> Has nothing in the least to do with any of the Mage towers :P
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[01:43:13] <EsBee-Eks> right
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[07:00:47] <DrCode> Hello. Anyone awake?
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[07:29:40] <EsBee-Eks> drcode?
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[07:29:44] <EsBee-Eks> aww missed him
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[08:58:43] <Fl00der> morning
[09:11:55] <SB-X> hello
[09:12:09] <SB-X> g'bye
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[12:24:34] <WishStone> Morning Colourless
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[12:37:56] <Colourless> hi
[12:40:47] --- WishStone is now known as Wishy|afk
[12:41:02] * Wishy|afk shuffles into the kitchen to cook a nice meal for Fangorn and herself
[13:58:16] --- Wishy|afk is now known as WishStone
[14:40:10] --> politik has joined #exult
[14:43:34] <WishStone> eeew, politics
[14:43:45] <Fl00der> :D
[14:43:55] <Colourless> :-)
[14:45:59] * WishStone can't belive she's so stuffed
[14:46:08] <WishStone> All I made was a brocoli soup
[14:46:22] <Fl00der> :)
[14:46:44] * Darke stages a revolution of the body politick. "Bacteria! Unite against it! Your reward is more then the digestive tract! For without you the body would perish!"
[14:47:41] * WishStone makes a jaw-snapping gesture towards Darke
[14:48:06] <politik> I'm here with a dark purpose.
[14:48:45] <Colourless> oh no, it politics
[14:48:49] <Darke> Corruption of our dolphin friends? Oh, purpose.
[14:48:55] * Colourless storms off in shame
[14:49:02] <politik> I shall reveal it to any gtk-in-win32 dev present :/
[14:49:45] * Colourless notices none
[14:50:01] * politik fingers kirben
[14:50:16] * Colourless hardly calls kriben a 'dev'
[14:50:34] * politik just saw an irc log on the web
[14:50:44] <Kirben> I don't touch exult source code.
[14:50:52] <WishStone> *chuckles* Go on, boys, go get your spanking ;]
[14:50:54] * Colourless means no offence
[14:51:12] <Fl00der> isn't that wjp who can touch exult source code?
[14:51:53] * Colourless can touch the exult source code but chooses not to for it's like a drug. Once it gets hold of you it never lets go
[14:52:01] <Fl00der> lol
[14:52:17] * Darke is surprised that the exult source hasn't launched a restraining order on multiple people. Given all the touching going on.
[14:52:41] * Colourless things like exult source code is a bit of an attention whore
[14:53:19] <WishStone> ...
[14:53:51] <WishStone> And to think I was removed as a lead volunteer in a game because I used the words "Behave or you're in for a spanking" in public...
[14:54:37] <politik> The Sims doesn't take that kind of shit.
[14:54:38] <Colourless> s/things like/things the/
[14:54:46] <Colourless> (don't ask how, it just happens/
[14:54:48] <Darke> Congratulations on avoiding reading the quotes for exult/pentagram. I'm sure there's innuendo greater then that in there. *grin*
[14:54:55] <Colourless> s/things/thinks/
[14:55:14] * Colourless has serious typing and spelling issues
[14:55:17] <Darke> (And Colourless is the one that tends to make it happen. Evil quote-out-of-context dragon.)
[14:55:25] <Darke> Colourless: Understatement. *grin*
[14:55:44] * Colourless only makes things happens that others set in motion
[14:55:44] <WishStone> Don't worry, colourless, I often typo S and D messing up the grammar in sentances as such.
[14:55:59] * Colourless notes that talking about virgins no matter what is a dangerous topic
[14:56:21] <WishStone> Specially with this many dragons around.
[14:56:45] * Colourless also notes then using them out of context in a typo is just so much worse
[14:57:30] * Darke grumps.
[14:58:09] * Darke seems to remember the entire fuss 'n bother over that was over unicorns in the first place. Talk about bad juxtoposition of typos.
