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[00:31:26] <ashp> hey guys, we have an emergency :)
[00:31:38] <ashp> apparently there's been no snapshots since the 10th dec and there's a pathfinding bug
[00:31:49] <ashp> and this guy doing a massive 'lets play' thread on serpent isle is ready to cry
[00:32:06] <ashp> it looks like the 11th of dec commit fixes it
[00:32:13] <ashp> there's just been no rebuild i guess including that
[00:32:38] <ashp> http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=273072 <-- that's the thread for anyone with somethingawful access
[00:33:11] <ashp> or failing this does anyone have an older snapshot installer kicking around pre the smooth scrolling?
[00:35:00] <wjp> Kirben: are you around?
[00:35:08] <Kirben> Yes
[00:36:25] <wjp> a new windows snapshot would really be appreciated, if you could build one
[00:36:26] <Kirben> I don't have any older Windows snapshots on my system, but I could build one.
[00:36:36] <ashp> kirben, if you could build one you'll be the saviour of the day
[00:36:43] <ashp> and the adventures of steve won't end early, and that's a good thing
[00:36:59] <wjp> thanks
[00:37:08] <ashp> http://fromearth.net/LetsPlay/Ultima%204-6/
[00:37:13] <ashp> i don't know if you guys have read any of these
[00:37:16] <Kirben> Well the current Windows snapshot is current CVS.
[00:37:41] <ashp> hmm, i wonder what this bug he sees is, he just says:
[00:37:49] <Kirben> If you want an older snapshot, please specify a date.
[00:38:00] <ashp> Does anyone have much contact with the Exult people? I'm getting really pissed off by this brokedy-ass 1.4 snapshot and its retarded pathfinding. Half the time Shamino just freezes up and I have to do a quicksave and reload. I also have to do this for half the NPCs I talk to.
[00:38:24] <wjp> hm, so maybe the date of the snapshot on the download page is wrong?
[00:38:29] <ashp> 2007-11-04
[00:38:38] <ashp> if we have an older snapshot from then he can test if it fixes his shamino issues
[00:39:17] <Kirben> That date of snapshot on web site look about right, since Australia is ahead time wise.
[00:39:43] <wjp> I guess it keeps the local time of the file when you upload it
[00:40:12] <wjp> uh, no, wrong direction
[00:41:12] <Kirben> What time zone is the web site in?
[00:41:25] <wjp> it seems the last commit was actually on the 10th, US time
[00:41:44] <wjp> it was on the 11th in EU and AU time
[00:42:25] <ashp> i'm trying the latest build to see if i can replicate the pathfinding issue and submit a decent bug report on it, if that's any help
[00:45:16] <ashp> hahaha, with the latest snapshot
[00:45:20] <ashp> i can't even start a new game
[00:45:30] <ashp> i made a character, started, and now iolo just shouts STOP at me all the time
[00:47:31] <ashp> tried to repeat it three times with a fresh install of cvs and i can't even get off the boat
[00:48:15] <Kirben> Try the current Windows snapshot (just updated), back dated to CVS to 4th Nov 2007.
[00:48:36] <Kirben> Exult really needs a more recent release version, for when CVS becomes unusable.
[00:49:22] <ashp> testing now
[00:50:25] <ashp> interestingly when it asks for the paths
[00:50:32] <ashp> if i put in just one path, for serpent isle, and not for black gate
[00:50:39] <ashp> it doesn't put in paths for either and you have to edit the cfg by hand
[00:50:51] <wjp> yes, we need a new release
[00:51:06] <wjp> preceded by serious playtesting and bugfixing
[00:51:26] <ashp> i can now start the game, so that's fixed the pathfinding somewhat
[00:51:28] <wjp> judging by current CVS in the order bugfixing, playtesting, bugfixing
[00:52:39] <Kirben> ashp: Would be best to add bug report about installer issue too.
[00:52:52] <ashp> Kirben: I'll go file a bug about that now, and about the pathfinding/startup thing
[00:53:01] <ashp> i asked the guy doing the thread to let me know if he finds any more bugs and i'll report those as well
[00:56:02] <ashp> thanks for rolling back for me, that's fantastic :)
[01:08:24] * wjp fixes bug in Exult for the first time in years... *ashamed*
[01:09:01] <ashp> haha <#
[01:09:04] <ashp> <3, even
[01:09:12] <ashp> i'll come by from time to time and remind you exult still exists and needs love ;)
[02:19:25] * Sevalecan spanks wjp to help with his shame
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