[14:59:24] <Colourless> /me decides to enlighten the others "Darke persists in trying to work out how you 'stimulate' a virgin.
[14:59:47] * Colourless doesn't know what /me didn't work then
[14:59:54] <WishStone> ... you boys should be a lill more easy on the blue pills...
[15:00:02] <Colourless> s/what/why/
[15:00:58] <Darke> Bah. Pills are overrated. Twisted minds are priceless. *noddle*
[15:03:08] <WishStone> Be a UO Guildmaster for 3 years and the term "twisted mind" becomes laughable ;]
[15:03:22] <Colourless> we a programmers though!
[15:03:25] <Colourless> s/a/are/
[15:03:43] * WishStone pets colourless... We know, we know...
[15:03:50] <Darke> WishStone: That would be 'masochistic mind'... oh, and have you thought of becomming a programmer? That's the *perfect* mindset for it!
[15:04:31] <WishStone> I suck at maths. Not funny, I have a numbers blocade. My counselor and I have been hunting it's triggers for over a year now.
[15:05:34] <Colourless> sounds like you'd be perfect for a position in a large software firm!
[15:05:44] <WishStone> like budgeting?
[15:06:09] <Darke> Hmm... let's see... *flicks through papers* in which case your other suited jobs are "Tech Support", "Forum Moderator" and "Ultima Online Player". *grin*
[15:06:41] <Darke> WishStone: Like CEO of, say, EA, or Vivendi. They seem to suck at maths too. *grin*
[15:06:43] <Colourless> how about top level management?
[15:07:08] <Colourless> Interplay too!
[15:07:40] <WishStone> EA is teh devil!
[15:09:09] <Colourless> actually i would say that EA is just greed incarnate.
[15:09:22] <Darke> If you can handle U8 and it's demons, I'm sure handling EA would be fine!
[15:09:35] <WishStone> U8 is teh überdevil
[15:09:57] <Colourless> U8 is just a misunderstood child
[15:11:54] <politik> a numbers blockade! time to pack our fleetest ships with maths knowledge
[15:13:46] <Darke> U8 was signifciantly limited by the 'need' to do both a cd and a floppy release. If they went cd only, no doubt there would have been quite a few annoying missing features, that weren't.
[15:14:10] <WishStone> Super Ultima Bros....
[15:15:42] <Colourless> as i said: U8 is just a misunderstood child :-)
[15:16:01] <Darke> *shrug* I couldn't care less about the jumping, I found it made more sense then the avatar being inexplicably unable to climb into even the foothills of a mountain. *grin* Lack of party, lack of interactivity (both due to problems with character animations causing a large increase in game size) were by far more significant problems.
[15:17:05] <Colourless> The problem with the jumping was with the controls
[15:17:23] <WishStone> I don't mind spending several days on a puzzel...
[15:17:37] <WishStone> But wasting several days because I can't jump properly over a chasem???!
[15:18:50] <Darke> Heh. I'd rather waste several days trying to jump a chasm then trying to get past a puzzle. If you're spending that much time, it's obviously one of those "must be able to read the dev's mind for the solution" ones. *grin*
[15:19:21] <WishStone> Nope, I'm one of the "Oh,; look; a libary!!" types that sits down then and reads every single book ;]
[15:20:43] <Darke> Oh, I do that too. I just can't stand to be stuck frustrated on something for hours/days, only to find the solution was 'obvious' is you knew what the dev was thinking. As you might expect, I loathed Myst and it's offspring. *grin*
[15:20:48] <Colourless> I'm guessing you are more of an 'adventure' RPG player rather than an 'action' RPG player
[15:20:56] * WishStone nods to Colourless
[15:21:42] <WishStone> Myst and Riven... ahhh, good times...
[15:21:58] <WishStone> And not to forget the game based on the novel Rama II
[15:22:04] <WishStone> (By Sierra)
[15:22:43] <Darke> I never really got into that. Would have liked to though (even have a copy floating around here somewhere), but it got too boring too quickly, unfortunately.
[15:23:07] <Darke> (Simply because I loved the book itself. *grin* The rest in the series were... less interesting though.)
[15:23:34] <WishStone> Well, the first book makes the rest feel a bit out of place...
[15:23:50] <WishStone> But once you accepted Rama II and the story, I found it very stimulating...
[15:24:01] <WishStone> Even if the moral of the story was an old one: Humans are scum
[15:26:29] <Darke> I dunno. I just found the first book (that is, Rama II, not the original Rama) to be well written and tightly focused. The next two had a "there's a story here, and a plot, but we're not sure where either are going" type of feeling.
[15:27:32] * Colourless decides to disappear from this book discussion and return to playing Anachronox
[15:27:40] <Darke> Heh.
[15:27:50] <WishStone> Garden of Rama was about Humans being what they are: Jerks.
[15:28:08] <WishStone> Even though you have the chance for eden, they still turn into corruption and hate.
[15:29:00] * Darke wishes someone had written a book on Anachronox, like was common with games a few years ago. Still has the Chronomaster book, and loves it, even though he didn't get into that game much either. *grin*
[15:29:37] <WishStone> Well, I can give you the link to my Clans UO role playing board if you want to read on games ;]
[15:30:03] <WishStone> though sometimes we don't go by the book of UO limitaions.
[15:30:17] <WishStone> ie: We use throwing knifes, posioned arrows and the likes.
[15:31:19] <Darke> No thanks. I don't have any particular fondness for UO, nor any knowledge of it's world, so I wouldn't find it interesting. Thanks anyway though. *grin*
[15:31:59] <WishStone> We do stick to ultima lore you know ;]
[15:32:20] * Darke has got too much to read online at the moment, anyway. Paperbacks are good to read walking to work and such, whereas online stuff is a tad inconvenient for that. *grin*
[15:32:45] <WishStone> Agreed, though I doubt EA would let me write an ultima based book ;]
[15:32:59] <-- Kirben has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:33:16] <Darke> I don't know much about ultima lore either. *grin* U7 and U8 is pretty much all. Couldn't stand U6's interface and so never got into it, and didn't have the others back when I had freetime and energy to get them working and play them. *grin*
[15:34:05] <WishStone> U7 should suffice... having U6 and U9 to add to it would be brilliant ;]
[15:34:08] * Darke only got 0-5 when he purchased the U9: Dragon Edition from a store down the road.
[15:35:53] <-- Colourless has left IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:36:17] <Darke> Hrm... looks like all this book talk has people dropping like flies. *grin*
[15:36:49] <WishStone> should do that more often ;]
[15:37:17] --> Colourless has joined #Exult
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[15:37:46] <Darke> Nah. I'd have no-one to torment if Colourless kept dropping off all the time.
[15:38:13] <Colourless> you can't get rid of me 'that' easily
[15:42:09] <WishStone> gods...
[15:42:09] <WishStone> Spirit of the Totem Great Lakes Ultima Online
[15:42:10] <WishStone> $249.99
[15:42:10] <WishStone> $349.99 -
[15:42:10] <WishStone>
[15:42:44] <WishStone> "Spirit of the Toem" is an item in UO, a deer-mask with special functions... not overly common, but over 300,§
[15:45:25] <Darke> Weirdness.
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[16:01:13] --- WishStone is now known as Wishy|afk
[16:02:56] * Darke yawns and thinks sleep sounds good. You lot will have to create your own weirdness and innuendo without him. *grin* Night!
[17:12:47] --- Wishy|afk is now known as WishStone
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[17:37:25] <wjp> hi
[17:38:34] <Fl00der> hi
[17:39:19] <WishStone> huhu
[17:39:35] * WishStone juggles her UO accounts and grumbles
[17:39:45] <WishStone> Getting more then one account is never a good idea methinks now
[17:43:51] <wjp> politik: a Dark Purpose(TM) ? :-)
[17:44:31] <wjp> the requirement for a gtk-in-win32 dev is a pity... I don't think we have any of those around
[18:12:50] <-- Colourless has left IRC ("casts invisibility")
[19:08:08] --- WishStone is now known as Wishy|afk
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[21:34:12] --- Wishy|afk is now known as WishStone
[21:53:14] --> Dark-Star has joined #exult
[21:55:39] * WishStone feels better after posting a long rant
[21:56:00] <WishStone> Nothing gets me more going then stupidity... too bad so many people cultivate it :P
[21:56:15] <wjp> hehe :-)
[21:56:21] * wjp reloads the forum
[21:56:34] <WishStone> Not on our board... It would have been OT http://pub11.ezboard.com/fblackstarfrm2.showMessage?topicID=1324.topic
[21:56:43] <WishStone> I put it on my guilds board.
[21:56:54] * WishStone isn't sure how much OT is wanted on the Exult boards :P
[21:56:57] <wjp> oh yikes that page is unreadable
[21:57:05] <wjp> dark green on black? :-)
[21:57:15] <WishStone> Can't help it that these are the Guild's colours...
[21:57:25] <WishStone> I didn't even PLAY UO when they where choosen :P
[21:57:37] * WishStone is innocent
[21:57:43] <wjp> I wasn't blaming you :-)
[22:00:00] <wjp> my father warned me over dinner last night, that he got an email that a "really dangerous virus was apparently going around"
[22:00:27] <WishStone> I so need a new job... I get a bleedin' hoax, scare and urban legent once every 2-3 weeks for christs sake!
[22:01:12] <WishStone> I can't belive the world is full of such dimwits!
[22:01:31] <WishStone> Seriously, what's the problem width checking up if something is on the news?
[22:01:55] * WishStone takes a few deep breaths till her scales turn away from crimson red to nice light green again
[22:01:58] <wjp> they probably think that they did a good deed or something :-)
[22:02:00] <WishStone> I'm okay, I'm alright...
[22:07:45] <wjp> while we're ranting anyway... what is it with all those people wanting exult to be multiplayer?
[22:09:12] <WishStone> *chuckles* No clue
[22:09:20] <WishStone> Guess UO isn't good enough for them
[22:09:33] <wjp> nobody has actually been able to say what exactly they think "multiplayer exult" would be
[22:09:38] <WishStone> And not that I don't LIKE U7 or Exult... but seriously, UO is better suited for online gaming.
[22:09:53] <wjp> I'm amazed they can "really want multiplayer" if they haven't even thought about what its basic gameplay would be like
[22:10:11] <WishStone> Perhaps like playing the NWN campaings online: You're a group and everyone sloves the puzzle at the same time. Whoopie :P
[22:10:11] * wjp nods; U7 is a single player plot-driven game
[22:10:57] <wjp> surely there must be some good NWN multiplayer modules out there? :-)
[22:12:37] <WishStone> There are... but I was comparing the plot-driven U7 by the plot-driven NWN campain: If you play it as a group, it becomes pointless.
[22:12:48] <WishStone> Unless you have an active DM, NWN is just another PC game.
[22:13:16] <wjp> ah, you meant the main campaign; missed that :-)
[22:13:39] <WishStone> Yeah, sorry, I wasn't beiong very clear :]
[22:13:56] <wjp> I wonder how NWN plays in multiplayer with a real DM driving it
[22:14:12] <WishStone> It can be amazing, I did my share of DMing and being a player...
[22:14:27] <WishStone> It has a nice feel to it to be so much deeper inside the story...
[22:14:41] <WishStone> And what you say and do has a direct effect, not like in linear games.
[22:16:35] * wjp does play D&D in 'real' life
[22:17:08] <WishStone> I started out with GURPS Fantasy... But Fangorn is currently in the long and exhausting process of converting me to the third edition :P
[22:17:17] <WishStone> Some mechanics I simply do not agree with ;]
[22:17:22] <wjp> hm, then you're behind half an edition :-)
[22:17:31] <WishStone> Oh, 3.5 out? ;]}
[22:17:39] * wjp nods
[22:17:42] <wjp> we're still playing 3rd, though
[22:17:55] <wjp> (for the simple reason that our DM has 3rd edition books :-) )
[22:18:08] <WishStone> I was a bit disapointed that the 3rd Monster Manual was so... tiny comared to the 2nd edition
[22:18:24] <wjp> I never saw anything older than 3rd
[22:18:49] <WishStone> 2nd is huge... Like Gazers? There is 3 pages woth of Gazer and Gazerkin!
[22:19:38] <wjp> I'm guessing 3rd edition's MM only has a small bit on gazers? :-)
[22:20:21] <wjp> hm, it doesn't have anything on gazers
[22:21:04] <WishStone> It holds one gazer, the "standart one", in it's young and healthy prime ;] énd holds baby gazers, Elders, blinded, undead and so on, and then the "Gazerkin" which are gazer-like creatures.
[22:21:16] <WishStone> Oh, not even that one? *grabs the book from the shalf
[22:21:31] <wjp> there are beholders
[22:21:40] <WishStone> Sorry *blush*
[22:21:48] <WishStone> Beholders, aye, Gazer is Ultima...
[22:21:53] <WishStone> Beholder and Beholderkin
[22:22:12] * WishStone finds the shelf stripped of the players guide and the monster manual
[22:22:19] <WishStone> Hm, someone is workin on a campin methinks!
[22:22:40] <wjp> about 1.3 pages on beholders
[22:22:51] <WishStone> Any beholderkin?
[22:23:27] <wjp> hm, no
[22:23:47] * WishStone digs out the Players Manual and Manual of the planes from a stack of papers
[22:23:50] <WishStone> Getting there....
[22:24:11] * wjp hardly has any D&D books :/
[22:24:42] <wjp> problem is that I don't want to buy 3rd edition books because 3.5th is out, and I don't want to buy 3.5th because we're playing 3rd :-)
[22:26:31] <WishStone> Oh, BUT I found a beholderkin NWN page: http://nwvault.ign.com/Files/creatures/data/1035309654967.shtml Shows a Death Tyrant, an undeas Beholder
[22:26:35] <wjp> (of course I could just get both 3rd and 3.5th, but that's just a bit pricy :-) )
[22:26:53] <WishStone> Na, wait to be the first on the block to own 4.0 ;@
[22:27:01] <wjp> NWN HotU had beholders
[22:27:13] <wjp> hm, that page is empty
[22:27:13] <WishStone> Aye :]
[22:27:17] <WishStone> ...
[22:27:19] <WishStone> Hmpf
[22:27:20] * wjp reloads
[22:27:33] <WishStone> http://nwvault.ign.com/Files/creatures/data/1035309654967.shtml
[22:27:35] <WishStone> ?
[22:27:54] <wjp> weird, when I press reload the page shows up for a fraction of a second and then disappears
[22:28:18] <wjp> ah, pressing escape at the right time made it stay :-)
[22:28:22] <WishStone> http://www.javapadawan.com/calliope/monster.html <- Search for "Beholder" That might work ;]
[22:49:30] <WishStone> Ah well.. for a bit of a laugh: http://www.mix1029fm.com/qvc_fall.asx
[23:04:13] <wjp> :-)
[23:17:43] --> Kirben has joined #exult
[23:17:43] --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Kirben
[23:29:06] <WishStone> There, why can't I get a nice hoax? Like this one? http://www.snopes.com/computer/internet/haiku.asp
[23:32:52] <wjp> lol
[23:33:39] <wjp> "Yesterday it worked. Today it is not working. Windows is like that." :-)
[23:39:21] <WishStone> ;D
[23:45:36] <-- DoomIhlVaria has left IRC ("Leaving")